Parking Lot Encounter

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The young man in front of me seemed completely baffled by the self-checkout computer thingy. Having finally mastered the obnoxious device myself, albeit over a long time and with great difficulty and frustration, I felt compelled to step forward and assist the poor lad. I guess I wasn’t being altogether altruistic since the store clerk assigned to the cluster of self-checkout stations was, as usual, nowhere to be found. So, if I wanted to get out of the discount store during my lifetime, I needed to help the young man.

“Here, let me help … I’ve fought with these damn things before.” I said as I stepped forward to offer assistance. I couldn’t help but notice how cute the boy was.

“Oh thank you … they don’t have these things back home.” The young man said. He was blushing slightly, probably embarrassed at having to be helped by a woman, and one probably older than his mother, at that.

I quickly cleared the problem by removing the offending item from the bagging area and guided him through scanning his last few items which, for the most part, looked like things one would purchase when setting up house for the first. I showed him how to pay for his purchases and where to collect his receipt. Then I bid him good bye with a friendly “have a nice day” as he pushed his cart towards the exit.

Finally, I was able to scan the few items I had, paid with my credit card, and was out the door in a flash.

As I walked to my car, I saw the young man again. He was parked two cars closer to the store than me and in the same row as my car. I smiled as I saw him; he was having great difficulty loading his purchases into his little VW bug – one of the new ones … not one of the original cars like the old used VW beetle that was the first car I ever owned when I was eighteen.

It appeared to me as I approached, that every available inch of space in his VW was taken up by what appeared to have been all his worldly possessions. As I walked past, I watched him vainly attempt to stuff a large twelve pack of paper towels in through the passenger side door. The paper towels were too much and the whole unstable mass of stuff in his car collapsed – much of it cascading out of the car to land on the asphalt at his feet. A can of peaches rolled away from the car and stopped when it encountered my left foot.

I stopped and picked up the can. I walked over to the completely flustered boy and did my best to keep from laughing; but I’m sure he could tell from my expression that I was certainly amused.

“We meet again.” I said, holding out the can of peaches to return to him.

He was stooped over; frantically doing his best to stuff everything back into his small vehicle. As he bent over to retrieve various items I could not help but observe that he had a really hot butt. When he heard me speak, he stood and turned to me.

His face was beet red. “Oh … ah … thanks, I ah … was just …” He stuttered. He had been a little embarrassed in the store, but now he was now mortified.

“Can I help?”

“Oh no … it’s OK … I’ll just get all this into …”

“It’s not going to fit.” I observed.

“Oh yeah … I’ll get it all …” The boy continued trying to re-pack his car as he spoke.

“Never happen. Simple physics … two objects can’t occupy the space at the same time … I’d say you’ve got far more that just two objects in there competing for the same space. Where are you heading with all that stuff?”

“Oh ah … I’m a student … at the college.” He said. I had already come to that conclusion; you don’t live in a college town for as long as I have without learning to spot the returning students.

“I have an idea. I live near campus and my car has plenty of space. Why don’t we put some of this stuff in my car and I’ll take it wherever you’re going?”

“Oh no … really, it’s OK … but thanks any…”

“No, no. I insist. You’ll never get all that in that tiny little car.” I said. Without waiting for him to agree – kids can be so damned stubborn – I picked up the big pack of paper towels and a couple shopping bags filled with kitchen utensils, and other sundry items, and I took them over to my car, just two cars away.

“Bring that sleeping bag over here.” I shouted back to the kid as I pressed the electronic key fob to open my SUV. “It’s taking up way too much room in your car.”

As I put his things in the back of my car, he handed me the sleeping bag.

“Geez thanks lady, you really don’t have to …”

“It’s alright. I am happy to help. Hey, I was coed once … I remember how it was when I went off to school.” I told him.

Plus, he had a sweet face – he reminded me very much of a guy I had dated when I was in college. The resemblance was almost uncanny and my mind drifted briefly back to those far off days when I had been so much in love with someone who looked so like the kid standing next to me.

I insisted the kid transfer a few more bulky items to my car and then I locked it by pressing a button – the car did it’s little beep-beep diyarbakır escort thing.

“OK. Before we go, I’d like a coffee; there’s a book store at the other end of this strip mall that has a very nice coffee shop.” I said. His somewhat pained expression hinted that I’d better add one more detail. “My treat.”

