Our Family Vacation Ch. 06

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)


Later that Night

Day 2

“So,” Daddy asks mom, “where do we want to get dinner babe?”

“I don’t really care as long as it’s not junk food. What do you kids want?”

“Doesn’t matter to me mom,” Jack says.

“Same here,” I smile.

“We heard a Hooters is just up the road,” Danny smirks knowing mom wouldn’t want to go.

But mom surprises everyone, though me not as much considering our day, when she shrugs and smiles, “That works with me.”

All three guys look to mom with stunned looks on their faces. Daddy was the first to speak, “Honey are you sure you’re fine with us going to Hooters?”

“Sure why not? We are all adults; I’m sure the boys have at the very least seen tits online if not in person, I know for a fact you have at least seen mine and me and Abby have our own to see, so why not go to Hooters?”

Danny was smart enough to not let a chance like this go to waist, “You heard her Dad, Hooters it is.”

We make our way up the road to Hooters and find it filled with customers, none of which where female besides mom and I. After a short wait we are seated but because of the rush we aren’t seated together; mom and daddy get a table together and me and my brothers are together on the other side of the restuarant. We sit there for maybe ten minutes before a waitress takes our orders; both boys give their orders to her chest, never looking at her face.

After the waitress, her name is April, leaves I start laughing to myself. They both look at me an together ask, “What?”

“Oh nothing, it’s just they way you two were acting you’d think that was the first time you’ve seen boobs in a tank top.”

“Well not ones that nice or that close before,” Jack grins.

“Hey speak for yourself little brother,” Danny laughs.

Jack is about to say something back but stops when he sees April coming with our drinks. After The boys closely watch every shake and jiggle of her tits as she hands out our drinks. I have to admit she does have amazing breast; I guessing they are around a 34 C. When I look back to her face as she gives me my drink I blush when I see her grinning at me after catching me staring at her breast.

I give her an awkward smile and brush my hair behind my right ear, “Sorry.”

“Don’t be sweetie. I’m used to people looking down my top, though few of them are as cute as you.”

I feel my face getting even redder as I let out a stupid sounding giggle as she smiles at me before walking away. Once she is far enough away I lay back in my chair wishing for the floor to open up and swallow me as Danny and Jack burst out laughing.

“Geesh sis haven’t you ever seen tits in a tank top before,” Danny teases still laughing.

“Oh shut up both of you,” I grumble.

“Oh don’t mope too much sis you should hear the story Dan told me and Dad,” Jack laughs.

“Dude shut up,” Danny snaps no longer laughing.

“Ooh this I’ve got to hear,” I smile sitting up.

“It’s nothing, ignore him,” Danny snaps.

“Oh no you don’t big brother, spill it,” I giggle.

“Just tell her bro or she’ll never shut up about it,” Jack laughs.

“Fuck fine,” Danny huffs, “remember that truck stop we stopped at?”

I try my best to keep the shock off my face, “Yes what about it?”

“There was a line in the men’s room so I had to wait while Dad and Jack went. Well after they and the other few men had left I did my business and was about to leave when this huge black guy told me… Abby have you ever heard of a glory hole?”

“Oh my god did my manly man big brother suck off some black dude through a hole in the wall?” I giggle and Jack burst out laughing again.

“What!? God no! He told me there was a glory hole going into another room and said the girl on the other side gave a great hand job before leaving. I thought he was screwing with me but… I guess my curiosity got the better of me and sure enough there was a hole in the wall and I could hear movement on the other side so… I took a risk and god was it worth it. I don’t know who she was but the girl on the other side of that kahramanmaraş escort wall gave me one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had.”

“I’m glad you liked it bro… oh and thanks for the $20 it bought me this new bracelet,” I say as show them the bracelet I bought today. The shocked look on both their faces is so fucking funny I burst out laughing, “Oh my god you two actually believed me! It was a joke! Man you two should see your faces.”

Jack started laughing with me, “Holy shit sis you really had us going there.”

“Yeah you sure did,” Danny says with a nervous chuckle with a strange look on his face.

“Well I’m sorry I missed the joke,” April laughs as she walks up behind me surprising us all, “what’s so funny?”

“Have you ever…Ouch!” Jack starts before yelping when Danny kicks him under the table.

“It’s nothing really,” Danny tells her.

“Based on that kick it’s more than nothing but I’ll stay out of it,” April smiles, “Now the reason I came over was to ask if there was anything you all needed?”

“No, nothing at the moment,” I tell her.

“Alright cutie,” she smiles at me making me blush again, “let me know if that changes and I’m sure your food will be out soon.”

After she leaves Danny is quick to change the subject about the football tournament that had gone to. Neither Jack nor I are big sports people so Danny did most of the talking for the next ten or fifteen minutes. Jack interrupts him long enough to say he’s going to the restroom; I’m guessing more to get away from more football talk than anything else.

