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Kelly was feeling somewhat despondent as she packed a few of her personal belongings into a carrier bag. She was going to spend 3 full weeks under the supervision of her Uncle; and not at home without her parents as she had hoped. Just turned 16 her parents thought she was mature and sensible enough to be home alone for the first time. That idea was scuttled however; when her best friend Susan was overheard when talking on the phone by her mother. She was calling all and sundry with details of the party that Kelly had planned in her parent’s absence.

“So near yet so far” thought Kelly as she managed to find enough room in her carrier to squeeze in her favourite music CDs. “Will he even let me play them” she pondered, as her worry grew with the departure time now imminent. “I hardly know my Uncle James for Gods sake; only that he always buys me expensive; but educational Birthday and Christmas presents. He seems such an authoritarian figure; like a head school teacher. Plus the fact we always have to clean up; so the place is spotless whenever we know he is calling”.

Mam and Dad were celebrating their 20th anniversary with a trip to Hawaii; Kelly was pleased for them they were great parents. She could not blame them for putting a stop to her shrewd plans any parent would have done the same. They had been through the reasons of why she had to go to her Uncles and was told to behave and do exactly as he told her. Her taxi cab arrived and with tearful “miss you” eyes Mam said in a very assuring voice “You will be fine with your Uncle James, believe me he is a fine man”.

Kelly spent the journey looking out of the cab window as she had no mobile phone to play with; it had been left behind on the request of her parents. They did not want it ringing or her texting while under her Uncles supervision and instruction. “Oh God” she thought as the taxi turned into Uncles road to his house. She had been before but never to stay; his house was remote and set in a few acres of bushy but well kept gardens. As the taxi cab came to a halt Uncle was standing at the open front door.

The cab sped off and Kelly was surprised her Uncle did not help her with the carrier bag containing her belongings. “Might as well show you your room now Kelly; and you can leave your bag there” he told her. She climbed the stairs stopping once to change hands as the bag seemed to become heavier. Then along a long corridor to her room; it seemed so large huge wardrobes with full length mirrors, a writing desk in one corner. “The decor is like you find in a posh hotel; and it has not been decorated with any teenager in mind” she thought.

“Now Kelly I have a number of things to do” he boomed in a very commanding voice. “Oh fuck” thought Kelly now dreading this visit even more. “He does not look like a head teacher he is more like a High Court Judge”. He continued “Although you are my niece and I know from whence you came; I know very little about you. I want you to write down as much as you can about yourself. Not about your house and parents; I mean the things you do with your friends, what you like and do not like, your thoughts on life and the world”. With that he opened up the writing desk to reveal every sort of writing implement and notepaper imaginable. “I will leave you to it” he said and closed the door behind him leaving Kelly bemused.

“Holy Shit, I have only been here 5 minutes and I am writing an essay, what the fuck can I put? I spend lots of time jerking boys off while they have their hands down my panties? Or that we pass pornographic magazines around so we can masturbate to them? I bet Uncle would love to know I gave Henry Grainger his first blow job. Dear Uncle I just had my first taste of cumm and think every girl in the world should have some. Hell chemistry lesson is easier than this”.

After a lot of thinking Kelly eventually started writing; a few truths and a lot more made up untruths. She of course painted a very good picture of herself and friends; and how they enjoyed the voluntary work they did. “Perhaps he will allow me to watch a little T.V. when he finds out what a good girl I am; even if it is only the news bulletin” she thought. After three hours or so she could write no more; so she carefully memorised all the little lies and left it at that. She did not dare leave the room thinking it would be wise to wait until Uncle came back; so she took her shoes off and lay on top of the bed. It was the biggest bed she had ever been on and so soft.

“If only I had my “Big Dick” magazine now” she thought, it was Kelly’s favourite of all the porno magazines being passed around by her and her friends; though it had almost landed her in hot water a few weeks earlier. She had been lying on the bed like she was now and totally engrossed in her “Big Dick” magazine. Her hand was inside her open jeans and she was just about to orgasm when her Dad walked in. She had managed to hide the magazine under the pillow and turn to one side to hide her open jean zip, but it was a close call. Kelly had thought Dad was still at work and Dad thought Kelly was still at school; but both had returned home early for different reasons.