“Oh … yeah … sure.”

We walked in the warm fall sunshine to the coffee shop. Some of the leaves on the trees lining the street were just starting to hint at the glorious colors to be expected in the next month or so.

In the coffee shop, I asked the young man what he’d like and I ordered for both of us. As we waited, I suggested he pick out a table for us. I collected the coffees and joined him. He had chosen two stuffed chairs situated around a small coffee table.

“So, tell me, what’s your name?” I said as I handed his coffee to him.


“I’m Joan. Please to meet you.” I said, offering my hand as if we’d just that second met. He took it and squeezed it gently; for some odd reason his touch sent a thrill through my entire being. I was reluctant to let go of his hand. As I held it, I took him in – his eyes, his smile, his long hair pulled back in a pony tail. I suppose it was starting to get a bit awkward for him since he pulled his hand from mine and picked up his coffee.

“So tell me Jake, how old are you … are you freshman … are you in a dorm?” I asked, trying to use conversation to get us past my faux pas. I sipped my coffee as he answered.

“Oh … ah, I’m nineteen, but I’ll be twenty in a couple months. And no, I’m a sophomore and I’ve got an apartment this year with a couple other guys. They make freshmen stay in the dorms their first year and I hated it.” As he spoke, my mind went back again to the boy from college years ago. Maybe it was Jake’s pony tail, or his eyes; everything about Jake seemed so familiar. And I found Jake’s smile to be captivating, much like John’s, back when I was so young and rebellious.

“What are you majoring in?” I asked, but I was only half listening as he told me, and then he went on about sports, and what not. As he spoke, I was further distracted by a growing awareness of certain sensations stirring in my belly. I crossed my legs and could feel some dampness between my legs. My full attention was suddenly returned to the conversation when Jake made an unexpected comment.

“Wow … you have really fantastic legs.” Jake blurted out. I was wearing a short denim skirt and rather low cut tank top because it was so unseasonably warm. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond, especially since I’d just become conscious of being slightly turned on by the gorgeous young man who’d just noticed my legs.

“Geeez … I’m sorry, Joan, I didn’t mean to be so rude. I hope you’ll …” Jake was turning cherry red again.

“No, no – that’s alright. Women of advanced years, such as myself, enjoy getting compliments from young studs.” I said.

I do work out and watch my weight, so I am aware that my body is still pretty fit and trim. Granted, I do color my hair and that probably takes off ten years, or so, from my appearance.

His comment didn’t help my emerging state of arousal, either. A little tingle of excitement raced through my body as my mind went off on a bit of a tangent and I imagined his hand sliding up my thigh.

Ours eyes locked and I smiled at him. He looked a little self conscious but he returned my smile and another awkward moment was upon us. I reached over and put my hand on his knee.

“Well, if we’re trading compliments, then I have to tell you that you’re really cute.” I squeezed his leg as I spoke. “I hope you don’t mind an old woman ogling you.” I followed with a nervous little laugh.

“Oh no! You’re not that old … I mean, you’re not …”

“Honey … I am that old. My youngest daughter is two years older than you.” I said, trying to put him at ease.

“But … but really … you don’t look over …” He started to respond.

“Stop! Don’t go there … you’re in dangerous waters; let’s just leave it with you lusting for my legs.” I laughed and he laughed too.

“If you’re done with your coffee, let’s get your stuff over to your apartment.” I said and stood up.

The drive to a fairly new apartment complex near campus only took about ten minutes. As I followed Jake’s little green bug, I drove with one hand and my free hand slipped under my skirt and I had to give myself a squeeze – I was feeling very randy, by then. I was also a little ashamed of myself for reacting the way I had, since he was hardly more than a kid.

I followed Jake’s car into the parking lot and parked next to him.

“I’ll get the door unlocked.” He yelled over to me.

I went around to the back of my car and grabbed a load of his stuff and followed him up the steps to his apartment door. He was bent over unlocking the door; I could not help but notice once again what nice little butt he had; then I chided myself for thinking such thoughts. He unlocked edirne escort the door and stepped aside.

“Go ahead.” He offered; I was impressed. He was gentleman, too.

“Why thank you, kind sir.” I said. Unable to get my naughty side under control, I leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek as I stepped past him and entered the living room.

