Painting Pumpkins

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I am an artist who loves to find unusual things to paint on. Doors, rocks and this time of year… pumpkins. There are some wonderful faces to be painted on pumpkins along with birds, flags and other scenes.

My husband had built a greenhouse for me on the south side of my house, and since it was a sunny but chilly day I decided to take my paints out there to decorate pumpkins.

I was out there lost in my own little world when I heard a voice behind me, “I love the pumpkins that you have on your porch. I was going to ask where you bought them, but now I can see that you do them yourself, do you sell them?”

I turned around and I was stunned. There was a beautiful woman standing there and she took my breath away. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes and she was tall and willowy. She had a pair of jeans on that looked like they were custom fit to her and a green turtleneck sweater.

I realized that I was staring at her, so I turned away and said, “No, I hadn’t thought of selling them, I just give them to friends and family.”

“Who is she?” I thought to myself as I felt moistness in my crotch. I wanted her so badly. I had never felt anything like this before. Especially about someone I had never met.

“Too bad, they are so neat and they would be such good advertisement, displayed in the window of my shop.”

“Shop? What kind of shop?”

“I just opened an art supply shop downtown, on Main Street. I was just driving around checking out the colors, when I saw your pumpkins on the porch. My name is Taylor Burns,” She held out her hand to shake mine and I swear I could feel the electricity spark across our fingers.

I continued painting while she and I talked about painting, decorating, and all sorts of stuff having to do with art. Eventually she asked me if I had ever done any bodypainting.

“Bodypainting? No, I haven’t. I’m not sure what kind of paints are even used for bodypainting.”

“I carry them in my shop, you should come in and check them out sometime.”

She left not long after that, and I continued painting pumpkins and thinking about the sexy woman I had just met and how I would like to try bodypainting her.

A few days later, I visited her shop. When I walked in she was busy with a customer, so I wandered around, until I found the aisle where the bodypaints were. There were different brands and mediums, oil paints, water based acrylics, even hennas for paintings that last for awhile. I was so absorbed in the paints that I did not hear her walk up behind me, until I felt her breath in my ear,” Nice to see you again.”

I turned my head and she was so close I could smell her breath, cinnamon scented and I wanted to kiss her but still unsure of what her reaction would be. “Hello, nice to see you too.”

“I love the idea of bodypainting and this looks like it could be so much fun.” I was gesturing at the array of paints, brushes, even the airbrushes, which really looked like they would be fun once I learned how to use them. “I would love to learn how to airbrush some of my art onto a person,” looking at her out of the corner of my eye. “Do you know anyone who could teach me how to do it?”

“I know a lot of artists and yes, I know someone who would teach you. Would you like me to set up a time and place to meet? I can let you know after I arrange things.”

“Yes, that would be great! I love your shop.” We walked around and looked at the other services she provided for artists. Canvas stretching, framing and matting. “I will be coming here for my supplies now. You are much closer than the other shop I have been going to.”

Before I left, I bought a book on airbrushing techniques, and left my phone number with her so she could call me when she set a time with the artist.

A couple of days later, I received a message on my machine.”Hello,this Is Taylor Burns. How about 10 AM on Friday? If you cannot make it at this time, call me and we will arrange another time. Otherwise, if I don’t hear from you, I will assume you can be there.” She also left directions to the studio where I was to go. Friday was a good day for me so I did not call her back.

When Friday came, I was up early with anticipation and excitement coursing through me at the thought of learning a new technique and medium with which to express my art. I wanted to make sure that I got to the studio on time, so I left early in case there was any construction or traffic.

Following her directions, I found myself about 15 miles from home, down a dirt lane that ended in a beautiful clearing in the woods. The colors were so bright and vibrant…the oranges, reds and yellows with some greens from the firs thrown in, were breathtaking. Sitting in the middle of the clearing was a large building which had the south and west sides done completely in glass.