Although everyone knocked before entering Kelly’s room (apart from the time mentioned) she vowed to herself that whenever she became horny again on top of the bed; which was often she would wear shorts to slip her hand down. It was so difficult to explain your trousers wide open at the zip. She remembered thinking it was one big advantage girls have over boys. “Perhaps I should have wrote that on Uncles paper; the unfairness of boys and girls masturbation” she giggled to herself. Uncle had been gone a long time now and she needed the bathroom. As she went to open the bedroom door she got the shock of her life when Uncle opened it first and stood at the door. “Sorry Uncle” she said apologetically, “I want to use the bathroom”.

“Well you had better use it Kelly before you have an accident” he said sharply as he pointed to the door next to the bedroom. Kelly quickly walked in and closed the door. “This bathroom is beautiful” Kelly thought. There was a huge bath the size of a small pool, showers, and a normal bath. There were 2 cubicles, 2 wash basins everything was a beautiful white. The shelves were filled with soaps, oils and perfumes like she had never seen before. Kelly never thought she would ever love going to the John so much; she longed to be in the large bath with all those scents and oils. But soon remembered Uncle would be waiting and completed her errand.

Kelly was told by her Uncle to go into the kitchen and make herself something gaziantep travesti to eat while he finished off his paperwork in his study; he had her essay in his hand. There was lots of fresh salad and fruit so Kelly was happy as she piled her plate up with no cooking to do. About one hour later Kelly found herself waiting around again and thought, “I am going to take a look around maybe I can find somewhere to twang my clit; Uncle could be ages”. She had been for fleeting visits before but had only spent any time in the reception room; so the rest of the house was a mystery.

She found herself in Uncles library; “Fuck it’s almost as big as the one in school” she began scouring the titles for anything remotely suggesting sex. “Kelly” Uncles voice once again making her jump out of her skin. “Yes Uncle” she answered with her heart still beating in double time. “I want you to go to the bathroom; shower or bathe whichever you choose then I want you to put these on”. He handed Kelly some garments which she did not want to inspect in front of him. “When you have finished these tasks knock on my upstairs study room which is next door to the bathroom”. “Yes Sir” said Kate with a now puzzled mind.

As soon as Kelly had closed the bathroom door she checked out the clothes he had given her. “What the fuck” she mumbled staring at a pair of grey panties. They were very thin and seemed to be made from cotton; she was sure they were not new. Then black bras which seemed new but old fashioned; they were the correct size for her 34 inch chest. Finally a thin cotton nightdress it seemed very short. “What the fuck” was all her mind could muster again after inspecting them; she stripped and got into the shower. Kelly liked to finger herself in the shower; but was feeling apprehensive about things and could not orgasm in such circumstances.

After she dried herself she put on only the slightest amount of perfume as she did not want Uncle to think she was some sort of slut. “Hell all this gorgeous perfume and I can’t use it, what a shitty fuck”. She uttered. Kelly put the old grey pants on; “They feel better than they look but that would not be hard” then her bras which she did not mind too much they fastened at the front in the cleavage. Kelly was thinking along the lines that her parents wanted her to dress and act in a way so boys would not be interested in her. Though the nightdress made that thought redundant; it was way above her knee and only just below her crotch.

Kelly looked at herself in the mirror “Uncle has fucked up with the nighty size; he will faint if I go in the study with this on”. Kelly took it upon herself to go to her bedroom and put a longer one of her own on from the carrier case. “Bet he won’t even realise his mistake, I will let him think this is the one he gave me”. Kelly knocked three times on Uncles study door. “Enter” came the call. Kelly opened the door but before setting one foot inside he bellowed

“Where is the nightdress I gave you girl”? —— “Er I thought you had given me the wrong one Sir” ——“No I did not give you the wrong ONE now go and change back at once” he boomed even louder. Kelly rushed and quickly changed like she was a naughty little school girl once again. She knocked at the door again with great trepidation. “Enter”——Kelly opened the door and slowly walked in expecting to hear his voice roar again at any second. “That is better girl it shows you can do what you are told; now come closer”. He was sat in front of his desk on a swivel leather chair. “Your parents have asked me to have a word with you in the light of your recent behaviour; do you know what I am talking about?” His eyes waited for an answer from me.

