Original Angels Ch. 09

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All characters are over the age of eighteen


A Little Show

This chapter follows ‘The Next Few Weeks’ in my life with my angels. If you haven’t read my previous submissions, I strongly encourage you to do so prior to reading this newest piece.

Trish accepted my marriage proposal. We agreed that we should plan a simple but elegant ceremony and invite only our closest friends to act as witnesses to the occasion. We also decided that we should throw a big party afterwards to include all of our friends in the celebration.

Teri and Tracy were excited too and wanted to be part of the planning so we included them as much as possible. I asked them if they would be comfortable moving to, and living in my house, and they could hardly contain themselves, asking if they could move right away so that Trish could sell her house with no one living in it. We talked to a realtor and she advised us to leave the furniture and accessories in the house to give it a lived in look, but that having it vacant would be an asset in terms of availability for showings.

So within two weeks of my proposal and Trish’s acceptance, we found Trish a beautiful diamond ring and packed up and moved the three angels into my home…our home now. I spent just enough on the ring that word got out and around that Trish was in love and would apparently be financially secure in her future. I let Tracy and Teri work with my interior designer to make a few personal changes in their bedrooms. They selected new furniture and color schemes and we had all the work done in time for the move. fixbet I also transferred some assets into a trust for the girls’ college educations as a wedding gift to them all. That move probably scored me more points with Trish than anything else. But most importantly, it confirmed to her my commitment to them all and allowed Trish to proceed with the wedding plans with no outside worries at all.

On the day of the move we worked very hard and when we finally had everything put away we all jumped in the pool and I ordered pizza to be delivered for dinner. We were still cavorting in the pool when the bell rang at the front door. Tracy heard it first and said she would answer it. She grabbed a tshirt from the chaise and slipped it on as she ran to the front door. She was still wet and the shirt clung to her ass as she ran through the house. She came back moments later asking for money.

I got out of the pool and walked over to where I had dropped my shorts and my wallet. Tracy was standing and waiting and I noticed that her soaked shirt was virtually transparent. Her little nipples were clearly visible and the fabric was clinging to her hairless pussy and all of the puffs and folds were obvious.

‘Do you realize what you’re showing to the pizza guy?’ I asked her.

She lowered her voice and replied, ‘Yes and it’s making me horny! You should see the way he looked at me. I think he’s got a hard on in his pants.’ Her smile betrayed her enjoyment of the whole situation. I had noticed signs of her tendencies toward exhibitionism before, but this fixbet giriş was a big step in the game.

‘Do you want me to go pay him, or come with you when you do?’ I asked her.

She hesitated at first. I thought that she would want to continue her game alone, but then she said ‘Will you come with me?’

“Should I put on my shorts?’ I asked.

‘Sure.’ She answered and then took my hand as we walked back to the front door.

The pizza guy looked to be about eighteen years old. His eyes were glued to Tracy’s hot young body plastered under the wet tshirt and then they filled with fear when he saw me behind her. His actions displayed his confused state as she gave him the cash. He wasn’t sure where to look next and I could see that he was getting flustered trying to make the change. Tracy was grinning and stepped closer to him and he dropped a quarter on the floor. They both bent down to pick it up and bumped each other.

‘Oops, I’m sorry…excuse me.’ Their voices speaking at the same time.

As Tracy stood back up he was staring straight at her pussy still clinging to the soaked white tshirt. Tracy turned and winked at me as the boy struggled to stand up. He reached out to hand Tracy the money.

‘Keep the change son. Thanks for the pizza.’ I told him.

He returned the thanks and almost hit his face with the door as he turned to leave. He glanced back at Tracy one more time as he drew the door behind him. Tracy had her arm around my waist and her head on my bare chest. We were smiling and as the door closed we burst out laughing together.

‘God Rob that was so funny and so hot!’ She looked down at herself. ‘He really could see everything, couldn’t he.’

‘I think so Trace. What do you think he was thinking?’

‘Well I know he had a bulge in his pants. And that makes me tingle inside.’

‘Did you want to touch his pants?’ I inquired.

‘No. It just makes me hot knowing that I helped put it there. I’d rather have the one in your pants.’ She smiled seductively.

‘Well, be patient honey. Maybe we’ll get it out a little later.’

We walked back through the house and out to the patio. Teri and Trish were just getting out of the pool. Tracy and I took our clothes off and we all sat down at the table to eat. Trish asked what we were doing inside and Tracy told her about the pizza guy and how she teased him.

Trish expressed some mild concern about Tracy showing herself to a stranger. But Tracy told her, ‘That’s why I took Rob with me mom. I knew the guy wouldn’t try anything with Rob there with me. Besides, that’s’ what made it so funny. I think he thought Rob was my boyfriend or something. You should have seen the look on his face!’

We all laughed and Trish again warned her daughters about being careful when they expose themselves. She admitted that she enjoyed doing it too, but was always careful about who and when and where.

Teri and Tracy asked her when and where she had done it before. Without being specific, Trish admitted that she had on many occasions. They wanted to know more, but Trish wasn’t telling.

‘I’ll tell you what though,’ she said, ‘maybe we can go somewhere, someday and I’ll show you some of my favorite tricks…’

‘Oh yes.!’ We all nodded and agreed that we should plan to do it very soon…

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