(Out of) Control

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Big Tits

dedicated to KathyJ, my inspiration for this little sordid tale

I’d like to thank the many people that have helped me, but especially to Allyourbase: a great editor and friend who pushed me to do this.


Kay looked up from her computer screen, where she had been compiling data for her monthly presentation, because she felt like she was being watched. Glancing around the office she saw Steve avert his gaze, pretending to be busy with work. Ever since the previous month, when her office has signed him on as an intern, she’d caught him ogling her openly on more than one occasion. In truth, she was sort of responsible for that state of affairs: she was the one who had recommended him for the internship, and thus far, no one had complained about him, quite the contrary. This pleased her to an extent, as she had been somewhat reluctant to recommend her son’s best friend for the opening.

Steve had been her son’s best friend for years, ever since they had joined the baseball team when they were both twelve. Over time, he’d come over to her house on numerous occasions; most visits had centered on the fact that her family had a large swimming pool in the backyard. It was there that she’d first noticed him staring at her. The intensity of the stares had grown as he’d matured. Back in the day she had dismissed his stares as the stares of a normal, horny young boy, but here he was, almost five years later, still staring at her. If anything, he’d grown more bold…

Since her concentration was broken, she used the opportunity to go grab a cup of coffee, and get away from the hum drum nature of the work she was doing. Fresh cup of coffee in hand, she paused for a second in front of a window to check out her reflection and straighten out her outfit. As she was complimenting herself over her new haircut, which had her auburn hair reaching down to her shoulders, and which had cost quite a pretty penny, the thought of Steve’s stares popped into her head. She caught herself thinking about him and his piercing brown eyes more and more often nowadays. She had rationalized that she worked hard enough at the gym four times per week, so why not relish the attention. She smiled to herself before dismissing his horny stares and returning to work. Of course, there had been the one time when, in the file room, she’d had to squeeze past him. She was very busy and in a hurry, so she hadn’t registered the event too well- her attention had been on the set of files she needed. But, had she felt his erection that day, pressing against her? Kay snapped out of her day dream. She wanted to get done with work early so she could plan and prepare for the upcoming weekend’s pool party at her house.

Steve had been waiting impatiently for the weekend to arrive ever since his best friend had told him about it, not long after he’d started his internship. For him the internship was one of the best things that could have happened – the company was a good one, this job would enhance his resume and, more importantly, he’d figured, he could hang around Kay Jackson more.

She had been his hot, wet dream for as long as he could recall being interested in girls. He’d always found her attractive, although he’d never considered why much. Maybe it was that he’d seen her virtually naked all those summers, as she paraded around her pool in her assorted bikinis, letting the sun (and whomever was present) lavish her with attention. Maybe it was a simple stereotypically cultural thing- Kay was a MILF and he wanted to fuck her. Maybe it was the taboo of her being his best friend’s mom, almost like a second mom to himself, in a way. But none of that really mattered: he found her attractive and wanted to posses her. He’d dreamed of an opportunity to make a move, but, other than the one time when he’d legitimately had to squeeze past her Escort Esenyurt in the file room. Her back had been towards him; she was looking for a binder and he’d made sure to press himself into her “on accident”. That, however, was as close as he’d ever gotten to fulfilling his fantasy.. He’d engraved the memory of her firm ass pressed against his cock, but, he’d hoped for more by now. He wanted more. Kay had occupied a central place in his mind ever since he’d first seen her wearing a small string bikini out by the pool. Starting that day, which had ended with him cumming three times to thoughts of her filling out that hot bikini she had been wearing, she had been on his mind on a daily basis, if only when he was jerking off. However, he knew himself to be an optimist and figured that this party might be the right time for him to really make a move.

He arrived at Kay’s house just as the third pitcher of margaritas was being served. It was a very hot day and the pitchers, being filled with ice, did look very appealing. Everybody seemed to be a little tipsy. Kay’s husband appeared to have had a few too many already, which was understandable, since he was in charge of making the drinks. He found out that his best friend was probably gonna be AWOL all weekend as he’d said something about a “new girlfriend”, a “boat” and a “lake” before he’d rushed out the door the previous day. This was news to Steve, but he silently wished his friend the best of luck on his quest. Would his friend return the favor, had he really been aware of the fact that Steve wanted to bang his mom? Probably not. Well, what Alex didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him, Steve figured. Besides, they’d both lusted after mature women, even going so far as to make a pact to double team their high school biology teacher, Ms. Slimmerik. Nothing had ever come of that, but they’d talked a good game.

