Paradise Isle – Faun Pt. 03

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(fetish, cosplay, faun, modification, consensual) Living as a faun

By ChangeYourPassword

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. It is a story of sexual fantasies and fetishes. These sexual practices are not for everyone, but those of us who delve into them understand the allure. The characters in the story certainly do. If you enjoy this story and the fetishes involved, great. If not, please forget the whole thing.

This tale is a stand-alone story of an adventure at Paradise Isle. Please read at least the first section of the ‘Island Paradise, The Beginning’ for background on the wonderful island and its sexual vacation orientation. It sets the stage for this and other stories of sexual pleasures encountered on the island.

Read parts one and two of Faun, first.

The faun and her man went out that night to one of the restaurants they hadn’t yet tried. It was built right up close to the pool, so they could sit and look out over the water, and the people swimming and floating by in the dim, evening light. Very peaceful and pretty.

They’d just received their drinks when a mermaid swam up and settled in at a table built out over the water, for swim-up diners. They were both surprised, and intrigued. They’d seen a mermaid, swimming in the pool from a distance the other day, but hadn’t gotten a good look.

After settling onto an underwater bench, she looked up at them. “Hi, I’m Ariel, I hope you don’t mind my sitting next to you.”

“Not at all.” Liam answered. “As long as you don’t mind telling us all about yourself,” he said adding a chuckle so as not to sound too overbearing.

“Oh, that’s easy. It’s my job really. I’m here to visit with our guests and teach water activities.”

Willow, surprised and interested, sung a tone that implied a question, and Liam explained and translated. “Willow, being a woodland creature, doesn’t speak English. She communicates through little trills and tones. I believe she just asked if you actually work here.”

Ariel smiled and nodded. “Yes, I’m on staff. I came as a guest, and signed up for the mermaid package. I had always dreamed of being a mermaid, and I got to experience that life here.”

“Wow. And you stayed?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it, and the resort decided that I was so good at it that I’d be a nice addition to the team.”

“That’s really cool. You look lovely.” Liam said, and he got a pretty smile in return. “But if you don’t mind. Is your beautiful tail permanent?”

Willow, a bit put off by her husband’s brash question, trilled, and her tone was more of a disappointed groan, that even Ariel understood.

Getting the message, Liam apologized. “I’m sorry, I know that was kind of forward of me. But you see, my Willow’s body is now permanent, and she’s trying to get used to it.”

Ariel was now the surprised and fascinated one. “Really? You’re a, ah, satyr? And you never speak?”

“Well, she prefers ‘faun’. She’s my wife and my princess. Her body is based on a character she created for cosplay, and we both loved it so much, we decided to make it permanent. It was my gift to her.”

Liam, felt a little guilty when, without thinking, he described his wife’s conversion like that. And he realized that Ariel might have picked up on that aspect, as she looked up at Willow, questioningly. “And you accepted the gift and are now permanently a faun?”

Willow looked at her, then glanced at Liam, before smiling and nodding, as she sung a ‘yes’ tone that Ariel easily understood.

Liam, relieved, decided to redirect the conversation. “I’m Liam, by the way, and Willow is my wife.”

“Pleased to meet you. And no, my tail isn’t permanent. But per the package’s requirements and my contract with the resort, I’m in my tail, and in the water almost always. Five days a week, I’m in it for twenty-four hours every day. And in the water for twenty. I even sleep in it. As a mermaid, I’m only allowed out of the water to transfer from the big pools to my suite, where i have a built-in pool.”

That description left both Liam and Willow speechless. When he’d finally gotten over his surprise, Liam spoke up. “That sounds like full-time to me. You get weekends off?” He was pretty good at sensing and asking the questions that his faun wanted to ask, but couldn’t.

“Well not weekends. A couple of days per week, though. I’m here to spend time with the guests.”

“How do you like being a full-time mermaid?”

“I love it. It’s who I’ve always wanted to be. Ariel the mermaid. Sometimes, though it gets old. Not being able to walk, and especially when I have to drag myself from the pool across the patio to my pool.”

Willow wished she could talk, and ask for more details about how Ariel lived with her tail. She pictured the two of them as sisters, restrained by their unique bodies and lifestyles.