After he leaves Danny suddenly gets really quiet and seems nervous around me. We just sit there in silence for a minute of so before I final ask, “Ok what’s up? Why did you get so quiet just now?”

“How the hell did you know about the $20?”

I suddenly realize I let too much slip earlier and think ‘Oh shit’ before saying, “Umm… what?”

“You fucking heard me Abby,” he whisper yells, “How did you know I gave the girl at the glory hole $20?”

I look down at my lap, “Because it really was me on the other side of that hole.”

“What the fuck! How could you do that with your own brother?”

“Wait a fucking second now! I didn’t know it was you on the other side any more than you knew it was me, so why would you let your little sister do that to you?”

He starts to reply but stops when we see Jack walking back to the table, “We’ll finish this later.”

Jack sits down and we all sit there in silence for a few minutes before Jack asks, “Ok what I miss?”

“Nothing,” Danny and I both say.

“Sure,” Jack responses but leaves it alone.

“I need to use the restroom,” Danny says a few minutes later and gets up and leaves.

“I should probably go too before our food comes out,” I say as I jump up and follow Danny.

The restroom are down a short little hallway that turns off the main restaurant so the door are hidden from other customers. As Danny enters the men’s room I follow right on his heels.

“Abby what the fuck!?” he asks as I lock the door behind me.

“We need to talk about this right now.”

“Oh your mean my baby sister sucking my cock in a truck stop bathroom like some kind of cheap whore.”

“No about how the first cock I ever sucked was my big brother’s!”

“Wait really that was your first time? What about the black guy before me?”

I told him everything; about being surprised by the first white guy, then jerking off the huge black cock and how I was about to leave when he came through the hole. I told him how those three cocks were the first I had ever seen outside of porn and that even though I know it is beyond wrong that in a weird way I’m glad the first cock I ever sucked belonged to him.

He just stood there quiet for a few seconds before simply saying, “Wow.”

I’m not really sure why but I start giggling, “really, wow, thats all you have to say?”

“What the fuck is a guy supposed to say when his baby sister tell him he was her first blow job?”

“Ok first off I’m your little sister not baby sister I’m 18 now remember?”

“You gave kapalı gaziantep escort me a blow job who cares what term I use to describe you!”

“I do,” I grin at him and stick out my tongue.

“Oh yes you are so grown up you little brat,” he says and we both start laughing.

I blush and ask, “Was it really that good?”

“Was what really that good?”

“My blow job silly. Earlier you said it was one of the best you have ever gotten. Is that true?”

It was Danny’s turn to blush now, “Yes, the only person who has done better is Tina. If you weren’t my little sister I would really want a repeat performance.”

“Well don’t let that stop you,” I grin as I drop to my knees.

“Are you fucking serious? We’re family we can’t do this.”

“We already did once so what’s the harm of doing it again? It’s not like I can unsuck a cock already sucked,” I smile up at him as I start to undo his jeans.

As soon as I had his jeans unzipped I yanked them and his boxers do his ankles. As the waist band of his boxers went over his cock it sprang up slapping his stomach before pointing right at my face as if begging me to suck it. It was just like I remembered it, about nine inches of thick rock hard man meat with veils running all around it and a big brownish-pink head with a dripping slit.

“Wow! It really was you in the truck stop,” I practically purr as I start stroking my small hand up and down its length.

Unlike the first time with this amazing cock I take my time getting to know this amazing piece of flesh. I lick and nibble my way up and down his cock several times before lifting it and moving to his balls.

I have to keep myself from giggling when I hear him moan, “Oh fuck yeah my baby sister is sucking my balls. Oh Abby don’t stop… yes… fucking hell baby that feels so good!”

I suck and lick all over his ball sack for several minutes before licking along the underside of his cock all the way to its head. I grin up at him before slowly taking the first few inches of his cock into my mouth. I swirl my tongue around his head as I suck as hard as I can making him moan, before slowly pushing my tiny mouth over more and more of his cock. I get about half way down his shaft before I have to pull off gaging.

“Shit Abby don’t choke yourself Tina can’t even take it all and she’s had a lot more practice.”

“Give me time Danny and I’ll take this delicious cock to the balls, even if I have to practice every day for the rest of our lives.”

“Are you serious? Would you really want to do this again?”

“I’ll suck your cock whenever you want from this day forward big brother,” I say giving him my sexiest smile before taking his cock back in my mouth.

I bob my head as fast as I can over the first four inches of his cock as my small hands quickly stroke what I can’t get in my mouth. I can tell he is getting close based on the throbbing of his cock and the noises he is making. If we had more time and privacy I would have slowed down and drawn out my blow job but instead I found it in me to ramp up my efforts. I’m sure from his view point my hands were not much more than a blur as the restroom filled with the sounds of me slurping his cock.

