One Incredible Summer

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It’s hard to believe we’ve already been married for three years now. After dating for almost five years, I finally proposed to my wonderful wife and it was the best decision I have ever made. We have an amazing relationship. We can talk about almost anything to each other and share our dreams and fantasies without judgment. Naturally, this made for a great sex life. We learned early in our relationship that being open with each other about sex enhanced it so much more. I could tell her what I liked and didn’t like, and she the same, so we both knew exactly how to please each other. Despite her strict Korean upbringing, she was very open sexually – to a point, of course. She always believed that keeping her man satisfied was the best way to keep him faithful. She would do anything I asked of her as long as it didn’t involve cheating of any kind. She was a very jealous woman, and cheating was one thing she would not tolerate. That didn’t stop me from teasing her, however. We would watch a lot of porn together and every time a threesome seen was on I would jokingly plead with Julia for us to have a threesome with another girl. “You wish!” was usually the response I got. Although we watched a lot of porn together, my wife was not a fan of scenes with lesbians. She always made me skip to the next scene, telling me to watch it when she is not around.

Truthfully, had I ever been in an actual threesome, I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. I’d be finished before it started; not to mention all the guilt I would feel afterwards. Nevertheless, it was fun to talk about it with my wife. Just discussing a threesome with her got me so horny, and she knew this. She would even bring it up during her dirty talk while we were having sex, and it never failed to make me cum soon after. In the end, it’s all a fantasy, and we both know it. We both love each other and are smart enough not to ever put our marriage in jeopardy.

So here we are starting on our third year of marriage. We are both 31 now, and are enjoying what we still consider the honeymoon phase of our marriage. Unfortunately, all the fun we’ve been having is about to be put on hold since Julia’s sister Linda is flying in tomorrow. Linda lives in Korea with her parents and wants to spend the summer in San Diego with us. She is equally as cute as my wife. Like most Asian women, she looks much younger than her 33 years of age. In a lot of ways she looks just like her sister Julia – similar face, and only 1 inch taller than my petite wife. Although I got along with her relatively well, I wasn’t looking forward to having her here for three months, mostly because I wouldn’t be getting much alone time with my wife.

“We can’t be leaving these things around the house anymore.” Julia said as she grabbed a handful of adult videos from the TV cabinet. “I don’t need my sister knowing we have this huge porn collection!”

“Help me put the rest of these videos away.” she said “we need to leave for the airport in 5 minutes, and I still have to change.”

After ensuring the rest of the apartment had no porn in site, we hopped in the car and took off for the airport. I love summers in San Diego, although this day was very hot. Julia was wearing my favorite denim mini skirt which always turned me on. As she was driving, my hand caressed her thigh, and then slowly moved its way up her skirt.

“Stop, I’m driving!” she exclaimed.

“I want to see if you are wearing anything underneath that skirt,” I said knowing full well she was.

“Well, I do have panties on, but I’ll take them off if you want.” she said trying to turn me on.

I thought she was kidding at first, but then she lifted her skirt and slowly started pulling her underwear down with one hand while the other hand was on the steering wheel.

“Here, hold these.” she said, giving her underwear to me. I put it in the glove box, and ran my hand up her thigh again, this time landing on her bare pussy.

“Wow, you are getting wet!” I said.

“This is turning me on, actually.” she said with a sly smile.

I continued to rub my hands through her soft Asian pussy hairs while adjusting the boner in my pants. Julia’s pussy was her best feature – small, tight, wet, with a beautiful v-shaped bush of silky straight pubic hair.

As we approached the airport I pulled her skirt back down and asked her if she wanted her panties back.

“How about I leave them off?” she replied hoping to keep my excitement going.

I could barely cover my hard on as I got out of the car. I tried to think non sexual thoughts to get my cock to go back down, but that mini skirt was driving me crazy – especially knowing that her bare pussy was so close to being exposed to the world. We finally saw Linda coming out of the terminal, and my wife ran to give her big sister a hug. I hugged Linda next, trying to make sure my hard on did not touch her. I hadn’t seen Linda for two years and she looked even better than before. She had gorgeous long black hair, beautiful creamy matadorbet skin, and a slender body. Neither Linda nor Julia was big into makeup, but in my opinion they didn’t need it, their complexions were perfect. Linda was dressed conservatively as she usually does, wearing loose black slacks and a white button down blouse. She looked like she was going to a business meeting rather than a summer vacation. Hopefully with the heat we’ve been having here lately, I’ll get to see a little more of her body. I do admit that I always found Linda attractive. After all, she looked like my wife, but always thought she could be far sexier if she didn’t dress so conservatively. She seems to have a nice body, but it was hard to tell when she wears only loose fitting pants and tops. We arrived back at our apartment and I immediately put the air conditioning on. It was near 100 degrees and not even noon yet. I opened a bottle of cold white wine while my wife put out some snacks and Linda took a shower.