The three of them chatted well into the evening, well two chatted, while the other sung her comments. A couple of times other couples stopped by to visit and marvel at türbanlı seks hikayeleri the two unique, non-human females. One pair of women swam up and with an invitation from Ariel, joined her at her table in the water and the five of them talked about the resort and the lives of fantasy figures.

Apparently, Ariel knew the other couple; they greeted each other easily and affectionately.

Liam couldn’t help but enjoy the company, four pretty women. And although the two visitors were clearly lovers, they didn’t seem to hate the male of the species. But he’d never cheat on Willow. Unless, she somehow agreed to it. And there was Ariel too. He just knew that his cock was tenting his swim suit. He couldn’t prevent it.

After a while the two women said their goodbyes, and once again told Willow how fascinating and erotic she looked. They then gave Ariel more than friendly hugs and loving kisses, before swimming off into the dark.

When she glanced back at Willow, Ariel felt the need to explain. “My husband only gets down here every few months. He knows how difficult it is for me to be here, in sexual paradise, without him, so he prefers that I find relief with women.” She shrugged and smiled sheepishly.

Willow nodded that she understood, soothing Ariel’s embarrassment.

A while later another pair, a man and woman this time, walked up to Liam and Willow’s table, also evidently interested in Willow. When she admitted that her faun’s body was real, they were flabbergasted and not all that appreciative. The woman in particular, seemed quite turned-off by Willow’s state. “How can you possibly live like that?” she asked, indignantly.

“Honey, it’s her choice,” her man said, trying to calm her down. “I think she’s lovely.”

“Oh please, would you want me like that? What would our friends say?”

The guy was losing his patience with his wife’s inconsiderate outburst. “I wouldn’t care, if you looked as sexy as this little faun, here. Now come along, let’s leave them be.” And he dragged her away, both of them fuming.

As soon as they were out of sight, Willow and Liam both broke out laughing and Ariel joined in.

Soon thereafter Ariel finished her drink and looked up at the two of them. “it’s about time for me to head back home. Would you two like to join me for a nightcap? It gets a little lonely in my suite.”

Willow and Liam looked inquiringly at each other before they both shrugged, smiled and nodded. “We’d love to.”

“Great. You two can follow me along the shore to my suite. Its patio is right off the water.” Ariel said, as she pushed off into the water. She swam like a real mermaid – gracefully and comfortably like a fish.

Liam and Willow hurried along on a parallel path, the rapid clip-clop of her hooves signaling their progress.

A few minutes later, they watched as Ariel swam up to a section of deck, outside one of the resort’s suites. She waved and pointed out a short route that would take them from the pathway across a lawn to her location.

Willow struggled walking across the soft ground, when her hooves sunk in, but she didn’t fall.

As soon as they arrived Ariel asked, “Liam, if your back is up to it, and you wouldn’t mind, could you carry me up and into my pool?”

“Sure,” he answered.

“That would be great. The thing I hate the most is transferring between the pool and my room. Since I can’t walk, I have to scootch along on my ass. It’s, um, undignified.” She added a laugh, but he could see what a pain it would be for the lovely mermaid.

Ariel wasn’t that big a girl, and her tail didn’t look all that heavy so he was happy to oblige her. And, after all she was pretty and had great breasts.

He slipped off his sandals, stepped into the shallow water and easily picked her up. He did get wet, but didn’t care. He headed for the patio door, while Willow picked up his sandals and followed.

She felt wonderful in his arms and despite his wife watching he couldn’t help but get hard. How many guys get a chance to carry a lovely mermaid around?

He’d never cheated on his lover, and had only a couple of times been tempted by some other woman, but he was a red-blooded man. And like most cocks, his had a mind of its own.

He and Willow were surprised by the large, personal pool built into the suite. It was square and more than large enough to accommodate Ariel, and it had a built-in couch as well as an odd circular extension along one side.

Looking around they saw that apart from the soaking pool, the space was similar to their own room, but more nicely decorated with personal touches appropriate for a residence. After all, Ariel did live there, full time.

Liam knelt and slowly allowed Ariel to slide into the water. She settled onto the built-in couch and reached over to a nearby tray that contained several of life’s essentials, including several remote-control, ‘clickers’. She used them to turn on a couple of lamps and some background music.

“You can sit on the edge if you like, and dangle your feet.” She chuckled, “or your hooves, Willow, my dear.”

Willow shook her head, and sung a negative note.