“I was only planning on a small party with a few close girlfriends no boys Uncle”——“Is that so” said Uncle in a disbelieving voice.———–”Yes sir I don’t really like boys” Kelly said in a voice as innocently as was humanly possible.———“Oh you don’t then what is this”? He opened a drawer and slammed un-defendable evidence on the desk. Kelly’s life suddenly flashed before her in that one fateful moment. Her thoughts read “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck I am dead, no jury in the world will spare me from the electric chair now”. She could feel her face turning scarlet with embarrassment and guilt. If there had been an entrance to a different time warp at that moment Kelly would have had no hesitation in jumping through it.

Uncle was waiting for an answer and Kelly was fighting a losing battle trying to retrieve a feasible sounding lie from somewhere in her thoughts. The evidence her Uncle had produced from the drawer could not have been more damning it was the magazine ——-“Big Dick” ————-“Fuck Dad had seen me masturbating that day how can I face him again” she thought tormenting herself. ———Uncle rescued her from her embarrassing silence pronouncing “Your sports mistress found this magazine hanging from your bag in the changing rooms; she was only happy no very young girls had found it she passed the information on to your father”. ——————-“Fuck yes, I thought Sophie had taken it; it was her turn to have it. Dad never seen me masturbating Yippee; now all I have to do is explain the magazine to Uncle, ———-oh Fuck” she thought knowing he knew she read porn magazines.

Kelly thought she had better say something the silence was unbearable. “Yes Uncle it was in my bag; all the girls in my class have read it”. ———–“And you enjoy the pictures of naked men Kelly”——————–“Only for a joke Uncle” was all Kelly could come up with as a reply. Uncle then staggered Kelly when he handed her the magazine and said “Show me your favourite man in the magazine”. ————-“But er I have no”———-Uncle interrupted and said sternly “Your favourite Kelly”.———————Kelly thought she might as well show him her real favourite instead of making one up. “That one Uncle” she said showing him a picture of Duval. She had climaxed many times looking at his naked body; wishing she had hold of his beautiful cock.————–“Pull up a chair and sit next to me Kelly: I want to show you something”. Kelly pulled up a chair and sat parallel with her Uncle. Then with a couple of presses of the remote a computer popped up and the room lights were dimmed.

In moments the computer screen lit up and there in all his naked glory was Duval; he was licking between the legs of a hot naked woman. “Fucking hell I can’t believe it; all this stuff has been blocked by Dad at home; If Uncle is trying to shock me he is certainly doing it in an entertaining way” she thought. They watched Duval go through his full repertoire for half an hour before blowing his load on the womans face. She did not know whether to laugh or cry at Uncles stern face when the two actors began their orgasm moaning and groaning.

Kelly had become wetter and wetter all the way through the film; and all she wanted to do now was get back to her room and finger herself senseless. Then Uncle said to Kelly “I showed you that so you do not become obsessed with those men; they do it for money and are not to be thought of as dates”. ——–“I know that Uncle they are for masturbating to that’s all” Kelly thought she may as well come clean he was no fool. “Well I am pleased you understand” said Uncle. ——However I said I would give you some sort of punishment to your father and I will keep my word”. ———————–“What the fuck can he do, send me to my room” thought Kelly.

She was in for another surprise however. “Kelly please bend across my knees” said Uncle returning to his much sterner voice once again. She faltered as if not believing what he had just said. He then made himself clear by pointing across his knees; she leaned forward until her breasts were pressing against his furthest away leg. Uncle told her to touch the floor in front of her. She was now stretched right across his knees; she knew her short nighty would have raised right up to reveal her grey panties. “What the hell is he going to do, smack my ass like a little child”? She wondered.—————————–That was exactly what her Uncle was going to do.

In her bent position he pulled her panties half way down her legs and raised her nightdress up to her waist. Uncle then slammed his hand down with an almighty slap on her right ass cheek 3 times in rapid succession, followed by three more on her left cheek. After the initial first three which shocked Kelly the next three seemed strangely sexy. He continued with the smacking in batches of three; “Fuck this is so fucking hot what is wrong with me: why am I loving it”, she thought, feeling ashamed for enjoying it. She did not know how many times he hit her but she knew every time he did the wetter her pussy became. He eventually stopped and pulled her panties back up. She stood back up in silence still enjoying the stinging sensation coming from her thrashed ass.

