Panties on my Pillow

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Panties on my pillow

I knew, of course, they were for me. Brandi rarely wears panties, so the black lace was clearly meant for me and meant for me to be wearing when she got home. I also understood, without any hint, that her rules were — as always – in place. No hair is allowed in my panties. She can have all the hair she wants, but I must be completely shaved when I’m in my panties.

In the past, Brandi usually shaved me. She would join me in the shower and playfully lather me up and make me smooth. Since she wasn’t home, I had to do this myself. I hopped in the shower, cleaned off and started shaving my pubic stubble. On the occasions when Brandi would shave me, she almost always shaved my ass and legs as well, along with my underarms. Of course, I go along when she does this; I’ve long since stopped objecting to her need to feminize me. I will do anything for her. But shaving my own legs seemed like a new level of submission, and my cock stiffened as the razor scraped away the hairs.

I had recently joined an over 40 basketball club and with spring approaching, it was inevitable that my shaved (or worse, stubble-haired) legs would be apparent for the other guys. Again, I’d do anything for her and if she wants me this way, I will be this way for her.

I was pulling on the panties when I heard the garage door and knew she was home. She came into the bedroom with a couple of bags as I posed in just my new panties. She smiled, put the bags down and kissed me, running her hands over my smooth legs.

“Oh baby, I like this.” She cooed. “But what ever will you do when you have to wear shorts for the basketball games? “

I just shrugged, smiled and kissed her. “I guess I’ll just keep loving my life, even if it gets a little awkward once in a while,” I said. Her bright smile told me she loved that answer. She peeled off her yoga pants and lay back on the bed, inviting me to lick her sweet pussy.

She was wet and messy. It was clear this wasn’t just from her excitement at seeing me. “Oh, you’ve been…” I started.

“Shut gümüşhane seks hikayeleri up and lick me, 9 volt.” She flatly demanded, pulling me by the hair into her messy love hole. I licked her creamy pussy, clearly dripping with the cum of another man. I’ve long ago accepted that she will see and fuck other men, while I remain completely faithful to her. The 9 volt nickname comes from my much shorter than average cock. We both know she deserves bigger and better cocks and she gets them whenever she wants. I get to clean her afterwards.

I licked her to multiple orgasms, and swallowed countless gobs of some man’s cum in the process. I have come to love the taste, as she’s been feeding me her lovers’ cum for years. She slowly relaxed her hold on my head as she deflates from an extraordinary orgasm.

“So,’ I ask, “who’s cum did I just swallow?”

“One of the guys from your basketball league.” She fairly twinkles when she teases me.

She shows me what she bought — new basketball shoes and a basketball jersey from my alma mater. The jersey is actually from the women’s team and the shoes have pink laces. I realize she may have set up the basketball league behind my back as a ploy to humiliate me. It just makes me love her (and our life) even more.

At our first practice, I get some needling from the guys about my jersey and shoelaces, but not too much. After the game, our team captain, Rocky puts his arm around me as we walk to the car.

“Listen,” he tells me, “Brandi and I talked last weekend and we made a bet. If the team wins and you score a basket, my wife and yours will give you a threesome and the weekend of your fantasies. If we lose, or if you don’t score then, Brandi and I get to be together for the weekend and you have to do anything we say. See you Friday.”

I was a wreck. I’m not a very good basketball player and I’m only playing to stay in shape. Rocky and the rest of the team are much better than me. Brandi was excited to hear what Rocky said after the game and gleeful when she realized I’d agreed. I hadn’t realized I had a choice.

The night of the game, all the wives were there to cheer us on. Rocky’s wife Billie looked really sexy in short shorts and a basketball jersey. She and Brandi sat together to watch and seemed to be very into whispering secrets. Brandi had made me wear a Victoria’s Secret Thong under my basketball shorts. The game went really well and we were crushing the other team. Rocky started feeding me the ball and encouraging me to shoot. I kept missing. Airballs, clanks off the rim, you name it.

The wives were cheering us on. At one point, I heard Billie call out “Come on 9 Volt, you can do it.”

On our last possession, Rocky set a great screen for me to roll to the basket and all I had to do was lay it in and I’d be fucking his wife. I missed. Because of course I did.

After the game, we went to the bar for drinks with Rocky and Billie. The women were apparently best friends now. After a few drinks, Billie leaned over and asked if it was true I was wearing a VS thong under my shorts. Another of Brandi’s rules is telling the truth when asked, so I nodded, shamefully, but also turned on by the shame.

She giggled and said, “that’s so hot. I’m coming to watch this weekend.” My thong grew a little tighter as I realized my humiliation was being ramped up a notch.

The four of us stumbled home and I was ordered to fix drinks for everyone. After everyone had a drink, Brandi told me I needed to be in my French maid’s costume. It took me a minute to get the outfit on and straighten the seams of the stockings on my smooth legs, but after adding a little eyeliner, with a ribbon in my hair, I sashayed back out into the living room to hoots and whistles.

I continued to serve them the rest of the night until Brandi started peeling off her clothes, nonchalantly undressing as if nobody was there. She had been telling Rocky and Billie about our life and all the things she “made” me do, but correctly pointing out that I could have stopped her if there was anything I didn’t want to do. To be fair, if I ever said no it most likely would mean all of the things she “makes me do” would end with the one thing I had objected to. So she can push my boundaries.

Billie had the most questions. “So is he shaved all over?” Brandi nodded my way as if to say I was to answer her.

“Yes,” I meekly replied.

“Show me,” she demanded. Get as naked as your wife. I slowly peeled off the skirt, blouse, garter, stocking and panties, folded them and stood naked before all of them, my hairless body on display and my tiny cock standing at full attention. They told me to put my panties back on because my cock was too pathetic to look at. “I see you have no trouble fitting it into those skimpy panties,” Billie teased. My erection persisted.

“Will you do anything you are told?” She asked with arched eyebrow.

“Yes, I will.”

“Good” Billie said, because I want you to see what a real man’s cock looks like. Come over here and pull off my husband’s shorts. Rocky stood up and I knelt down to remove his shorts and boxer briefs. His cock popped out of his briefs and grazed my face, semi erect.

“Have you ever sucked a cock” Billie whispered.

“Yes,” I answered. “When Brandi has told me to.’

She told me to touch it, to stroke it and finally to kiss it. Brandi was playing with her pussy watching us. I slid my mouth over his head and began to suck him. Billie told me to stop.

“I want you to beg,” she demanded.

I immediately started pleading, “please let me suck your magnificent cock, Rocky. I so desperately want to feel a real man in my mouth. Please fuck my face.” I was humiliated, but my cock was hard as ever.

His cock slid past my lips and I think both women orgasmed. His hips moved back and forth while his hand gripped my head. I ran my fingers up his legs, tickled his ass and stroked his balls. Before long, the pressure built and he exploded in my mouth, releasing gobs of cum that tasted fairly familiar. They made me keep him in my mouth until he was hard again, so he could fuck my wife. I knew I’d be tasting his cum from my wife’s pussy for the second time.

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