As my wife passed by me in the kitchen, she suddenly grabbed my cock causing me to jump.

“Still horny?” she said.

“Very!” I replied.

“Well, save it for tonight.” she teased.

We sat on the couch sipping our wine when Linda arrived wearing a pair of white shorts, a blue tank top, and smelling like shampoo. Now we are talking! This was the most I have seen of her body since I have known her. Her legs were so milky white and smooth. Her hair was still wet and sprayed me as she walked by. She sat on the chair next to the couch, and I couldn’t help notice that her nipples were protruding from her tank top. It was quite obvious she was not wearing a bra. I got up to get her a glass of wine, and couldn’t help myself but to try to glance down her shirt as I walked passed her. I thought maybe since her breasts were on the small side, I could get a good view of them looking down her tank top. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a peak of the top part of her left breast. We spent the next few hours sipping wine and talking, but my eyes kept glancing over at her breasts. I had to make sure Julia didn’t catch me trying to get a look at her sister’s tits. Every time Linda would bend down to grab her wine glass from the coffee table, her tank top would hang down loosely, and I would try to get a peek, but was never lucky enough to see any nipple.

“Anybody up for a swim?” my wife asked as we were all getting buzzed from the wine.

“Yeah!” I said hoping Linda would agree as well.

“Did you bring your bikini, Linda?” my wife asked.

“No, do you mind if I borrow one of yours?” she replied.

“Sure, let’s go get changed.” my wife said getting up off the couch.

They ran off into the bedroom while I waited. I suddenly became nervous with anticipation. I couldn’t believe I was going to see my sister-in-law in a bikini. I couldn’t wait to see what her body looked like, especially in one of the tiny bikinis my wife likes to wear. They emerged with t-shirts and shorts covering up their swimsuits. I quickly got changed myself, and we all headed down to the apartment pool. I made sure I wore my dark sunglasses, so my wife wouldn’t catch me staring at her sister. When we got to the pool both girls set their towels down on the chairs took off their t-shirts and shorts revealing their bodies. Linda’s body was even better than I expected. Her stomach was nice and flat, and she had a perfect round Asian ass and small perky breasts. My wife looked just as good in her bikini, and the site of the two of them together had me overflowing with sexual energy. I decided to just lie on the chair with my sunglasses on and watch the girls in their bikinis.

When we returned back to the apartment a few hours later, my cock was ready to explode. The site of the two of them at the pool made my crazy. I pulled my wife towards the bedroom, closed the door behind us and threw her on the bed.

“What are you doing?” she said. “Not now, my sister is in the other room.”

I didn’t care. I pulled down her bikini bottoms and began licking her pussy. She didn’t even try to fight it, spreading her legs even wider for me. I licked her clit until she was dripping wet, then pulled out my cock and slid it up her tight snatch. She let out a sigh as I entered her. “Fuck me now!” she said a little too loudly. “Shhhhhhhhh, your sister is going to hear!” I replied. She tried to keep quiet but she kept unintentionally letting out loud moans. “I am almost cumming.” I whispered to her so her sister wouldn’t hear me too. I started pumping even faster, when suddenly the door flew open and Linda walked in.

“Oh no, I am so sorry guys!” she said red-faced. She quickly turned around and left. I caught a quick glimpse of her incredible ass, covered only by her bikini bottoms as she left the room. I wondered how much see saw. Did she see my cock? The whole idea of her walking in on us was making me even hornier.

“Should we stop?” I asked my wife.

“We better.” “We can matadorbet giriş continue this later.” she said

We both showered and went into the living room, felling a bit embarrassed when we saw Linda there sitting on the chair.

“I’m so sorry guys, I should have knocked.” Linda said to us, breaking the tension.