“I hope that was a lesson to you Kelly”————-“Yes it was Uncle” she replied; trying to sound like she had suffered a miserable punishment. “Show me between your toes I want to be sure you are cleaning there properly” he said. She raised her right foot on to the chair arm rest and Uncle checked between her toes. Her leg was raised so high Kelly thought “Fuck he must be able to see right between my legs; I hope there is no damp patch to be seen”. ——-“That foot is fine so I am sure your other one is; you can go to your room now it is nearly midnight I will be along to say goodnight soon”. —-“Thank you Uncle” she said and walked briskly to her room. Once inside the first thing she did was look between her legs for a tell tale damp patch; “Oh fuck look at that ducks could swim in there; lucky Uncle is over 40 and does not think about sex anymore”. She got into bed feeling desperate for relief from her sexual urges. She new her Uncle would be along soon so thought it would be wise to wait until he had gone so she could orgasm at will.

In anticipation of her Uncle coming into the room to say goodnight Kelly thought it would be better if found her lying on her stomach. He would then think her ass was still aching from the punishment he had dished out. Though the reality was it had made her feel hornier than ever. The stinging ass was somehow sending “finger me” messages to her wet pussy. Then a knock on her door distracted her thoughts. After a few seconds the knock was repeated; Kelly suddenly realised Uncle was now awaiting HER instruction. “Oh please come in Uncle” he entered the room and gone were all his formal clothes and replaced by a t-shirt and shorts.

He walked to the side of the bed and asked in a very pleasant voice “Please may I sit on the on the edge of the bed”? ————–“Yes of course” said a startled Kelly.————-“I think I owe you an explanation Kelly”———————–“You do”? Kelly answered even more surprised thinking “Fuck he has turned nice, is this some sort of trick”.———————-“Yes when you arrived here today I was intentionally rude to you, letting you carry your case, make your own meal and keeping you waiting for hours. All I wanted to do was find out if you were just a little girl who could not cope without her parents. If you had of been I would have given you a great big hug and sat you down in front of the cartoon channel with a bowl of ice cream.”

Kelly still on her stomach thought a while then turned her head and looking Uncle right in the face said, “Well I sure wish I had acted like little girl lost because it sounds a whole lot better.” ——Uncle smiled softly and brushed her hair with his hand as he said “I hope I did not hurt you too much when I smacked your ass”—–“I guess I deserved it for looking at porn magazines”—————-“No you never; you would have been a strange girl if you had not been curious enough to look”.——————–“You really mean that Uncle”? Kelly asked feeling better by the minute.———————-“I honestly mean it Kelly, to tell you the truth I looked at something today I should not have; but my curiosity was driving me crazy”.

Kelly smiled back at her Uncle and said “You did; I don’t suppose you can tell me what it was you looked at”? ————“Of course I can tell you; after all it belonged to you”—–Kelly’s thoughts immediately panicked as she thought “Oh fuck he has seen my diary; I thought it was well hidden” then eventually uttered “Belonged to me”?—————“Yes Kelly it belonged to you alright” then said after a slight pause “Your ass” ——–“My ass” said Kelly raising both her head and voice in total confusion. She knew he had seen her ass but that was to whup it for her misbehaviour. “So what the fuck is he talking about” she thought.

Uncle could see she was not grasping what he was saying so he told her “I am going to tell you a story”. ——Kelly smiled saying “I love stories”.—————–“Well I hope you like this one; it will explain what I am talking about”. She leaned up on her elbow and looked at her Uncle with excited eyes in anticipation of a midnight story. ——-“When we were kids we used to hang out and mess around more or less like you do now I suppose. I knew your Mom before your Dad did back then. We eventually got to being alone; there were a few barns in the local vicinity and we kids knew them all. One thing leads to another and eventually we got naked and got to know each others bodies”. Kelly was now stunned in to silence she did not think the story would concern her parents.

“During that funning around your Mum discovered when I smacked her ass it made her real horny and wet between her legs. She would make me slap her ass at every opportunity and what I loved to see; was the damp patch between her legs. We both had what we wanted to make us have great orgasms. Though I have got to tell you me and your Mam never once fucked each other. Sure we did everything else but we never fucked because of the fear of pregnancy. We could not buy condoms then because in a small town only one place sold them; and our parents would have soon found out”. ————“Well how come Dad married Mam and not you” asked a now very curious Kelly.