“Getting her fur wet is inconvenient. It takes forever to dry.” Liam explained for her.

So as Liam sat on the pool’s edge and dangled his feet into the warm water, Willow lounged on a hip, on the tile with her furry legs curled up next to her.

Settled in, they resumed their review of the life of a full-time mermaid at the resort. Willow found it fascinating as she was able to draw parallels to how she expected her own life to be from now on. Liam was intrigued by the girl herself, her body and tail, now more visible in the lights and clear water.

When she suggested that he act as bartender and raid her refrigerator, he happily obliged, and poured wine for the two women, grabbing a beer for himself.

A few moments later Ariel slid off her perch and floated the few feet over to the odd circular and unusually deep tank attached to the other side of the pool.

“Excuse me, but I have to use the facilities. My dip tank.”

They watched as she slid into the tank, where she could float vertically. Once inside she pressed a button and the thing turned into a whirlpool.

It was clear to them that she was emptying her bladder and bowels, although the frothing and bubbling water hid the sight, as well as sucked the stuff away.

When she was finished, Ariel turned it off and then casually returned to her couch.

“That’s actually easier than when humans do it.” She said as she stretched out next to them.

“Fascinating.” Liam said, impressed.

The resorts have dip tanks like that spread around the big pools, just for mermaids’ use, although I imagine normal humans, or even fauns could use them, too.

Liam smiled, playfully. “That might be an option for you, my love.”

Willow gave him a dirty look, and rubbed at her fur.

“You’d get all wet, but your fur would get clean.” He replied, reasonably.

Ariel had been watching the interplay, and when they finished, she thought she understood. “So, I imagine your fur gets in the way when you use the toilet?”

Willow nodded, and ran her fingers through the thick and soft fur that covered her crotch.

Ariel nodded, her understanding. The remained silent for a couple seconds and then seemed to come to some decision. “If you don’t mind my asking, how does your fur accommodate sex?” she asked. It was, of course a delicate question, but she was interested, and she had decided that Willow wouldn’t mind.

But still, she added. “I’m curious as my tail presents problems with that. I have a front slit, but it doesn’t really allow a cock to reach in far enough to fit inside me. Mermaids can only enjoy sex from behind.” She giggled, then added, “doggie style.”

Willow giggled, and Liam answered. “It does get in the way, but Willow’s pussy is still wonderfully accessible.”

“That’s good.”

They all took a break for a minute to drink from their glasses, figuring that there had been enough information shared about that topic.

Ariel then asked Liam about their plans for Willow once they got home.

“Oh, it will be a challenge, I’m sure, but Willow spent a lot of time in her costume, back home. Around the house, at conventions, and occasionally even out in public.”

Ariel seemed dubious, so he sighed. “Willow, why don’t you explain. Go ahead, speak English.” He paused to laugh. “It’s not like you’re out among a bunch of humans. Ariel is a mermaid, after all.”

Willow remained silent for a moment, thinking. Then she smiled. “I’m not really sure how it will go. I wasn’t really prepared for this.” When she looked at Liam, he looked pained, feeling guilty. But she smiled and nodded at him.

“I love being Willow, the faun princess, but it scares me too.

“I used to dream about being a real faun. And I enjoyed wearing my costume, even out in public among the muggles – people who weren’t into fantasy and cosplay.” She paused and took a deep breath. “And at first, I wasn’t sure if I could do this,” and she ran one hand up and over her horns, and the other down her fur-covered legs. “But the more time I spend as Willow, the more I get used to it, the more comfortable I become as a full-time faun.”

Liam was happy to hear his lover explain things that way.

“When I get home, I’m sure I’ll be able to deal with it, and enjoy myself.”

“Good for you.” Ariel said, smiling.

Liam was smiling too. Relieved and happy.

The two women then started talking in earnest. Willow was enjoying herself; it was fun talking to another girl, and one who understood her situation.

Liam took advantage of the girl-talk session and ducked into the room’s bathroom. It was inconvenient, but he needed to empty his bowels.

When he came out, quite a while later, he didn’t hear any more talking and the lights were dim. He stood quietly for a moment, uncertain and waiting for his eyes to adjust.

Once they began to function, he was shocked by what he saw.

Willow had shifted to sit on the very edge of the pool and her hooves were now, surprisingly, hanging over the edge into the water. She was leaning back, resting on her arms, and looking up at the ceiling.

