Patience and Persistence

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I didn’t have a charmed life- it wasn’t easy all the time, but others had it worse. I just kept telling myself it was all part of a bigger plan.

I never new my biological male donor. My mom had a brief fling her freshman year of college and never saw him again. When she started dating the man I would call “Dad” she didn’t know she was pregnant, but he loved her and me like his own.

When I started college I was 4 foot 10 inches, 95 pounds, fair skinned with tiny breasts, almost no hips and strawberry blonde hair that had more orange than strawberry in it. My only assets were my striking emerald eyes and cream-like complexion.

Confidence was not a strong point of mine either.

My junior year of high school, Dad- a firefighter- died in the line of duty. Mom checked out for a time and my brother David and I tried our best to hold the family together, foregoing our own grief. Eventually Mom got the help she needed, and I decided after a semester of college I would become a guidance counselor after a short required stint as a teacher.

Mom got the help she needed through a counselor and David and I were helped by the guidance counselor at school. And I also had one really good girl friend. Not the kind you are thinking or hoping for though.


Stacy and I were high school friends from a small Iowa town and went to the University of Northern Iowa together. A mix up with registration kept us from being assigned as roommates but everything is part of the plan. My roommate’s name was Jill and Stacy’s roommate was Tina. Tina was from Ames, home of Iowa State University and Jill was from a suburb of Minneapolis.

Tina had a twin brother at ISU named Timothy and the four of us went down for the UNI/ISU football our freshman year, about 3 weeks into our semester. Her brother lived off campus but was a member of a frat that was know for epic parties, and the four of us went down, planned to crash there, drink, dance, and maybe get lucky.


For some reason Tim wanted his roommate to hook up with Tina, but they never really connected. Not sure why- Tina has dark hair, sultry and appears to be about 25, and can turn any guy’s head, as well as many ladies’ heads. But Andrew didn’t seem overly interested in her. He danced with us all from time to time, but nothing really happened.


6 weeks later we all headed down for Halloween- a great excuse to act slutty and dress even sluttier. I could dress the part, but thanks to poor timing, I wasn’t going to get to third base. We met the guys at their place, did a couple of shots, and Drew seemed to be really into me. I had blonde pigtails, a light blue dress, white stockings and a cane that was supposed to be a shepherd’s crook. It really made no sense, but I looked cute.

“So, Little Bo Peep? You look… really good,” Drew said. But he was downright sexy, dressed as a Greek god.

Playing off my name I retorted, “Not quite, maybe ‘Heidi Ho’?” I purred, instantly realizing I would not be a “ho” tonight. Maybe in a day or two. “So, are you ‘Pajama Man’ or what?” I teased.

“Zeus!” he protested. “The ‘God of Thunder’, the ‘King of Lightning’!”

“I thought Gene Simmons was the ‘God of Thunder’,” I quipped.

“Oh. My. GOD! You are awesome! I love you!” he replied. KISS is my favorite band!”

We talked about music, guitars and other things, holding hands on the way the the “Fraternity House”- we had been admonished for referring to it as a “frat” or even “frat house”.

We danced together all night long- fast, slow, however we wanted, we didn’t care. Even though the barroom was hot and loud and it smelled of cheap, stale beer, sweat and smashed pumpkins, we didnt notice anything but each other.

Finally it was time to leave.

“Do you… want to go back to… your place?” I asked. I was nervous. I really liked Drew and he seemed to really like me. Neither one of us had had much to drink, so it wasn’t alcohol fueling our hormones and poor decisions.

“Sure,” he said, almost a croak, but yet confident.

On the 2 block walk, I rested my head on his side as he wrapped his left arm around me. Damn biology! I wanted this soooo bad, but it was probably out of reach. We could probably have sex in the shower or something, but no matter what, it was going to be messy.

“Drew,” I said, almost a whisper. gaziantep escort “There’s something I should tell you.”

I probably should have lead off with I was technically an intercourse virgin who popped her own cherry with a toy and the only experience I had was Senior Prom- I gave my date a handjob, he roughly handled my small breasts but I wouldn’t let him finger me and on Monday he told everyone he fucked me and I was no good. Then David kicked his ass. But that could wait.

“Okay,” he said.

“Today- this week- is not good for what you- what I, what we both want. I’m sorry. I can- we can do other things, but…” I started, nervous, feeling like a fool and a whore and a cock tease all at once.

But then he responded, ” Can you kiss?”

“Yes,” weakly I replied.

“Can you snuggle up on the couch next to me?”

“Yes,” I said, with more confidence.

“I think we will be just fine,” he said.

At this point I was willing to do anything and I think he was, too.

We hit his front door, slamming it open into the wall and then kicking it shut with another slam. I dont know if I was a great kisser, but I felt a surge of confidence and went for it, exploring his mouth with my tongue.

His hands started at my costume and I started getting the sheet/ toga off his body, which was surprisingly difficult. But when I did and it fell to the floor, he was naked underneath.

“Oh you naughty, naughty god!” I said.