“Well as we got older your Mam would always be around our house; I sometimes made excuses and went off fooling about with the boys. Your Dad who is my brother remember; would always be there to keep her company even though he was a year younger than her. I must have left them together more than once too often; because I came home one day and they told me they loved each other. I was devastated at the time but looking back it was the best thing that could have happened. I love them both to bits and always will; after all they have produced the best niece an Uncle could wish for.” He smiled at Kelly and stroked her face; Kelly was feeling privileged to be told such intimate details and by her Uncle of all people it made her feel she was being accepted as a grown up.

“So Uncle what did you mean when you said you should not have looked at my ass”? ——“Kelly on the few occasions I have seen you over the last couple of years; I can not stop thinking how like your Mom you are. The way you move and walk; the same build so much like she was back then. So just like you were curious about the porn magazine; I was curious to see if your ass was like your Mams”.—————–“And is it” ? Said an expectant Kelly; Uncle smiled saying “It could have been hers I was smacking”. —–Kelly smiled openly she was really pleased; because if he loved Mams he must love hers also.———-“One thing I have got to ask you Kelly; did you enjoy having your ass smacked”?——–Kelly smiled broadly with a grimace of embarrassment.

“I will take that as a yes” then said a happy Uncle. ——–“I have never felt so good after a thrashing” Kelly was now completely at ease with both the company and the theme of the discussion. “So tell me Uncle what is the story about the panties, nightdress and bras”? ——–“More or less the same reasons; I would sometimes climb up in to your Mams bedroom and those were the little nightdresses she wore. The panties are the very ones your Mam wore; I took them from her drawers the day after she went off with your Dad”. ——-“Fuck I have got my Mams teenage panties on” Kelly blurted out in shock. ——“They were my favourites because they showed up all her wetness. That is why I checked your feet; so I could look down your legs to see if there was any dampness after the smacking.” —————“Well I can tell you there was” pouted Kelly.——————-“I seen the patch but was not sure if it was pee through being scared”——————“I can assure you Uncle it was not pee”

“I hope you will forgive my curious indulgences Kelly; perhaps I should be the one to be punished” he mused. ———-“Well you are too big to be put across my knee Uncle; but I sure do forgive you” she said with a huge grin. ——————“The rest of your holiday is going to be a perfect one Kelly; we are going to have lots of fun days out. You can go clothes shopping and to all the fancy restaurants. I want to get to know you and become good friends; now you are older we can communicate as adults”.——————Kelly was feeling like an equal to Uncle now due to his comforting words and she so wanted him to kiss her.

“Well Kelly you get some sleep and we can decide where to go over breakfast” he kissed her gently on the forehead and rose to leave the room. Uncle had become far too interesting to Kelly now she could not let him leave the room. Thinking quickly she yelled “Uncle don’t go you have not explained about the bras; you told me about the panties and nighty but not the bras.” Uncle sat back down on the bed again; “The bras were like the ones your Mum wore simple as that”.———————–“Yes but you never seen them to remind you; I want to know if I look the same as Mam in them”.——————“Alright then” smiled Uncle raise your nightdress and I will give you an expert opinion”.

Kelly sat up in the bed and instead of just raising it she removed it completely; before raising her hands to give her Uncle a good look of her bras clad breasts. Uncle was very impressed by the sight but did not want it to get out of hand. He had to tread carefully after all he had instigated the whole thing. She was exactly like her Mam even to the extent of loving her ass being smacked. He should of realised she would also be aroused and expect an orgasm like her mother would after such teasing treatment. He held her gently with an arm on each shoulder and looked her lovingly in the eye “Kelly you are a beautiful girl; and far too pretty for the dowdy clothes I gave you”. He kissed her once again this time on her cheek and after a smile began walking back to the door.

Kelly was adamant in her mind he was not leaving even the touch of his hands on her shoulders had started her juices flowing. As he reached the door Kelly again shouted to him “Uncle you had better take these back” and judging by her movements under the blanket he could see she was taking her panties off. She scrunched them up in one hand threw them; he caught them in front of his face. They were saturated from her pussy juices which transferred to his fingers. The sight of the large dark wet patch weakened Uncles resolve considerably. Then when she unclipped her bras at the front revealing her perfect fresh breasts his resolve was lost completely. “These are yours also” she said holding the bras by one finger with an extended arm. Uncle dashed over to her casting the bras away before kissing her firmly on the lips. He then pulled the single blanket and sheet covering her naked body and flipped her on her stomach. His open hand began slapping down on her soft ass flesh. Each one brought moans of delight from Kelly as her Uncle told her “You are ONE NAUGHTY GIRL”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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