And Ariel was mostly submerged, right in front of her and the mermaid’s head was in between Willow’s legs, along with both of her hands.

Liam didn’t know what to do, or say. He stood frozen in place in the gloom. The sight was sexy as all hell! And totally unexpected.

He knew that he didn’t want to interrupt. How could he? What could he possibly say?

His wife was clearly enjoying herself, as was Ariel. And the sight was hot!

He stood quietly for another minute, watching and getting hard. But then he quietly took a couple of steps off to the side so he could sit, and then lay back on the room’s bed.

He collapsed and stared up at the ceiling, listening to the gentle sounds coming from the other space.

He almost grabbed for his cock, but decided against it. What would the girls say if they realized he was jacking off, while eavesdropping on their fun.

So, he spent his time marveling over his wife. He’d never dreamed that she could be bi. That she would enjoy being loved by another woman. With their focus always on cosplay, that sexual interest had never come up.

As for Ariel, she was clearly one very sexy mermaid. And she had admitted to enjoying sex with girls when they were at dinner. So, this was apparently nothing new for her.

He was still lost in thoughts of feminine sex when he heard his Willow moan in ecstasy, having reached her orgasm. He knew the signals well.

Not ready to interrupt, he gave them several more minutes to recover before he stood up and stepped across to the pool’s edge, where he cleared his throat, theatrically.

Both women, the mermaid and the faun suddenly stiffened and Willow chirped in surprise.

Ariel, chuckled. “Um, sorry, we forgot you were there. Distracted, you know.”

He smiled and looked at his wife who, even in the dim light, he could see was blushing furiously.

“I understand. It sounded like you were having a really distracting time.” He said, chuckling himself.

Willow scooted back and lifted her legs out of the water. Still too embarrassed to say anything.

“Would you mind grabbing a couple of towels out of the bathroom? We need to dry off a pair of hooves.” Ariel asked, still giggling.

“Sure.” And he turned back to run the errand. He took his time, as he eavesdropped on the whispering between the two women.

“I’m so embarrassed.” Willow mumbled.

“Oh, don’t be. It was good, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” hesitantly.

“Then relax. I doubt if your guy was bothered by it. In fact, I think the bulge in his swim suit tells how he felt.”

“I didn’t notice.”

“Oh, I did,” laughing, delightedly.

“Well, don’t get any ideas. He’s mine.”

“Won’t you share?”

Liam stood quietly just around the corner, waiting excitedly for his lover’s reply.


Yes! He thought.

He bumped his elbow on the doorway, and mumbled a curse, to indicate his return, and the whispering stopped as he did.

Ariel took one towel from him and started drying one of Willow’s legs from her position in the pool, while he knelt down to vigorously rub the fur of her other leg. She just sat back and allowed the two of them to do their work, still too embarrassed to speak.

Willow simply sat there while the two of them dried her legs. She couldn’t believe what had happened. It had been so unexpected. And it had become so nice. She wasn’t sure why she hadn’t resisted Ariel’s moves, but her orgasm had been so wonderful; and special. The mermaid was certainly well skilled with her mouth and tongue. Just thinking about it, got her all excited, again. But she certainly couldn’t do anything about it, now.

After a few minutes, Liam sat back, “I think that’s about as good as we’re going to get, without a hair dryer.”

Willow nodded, and sighed, “yes.”

Liam, chuckled to himself. He could tell that his wife was still feeling embarrassed. And he had no intention of letting her off the hook. And he was still intrigued about their ‘sharing’ discussion.

He did pick up the towels and then walk them back to the bathroom.

When he again returned, Willow was kneeling next to the pool. “We should probably be going. You have to go out to work, tomorrow, right?” she said to Ariel.

“Yes.” Ariel said, stifling a yawn.

Then as Liam watched, his faun leaned down onto her elbows right up to the pools edge and kissed Ariel lovingly on the lips. And Ariel kissed her back. Liam thought it was an even more erotic vision than before, when the mermaid had her head buried in between Willow’s furry thighs. And his cock concurred, as it actually hurt in its confinement inside his swim trunks.

He decided to get in on the fun, so he knelt down next to his wife, and when she stood up, he leaned down in her place. And Ariel kissed him, like she had Willow. It was great! She’s one sexy mermaid!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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