Perfectly Normal and Healthy Ch. 07

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Danial got back from the pub excited about the prospect of deflowering his sexy young daughter, his cock was half hard as he imagined impaling the petite young teens pussy and arse. He thought “Fuck I married a good woman!”

When he walked in from the garage he found his wife Janice sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine while watching a green eyed, redhead stunner taking three big black cocks on the television screen.

Danial immediately recognised the picture from their porn collection, it was one of his wife’s favourites and he knew that his horny bride was partial to a bit of black mamba as he discovered on their honeymoon when he awoke to see her being railed over the resort rooms dresser by a well built black bell-hop.

In truth, he thought she would enjoy it and that is why he arranged it the evening before. While doing so, he considered, ‘If she doesn’t like it, that’ll be fun to watch too, then imagine her shock when I tip the guy.”

Janice heard him come in but didn’t turn away from her viewing, so Danial walked up beside her and stood there with his cock out. Without taking her eyes from the screen Janice leaned over and inhaled the growing organ and began rocking back and forth on it.

After a few minutes of sucking, Janice pulled back saying “Doesn’t taste like Irish pussy to me babe!”

Danial chuckled and said “No, it wouldn’t. I got the sexy bitch into the storeroom and she gave me some great head, Then when I pulled her skirt up to fuck her I found she had a cock, she was a tranny but fucking nice tits on it!”

Janice laughed and said “Wow what did you do?” then resumed sucking his cock.

Danial said “As you’d expect we 69’d on the old cot and then I fucked the shit out of her, she wasn’t a bad fuck. When I blew my load on her arse cheeks she sat back on the bed, a beautiful young woman with a hard 7 inch cock, I felt bad for her so, much to her surprise I straddled her legs and sat down on her lap and rode her until she filled my arse with a huge load.”

Janice slid off his cock and said, “Turn around babe and let me have a taste.”

Danial turned around and soon felt his wife’s cheeks on his arse cheeks and her tongue probing into his arsehole. He heard her humming in appreciation then swallowing when she found the creamy deposit there.

Eventually she withdrew her long tongue from his arse, smacked her lips and said “You want me to keep sucking you off?”

Danial said “No, I might fuck you later, good rim-job! I might go and have a shower.”

As he turned to leave his mobile phone chirped, he answered the call and Janice heard a one sided conversation,

“Hello you’ve got Danial”

“Oh, gidday Les, how’s tricks?”

“Tomorrow, yeah, I might have some in the morning but after that no worries”

“Yeah kartal escort bayan mate fill ya boots! if I’m not you may as well, gotta keep it in service”

“Yeah, I know you do, but your a good mate and you always help me out.”

“I’ll be here sure but that won’t matter”

“Okay bud well if I see you I see you, enjoy!”

“Cheers mate, bye!”

He closed the call and as he walked from the room he casually said “That was Les, he’s got a job tomorrow in this part of town so he’s gonna drop in and throw a fuck into you. You might want to be plugged too, he’s got a real thing for your arse and might want a second round.”

Janice replied “okay babe, that’ll be nice, Les is a nice guy!”

Danial asked “Where’s Chantelle I might go and give her a bit of a subtle grope before I shower.”

Janice said “I had a talk with her and her pussy is yours!”

Danial thought to himself ‘Her pussy for starters!”


Chantelle heard her father coming down the hall and slipped a hand into her panties and started rubbing her clit while she lay back on her bed with her eyes closed and tweaked her nipples.

Danial started to say “Hows my prince……oh fuck baby girl, I’m sorry!”

Chantelle didn’t stop her fingering but opened her eyes to look at her Father and said “Sorry Daddy but I’m so horny and besides in ‘Sex-ed’ they said masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy.”

Danial, enjoying the sight of her body, sat on the edge of her bed and said “That’s right pumpkin,” he placed his hand on her shoulder and ran it down over her pert plump breast and toned flat stomach, just brushing her pussy lips and down her thigh.

Danial continued “And so is everything else two adults might do together.” Chantelle moaned as his fingers brushed over her pussy.

Danial got up still drinking in his daughters fuck worthy form and said, “Well I gotta take a shower?”

Chantelle was a bit surprised and slowly opened her legs exposing herself fully to her Father and said “Really?”

Danial was determined to make sure she was gagging for it before he popped her cherry, he said “Yep, no point rushing if you’re on a good thing!” and he walked out saying “Later ‘tellie!”

It took real will power on Danial’s behalf, when all he really wanted was to get down and stuff his whole length into his daughters tight little body and fuck her senseless, but it would all be worth it when he has her creaming and screaming on his cock.


The next day Janice suggested that her daughter head over to Christine’s place and see if her friend still tasted good and Chantelle was off on her push bike in minutes.

Not long after a white trades van pulled into their driveway and a yakacık escort strapping powerfully built blonde guy hopped out and walked up to the front door, he tried the knob and walked straight in to find Janice wearing one of her husbands office shirts that barely covered her behind.