“So, where are your roommates?” I asked.

“Oh, they won’t be here till next week. I had to be here early to start practice with the team.” He said – I noticed his hand on his cheek were I’d just kissed him.

I remembered he’d said something about sports in the coffee shop, but had not paid enough attention to know which one he participated in.

“Where do you want this stuff?” I asked.

“Just drop it anywhere. And thanks so much for helping … oh, and for the coffee too.”

It sounded like he was saying good bye. I didn’t want to go … not yet.

“There’s still more stuff in my car.” I said and I turned to head downstairs.

“Oh listen, you don’t have to carry that up here … I can get it.”

“That’s alright. I don’t mind … I’d enjoy helping you get your things moved in. Hey … I’m certain that a bachelor apartment could use a woman’s touch.” I chuckled.

We made quite a few trips to get to all his things up from his car, and mine, and into the apartment. On each trip down for another load, he would be a gentleman and allow me to go up the stairs ahead of him. With my short denim skirt, and the fact that I only wear the tiniest little string thong panties, I knew he was getting a nice view as he climbed the steps behind me. The thought of him seeing just how little covered that most intimate part of my body, made me very wet. My naughty side was winning the battle.

“Just put this here?” I said as we entered the apartment. He nodded in the affirmative, so I bent over and made sure I was facing him as I set the box on the floor. I lingered over the box longer than necessary; I wanted to make sure he got a nice look at my cleavage and the sexy black lace bra I was wearing. My boobs are in almost as good an asset as my legs; they’re not overly large, but still respectable in the size department.

As I stood, I noticed a bulge in his jeans that I was pretty sure hadn’t been there earlier.

“There, that’s it; the last load. Whew!” I said, pretending to be just a little out of breath.

“Oh Joan … ah, thanks again and …”

“Jake, do you mind if I just sit a minute and catch my breath?” Without waiting for a reply, I flopped on the couch in his living room – the apartment obviously came furnished. I did not bother to straighten and pull my short skirt down as I normally would have done. Instead, I let it ride high up on my thighs; I wanted Jake to see more of the legs he had complimented earlier … and, I wanted him to keep his hard on, too.

“Oh … yeah … sure. Ah, can I get you something?”

“A glass of water would be nice.” I said in my sexiest voice.

“Sure … ah, just let me find the box with the glasses.” He rummaged through a couple boxes and found a coffee mug. The box with the mug was on the floor directly across from where I sat on the couch. He looked over at me to speak and I could tell from the expression on his face that he had a great view of my black lace panties, especially since had let my legs spread apart a little more than was ladylike.

“I found … oh shit … ah … sorry, I mean I found a mug for you … I’ll just go and…” I smiled at him. It gave me a thrill to see him so flustered by looking up my skirt – I can be such a tease at times.

He went to the kitchen and returned a moment later and handed me the cup. He stood next to where I sat; the huge bulge in his pants was right at eye level.

“Hmmmm … that’s good. I’m soooo hot.” I reached up and took Jake’s wrist and pulled him down next to me on the couch. “You look very hot too, honey.” I set the glass on the coffee table.

I leaned over as close as I could to Jake; my breast pressed against his arm. I reached up and wiped a few drops of sweat from his brow. My fingers continued on down the side of his face and gently came to rest on his check. My head was already very close to his, so I turned his head slightly with my fingertips. I leaned over a little more and placed my lips tenderly on his. His response was less than I had hoped for; he did not pull away, but neither did he enthusiastically participate. I broke off the kiss.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you find me attractive?” I said, obviously disappointed.

“Oh gawd no, Joan. You’re really hot … and … ah, I … I’ve always had a thing for older women … but what about you husband?”

Oh how sweet, I thought. He’d noticed my ring and was being the gentleman again.

“Honey, my husband and I have an understanding. It’s sort of like gays in the army – ya know? Don’t ask – don’t tell. He’s been having an affair with a woman in his office for several years. The silly man thought I didn’t know elazığ escort until we had it out last year. I told him I had had liaisons with quite a few men during the same time and gave him a choice – maintain the status quo, or divorce. I told him I still loved him and I was OK with his affair if that made him happy; the only catch being, he had to be comfortable with me finding pleasure whenever and wherever I wanted.”

