Outside the Door

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It was cold outside. The Hurricane was waiting for Tina. Told her to be there at 8. But as usual, Tina was having trouble tearing her fingers away from her dripping pussy.

“Just a second more, and I’ll, I’ll, unh! oh! oh fuck” she grunted as her fingers brought her to a quick, shuddering halt. She lay in bed naked, listening to the wind outside as she caught her breath as the sweat trickled around her firm thighs. Her broken window let a gust of air blast over her body, and her blush-pink nipples twisted into erect points.

“7:52! shit!” The Hurricane wouldn’t hesitate to punish her for being late, so Tina jumped up, her ass jiggling as she hopped over to the closet. Carefully, she pulled puffy earmuffs over her soft curls. Then a scarf, wrapped around her neck, draping over her slender, strong back.

Stepping into her boots, she realized her socks weren’t exactly clean. She’d just cum while wearing the pair she’d meant for the hurricane to break in. 8:00. Quickly, she grabbed the wool stretched around her calf and began yanking the sock over her leg, her ankle, her arched foot. As she pulled it off, the cold air hit her legs. Selecting a new pair of turquoise thigh-highs, she dipped her feet into the polyester, sliding the elastic up her legs, her pussy wet from all the attention.

The Hurricane lived just a few houses down, and Tina, wearing only socks, a scarf and earmuffs, had been instructed to show up ready to be fucked. bursa escort bayan stepping into her boots, she was ready. ‘Thank god it’s dark outside,’ she muttered, still unsure about the prospect of walking naked through the neighborhood on such a cold night.

The Hurricane glanced at the clock when she heard the knock at the door. 8:12. ‘The girl’s gonna get it,’ she smiled to herself. The Hurricane opened the door to see her girl standing in the winter night, shivering so that her small tits were bouncing, and her nipples had never looked so hard.

The Hurricane stepped outside, shutting her front door. “You’re late.” Tina’s eyes widened.

“Please, I’m sorry, it’s just…oh god, I’m so cold, please let me inside!” she whimpered, rubbing her arms to show just how cold she was.

“I’m gonna fuck you right here, and in 12 minutes, you’re gonna come, and then we can go inside,” The Hurricane informed her, grabbing Tina and pushing her body into the front door, her ass on display for the neighborhood, should anyone bother to look. The porch light hit Tina’s every curve, from her small waist to her firm thighs- her socks pulled up over the knees. The Hurricane plunged three fingers into Tina’s snatch, which had become even wetter since she arrived.

“Mm!” Tina squealed as her tits hit the freezing door, and she helplessly pushed her ass into the Hurricane, trying to swallow more of her lady’s fingers. bursa anal yapan escort

A car drove by as the Hurricane began to slowly pump the girl’s pussy. Her fingers slid into Tina’s snatch smoothly as she whispered to Tina, “bend over, hands on the door”

Tina was shaking from the cold. “Oh, please, oh, uh! Oh, ungh! I’m so…so cold!” Her socks weren’t keeping her legs warm, and she cursed herself for not leaving on the wool pair. “Oh fuck!” She bent at the waist, thrusting her ass out, the force of the Hurricane’s strong arm smashing her face into the door with each thrust. The Hurricane grabbed the scarf, knocking Tina with her strong body as she fucked her, pulling her back with the scarf and softly strangling the girl’s incessant babbling as she pulled Tina back from the door.

“Oh! Oh fuck, fucking…oh god” Tina moaned, gasping for breath. “5 more minutes, slut,” the Hurricane laughed. The Hurricane slipped her unoccupied hand into the top of Tina’s sock. “Ohhh, oh yes, oh fucking hell” the girl moaned.

“Mmm, now what’s my pretty little slut wearing for me tonight?” the stretching fabric pulled the Hurricane’s hand tight against the girl’s shivering leg, and as she moved it further down, the sock slipped. The wind bit Tina’s legs, numbing her ass against the rough denim of the Hurricane’s blue jeans.

“Fuck me, fuck me, please, oh fuck! I’m so cold!” bursa rus escort Tina pleaded as she writhed around the hurricane’s fingers- now four of them nestled into the girl’s warmest part. Her pussy was sopping wet and the sound of the Hurricane’s hand pumping in and out of her smacked the neighborhood in between the girl’s gasps and moans.

“You’ve got 2 minutes until you come for me, you slut.”

The Hurricane started working on the second sock, her hand sliding down the girl’s leg. Tina’s lower half was completely exposed to the night, her socks sagging around her ankles. The only warmth was the tingling in her snatch, and the Hurricane’s hand, sliding over the girl’s muscular petite frame. The Hurricane raised her hand in the air and brought it down with a loud clap on the girl’s shaking ass.

“Time’s up!” the Hurricane whispered, and the hand inside Tina’s snatch clenched tightly on the next thrust in. Tina screamed as the Hurricane’s fist plunged into her cunt. A neighbor’s porch light came on.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuuuuuuck!” Tina wailed as her orgasm hit. The girl’s pussy gripped the Hurricane’s arm tightly, throbbing as she bucked her body, grunting and screaming, sloshing and flowing over the fist. The Hurricane grabbed for the door handle and opened it, the two of them falling inside, while Tina’s pussy still clamped on the Hurricane’s fist. The Hurricane kissed the girl’s neck, pressing Tina’s small body into the floor, slowly working her fist out of the girl’s sore pussy.

Tina moaned, pulling her socks up to her thighs.

“Sorry I was late,” she whispered, looking into the Hurricane’s handsome smile.

The Hurricane laughed, “No, no you’re not,” hugging her girl and rubbing her ass,

“Not yet, that is…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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