“Oh fuck Abby I’m almost there… so close… oh god yes,” he moans as he begins filling my mouth. As I gulp down rope after rope of cum I can feel every pulse of his cock as it rockets up his shaft.

As I’m swallowing the last mouthful of his cum someone starts banging on the restroom door, “Hey buddy other people need to piss too.”

“Oh shit,” Danny says as he quickly pulls his jeans and boxers up.

“Damn I wasn’t done with that yet,” I tease.

“Abby seriously this is not the time, what do we do?”

“This,” I grin as I stand up and open the door.

“It’s about fucking time assho…” he starts to yell but trails off when he sees me.

“Sorry my boyfriend was giving me my favorite appetizer,” I smile before walking by him.

Behind me I hear, “Damn dude sorry I yelled and if you don’t mind sharing I’ll gladly let you have some more time.”

“Thanks but no,” Danny tells him kaliteli gaziantep escort and sprints up to me, “what the hell has gotten into you?”

“I believe you just did,” I grin. Then out of nowhere he grabs me and pushes me up against the wall, “Danny what the fuck!?”

He runs his finger over my chin and pulls it back to show me the cum I had had running down my chin, “you just about went back to the table with my cum dripping from you like a little slut.”

“You mean like your little slut,” I tease before liking his finger clean, ‘mmm yummy.”

“God Abby for someone who claims she was a virgin just a few days ago you sure are acting like a little whore.”

“For your information I am still a virgin,” I huff then with a naughty grin, “unless you count my hands and mouth.”

“You no what?” he asks me with a grim voice.

“No what,” I smile.

“You are almost as kinky as Tina,” he smiles at me before pulling me into a kiss.

After we break the kiss I simple say, “Wow.”

He grins at me, kisses my cheek, and walks away. I stand there for a few moments before following him back to the table.

When I get back Jack look to me, “Abby are you ok? This is the second time you have taken a crazy long time in the restroom.”

I look at him and answer with a straight face, “Don’t blame me our brother takes so long to cum.”

“Abby what the fuck thats the second time you have made jokes about blowing me,” Danny says, “do we need to have a talk?”

“God you two can’t take a joke,” I moan as I sit down.

“Can’t take a joke about what?” April asks from behind me making me jump al little. “Oops sorry cutie didn’t mean to startle you.”

“No it’s alright,” I smile at her again feeling my face blush.

“So what can’t they take a joke about?” April asks again.

“Nothing,” both boys say.

“Oh I took a little long in the bathroom and when he,” I point to Jack, “asked what took so long I told him that Danny,” I point to Danny, “took too long to cum.”

Both of my brothers moan while she smiles, “I would think two handsome young men would like the idea of you on your knees.”

“She’s our sister,” Jack groans.

“She is still a hot little teen with a beautiful body,” she smiles, “sister or not I would think most guys, and a few girls, wouldn’t mind taking her for a spin.”

Based on how my face feels I must be as red as a fire engine, “Th… thanks.”

“No need to thank me for telling the truth,” April smiles at me, “so the reason I came over was to see if you all needed anything?”

I shake my head as we lock eyes, “Not right now.”

“Just let me know if that changes,” she says to me and licks her lips.

The three of us just sit there in silence for the next several minutes until April and another waitress brings out our food. There is a little awkward small talk as we eat but mostly we just focus on our food. After taking our empty plate April comes back to our table with a large sundae with three spoons, “this is on the house and here’s your check. I’ll take it when you are ready.”

After eating all the sundae we pay for our food, giving April a very good tip, and find mom and dad sitting outside waiting on us when dad sees us, “There you are we were starting to think you boys ran away with your waitress.”

“Funny dad but it was Abby that was getting all the attention,” Jack teases me.

“Oh really? Is there something you need to tell us?” Mom jokes.

“No mom,” I say in an annoyed teen voice, “but if I were to run off with a woman April would definitely would be a good choice.”

Mom laughs and dad and my brothers all give me this strange look almost as if they are picturing me with a woman. On the way back to the hotel we all exchanged small talk. Once nearly there Danny and I fall behind a little, “So my kinky little sister slut when do you think we can fool around again?”

“Like I said whenever you want,” I grin and start rubbing his cock through his jeans.

“God sis as much as I would love that I think the rest of our family might notice if we disappear.”

“Oh alright,” I pout, “but I want that tasty cock again tomorrow even if I have to do it in from of the whole world.”

“God I love you,” Danny tells me before pulling me into another kiss.

We break the kiss when we hear dad yell from farther ahead, “hey you two still back there?”

“Yes dad,” Danny yells back, “Abby had to fix her shoe we’re coming.”

“Well you will be tomorrow,” I tease before slapping his butt and running ahead.

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