Our Wedding Night

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We met in church at a ceremony pledging abstinence from sex until marriage. By chance, she and I walked down the aisle together to make our pledge and to receive our purity rings. She smiled at me and I felt my heart flutter as my face turned red. It was later that I found her name was Eleanor and she had just moved to our town. Our first date was at the malt shop and we held hands as our rings entwined together. We went steady from that day on, through high school and junior college. The day after I received my A.A. degree I proposed and she accepted making my heart soar.

All this time we remained true to our pledge of abstinence, although without Eleanor’s strength of conviction I don’t think I could have made the wait. As our wedding day neared, I no longer worried about putting carnal thoughts out of my mind and I found myself often being distracted by thoughts of sex. Eleanor was not helping as she talked excitedly about our wedding night and being alone in bed with me. I didn’t dare tell her I had been abusing myself as those very same thoughts ran through my head. Our pastor offered counseling on the duties of a husband and wife but I was far too embarrassed and shy to accept his offer.

Our wedding was beautiful as was my bride blushing, and all in white, as a bride should be. A special part of our ceremony included us returning our purity rings to the pastor as we replaced rokettube them with our wedding rings. I felt a stirring in my loins as the pastor introduced us to the crowd as Mr. and Mrs. Henry Moyse. We had a small reception in the church rec. room with sparkling apple juice for a toast. Of course, we had no dancing but we did sing hymns together as Eleanor’s mother accompanied us on the piano. When it was time to leave, my bride threw her bouquet, her sister caught it, and then we were off. With money a little tight we postponed our honeymoon and went straight to the apartment my parents had helped us rent.

All the way to our new home, Eleanor kept kissing me and urging me to hurry. She began to rub my chest as she told me she needed me to make her a woman. Already excited she had me in a fever pitch and my erection was throbbing painfully. I carried her over the threshold and straight to our bedroom where she had me lie on the bed to watch as she took off her wedding gown. She then lay down next to me wearing only her bra and blue panties, borrowed from her sister. Hurriedly I undressed to my skivvies and we lay next to each other kissing passionately. Eleanor reached out and took hold of my member causing me to erupt prematurely all over my underwear.

I felt humiliated and helpless but Eleanor kept kissing me and telling me not to worry.

“My mother warned me about asyalı porno this and told me it might happen, she told me not to be concerned and that you would come back to life quickly.”

She sat up on her knees in front of me, then reaching around behind she unclasped her bra. She held her breast out and lightly rubbed her nipple,

“Henry, these are your breasts now, what you like to touch them?”

I couldn’t even talk as I merely nodded my head; I reached up and took the nipple in my fingers,

“Not too rough Henry, be gentle, here let me show you,”

Eleanor put her fingers to my nipple and teased it and it felt divine. I did as she showed me and heard her moan softly. She next offered her breast to my lips and I kissed her nipple and then suckled on it. She ran her fingers through my hair and called me her good boy.

“Would you like to see more of your wife?”

When I said yes, she put her fingers in her panties and slipped them down her thighs.

It’s not that I’d never seen a woman’s privates before but Eleanor’s were the first I’d seen in real life. She took my hand and put it between her legs allowing me to explore while cautioning me to be gentle. She told me my manhood had to be big and strong so I could take her maidenhood. I told her it was as hard as it had ever been and that I was ready. She lay back down on her azeri porno back spreading her legs and when she put her hand down there she said that her moisture had dried up and she needed lubrication. I told her I didn’t think we had anything like that; she just smiled and said,

“Sure we do silly all you have to do is kiss me right here.”

She took my hand and placed it between her slit. I crawled between her legs and put my lips to her sex. The slight scent was intoxicating; I stuck my tongue in her and ran it up her slit to the little nub located at the top. Her legs slammed together with my head still between them. I thought I had hurt her and tried to pull my head back but instead she grabbed me by my hair and held me in place as she screamed out. A moment passed with nothing moving not even a sound. Then Eleanor released her grip on me and urged me up so I could now enter her.

I was so excited I forgot about being gentle and once I was in place I just rammed myself inside her. When she gasped in pain I realized what I had done but when I stopped, she assured me she was all right and to keep going. Once again, I climaxed way too fast as it felt just as I dreamed it would. Eleanor kept telling me what a good job I had done and how I had made her orgasm with my mouth.

Our wedding night was fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it for all the promiscuous sex in the world. Each day I can’t wait to get home from working at the grocery store; we are tearing each other’s clothes off as soon as I get in the door. Honestly, the only time we aren’t in bed together is when we eat or doing our chores, oh and of course, to go to church.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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