“We don’t care”, Julia replied. “It’s just sex, everybody does it. Besides, we are married.”

“You guys are so lucky you have each other,” Linda said “I’d give anything to be able to have great sex like that.” I haven’t been with a guy in almost three years.”

“Don’t worry, big sis.” Julia proclaimed. “You’re a hot little Asian, you will meet a guy soon. We’ll try to hook you up while here in San Diego”.

“Well, I am really happy for you guys.” Linda said. “It was actually kind of exciting to see you guys go at it.” she said giggling.

“Wow, my sister is a voyeur!” my wife replied. “I like that! Maybe next time we’ll let you watch.”

When she said this my cock went instantly hard! Even though she seemed to be joking, that fact that those words left her mouth was a complete shock.

“I’ll be you audience anytime.” Linda replied trying to gauge our reactions.

“Are you really serious?” my wife replied.

“Sure, why not? I think it would be kind of fun. I mean, if you guys are both ok with it.”

Suddenly this was getting serious.

“You want that, baby?” my wife said elbowing me.

I couldn’t believe what we were talking about. This wasn’t happening!

“It’s up to you.” I replied trying not to sound overly excited.

“Alright, you can watch us, but you have to stay on the chair and we’ll be on the bed.”

“Hello???” Linda replied sarcastically. “I’m not going to do anything. I just want to watch, I don’t want to join in!”

“Let’s go?” my wife asked everyone.

We headed off to the bedroom.

I was so nervous. I was a little embarrassed to get naked in from of my sister-in-law, but not embarrassed enough to put a stop to the fun that was about to happen. This opportunity was too good. I took off my wife’s t-shirt and bra and began sucking her erect nipples. As I was sucking, I glanced over at Linda. She was sitting on the char, still wearing my wife’s pink bikini, watching intensely. This was so surreal. I kissed all the way down my wife’s stomach and began unbuttoning her shorts. I slid her shorts and panties down at the same time exposing her wonderful pussy. I began sucking her clit and my wife let out a loud moan. I was buried so deep in her pussy that I couldn’t see her sister watching us. After eating her out for several minutes, suddenly my wife said “Your turn now!” She pushed me down on the bed, pulled down my shorts and boxers, and took my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe my seemingly ultra conservative sister-in-law was seeing at all this. As she was sucking me I looked over at Linda and she made eye contact with me. I immediately got butterflies in my stomach. My wife released my cock from her mouth and looked up at her sister, while stroking me.

“Do you like what you see?” my wife asked her.

“So, so” Linda replied. “You guys are too far away.”

“Ok, I’ll let you come closer then.” my wife replied.

Linda walked over to the side of the bed but stopped short of sitting on it.

“It’s ok”, my wife said. “We’ll move over so you can lie down.”

Linda sat on the bed with her back against the headboard and legs straight ahead.

“This is a much better view!” she proclaimed.

I then spread my wife’s legs and slowly pushed my cock into her wet pussy. I had never seen her this excited before. This was really turning her on!

As I slowly moved in and out of her pussy, my wife was in complete ecstasy. She was about to have an orgasm like I have never seen before. Her pussy started twitching and body started tensing as she was about to cum. Just as a wave of pussy juice flooded my cock, she grabbed the nearest thing in site – her sister’s arm – and squeezed it tightly. I never seen her cum so hard. My wife’s eyes were closed and I continued pumping in and out. I couldn’t help but to stare at Linda as I fucked my wife. I stared at her crotch, wondering what her pussy looked liked under that bikini. The whole situation overwhelmed me and I had to release, I pulled out my cock and sprayed jets of cum all over my wife’s stomach.

“How was that baby?” My wife asked me.

“Amazing!” I replied.

We all lay in bed together for the next 20 minutes while Julia played with the cum on her stomach.

As we got off the bed, Linda thanked us for letting her watch.

The next morning, I woke up so horny thinking about the events of the day before. I have never been so close to a threesome in my life. I wondered if we would do it again, or if anyone would have any regrets today. I snuck out of bed with my wife still sleeping and started making coffee. Soon after my wife came in the living room with grey sweat shorts and a tight camisole on and sat next to me on the sofa.

“Sleep good?” I asked.

“Best I’ve slept in a long time.” she answered “thanks to your performance yesterday.”

