Party Girl

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I was at university in my first term. So many good things happen at university. With all that freedom, that’s where I was the most experimental. I’d met a guy at freshers week who I’d started seeing. We’d got quite close even in a few weeks and I’d started sleeping with him. I was still pretty naive – he was far more experienced than me and taught me lots especially about sex. He was living in digs with a load of other people and one night they had a big party at the end of the term before Christmas. We went along and were having a great time. But I noticed that there was another girl who was showing a lot of interest in him. I naturally got a little jealous and started arguing with her – I’d had a bit to drink! I remember shouting at her to leave him alone. She just laughed at me and told me that she was his girl friend. I grabbed Marcus and he admitted that he was seeing us both. He confessed that they had split up when he started with me but in the past week or so they had got back together. I was so embarrassed. I was drunk, I had made a scene in front of everyone. I was upset and I just burst out crying. I was crying my eyes out, sobbing quite uncontrollably.

I was rescued by a fresh faced young girl, about my own age, who took me to her bedroom and was really nice to me. I didn’t know her. She sat me down and put her arm around me. It took about 10 minutes before I calmed down, and I stopped crying eventually. She went downstairs, returning later with a large mug of sweet coffee. She put her arms around me as I drank. I looked at her face. She was a gorgeous girl, a lovely light brown skin wonderful dark black hair shoulder length, about 5ft 6, slim with the most wonderful smile. She spoke to me for the first time.

“Are you OK now? I’m Sarah.”

She wiped away a tear as I sniffled. She smiled at me and I managed to squeak out a tiny

“Thanks…sniff sniff. I’m Jacqui.”

We both smiled. Awkward smiles. I said I was OK and slowly recounted what had happened. She knew başakşehir escort Marcus – he lived in another room. She thought that he had had a lot of girlfriends, sowing wild oats she said. I got the distinct impression that she might have, at one stage been one of them, but I didn’t press her on it.

After chatting about what bastards men were (she agreed with me on that) I felt a lot better, especially after another coffee. I said I had better go, and stood up. Too fast, I started across the room, and felt giddy. I stumbled out across her small bedroom, hitting my breast hard on a small wooden wardrobe. I felt light headed and she helped me back to her single bed.

“I think you’d better stay the night!” she laughed as I held my head in my hands. I looked around the room. I was sitting on the only single bed.

“I know” she said “It might be a squeeze, but my boyfriend and me share it and he’s bigger than you.” She smiled at me and put out her hand to gently caress my breast.

“Did you hurt yourself?” She asked, so quietly. I looked directly at her – our eyes were fixed on one another. After a moment, she rose and offered to fetch me a glass of water while I got into bed. I thought about leaving, but decided that I would be better off here. I went to the bathroom, and made myself look slightly more human. I returned to the bedroom quickly – the party was still in full swing. I took off short black party dress, and I kicked off my shoes. My black lacy bra and matching knickers looked ridiculous. I got into bed, and waited for about half hour. I was slipping off to sleep when Sarah returned with my water. She too then went to the bathroom. When she came back, she took off her blouse – a lovely lemon cotton one, and then her bra. She had nice breasts I saw, but smaller than mine. Her skirt was unzipped and she pulled it down her legs. Instead of getting into bed she stretched her arms and back. I got the impression her performance (for that was beşiktaş escort assuredly what it was) was all for me. She finished turned to me and slipped off her white panties showing me her lightly trimmed pubic hair. Her olive skin looked fantastic. I suddenly woke up to the possibility of sex. My heart started jumping. I really didn’t know what to think.

She turned off the light and slipped in beside me. Not, as I expected head to toe, but beside me. I felt her skin against mine. She closed on me – I could feel her breathe on my neck and she put her arm around my shoulders. I was on my side with my back to her. I could feel the warm skin of her breasts against my back. She put her arm around my neck and pulled me facing her. We looked into each others eyes. Our faces were so close. I started to cry very gently and she kissed my tears away and asked me if I were ok.

In truth I was very very confused. Scared as well but more than a little excited too. I nodded that I was Ok and she asked if I minded being in bed with her. Again I shook my head and I smiled. I could feel her body against mine. After what seemed like an age of just looking, we kissed. Just a peck of the lips to start with. I said “thank you for looking after me.” We kissed again. A little longer this time. I felt her hands start caressing my belly and side. Then we kissed again – longer – and the tips of our tongues touched.

I was starting to feel very hot – and I could feel myself getting moist between my legs. We kissed again – this time more passionate -tongues exploring each others mouths. Suddenly, she pulled away and started to kiss my ears (mmmmmm) and neck. Nice and slow. Her hand was rolling around on my belly – feeling, exploring my body. She started to kiss my breasts that were visible above my bra. She asked me if she could take my bra off. I raised myself and she unhooked me, freeing my breasts. After looking at them with hunger in her eyes she started licking, sucking escort and flicking my very erect nipples. God, was I aroused. I was in a sort of dream world. I felt every touch of hers like an electric shock. When she took my nipple and sucked it deep into her mouth I almost had a little orgasm.

He hand had been exploring lower and lower and suddenly she slipped it inside my lacy panties. As she continued to lick my breasts her finger explored my very wet pussy – my lips, my mons, my ass hole. Then as she slipped two fingers inside me she suddenly rose and went between my legs. I opened them for her and she pulled off my panties and planted a kiss between my legs. I nearly came as she started to finger fuck me while licking at my clit. I was moaning so loudly. She raised her head and I could see, in what little light there was her face wet with my juices.

“God!” she said, “You are so wet. So delicious.”

She went down on me again and continued to finger fuck me, licking and gently biting my clit. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I screamed with desire as she gave me wave after wave of pleasure. She slowed down and kept me on the edge until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I pulled he up to face me and she lay beside me and we kissed. I licked off the juice from her face. I had tasted that juice so many times off my fingers, but it seemed so much tastier. We just cuddled, we lay and panted till we had both calmed down. We kissed and after a while she started to masturbate. I put my hand down and put mine there instead of hers and I gently rubbed her slit and clit as we kissed. I could tell she was getting close. I wanted to finish her with my tongue but she held me close. She came hard with my fingers deep inside her and I felt the contractions around my fingers – it just felt so good. We cuddled and drifted off into a deep, warm, erotic sleep.

Morning sex is always good and this was no exception. When we awoke, we kissed and cuddled and she whispered in my ear.

“You know what you were going to do last night?”

I replied that I did.

She said “do it to me now!”

And I did. And she did it back to me. We had a lovely 69 – side by side – very sweet and soft. After we pleasured each other for about an hour we had a shower together. And licked, and licked and licked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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