“Geeez. What did he say?”

“We’re still married.” Jake’s jaw dropped a little.

I placed my hand on the bulge in Jake’s pants. “I really did get the impression that you liked me.” And I squeezed him gently and he groaned with pleasure.

He put his hand of the back of my head and pulled me to his lips and we kissed passionately. I invaded his mouth and found his tongue with mine. As the heat of our ardor rose, I stroked his stiff cock through his jeans.

He pulled the material of my top and my bra down and took my breast in his strong hand, gently cupping the soft warm fullness of me. His finger tips squeezed the swollen taut nipple and I gasped. I felt his lips brushing lightly over my neck; his hot breath sent shivers through my body. His warm tongue flicked over the sensitive hollow at the base of my neck and I threw my head back, my breath coming in short gasps as I moaned in response.

My fingers worked his zipper down and I managed to extract his impressively large cock. I felt the slippery wetness of pre-cum oozing from him.

Our lips connected again. I felt Jake’s hand on my thigh; it slid with firm pressure up along the softness of my inner thigh until his fingertips pressed into the thin material of my panties. I spread my legs to give Jake the access he desired and that I desperately needed; waves of heat spread throughout my entire being. His fingers pressed into the crease of my pussy lips, moving up and down and pressing me firmly; my hips squirmed involuntarily against the pressure on his hand.

My breathing was rapid; I was overflowing with lust for that beautiful young man.

I broke off the long hot kiss and leaned forward taking the head of his cock between my lips before Jake knew what was happening. He flesh tasted salty, his musk pungent; I swirled my tongue over the soft hood of his cock and felt him jerk in response. I stroked him with my finger tips and I sucked his meat deep into my mouth. My tongue swirled all around his shaft as he groaned in delight. My hand moved to the very base of his shaft, and then even lower to cup and gently squeeze his balls while I moved my head slowly up and down his member. I sucked on his hot meat; I was yearning to feel his hot cum spurting down my throat.

“Oh Joan … I’m going … aaaaah going to … uuuuh cum if you don’t …”

That was just what I wanted to hear. I moved faster and sucked harder and was rewarded within seconds as his warm spunk abruptly entered my eager mouth. The taste was ambrosia to me. I kept stoking him with my lips and felt each eruption of the salty fluid as it filled my mouth. When he’d finished and I heard him let out a mighty sigh with his release, I lifted my head and swallowed his precious issue. I so adored the feeling of having complete control over men when sucking them to orgasm, and I truly loved the feeling that came from knowing what intense pleasure I had just given Jake.

I returned briefly to his cock and enveloped him again with my mouth – I wanted him to stay hard, and he did. Young men can be so delightfully rewarding if handled properly.

“Gawd that felt so fantastic.” Jake said breathlessly.

“Oh baby, you don’t know the half of it … yet.” I said as I kissed him passionately once more. I knew he’d taste himself in my mouth and that always gave me an extra little thrill. As much as I loved giving this young stud pleasure, I had a burning need of my own that demanded immediate fulfillment, so I disengaged and pulled my tank top over my head. Jake helped by unhooking my bra – the closure was in front, a style I prefer.

I pulled Jake’s t-shirt up and he lifted his arms. I tossed it across the room and unbuckled his belt.

“Stand up baby.” I said to him, then I pulled his jeans down his legs. He had to slip his sandals off first.

Jake extended his arms offering his strong hands to me and pulled me up off the couch. He knelt in front of me, unzipped my skirt and tugged it roughly down over my hips. His thumbs hooked my thong and pulled my soaked panties down at the same time. I stepped out of the skirt and flicked it back behind me with my foot.

Jake placed his hands on my hips and paused momentarily, taking in my neatly trimmed pussy. I kept only a very narrow strip of hair above the cleft of my pussy lips; the rest of me was a smooth as a baby’s bottom. I have a wonderful salon that takes special care keeping me so well trimmed … and Maurice delights in giving me some extra special treatments with his wonderful tongue, too. I highly recommend him to all my girlfriends.

“Do you like what you see, honey?”

“Ohhhhhh … yes!” Jake said as he leaned in closer. He did something next which you don’t often see a man do with a woman, at least not so blatantly. He took in the fragrance of my pussy with several long deep breaths. “Geeez … you smell so fucking hot!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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