Pastor John and the Three Temptations Ch. 02

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Oh shit.

John wasn’t sure where to look. Anri’s eyes were boring holes into his, so he looked away and found himself staring now at her two teenage daughters on the bed next to him. Jenny’s moans were growing a little louder in volume as her sister continued licking all of his spent cum from her freshly fucked pussy. He looked away again in shame, knowing what he did was wrong and ended up back at Anri but this time on her breasts, those impossibly large ones hidden behind her tight dress.

“Well? Anything to say?” Anri asked, looking at John, paying no attention to her daughters. Amy had her hands gripping the outside of her sister’s thighs, her tongue lapping at the inside of Jenny’s pussy.

“Um, well I just, they…” John sputtered, not sure what to say. They asked him? It was consensual? He’s sorry?

“I see. I invite you to my home, give you somewhere to live, cook you lunch, and this is what you do? Cum in my daughters?” she asked, stepping into the room.

“OK, look, I’m sorry, but,” John began before Anri raised a finger to her lips. She was now at the edge of the bed and finally took her eyes off him, looking down at her girls. Amy paused her licking for a moment and looked up at her mother.

“Don’t be so mean to him, mommy, he-” she began before Anri grabbed her daughters head and pushed it back into her sister’s wet pussy.

“Honey, you aren’t finished yet. Be nice and clean up your sister,” she said, looking up at John as she did so. John’s eyes went wide at the sight, a mother’s hand gripping her daughter’s hair tightly as said daughter went back to licking and sucking at her sister’s dripping wet pussy. Anri’s eyes drifted down, seeing his cock still standing up straight, coated in a few globs of white cum and girl juices.

“You, you’re OK with this?” John asked, watching as Anri stroked Amy’s back lovingly before reaching down and gripping her ass, her pink painted nails digging in slightly. She gave it a little smack, smiling as the skin rippled and jiggled.

“OK? OK with a man I thought was supposed to be virtuous deciding to defile my little girls?” she asked, reaching her hand a little lower, first rubbing it against Amy’s pussy, wet with John’s saliva and her own sweet juices, then pulling it up a bit and lightly making circles around her tight asshole. Anri kept a mostly neutral face during this, just a hint of a smirk creeping across her lips.

“You seem to be,” he said, watching her finger intently.

“What kind of mother does that make me?” she asked, teasing her finger against her daughters ass before slipping it in just slightly.

“The… mmm, the best kind,” Jenny moaned from next to her. Anri smiled at her daughter.

“You’re too sweet honey,” she said. She pulled her finger out and leaned down, giving Jenny’s left nipple a kiss, then slowly licked up her breast to her neck before finally arriving at her lips where they shared a kiss with each other. John watched as their tongues danced together, kissing passionately. Anri opened her eyes, seeing John watching and broke the kiss before addressing Amy.

“Sweetie, I think she’s all cleaned up. Now you’re just being greedy,” she grinned as Amy looked up from her sister’s gaziantep minyon escort pussy.

“But it’s so good!” she said, pausing for just a moment before resuming her licks. Jenny laid back all the way, moaning.

“Yeah mommy, just let her help me cum,” she groaned.

“You girls are so inconsiderate of our guest. Look at the poor man over there with nothing to do, he’s still hard! I think he needs some help,” Anri said, smiling at John.

John had no words, he just couldn’t believe what was going on. Anri got off the bed and walked over to John who was still sitting on the edge of the bed. She pushed his legs apart and got on her knees in front of him. John watched as her face dipped down, licking from his balls to the tip of his cock in one slow, agonizing movement. He rested back on his elbows, groaning and watching as this MILF scooped all of his spent cum and her daughter’s pussy juices from off his cock, swallowing it with a smile and looking into his eyes the entire time.

She cleaned his cock expertly. Her tongue slid all over, making sure to run over both of his balls, around the base of the shaft and swirled around the head. She grabbed the base with her right hand and held it, looking up at John with the fat pink head of his cock just nanometers away from her lips.

“So, I guess we’re all cleaned up here,” she said, her chest a little flush. John could see she was enjoying herself as well.

“I guess we are…” he replied. They both looked each other in the eyes, playing this silent game of chess. Who would give in first?

“Should I stop? That would be the godly thing to do, wouldn’t it? Stop the sinning in its tracks?” she asked, giving his cock a single stroke with her hand, teasing her tongue against the sensitive portion on the back of the head. He groaned in pleasure, trying to think clearly.

“We… we should. I shouldn’t have allowed this… at all,” he said, wanting to smack himself in the face at the absurdity of that statement. John knew he loved this. What man wouldn’t?

“So you’re selfish?” she asked, letting go of his cock and sitting back slightly, smirking at him.

“Selfish? What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well from what I saw, you’ve only made Amy cum and you haven’t even apologized to Jenny for not lasting long enough for her.”

John looked over, seeing Jenny moaning as her sister continued to eat her out, teasing her clit with her tongue, making her ride the edge of an orgasm. Jenny saw him looking and smiled, biting her lip.

“I’m sorry for not making you cum,” John said. Jenny giggled, sticking out her tongue at him before taking in a deep breath, her sister hitting a particularly sweet spot with her tongue.

“Good man,” Anri said, standing up. John deflated mentally, thinking it was all over until the woman shucked her dress up over her head, standing there in just her pink lace bra and that tiny pink thong he spied earlier. His eyes went wide as she reached back and unclasped the hooks, tossing the bra aside and showing off her large tits to him, capped with the same light pink nipples as her daughters.

“Now apologize to me,” she said, standing nizip escort over him, his cock still hard.

“For what?” he asked.