I got out of my car and walked around the building until I found the door, and by the time I got there, she was standing there smiling at me. “Why didn’t you tell me Beylikdüzü escort it was you?” I asked when I saw her. “I was not sure if you would have come if you had known I was going to be here. You see, my husband is the artist who can teach you how to do this. I hope you don’t mind if I watch. I sometimes assist him in making sure his supplies and paints are at hand and ready to be used. I am also his canvas”

Not mind? My pussy began tingling at the thought of seeing my fantasies coming true of painting this lovely woman…or if not actually painting at first, then watching.

We went into their house, which was very sunny and open, and she showed me up the stairs to her husband’s studio. He was there setting up a table and some drop cloths on the floor and he stood and held out his hand when she introduced us. “Carrie, this is my husband, Sonny. Sonny, this is Carrie.” She left us and went downstairs to my disappointment, but that changed when Sonny began showing me how to hook up the airbrush to the air compressor, which hoses went where, and how the bottles of paint were attached. They were easy to change for different colors but he also had another hose and airbrush hooked up. He told me that this was how I would learn, by following him and painting at the same time he did.

As he was saying that, Taylor walked into the room, wearing only a white thong, and carrying a jar of face cream. I stood there, open-mouthed, staring at this wonderful vision. She came up to me and handed me the bottle, and Sonny said “The first thing to do to keep the paints from staining the skin is to completely cover your model’s body with a cream, something like Pond’s cold cream.”

I opened the jar and scooped out a big handful and warming it between my hands I began to rub the cream onto Taylor’s back and shoulders, taking care to cover every inch. I moved to the front of her and my palms itched to touch her as I got another gob of cold cream and began to apply it to her chest and neck, moving downwards over the top of her breasts. “Make sure you cover her nipples too Carrie.” Sonny said as he watched.

My hands moved down to her nipples and I could feel them get hard, I wanted to lick them and I kept licking my lips as I smeared cream over them.

“You can, you know?” Startled out of my revelries by Taylor’s voice.

I looked at her questioningly. “You can lick them if you wish. I can see it in your mouth that you want to.”

I leaned forward,stuck out my tongue and lightly flicked the hard nub. I watched it get harder than I thought possible, all crinkled and red. I began to rub more cold cream on her breasts a moved down to her stomach. Lower and lower, turning her so I could put some on her luscious bottom. The soft round globes of her ass felt so soft and firm.

Moving to her legs, I could feel the heat from her core when I touched her inner thighs, and I could smell her scent…just a touch of sandalwood mixed with her natural juices emanating from her. I finished coating her legs and the tops of her feet with Pond’s and stood up. I turned to Sonny.” Is that enough or do you want more?”

He turned to look and said that there was plenty of cream on her. “So here,” he handed me an airbrush, with the little jar containing an orange red mixture in it. “Start spraying, anywhere you want, uses your imagination. Remember, the harder you pull the trigger, the thicker the paint. If you want to layer it, put it on in thin coats.”

I sprayed her left nipple first and then continued in a spiral circle until her breast was completely covered and then with an unbroken line continued to her right one in a circle, when I ended the stream on her nipple.

I stepped back to look at what I had done and her nipples were very hard and looked like strawberries, mmm…good enough to almost taste. Sonny had been spraying blue stripes on her back and around her arms to her wrists, and had changed colors to a dark green, which he was painting her legs with. I changed my paint to white with a finer tip on it, and began filling in the spaces between the red spirals with a short almost feathery stroke ending with a little white dot in the center of each nipple. We laughed at the patchwork quilt look she had.

Sonny was showing me how to achieve different effects from each tip, demonstrating on the live canvas standing in front of us. I was enjoying myself immensely, but I had to stop as my hands were not used to the heavier airbrushes and they were tiring. I watched Sonny brush a few more strokes on this work of art named Taylor.

We talked more about what kinds of paints were the best…this brand vs that brand, and the best compressor to use. The lengths of the hoses were important too, for freedom of movement.

Taylor said that she needed to go take a shower because she needed to be at the shop sometime this afternoon.

This afternoon? I looked at my watch and was amazed to see that it was almost 2:00; we had been painting Beylikdüzü escort for 4 hours! Time really DOES fly when you are having fun!