Janice was bent over the kitchen bench reading a magazine. The man spoke, “Morning Janice!”

Janice turned at the sound of the voice and said “Oh good morning Les, how are you can I get you a coffee, there’s some just fresh made.”

Les said “No but you can crouch down there and get your mouth on this tool.” as he pulled a nice length of semi hard cock from his overalls.

Janice dutifully crouched down and unbuttoned the shirt knowing that Les would want to see her tits, as he stepped in front of her she held his shaft and fed the bulbous head into her wide open mouth and started slurping on the veined flesh.

Les had a cock of the same proportion to her husband so she could handle it all with ease. He held her head and started to leisurely fuck her throat. Janice just leaned against the bench at her back and let him use her mouth, though she kept her tongue active.

soon he was at full mast, drool was dribbling from her lips to her tits and her throat was making sounds like a plunger in a blocked sink. Les grabbed her arms and pulled her up, turned her around and pushed her against the bench, then he kicked her feet apart and pushed against her easily feeding his shaft into Janice’s soupy snatch.

Les moaned “Ah fuck Janice you’ve got a fuckin’ hot wet fuck hole!”

Janice knew not to respond verbally, so she just groaned. Les started straight off feeding her his whole length in measured strokes.

Janice could feel the huge bell end and every vein on his shaft as he stabbed repeatedly into her pussy. Les jiggled the butt plug between her cheeks as he fucked into her and said “I see you’re prepared you dirty slut, so my second nut will go in there!” Janice creamed over his length.

She felt so dirty at being used like this but it was her nature to be of service, she was taught by her Father from a young age that if a woman wasn’t a good fuck, she was useless. Now Janice was an adult married woman with a daughter and no man would claim that she was useless. She was a servant of man as she knew was a woman’s place.

As he fucked her Les opened the front of his overalls and shucked them off his broad shoulders and let them gather around his legs, he was getting hot and knew he’d work up a sweat riding this whore.

Les was getting a good rhythm going and could feel his orgasm start to tingle in his nuts. At that moment Danial walked into the kitchen area and said “Oh gidday Les, long time mate, your looking well!”

Les maintaining hürriyet mahallesi escort his pace fucking Danial’s wife said “Thanks Danial, yeah I’m good mate, how’re you travelling?”

Danial said, “Well I can’t complain, I get laid plenty and Janice knows how to cook, so I’m in a pretty good paddock.”

Suddenly Les pulled out of Janice’s twat and grunted out “Face and tits bitch!”

Janice dropped back into a crouch just as Les started hosing her down with a huge volley of ball batter, he easily fired a dozen thick ropes which laced into her hair and down her forehead, nose, cheeks and mouth as it hung down over her breasts which were still heaving in breath from the shafting she’d been taking.

Having painted her this way he flicked the last few drops from his cock head and said “Bench.”

Janice bent over the bench again and Les plucked the plug from her arsehole and she couldn’t help but grunt in some discomfort as he pushed his pussy glazed length balls deep in her sphincter passage.

Les said “Yeah you’re a lucky man Danial, no denying that, hopefully one day I’ll find someone like Janice, you know, a nice girl who knows her place is on the end of a cock.”

Janice loved the degradation, being used in this manner, wearing his seed, in front of her husband as they talked about her like she wasn’t even there. She thought ‘Daddy would be proud of me, I’m just fuck meat, three holes and a life support system, the perfect woman!” and she convulsed and squirted all over the floor between her legs.”

Les felt the contraction in her arse and caught some of the spray on his swinging nut sack as it slapped her flaps. He said “Fuckin’ dirty bitch really loves anal!”

Danial said “Oh yeah mate, slut’s an arse whore, that’s for sure. Anyway I just came out to top up my coffee, good to see you again buddy.”

Les said “Cheers mate, you too, and you can get used to it for a while I’ve got a few months work on the new estate!”

Danial said “Well that’s great mate and as you know the front door, like Janice’s legs, is always open!”

Les said, “I appreciate that mate, I always find I can concentrate on my work better through the day if I can get the dirty water out first thing in the morning!”

Danial replied “I’m hearing you mate, the first thing I do every day is dump a load in Janice.”

Les grunted and held still as he flooded Janice’s lower intestine with another river of his sticky seed, saying “Like I said buddy, you’ve got it good!”

Danial sat down at the dining table and started reading the paper. Les slid his spent cock from the clinging sleeve of Janice’s arsehole and pushed the butt plug back up there before anything could come out and said “Clean my cock slut, then I’ll have that coffee!”

Janice knelt down in the puddle she’d left on the floor and obediently sucked Les’s shrinking cock into her mouth and sucked all juices from it, then licked everywhere else that looked moist before standing. Then she took a cup from the cupboard and said “Milk and two sugars right Les?”

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