Only having ever seen this online and asking Tina about it once, I decided Zeus’s sword was going into my mouth. As long as I didn’t bite it off, I figured he wouldn’t complain.

“Oh, Heidi…” he moaned. His cock was about as big as my arm. I’d seen bigger on the internet, but keep in mind, I’m not even 5 foot tall and weigh less than 100 pounds. But the tip-the head, glistned and was almost purple. It’s one eye looked right at me, and I slowly grabbed the middle of its length, barely getting my hand around it, and them I guided it into my mouth.

I licked and sucked it like it was a lollipop and used one and sometimes both hands to stroke and twist it. I don’t know how long it is supposed to take, but it seemed like only seconds- but was probably about 5 minutes- he told me he was going to cum.

I didn’t know what swallowing would be like, so I pulled it out, opened my mouth, closed my eyes and aimed it at my mouth.

Good thing my eyes were closed. Some ended up in my hair, on my chest, but I put it in my mouth and swallowed a little bit, too. Hopefully he liked it, because I kind of wanted to do it again.

At this point, his knees buckled and he lowered himself onto the couch.

“Oh Heidi, that was… I’ve never had… Wow!” was all he could gasp out. I knew he liked it.

“My turn,” he said.

He slowly and unsurely went to remove my bra, exposing my “Capital A” breasts. They were so small, and I was embarrassed. I was afriad he would negatively judge me.

“Sorry they’re so small,” I whispered.

“They’re PERFECT!” he said, and kissed both of them, not knowing or not caring that some of his cum was still on my chest.

He was so gentle, and so much better than my prom date, and my nipples got so hard and pokey- more aroused than I had ever seen them before.

But I had never been this turned on before.

“Please,” he asked, lightly tugging the waistband of my “period panties” as I referred to the ones I wore during this week.

I nodded, and he slowly pulled them down, and as they got below both knees I pulled my left leg up, removing that leg first, then my right. In doing so, my my legs were spread and I instantly knew he could see the blue string peeking out of my pussy.

I was embarrassed.

But he didn’t hesitate.

“You’re beautiful,” he sighed.

I always thought I looked like- well, not a woman. Small tits, a whisp of light, fair hair in my panties, barely any hips, big glasses and braces.

But the glasses and braces were gone, my chest went from an “A minus” to “Capitol A” or even a B cup in one brand of bra. And Andrew was in awe and ready to worship me.

He stroked my legs, rubbed my chest and slowly, torturously explored my entire body. Thank God I had flawless skin!

Eventually his hands rubbed my pubic hair and he glanced over my clit, causing me to gasp. He looked at me, and with one nod, told him that was in bounds. He rubbed my clit and I liked it. Loved it actually. Honestly, purely from a mechanical standpoint, 3 weeks out of the month I could do a better job rubbing it, but from an emotional standpoint, touchimg myself would never compare.

We showered, I “changed” and was probably safe to have sex, but didn’t. We went to bed, he spooned me, rubbing my clit again and I let him slide and rub on my buttcheeks, making him cum again.

I knew it wouldn’t be our last time together. On one hand, I wished we had waited, but on the other hand, it was the best night ever.

On the ride back to UNI the next day, Stacy and I sat in the backseat together. I was resting my head against the window, thinking about how i missed Drew so much already.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

I kinda sniffled and realized I had a tear running down my cheek. “Nothing,” I absently answered.

Stacy said, “I think Heidi is in LLLLLLLOOOOOVVVVE,” she teased.

Oh God. She was right!


About 3 weeks later was Thanksgiving break. I was thankful that it was earlier in it’s cycle because 1) I didnt have to wait as long and 2) I was in the sweet spot of MY cycle!

Drew would not be alone so we booked a hotel room. We each had a credit card, but the hotel let us hold the room with the card but pay in cash. Explaining a hotel room charge in Ames would not be easy for either of us.

Explaining the charge at Victoria’s Secret would be easier, unless Mom asked to see what I bought.

There was a pool, a hottub, a sauna, and room service on site, but we both hoped to be staying in for the next two nights.

I met him at his apartment and Tim was there, thus the need for the hotel. “Sorry guys, full house at home, and two cousins are even staying here,” he said.

We took Drew’s car. I was wearing a blue dress under my coat and when he opened my car door, I slid in and flashed him a quick view of my emeral green panties on purpose by fluffing up the front of my dress.

The drive took 10 agonizing minutes to get back out by the interstate and our destination. He already had the room keys so we snuck up the back stairs to our end of the hallway room. Apparently the clerk on duty was a friend of his and we got a deal on a secluded room, complete with a bottle of wine and red roses. I wondered how many times he’d done this before, but realized Drew probably had not, but his front desk friend probably had a side racket going on, renting out this room and the others like it for this same reason.

I tried not to think about thatbpart of it anymore. I needed everything to be perfect in my mind.

We made some small talk as we hung up our coats. “Let me look at you,” he asked.

“You are so beautiful,” he said.

Gone was the tiny, boyish girl who was shy and lacked confidence. In her place was a petite firecracker, 19 year old woman. Well, soon to be after Drew made love to me.