He smiled as he made his way towards Kay to say hello. As he got closer he noticed that she seemed slightly tipsy. She’d just gotten out of the pool and the figure hugging bikini looked vacuum-formed across her body. The water must have been cold as well, because her nipples were straining against the fabric. She welcomed him with a hug…which he thought lasted a bit too long. She then offered to get him a drink, as she was going to get one herself. Steve had an Evrika moment right then and there: perhaps the key to Kay lay in booze, and, as a college student, he knew all about plying girls with booze. He made sure that her glass was never empty after that point.

The party progressed at a fast clip, the sole marker of the time’s passage being the flow of margaritas. A couple of hours later, Steve found that Kay had disappeared from the party. Maybe she’d wanted to escape the heat, and had gone inside the house. He noticed that everyone was pretty drunk by that point, a result of the heat and the booze mixing, whereas he had been judicious (for a change). He took stock of the situation and decided that it was the time to act. He followed Kay into the house, catching a glimpse of her as she headed up the stairs. Quickly he closed the gap, just as she was entering the spare bedroom.

“Can I help you with anything, Kay?” he asked. He barely managed to contain his trembling voice. His desire had gotten hold of him, but perhaps he shouldn’t force things yet. It wasn’t the first time he’d used her first name, especially since they’d started working together. But this was different. He wanted to assert himself if he was going to make his move.

“Oh, Steve, you caught me. I was just trying to get out of the heat, and this room is the coolest one in the house,” she replied.

He saw her gaze shift to the visible bulge in his shorts. A cheeky smile drifted across her face.

“Anything I can help you with, Steve?”, she Etiler escort said. He caught a hint of sarcasm, but he could see her staring at his growing crotch.

“Kay, I’ve always been very attracted to you,” Steve said as he drew to within a foot of her, “and you know it.”

His words made her blush, even as she nodded her agreement. She caught herself mid-nod: “But, I am old enough to be your mom. What…what would…Alex think? What would my husband think?” Her protest, however, came with no energy. She wasn’t convinced, and she was not convincing him either.

“And, quite frankly, I want you. Here. And. Now. ” His tone was very commanding, but he could see it soothed her at the same time. He had to take charge of the situation, before she’d slip through his fingers. Besides, the more time he spent thinking about K, the more he wanted to dominate her- to make her submit to him. Circumstances were forcing him to take charge. He moved closer, until he was sure he filled her entire field of vision. Steve’s hand was stroking the outside of Kay’s bikini bottoms. He could not believe his luck. His fantasy, what had become his damn near obsession, was about to become reality.

As his fingers found her clit, he broke of the kiss just long enough to say “Kay, I need to fuck you, right now.”

The words struck her like a bag of bricks,and hearing him say it raised the tension for her.

“But, Steve, I’m married!” she protested even as her hands were fondling his tight ass.

He silenced her criticism with another kiss, while his fingers pushed aside the thin wedge of material covering her crotch. When he touched her bare pussy, her core, Kay’s desires reached a fever pitch. She had enough sense to tell him to wear a rubber and to point out the nightstand where she’d found a couple of condoms. Her brother in law had visited with his wife and they’d slept (and fucked) in this room. She lay down on the edge of the bed, and put the condom on herself, amazed at how his dick felt.

She felt like a summer storm blowing at full force as his rubber covered cock entered her. The rush of the act, the scary knowledge that they might get caught any second, his domineering demeanor, the actual feel of him, all sweaty and tense, the smell of his after shave, they all combined to give her the best orgasm of her life, to date. Her body shook, as wave after wave of pleasure swept over her. At most she could focus on keeping her mouth tightly shut, so as not to scream out before she passed out from the sensation.