“For not fucking me first,” she said, and with that climbed on top of John, pinning his shoulders down. Amy stops for a moment, her sister bucking her hips up at her tongue, and watched as Anri reached down, pulling her thong to the side and rubbing the head of John’s cock against her entrance.

“Say sorry,” she said, rubbing it up and down slowly. John groaned, feeling her hot pussy start to coat his cock in juices.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please put it in!” he apologized, needing to feel the inside of her pussy. Anri smirked and Amy resumed her licking as John’s cock slowly disappeared into Anri’s soaking wet cunt. John groaned loudly, more and more stuffing in until there was no more, and the mother on his cock let out a loud moan of her own.

She held herself down against him, just feeling his fullness as his hard cock throbbed slowly inside her. John reached up to put his hands on her hips, wanting to get the fucking started but had his fingers swatted at. Anri grabbed his wrists and pinned them down against the bed, her heavy tits swinging over his body.

“Oh no, I decide what happens now,” she said. John could feel her using her kegel muscles to grab his cock every feel seconds, feeling her already tight MILF pussy grab tighter. He groaned and nodded.

“Good man,” she said, still pinning him down but starting to rock against him. John’s cock slipped just a little in and out as she teased him, wanting him to not get everything he wanted.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh FUCK!” Jenny shouted. John looked over as Anri leaned her head down, kissing his neck and running her tongue around his ear as Jenny came hard, her legs wrapped around her sister’s head and one hand gripping her hair while the other pinched her own nipple. She bucked her hips up and down, moaning loudly, writhing as her sister made her cum.

“That’s something you like, don’t you,” Anri whispered, her hot breath bathing his ear, “You like seeing my little girls be dirty with each other.”

“I love it,” he said as she rocked a little more, letting more of his cock slide in and out of her, keeping the pace slow and grueling.

“I bet you’d love to just pound the fucking hell out of me right now,” she said, sitting back up, letting go of his wrists, one hand on his chest and the other on her breast. John nodded.

“Then maybe you should do it,” she said. John’s eyes went wide. This woman was a wild card, he couldn’t figure out what she was thinking from one moment to the next. He grinned and sat up, sitting on the edge of the bed with Anri in his lap, his cock completely buried in her. She smiled and continued rocking against him until he stood up, holding her in his arms and turned around, tossing her on the bed.

The girls were now cuddling each other, watching the show, seeing John’s cock slick with their mother’s pussy free in the hair. He grabbed Anri and flipped her over, giving her ass a smack. She yelped but wiggled her ass at him before getting onto her hands and knees on the edge of the bed.

“Be rough with nurdağı escort her,” Amy said, entwined with her sister, “Yeah, she likes it,” Jenny added, licking a little of her own pussy juice off her sister’s chin. John smiled and nodded.

He reached down and grabbed the pink thong she had on still and yanked it, ripping it off completely. Anri gasped, turning back to scold him since she liked that one so much before John suddenly stuffed his entire cock back in her in one fluid motion. She moaned loudly instead, bracing herself on the mattress as best she could as he began to thrust into her.

John’s body was nearly a blur to the girl’s eyes. They watched as he pounded into their mother, slamming his cock into her ferociously, her ass jiggling and her big tits swaying. He gripped her hips tightly, pulling her back against him as he thrusted.

“Oh… my fucking… god,” Anri grunted between thrusts, trying to concentrate but unable to do so from the onslaught of pounding. She slumped forward, face-down-ass-up, as John continued in stride, fucking her hard. Her daughters smiled at her, her face contorted in pleasure as she was fucked just the way she liked it.

John could feel Anri’s fingers working her clit as he fucked her, rubbing fast circles around it. He could feel himself approaching the edge again and pulled out for a moment, breathing heavy, resting the length of his cock against her ass while she continued rubbing, moaning, begging for him to not stop, not ever stop. With his orgasm fading away John returned, plunging his cock back inside the willing woman, who cooed and moaned as he re-entered.

“Spank her!” Amy said, smiling at the sight, “Yeah, we told you she likes it rough!” her sister added again.

John looked down, Anri’s eyes closed in pleasure as he fucked her, then reached back and smacked her right ass cheek. It made a satisfying sound and sent a wave through her body. He smiled, seeing her shudder in pleasure, her orgasm coming closer and closer, and spanked her again, a little harder this time. Jenny rolled her eyes and unglued herself from her sister, crawling over to where her mother was getting fucked.

“We said rough,” Jenny stated, and gave her mom a hard smack on the ass, making Anri yelp. Jenny’s hand was emblazoned on her mommy’s ass, all five digits and palm imprinted red on the jiggling cheek. John smiled as she continued spanking her, her mother moaning loudly, rubbing her clit faster and harder until she came.

With a loud yell of pleasure, Anri came hard, her pussy tightening around John’s cock. He could feel the wet walls milking him, forcing his hot cum to come erupting out. She was shuddering, her whole body spasming from the force of the orgasm as he fired a few ropes of cum into her willing pussy before pulling out, aiming what was left on Jenny’s face, who, though surprised for a moment, gracefully took the rest of it with a smile on her face.

His cum splattered across her cheeks and nose, a little pooling in her quickly closed right eye. John was stroking his cock, letting his orgasm fade with Anri’s as he finally dribbled the last few drops onto her ass, Jenny leaning down to lick them off her mother. He smiled at Amy who also crawled over, kissing her sister and licking the cum from her as Anri laid down on the bed, tired from the powerfuck she just received.

John sat on the edge of the bed, breathing heavy. God he hasn’t been this tired in a long time. He looked down at Anri who was looking back, a content smile on her face.

“Ready for lunch?” she asked.

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