She said she would show me the bathroom so I could wash the paint off of my hands and face. I followed her, turning back to wave at Sonny and he had a knowing smile on his face as he watched his wife leave the room. He looked at me, his smile got even broader and he winked.

The bathroom was gorgeous, big and white with blue accents on the tiled walls and ceiling. There was a sauna and a big tub that you stepped down into, in one corner. A large shower was in the other corner and along the wall was a large mirror over 4 sinks. The toilets were opposite the mirror, two of them.

There was also a cabinet that held towels and washcloths along with soaps, oils, perfumes, etc. Taylor reached in and turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature until steam was rolling out,” I like the water very hot. It rinses the paint off quite well.” She stepped into the water and I could not help but watch her as she was enveloped in the steam, a kaleidoscope of color as the paint began to run together. She beckoned for me to come closer, and as I walked toward her she said, “Take off your clothes and join me.” It was more of a command than a request, and my pussy convulsed at the thought of being naked with this woman.

I pulled off the old sweat suit that I had worn, kicking off my tennis shoes at the same time, and stepped into the shower. Taylor handed me a net scrubber and a bottle of shower gel and told me to wash the paint off of her body. I poured a generous amount of gel onto the net, and began scrubbing her back and buttocks, suds mixing the last of the paints as the spray rinsed them off. She turned and I began washing the front of her body, lingering on her breasts, scrubbing the tops and lifting them to get into the creases underneath, feeling the heft in my hand, so soft, so full. I could not help myself…I had to taste them and I leaned into the fountain of water and took her nipple in between my lips. Flicking it with my tongue, I moaned with pleasure. I began squeezing her other breast, pinching her nipple lightly between my thumb and index finger, and squeezing her fullness with my other hand.

She placed her hands on my shoulders and pushed me lower and lower until my eyes were bare centimeters from her pussy, still covered by the thong. She spread her legs and told me to make sure that all of the paint came off, as it could be very irritating if left in a fold. I removed her thong, delighted that she was shaven, and moved closer to open her outer lips and gaze at the most beautiful flower I had ever seen, a full blown rose. So beautiful, pink inner folds with darker pink petals at the edges. I reached and touched lightly with one finger, tracing her lips from top to bottom. Taylor grabbed my head and pulled my face toward her lips and smothered my face with her cunt; water running down over both of us. I licked and probed for her clit, finding it at the top of her slit and sucked it gently, then harder and harder until it popped out completely from the hood that covered it. She tasted so good, I could tell the difference between her juices and the hot water running over the two of us because of the slickness, the viscosity of her juices being slightly heavier than the water.

I buried my tongue in her inner folds, deep inside, touching the walls, moving it in and out in a fast tempo, eagerly putting my tongue somewhere it had never been before, inside of a woman, and not just any woman. I had desired Taylor from the first moment I laid eyes on her.

She was leaning against the shower wall and humping my face, when she stiffened and I knew she was going to explode. I could feel the tremors rippling through her as she quivered and went over the edge, her passionate moans echoing in my ears. I continued stroking her folds with my tongue, until she pushed my face away and beckoned me to stand up. She grabbed my head again and pulled me to her, kissing me hard, her tongue wrestling with mine. I let myself go, and wrapped my arms around her.caressing her from her shoulders down her back and across the beautiful globes of her perfect ass and back again.

“Have you ever done that before, darling?” Taylor whispered into my ear, and I shook my head, knowing that my inexperience had showed itself. “It was wonderful baby, your tongue and mouth felt exquisite to me.”

I smiled at her and told her,” It was my pleasure, I have wanted to do that since the first time we met.”

“So, you felt it then too? I knew when I saw your mouth for the first time, that I had to have it, kissing it, loving it, letting it love me in the most special way I know.” The whole time she was saying this to me, she was running her fingertips across my lips, inserting a finger in between my teeth and moving it in and out. I could see us in the mirror across the room and it looked sexy as hell. I could see my face Escort Beylikdüzü over her shoulder, with her fingers in my mouth. Her back and buttocks with my hands resting on them was a beautiful sight.

