Penny – How It Started Ch. 02

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That European trip was just the first step in shaping Penny’s sexual preferences. Throughout her life similar experiences would reinforce her liking — and need — for situations where she was taken advantage of and used for another’s sexual satisfaction, with no real thought for whether she was getting something out of it.

Like the time Penny was on her sofa with Steve, a college friend, while her flatmates Sue and Jenny were out for the evening with their boyfriends. She enjoyed the kissing and cuddling but had no wish to go further. Steve was excited beyond his wildest dreams by being able to squeeze and fondle Penny’s big soft tits and even to ease one of them out of her bra and leave it exposed above her top. Growing bolder, his hands roamed her meaty thighs under her black skirt, his virgin cock jumping when he encountered the bare flesh above her stocking top and the suspender strap holding the stocking up.

Although Penny was initially reluctant to let Steve openly grope her breasts and legs, as time progressed — and Steve’s kissing started to take effect — she decided that a little groping was a small price to pay for such a nice evening.

She was less keen on the way he kept placing her hand on the bulge in his trousers but she thought she could manage to walk that thin line between keeping him excited and actually allowing him to have sex with her. She did have to give in slightly, when Steve somehow managed to unzip and release his throbbing cock without her noticing, giving her quite a shock when her hand returned to what she expected was simply a bulge in his trousers but in fact turned out to be a hot, bare and very erect cock.

Her hand making contact with his erection drove Steve to latch his mouth over his first real live breast, kissing and suckling at the nipple and flicking his tongue back and fore across it. Penny enjoyed this so much that it was a good five minutes before she realised that her fingers were curled around Steve’s cock and her hand was gently wanking him up and down.

Steve was now Beylikdüzü escort frantically groping Penny’s panty-covered bum and her stocking clad thighs, while his mouth alternated between kissing her deeply, his tongue exploring her mouth, and sucking at her one, large, exposed breast resting above her bra. It also helped that his fingers had found the cleft of her pussy lips through the material of her panties and he was stroking the moist material and occasionally rubbing her clit through the panties.

It felt so good for someone else’s fingers to be playing with Penny’s pussy and she was even more aroused than she usually got in her bed, late at night, remembering the train incident and Sue’s fingers on her pussy.

Since then, Sue and Jenny had teased Penny when their boyfriends were around and often managed to engineer a situation where each of the guys saw Penny in her underwear or were even encouraged to give her a quick grope. Then the guys would fuck Sue and Jenny right in front of Penny, who was so aroused by this point she was left to shamefully slip into her room and play with herself while listening to her two friends ask their boyfriends whether they ever fantasised about having a titwank from Penny or spunking over her tits.

Steve’s breathing was getting steadily heavier and Penny allowed the feelings in her pussy to slowly build. Steve pushed her skirt up around her waist so he could allow his cock to rub against her stocking tops while she wanked him. As his excitement grew, his tongue flicked over Penny’s nipple, causing her to gasp and grind down on Steve’s hand, allowing his finger to push her panties into her pussy, the soft material brushing against her clit.

Then, three things happened simultaneously: Steve shouted that he was going to cum, Penny felt her orgasm start to build — and they heard the sound of a key in the front door.

“I can’t stop myself” cried Peter, grasping her skirt and holding it around her waist to stop her pulling it down — and also allowing Beyoğlu escort bayan him to feast his eyes on her plump thighs spilling over the tops of her stockings and of course allowing his throbbing cock to continue rubbing against those plump, stocking clad thighs.

“Nooo!” cried Penny, as she started stuffing her exposed breast back into her bra and tried to tug her skirt down as she heard the approaching footsteps in the hall. “Noo — they can’t see me like this.”

Penny also tried stuffing Peter’s cock into his pants and the feeling of her fingers grasping his virgin cock having just seen her trying to push one large breast into her bra tipped Steve over the edge and his cock started pumping his seed. He was so excited that the first spurt easily reached her titflesh and bra and a small drop even landed on her cheek. The next spurts landed on her stocking tops just as she was pulling her skirt back down — having the unfortunate effect of presenting an easy target for his third spurt, resulting in a white stain on her black skirt.

Penny now desperately tried to stuff Steve’s cock back into his pants before her flatmates burst into the room. Unfortunately, they walked in just as her hands were around the still erect cock, spunk dripping onto her fingers and pooling on her clothes.

“Well, what have we here?” cried a slightly tipsy Jenny, as Sue and the two lads hungrily stared at her spunk stained stocking tops peeping from below her hastily replaced skirt. “Has Penny finally popped her cherry.”

Penny rushed into her room almost in tears — but also almost at the point of orgasm. Again, her embarrassment at being caught in what she thought of as a private sexual scene had considerably aroused her. As she peeped through the slightly open door, listening to her friends quizzing Steve, her fingers slowly took over from where Steve’s had been just a few minutes earlier.

Penny groaned with embarrassment as Peter explained “No we didn’t actually have sex, honest. I was just Escort Bomonti feeling her stockinged legs and suckling on her breast while she played with my cock”.

“That hardly helps matters.” thought Penny. “Sue and Jenny already keep encouraging their boyfriends to look up my skirt or down my blouse and now they know I let a boy fondle my stocking tops and my breast while I played with his cock, they will find even more ways to catch me half dressed!”

“So, you like stockings, do you?” teased Sue, inching her skirt slowly up her thigh to show off her own stocking tops. Then with a laugh, “Oh look — the dirty bugger is getting hard again just from seeing a flash of my stockings!”

“So did Penny let you play with her stockings then?” quizzed Jenny. “And her breasts? What about her pussy?”

As Penny listened to Steve’s stammering responses, shyly yet obediently telling the four friends exactly how sexy he found her plump thighs, her bum and her lovely large breast exposed to his gaze — and his mouth — while the other breast remained inside her top, her fingers did their work and she built slowly yet steadily towards her long awaited orgasm.

Penny’s eyes widened as she watched what happened next. Jenny unzipped Steve and eased his again-erect cock out of his trousers. She very slowly traced a finger tip along his shaft as she asked him if he preferred Penny’s stockinged legs or her plump breasts. “It’s a difficult choice, I know but I think I prefer her breasts. I could imagine myself playing with those breasts.”

Steve was now very red in the face — and very erect. Jenny was now openly wanking him while asking him about Penny. “Did you prefer fondling her breast or sucking it? Did she squeeze your cock between her stockinged thighs? Did she suck you? Would you have fucked her if we didn’t interrupt you?”

That was too much for poor Steve who once again shot his load, this time over Jenny’s hand. And it was too much for Penny who trembled as she leant against the door frame and fell into the orgasm she had long awaited.

As her breathing slowed back to normal, she wondered — and not for the first time — whether she would ever have normal sex or whether she was doomed always to finish herself off after some embarrassing situation where some chap managed to orgasm after exciting himself by fondling her body.

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