Open Up , Say ‘Ahhhh’

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“LiChelle?” called Dr. Holliday. “Can you assist me in room 2 with Mr. Smith, please.”

I moved from my desk towards room 2 and the Doc’s voice, wondering what type of assistance he would possibly need, and hoping I knew. The Doc and I have a very close relationship and he has several “special” patients with which, every now and then, he requires my help. I tried not to seem too eager as I moved down the hallway.

“Yes, Doctor”, I said, as I entered the exam room. There on the table was a gorgeous specimen of a man. Well, the backside of him, anyway. Spread eagle across the exam table in nothing but his birthday suit was Jack Smith, age 25, 6’2″, wavy black hair, and the bluest eyes. My eyes traveled over his well-defined, tan, muscular body and came to rest on his shapely ass and toned shoulders.

“LiChelle, this may require your lab coat. Do you mind?” Doc Holliday asked innocently.

“Right away, Doctor.” I answered.

I stepped in my office and shimmied out of my skirt but left on my thigh high stockings and heels. I unbuttoned my silk blouse, allowing my hands to linger over my size 42 D breasts. I twisted my nipples hard in anticipation through my black lace bra, experiencing a shock of exquisite pain that moved from my tits to my pussy. I moved my hand into my underwear and rubbed my moist mound. I was wet and hot thinking about what was to come. Assisting the doctor was going to be a pleasure! I put on my white lab coat and walked back to the room, feeling sexy with nothing on underneath but my black lace bra and thong underwear.

It was after 5 o’clock; Mr. Smith was the last patient of the day. I checked to make sure the rest of the staff had gone and locked the front door. There would be no interruptions if I had my way!

I stepped back into the exam room. Mr. Smith was still lying across the exam table, holding on the sides. Doc Holliday, who always has a taste for something new, was massaging the young man’s shoulders, working his way towards his ass.

“Good, Lichelle, I see you’re in uniform. Now, hold Mr. Smith’s hands for me, will you? I’m afraid he and his girlfriend got a bit carried away and we need to perform an examination. gaziantep escort bayan Mr. Smith may have overused parts of his anatomy and we need to make sure everything is in working order. Now, Jack, open up and say ahhhh.”

An exam, my ass, I thought. I knew what the good Doctor planned to do.

Jack Smith spoke. “I hear, Doc, that you and Ms. LiChelle here have a knack for helping people in my condition. “

“We’ll do our best, sir.” I said as I moved to the other side of the table.

I grasped his hands and positioned my body in front of him. My lab coat came open, revealing my sexy underclothes, and I pushed my crotch forward.

“Oh my, Dr. Holliday. You’ve got quite an office manager here. What assets!” Jack exclaimed.

“Well, Mr. Smith, LiChelle had many talents. Why don’t you let her take your mind off the exam?” the Doctor asked. With that, I pushed my pussy in closer to Jack’s face and pulled his hands behind me. I was right in his face, and the heat was steaming from my body! Without hesitation, he began nudging my pussy, trying to rub and lick my box through my thong.

“Why don’t I get those out of the way?” I murmured, removing my panties.

Like a man starving, Jack Smith began munching my pussy. His tongue probed in and out of my hole and I moaned in ecstasy. I was in the presence of an expert and I wanted this to last! I ground my hips forward, my moans getting just a bit louder. He twirled his tongue around my clit, pushing his tongue in and out of my pussy. My pelvis rocked back and forth.

At the same time, Dr. Holliday squirted KY Jelly on Jack’s ass. Reaching under, he began stroking the young man’s cock while kneading his butt checks. Slowly, Dr. Holliday worked one finger and then two into his patient’s asshole. Jack was wiggling now, bucking back against the Doctor’s skilled hands. This was too much. I came all over Jack’s face as Doc Holliday finger fucked his ass. Just as I was coming, Doc leaned across and kissed me hard, sucking my tongue into his mouth. I reached across Jack Smith and began stroking the Doctor’s cock. I unzipped Dr. Holliday’s pants and freed his nine-inch dick.