“You don’t feel weird about what we did, do you?” I said.

“Not really. It’s just my sister, it’s no big deal”

“Did it turn you on having someone watch us?” she asked me.

“Honestly, it did. I’d never thought I’d be into being an exhibitionist, but it was really fun.” I replied.

“Baby, promise me something?” she said.

“Promise you and Linda won’t do anything together. It’s ok for her to watch, but you are only allowed to touch me, ok?”

“I promise.” I said.

“Shake on it?” she continued.


She was right. I was becoming more and more sexually attracted to Linda, but I knew if I touched her my marriage would certainly be in trouble.

Linda came into the room a half hour later, grabbed herself a cup of coffee, and sat on the chair. She was wearing the same white shorts and blue tank top with no bra again. Well, even though I couldn’t touch her, there was nothing wrong with looking, so I did my best to try to catch another glimpse of her breasts. I wanted so bad to see what her nipple looked like. After 10 minutes of patiently waiting, Linda bent down to put her cup on the coffee table. Her tank top opened nice and wide this time and I finally got a glimpse of her pink left nipple. It was the most amazing site I have ever seen. I tried to make sure my wife did not catch me looking. My dick was suddenly rock hard now. Linda got up to pee, and I put my wife’s hand on my erection.

“Wow, somebody is horny this morning!” she said.

“Want to do it?” I asked, secretly hoping to have another sex show in front of her sister.

“Right now?” she asked.

“Right here on the sofa!” I replied firmly.

I began pulling down her shorts, leaving her panties on. Then I took of her white camisole exposing her breasts. I started licking her nipples and rubbing my hand on her pussy outside of her panties.

The toilet flushed.

“My sister is coming back.” she said, not appearing to sound too worried.

I kept sucking her nipples, hoping Linda wouldn’t start taking a shower. Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Linda walked into the living room.

“You guys mind if I grab another cup coffee?” Linda asked, pretending that I wasn’t boldly sucking my wife’s tits right in front of her.

She filled up a fresh cup of coffee and sat back down in her chair.

“Perfect!” I thought to myself. We are going to get to put on another show.

I slid my wife’s panties down and start eating her pussy. She was super wet again. She loved being an exhibitionist. I stood up and pulled down my shorts and boxers making sure Linda got a good view of my cock. It turned me on so much to see her staring at me. Still standing up, I leaned over my wife’s face and starting slapping my cock against her lips. She liked when I did that. She opened her mouth and took as much in as she should. While she was sucking me, I looked over at Linda again. She made a quick eye contact with me, then looked down in embarrassment. I pulled my dick out of my wife’s mouth and slid it up her snatch. Since I came so hard yesterday, I figured I would be lasting much longer today. As I was moving in and out of her, I looked over at Linda again, but this time she was playing with her nipples over her tank top. It was such a turn on to see her do that. I kept looking over at her, and she definitely noticed I was preoccupied with her. She started rubbing her nipples more intensely, knowing that SHE was now putting on a show for me. Then to my utter shock, she slid the straps of her tank top down the side of shoulders, exposing both her breasts to me, and began rubbing her bare breasts. After trying so hard to get a glimpse down her shirt, I now had her tits fully exposed to me. My wife was so caught up in the sex, she didn’t even notice that Linda’s tits were out. I was afraid if she saw it, she would get so upset that she would put a stop to our sex shows. I continued pumping in and out, when Linda stood up from the chair and completely removed her tank top. That was all I could take. I pulled my cock out of my wife’s pussy and came on her breasts. I kissed my wife and laid down next to her on the sofa, wondering if Linda was going to put her shirt back on before my wife looked over at her.

“Did you enjoy the show?” my wife said, looking up at her sister.

“Even better than yesterday.” Linda replied with one hand still on her nipple.

Luckily, the fact that her sister was bare-chested didn’t seem to bother Julia in the least.

“If there’s anything you want us to do next time, like get into a certain position or something, we will do it for you, Linda. We don’t want you getting bored with our little shows, even though it’s fun for us.” my wife said feeling bad Linda couldn’t participate in the fun.

“No way, it’s not boring at all!” she replied. “You guys are awesome!”

“Well, what do you like, Linda? What gets you really turned on?” my wife asked curiously.

“Porn.” Linda said jokingly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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