Pam and Me Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Next Time

It had been several weeks since my experience with my sister-in-law, and I was beginning to think “next time” might never happen. I resigned myself to the fact that I might never have her again, but I had my memories of that one time.

I started out the door for my daily walk, when she turned into the drive. Pulling up beside me, I saw she was alone. Opening the door, she asked, “Going for a walk?”

“No, I’m going skiing. Duh..”

She laughed. “Mind if I walk with you?”

“Of course not, but what will the neighbors say,” I teased.

“They’ll say they should be walking with us.”

“Where are the boys? How did you get away by yourself?”

She grinned at me, her pale blue eyes twinkling. “I asked my mother-in-law to keep them. I told her I needed some alone time. I just didn’t tell her I would be alone with you.”

I couldn’t help staring at her. As I told you earlier, she has light blonde hair and pale blue eyes, and a great pair of tits. Even after two kids in three years, she was still hot. She wasn’t skinny, like today’s idols, but more like Jennifer Lopez, with a really fantastic ass. Today she had on shorts and a t-shirt, typical soccer mom garb, and tennis shoes. Very conservative, but still hot.

Me, I’m not too bad but I am twice her age. I try to stay in shape, eat healthy, exercise when I find the time. Now, I’m a writer, so I should always be able to find the time, right? Not me. I write when the mood hits me, and sometimes I forget everything else. I have gray hair, and a moustache like Paul Senior on Orange County Choppers. As a matter of fact, I’ve been told I’m a better looking version of him!!

“Well, lets get going,” she said. We started walking, and talking, reacquainting ourselves. We had been close when I married her sister, but then she got knocked up and married that piece of shit, tuzla eve gelen escort Thomas. She wasn’t happy, and I knew she needed to vent, so I mostly listened. She talked, I listened, and we walked. Before I knew it, we were back where we started, in my driveway.

“Pam, you are a beautiful woman, any man would give his left nut to be with you. Why do you put up with that son of a bitch?”

“Because of the boys. They idolize him, and he loves them. I think they are the only thing he loves.” Her eyes brimmed with tears, and I took her in my arms.

“He’s a fool”, I said. I looked into her eyes, and said the only thing I could think of. “If you need anything, someone to talk to, I’m here.”

“I know you are, and I’m glad.” Looking at her watch, she said, “I guess I should go. It has been wonderful having time alone, with you.”

“Why don’t you come in and shower. I’m sure Jodi has something you can wear.” Actually, the two sisters were so close in looks, they could pass for, well, sisters. Not twins, ’cause Jodi has red hair and green eyes. But they resemble each other, in their faces. Other ways, they were worlds apart. Jodi was obsessed with her career as a nurse, always studying, at school, or working. We hardly ever had time for sex.

Pam was more laid back. She had always been a flirt. And, apparently, she loved sex. She had a reputation in high school, and rumors floated of her having a boyfriend. Who would blame her, if they knew Thomas.

“Well, we are already sweaty. Okay.”

“Good. You use the guest bath, and I’ll use the master. You know where the towels are.”

We went our separate ways. As I said, I had resigned myself to the fact that next time would not come.

After my shower, I slipped on a robe, and retired to my recliner, turning on a movie, which was in the player. Of course, it was tuzla otele gelen escort a porn movie. I started to turn it off, then thought better of it. I wanted to see Pam’s reaction.

A few minutes later, she came in, wrapped in a bath towel. It reached from just above her breasts to just below her crotch. She sat on the sofa, and asked, “What are you watching?”

“A love story,” I replied. At that moment, the couple on screen began to kiss, passionately. Soon, they were naked, and he was sporting a massive erection.

“I’ve never seen one of these before,” she said, never taking her eyes from the screen.

“Would you like for me to stop it?”

“No, I want to watch.”

So, we watched as the couple onscreen kissed, caressed, and touched one another. My cock was getting hard, hell it was throbbing. I could tell from the way Pam was squirming, she, too, was getting turned on.

I decided to be bold. I opened my robe, and caressed my cock. Pam looked at me, then back at the screen. It was dark in the room, except for the light from the television, but I could see her hand creep up her thigh, to her cunt just behind the towel. I watched her, and she would sneak a peek at my dick as I stroked it.

When the man on screen fell to his knees in front of his co-star, I made my move. Stepping over to my sister-in-law, I, too, dropped to my knees. Bending forward, I kissed her, with as much lust as was being displayed on my television. Pam moaned around my tongue, and rocked her pelvis upward in the most wanton way. Opening the towel, I exposed her treasures to my eyes, my hands, my lips. I wanted to devour her, and I did, beginning with her neck, trailing across her chest. My hands found the mounds of her breasts, and I squeezed them, working my fingers to her nipples. When I pinched them, she growled, “God, yesss.”

Okay, tuzla sınırsız escort she likes it rough. I’ll give her what she wants, but not until I’m ready. Grasping her by her hips, I jerked her to the edge of the sofa. I slid my hands downward, parting her legs and exposing her sex lewdly. I pushed her legs upward. Rocking her pelvis up, exposing her tiny brown asshole.

I dropped my face to her crotch and began to devour her, eating her pussy like a madman, and she was loving every minute of it. I licked her ass, then split her cunt with my tongue. She bucked against me, and I licked and sucked her to her first orgasm. Slipping two fingers into her box, my third finger found it’s way into her ass. Screaming, she continued to cum.

My cock had to have its way with her, so I rose up and aligned the head with her slippery gash, and then slammed it home with one thrust. I had never seen a woman who could cum continuously, but she never missed a beat. I fucked her like this until I was ready to cum myself, then withdrew from her and pulled her to the floor, on her knees in front of the sofa. Her entire crotch was soaked with her juices, as was my cock. I aimed at her puckered anus, then began to enter her.

“OH MY GOD DON’T STOP”, she groaned as I fucked her ass. I had no intention of stopping!

Reaching around with my right hand I was going for her clit, but found her hand there, furiously stroking her button. After a few minutes of pounding into her ass, she came, which sent me over the edge. I filled her ass with my jism.

Exhausted, we collapsed on the floor, my dick still in her ass. She squeezed, and I groaned. “Looks like someone needs another shower,” I heard a voice say.

Wait a minute! That wasn’t Pam!!

I slowly looked up, into my wife’s face!

Oh God, I’m a dead man! But wait! She was smiling! What the hell was going on?

“Honey, I know I haven’t been taking care of you like I should, so I discussed our problem with Pam. She agreed, without too much persuasion, to help us out. You two can get together anytime you want, but you have to fuck me when I want it. Agreed?”

What could I say?

“Oh, hell yeah!”

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