I had to have him in my mouth! I lay across the exam bed next to Jack and took the Doctor’s manhood between my lips. I teased the tip of his dick with my tongue, and then sucked him back into my throat. I released his cock and then deep throated him again. I tasted his pre-come and knew the Doctor wasn’t far from coming. Jack was doing his best to keep his tongue in my cunt as Dr. Holliday moved his fingers in and out of Jack’s ass. I could have stayed this way for hours. May the circle be unbroken!

Then, the Doctor again took control and pulled away from my mouth. “Well, Mr. Smith”, Dr. Holliday said, “Your prostate seems fine; however, we better make sure all your equipment works. Would you please stand? And LiChelle, would you come to the front of the table?”

Jack Smith rose and waited for me to move to the end of the exam table, his throbbing hard cock standing at full attention. I stepped on the built in table-step and stuck my ass into the air in anticipation. Ah, the bonuses of working for such a doctor! The cool air of the exam room blew across my pussy lips and only heightened my excitement. I felt Jack’s throbbing fat cock enter my wet pussy. Slowly, he began fucking me with his eight inch meat as I pushed back to meet his every thrust. My moans were getting louder and louder. This was good! Just then, I noticed the Doc moving behind Jack. Doc reached around and squeezed Jack’s balls as his hot dick slammed in and out of my box. Jack responded to the Doctor’s touch by pounding my cunt harder. Jack then reached under my bra and pinched one of my nipples and then the other. I began stroking my pussy and my body shuddered as I came, my orgasm moving over me in waves.

But I had another hole that needed attention and the Doc had yet to be satisfied.

“Oh, Jack”, I purred. “Fuck my ass. I need your hot dick in my ass.”

“Happy to oblige, ma’am.” He said.

His dick was wet with my pussy juices and his pre-come. He bent down and rimmed my hole, making sure there was no resistance. After teasing me with his tongue, I felt his cock spread my ass and he entered my waiting hole. Faster and faster he began pounding away, harder and then harder. At the same time, Doc moved into position and spread Jack’s ass. He slowly planted his dick in Jack’s chute. Jack gasped but did not miss a beat; we were fucking in glorious rhythm.

My moans had now turned to screams. This was too good. I continued to stroke my pussy. “Fuck that ass”, I yelled, getting a bit carried away. “Oh, baby, give me all you’ve got. Ram that cock in my ass. I’m going to come”. “I’ll fuck you, baby” Jack answered. I continued to play with my pussy, inserting one finger, and then two, stroking my clit until I could take it no longer.

Spasms moved through my body as I came hard all over my own hand. But I wanted more.

I pulled away from our fuck-train. It was my turn to take control. “Lay down, Mr. Smith” I instructed. I wiped down his still hard dick. No germs – this is a medical practice! He sat on the exam table and I climbed into his lap. Slowly, I impaled my pussy on his cock, working my way up and down. How good his dick felt in my swollen box! Not one to be denied, Dr. Holliday moved into position and I felt his cock enter my ass. I was in heaven. I felt so full! A cock in my pussy and one in my ass; could it get any better? I bent down and kissed Jack passionately. Both men continued to fuck me in unison, in and out of my ass, in and out of my cunt. Once again I exploded. Then, at the same time, Jack filled my pussy with his come as Dr. Holliday filled my ass. Exhausted we lay against each other for a few moments.

“Well, Mr. Smith, I trust you are feeling better?” Dr. Holliday asked after catching his breath.

“Certainly, Doc” he answered. “So this is the prescribed course of treatment?”

“Well, yes. Only your prescription says repeat as needed”, the Doctor replied, zipping up his pants and moving towards the door. “See LiChelle on your way out to schedule a follow up appointment.”

Jack turned towards me. “Is this what they mean by alternative medicine?”

I laughed. “Yes, and I’ve never seen it fail. Shall I put you down next Friday at 5:00?”

“Yes, please”, he answered. “But will you call me if you have a cancellation before then?”

“Well, Mr. Smith, there is a waiting list. Who knows? With your attributes, you might get moved to the top”.

I’m always happy to assist Dr. Holliday in his work!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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