We wasted no time. One article at a time we undressed each other. Almost instantly I was down to my green bra, panties, garter belt and white stockings.

Then we realized our problem. All that ligerie is sexy, but it is in the way of the goal, and it’s not easy to put it all on just to have it ripped off seconds after being revealed.

But the solution was simple. I wear an extra small and was annoyed that I had to settle for size small panties, but the bigger size pulled to the side, allowing for access.

He put his finger inside me and rubbed my clit with his thumb. He touched me in ways I had never touched myself, then he introduced my pussy to his tongue.

Oh. My. GOD!

If a blowjob feels half this good, no wonder guys like them so much.

What felt like seconds and at the same time days was incredible! I came and came again.

“I need you inside me,” I whispered, and begged.

“Let me grab a…” he said

“No need. I’m on the pill. Our first time is going to be perfect. And magical, and fun, and risky, but I didn’t care. The worst that would happen is that his cock would split me in half or I’d die of too much pleasure, but I didn’t expect that to happen. I was on my first month of the pill, so I possibly would get pregnant, but I didn’t worry or even care at this point. If I got pregnant… maybe subconsciously that’s what I wanted.

He was rock hard and glistening as he touched his cock at my opening. I was so wet I knew there had to be a puddle beneath me. He rubbed the head inside my lips, touched my tight opening, and slowly began to penetrate my body.

I could feel him widen me out, every millimeter of penneration made my breath escape and my blood pressure skyrocket.

I’m glad I use a toy from time, but my little toy was no match for what he was giving me. It stretched me and filled me. Just before he came his eyes rolled back in his head. He let out a grunt, and spurted cum into me. My chamber wasn’t big enough to contain all that cum.

I was a woman.

And honestly, I really couldn’t tell you the details of that first time. It was a blur. I just remember feeling filled up and warm all over.

But the second time- that was a different story.

We snuggled a bit, but ot didn’t take long for either of us to be ready. I had cum dripping all over my entire bottom. He had some of our mixed cum on his member and in his pubic hair, and as soon as I touched him he sprsng to life. I played with it- marveling at how it looked, felt and responded. I’d seen his a few times- sucked it, stroked it, felt it inside me, but this time I studied it. The vein near the root, the purplish color the head turned, the hole at the tip and how clear, sticky fluid was leaking out. How when I stroked it the skin moved yet stayed in place, and it still seemed to grow even though it stayed the same length.

I wondered how it would taste since it was mixed with my flavor. I hoped he wouldn’t mind, so I shifted my hips, got up on my knees, hoping he would find my pussy to finger, and licked it.

He jumped a bit, and he did find my pussy with 2 fingers.

“Put your pussy over my face. I want to taste you,” he said.

“I’m full of cum,” I mentioned.

“Don’t care…” he said.

Most of the cum was probably either racing for my egg or racing down my legs so I did what he asked. I was tasting myself on him, I guess I didn’t think to much of him tasting himself in me.

I’d never been licked before. The roughish texture of his tongue on my most sensitive and softest place was a contrast I hoped I would become VERY familiar with over time.

I did lose track of time but it was probably only 3 or 4 minutes before I made my way from his mouth to his cock. I posed over his cock, touching the tip to my gaping opening. There was no way my pussy was going to keep him out. With the tip firmly between my lips, I slowly sank down, taking about 1 second per inch. When I hit bottom, I just sat there.

“Uuuoooogghhhh,” we both said in unison.

“Don’t move,” I gasped out. “Just sit there. Keep still and let me explore with your cock,” I said.

What followed was a series of small, deliberate movements of my hips, my inner muscles, and my legs. Part of me wanted to jackhammer him with my hips, but the (formerly) virginal part of me needed to figure out this part of the physiology.

His cock felt huge, and my pussy was tight. I could feel the rigid crown of his head, and despite keeping his hips still, he was still twitching his dick in me. Ot felt amazing. Slowly I started to grind forwards and backwards, and a little bit side to side. With my right hand I rubbed my breast. My nipple was huge, so I felt the other one and it was equally aroused. With my other hand I found my clit and rubbed. Then I found his solid cock and touched it where it entered me. It felt lime a piece of steel- of fleshy, wet steel.

In the meantime his hands found my hips and moved to my ass.

“I love the feel of your ass. I can feel every twitch of your muscles,” he said.

I liked his hands on my ass, so Ieaned forward, giving him a view of my whole ass. Even though I was kind of asking for it, I was still shocked when his thumb rubbed it.

That sent my first orgasm crashing through me, and I almost collapsed. Then I recovered and started bouncing on him. Different motion, less deliberate, but just as effective.

To add to it, he tooknit as having the green light to thrust into me. Shortly thereafter, my Number 2 occured, followed by another large spurt of his cum…

After 2 days of the bed, the shower, the hottub, sauna, desk and back stairwell I needed a break.

And medical treatment for an unmentionable problem that frequently happens with prolonged banging.

I would have to plan better for Christmas Break.

And the other thing I needed to plan for over Christmas Break was to tell him my period was late…

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