“Did I tell you that those are 2 way mirrors, darling?” My eyes widened at this and she said,”Yes, Sonny is watching us from the other side of them.” I must have tensed in her arms, because she told me,”Relax, he will not come in here. He only wishes to watch. Sonny says that seeing two women making love is the most incredible form of art there is, that there is nothing more captivating than watching the seduction of one woman by another.”

Her hands were caressing my shoulder and she turned us so that I was in front of her facing the mirror, and I could see her hands on my stomach, one moving upwards towards my breasts, the other moving to cover my mound. I could see one finger slipping into the top of my slit, slowly rubbing and moving deeper until I could feel it brush against my clit. I jumped slightly, and Taylor laughed in my ear seductively,” I think that was the right spot” and she continued rubbing harder. I could feel my clit growing more and more swollen under her ministrations, and I began moving my hips back and forth, thrusting them against her hand, as my orgasm built up, growing more and more intense as her fingers rubbed harder and harder. I tensed and stiffened as I cried out that I was cumming. “Louder, Baby, I want Sonny to hear you as you cum on my hand. He is probably in there jacking off, while he is watching and listening to you, to me, telling you that he is watching.”

I felt another orgasm building up inside of me as she was describing for Sonny what she was feeling, how she loved to hear me moan, feel me quiver, her words as much as her touch turning me on and toppling me off the edge of delirium.

The next thing I recall is Taylor wrapping a towel around me and leading me out of the shower to a couch in the bedroom. I laid there for awhile, reveling in the marvelous sensations still coursing through me.

I lay there for a few minutes before getting up and going back to the bathroom to get my clothes. I had to wear the same ones home, as I didn’t bring anymore.

I didn’t see Taylor anywhere but I could hear her. “Oh, yes! Fuck me Sonny, I want to feel you cum in me.” I could hear Sonny’s voice but not enough to hear what he was saying. It sounded like their voices were coming from behind the mirror, but I could see no way to enter.

I stood in front of the mirror, still naked, and said loudly,” Are you two having fun in there? I can hear your moans and my imagination is running wild.”

“Oh, Yessss, Carrie. He is fucking me so hard while he is telling me how much he enjoyed watching us in the shower.” This was said in between moans of excitement.

“Carrie, watching the two of you together was one of the most pleasurable sights I have ever seen.” Sonny said. “Thank you for allowing me to watch.”

I dressed and called out to Taylor,” I hope to see you next week when I come for my next lesson. Thank you, Sonny, for agreeing to teach me how to use the airbrushes. You have a wonderful canvas.”

I didn’t hear from Taylor at all the next week, so when I went to my next painting class, I asked Sonny about her.

“Oh, She has been very busy at the shop. Now that there is a store closer than 90 miles away, more people are painting and having their paintings framed. She said to tell you hello and that she will call you soon.”

I was disappointed, but I lost myself in painting. This time, Sonny had a couple of mannequins that we practiced on instead of live models.

He showed me a couple of techniques that were handy to know even for painting with a regular brush instead of the airbrush.

It also gave us a chance to get to know each other, and we talked freely about what had happened the last time I was here.

“I enjoyed watching you and Taylor in the shower last week.” Sonny said after we had been quiet for awhile,” I hope to have a repeat performance some time. I know that my wife is a sensuous woman and needs more sex than I can give her. So, as long as I can watch her, I don’t mind at all.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, how long have you been doing this? Watching her have sex with other people?” I asked.

“Since before we were married. I had always had a low sex drive even before I met Taylor, and it DID increase after I met her, don’t get me wrong. But she needs and craves lots of sex and the only way she can get it from me, is to let me watch her with someone else first. Do you understand?” Sonny stopped painting and looked at me, waiting for an answer.

I nodded, “You know I think I do, and anytime you need a boost in your sexlife, please…feel free to call me.”

The rest of the lesson went real well, I learned a lot that day. I went home very happy with myself and the way my life was heading.

On the day before Halloween, Taylor called, almost in tears.” Sonny fell and broke his arm last night. He was supposed to paint me for the Exotic Erotic Ball, and now he can’t.”

“Is there anything that I can do to help? I’m not as good as Sonny, but if he wants to supervise, I can give it a try.” I told her.

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