Once her lights came back on, Kathy noticed that Steve was still going; the condom was prolonging his experience, by dulling the sensation for him. However, even as her second orgasm was building, she was overcome by guilt. What if her husband decided to come looking for her? How long had she been gone? What would happen to their marriage? She screwed her eyes shut at the thought of her son catching her fucking his best friend…fucking him, faster, and at just the right angle to hit her G spot. The second orgasm washed over her, catching the breath in her throat. This time she felt Steve tense up from his own impending orgasm. She could almost feel the cum shooting out of his cock. For the briefest of moments it occurred to her that the condom might break, but the thought was washed away by the orgasmic pulse.

As Steve lay atop her for a moment, relishing the sensations of the act they’d committed, she nudged him to get moving, saying “We can’t stay like this!” her voice full of urgency. He looked down at the condom, now in danger of falling off his shrinking penis. Kay followed his stare and she realized in horror that she’d have to dispose of this most incriminating evidence.

The fear made her jump into action: she grabbed the condom off his penis, Eyüp escort bayan snapping it off with some malice. He’d just fucked her! She’d just been fucked by someone other than her husband, and that tiny act was all the revenge she could muster. She marvelled at the amount of cum that she was holding in the latex sheath, as she headed to the nearest bathroom to flush it down the toilet. She did hold on to it longer than necessary before dumping it. Its heft was calling to her, summoning something, a need she’d not felt in a long time. Hastily she cleaned up, trying to reach a respectable state. Once satisfied, she left the restroom, and found herself conflicted when she discovered he wasn’t waiting for her. She put on a brave face and went back downstairs, but her disguise was unnecessary. The party hadn’t stopped and everyone was even more drunk now than before. Someone handed her a full glass and she went on drinking.

Hours later, the party was winding down. Anticipating that she’d be coordinating sending people off, she’d reduced her alcohol intake a couple of hours earlier. Her husband wasn’t really up for the task- he’d had too much to drink and was barely able to discern the guests as they were leaving. Her thoughts were a blur and she did all she could to not focus on what she’d done. When it was time for Steve to leave, he hugged the host, taking the opportunity to tell her that he couldn’t wait to do it again. Maybe because her husband was there she didn’t object, so as not to make a scene. This was what she’d tell herself from that night on, anytime she’d find herself facing the thought.

The next day was Sunday. Kay and her husband both slept in and not just to avoid confronting their hangovers as long as possible. It was their Sunday “tradition”, only this time they had a very good excuse for it – they’d imbibed too much. Once they woke up, past two pm, they both got busy cleaning up after Hurricane Party. Between the cleaning and trying to keep her thoughts to a dull roar, Kay did her best not to give much thought to the previous day’s transgressions. She went to bed early, exhausted and slept without dreams.

On Monday, she had to get to work early. Kay was not a morning person, so she always drove to work on auto, without being to aware of what was going on. Every once in awhile she’d marvel how she’d managed to get to work that particular day. Once she got in, she was slammed with work, so, once again she didn’t have much time to think about it, until Steve showed up at her desk, seemingly out of nowhere. She found herself staring at his crotch, and, with that, it was as if she was hit by a mallet. Saturday’s events rushed back at her with full force, so powerful that she gasped. Steve kept up a professional facade and handed her a manila folder with files for her to review and sign. Hidden under the first sheet was a handwritten note from him. She didn’t notice til later, when she got done with the morning’s workload.

“Kay, Saturday was the best sex I’ve ever had. Can’t wait for more. I’ll let you know when and where,” the note said. His tone was fresh, just like it had been Saturday. If anything, with this note, he’d grown even more bold.

She had an easier time controlling herself as she read that note, but it left her feeling conflicted. A loud voice inside her protested the way he assumed he was in control, but, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that the idea was highly appealing. She’d never really thought of herself this way, as being…so submissive. Thinking the word made her shiver and it got her wet as well. She’d always looked down on loose women, but, suddenly, the thought of being a slut, turned her on…

She got lost in thought, until the ring of the phone snapped her out of it. It was her boss, and his detailed requests broke her train of thought for the moment. She found herself on autopilot for the rest of the day, although she did stash the piece of paper from Steve in her purse… A reckless act? Maybe, but, doing it had energized her. What was happening to her? She dreaded finding out, but knew she’d follow it to its conclusion.

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