Personal Ads Ch. 02

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Story Code: M/F, F/F, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Interracial, Prostitution


I felt very conspicuous and very self conscious as I stood at the back of the tearoom with Sue as we waited for the taxi to pick us up. Sue kissed me from time to time and interspersed the kisses with small talk. Sue was very good at teasing intimate details of my life with John; she was especially interested in hearing about just how active our sex lives were.

Sue chuckled and said, “I’m surprised someone with a happy heterosexual sex life would answer an advert like mine, I’d have thought that you’d find no trouble picking up a new man…why did you answer my advert?”

I felt my face colour up. “I don’t find any trouble picking up men…” my face heated up more, “…I told you about our fortnightly fun night…down at the pub in the town centre…and our all night sex session after!”

Sue nodded her head.

“Well, the bit that I missed out was that we didn’t go into the pub together. One of us would go in first and find a double table close together and we’d sit apart as if we didn’t know each other. John would watch as men tried to pick me up and I’d shoot them down. In the beginning, that was enough to get John turned on enough to turn from a mild mannered sales executive into a wild stallion in the sack…”

I looked around to make sure that no one was listening to us, “…well, after a year, just watching me shooting men down wasn’t enough for John any more so we changed pubs, found a new gene pool and John asked me to chat to the men instead of shooting them down…then I had to dance with them.”

I looked away; I was really embarrassed and was looking for somewhere to run away to. Sue reached out and gripped my chin gently, she turned my face back to hers and she kissed me again, “Go on, I’m enjoying your life’s story, it’s very interesting and very sexy so far!” she gave me another sweet and supportive smile and nodded her head at me.

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“Well…in the new pub a black man took an interest in me, he bought me a few drinks over the weeks, John asked me to go out the back with the black guy, you know, let him kiss me, see how far I could let him go but close to the pub, somewhere that John could watch us without it being too obvious.”

Sue chuckled and butted in, “And how far did you let him go?”

I remembered back to six weeks ago, “Well, I let him take me on the dance floor in the back room of the pub, it’s only a small area and the music comes from a jukebox so there is all kinds of music playing. I let him take me onto the dance floor while a slow and romantic song was playing. John moved to the one arm bandit and fed a few coins in so he could watch what I was doing with the black guy. The slow romantic song turned into a ‘Bump and Grind’ song. I tried to get back to my seat but the black guy stopped me. We did just about everything short of undressing. The dance floor was crowded so lots of people could see us and that was worrying me more than a little. Men kept bumping into me and making a grab at my body.”

I looked down at the summer dress that I was wearing, “I was wearing this dress…actually I was dressed exactly this way, same…well…everything!”

Sue looked me over again, “Delicious darling!”

“Well, once the other men got involved John could see it was getting out of hand so he gave me the signal…you know, calling the evening to an end. He sent me a ‘pre-written’ text message. ‘Where the fuck are you…you should have been home from work an hour ago!’ my phone beeped and I took it out of my bag, I read the text and shrugged my shoulders, I turned the screen to the man and let him read it. I didn’t even finish my drink…I just ran out and jumped in my car. I met John in the next street. We didn’t even get as far as home; John screwed my brains out in a farm gateway just outside Northampton.”

Sue’s smile warmed again, she kissed me, “So that must have been the same week that John’s accident happened…” Sue turned her face way, listening to the sound of an approaching car. When it crested the hump back bridge it was a postal van and not our taxi. Sue looked at me out of the corner of her eye, “…so, the night of the dancing African should have been the end of the adventure but I get the feeling that there is more!”

I nodded my head.

“I must have made a big impression on Franklin…that’s the African man’s name…because he told the barman to phone him the moment I came in the next time.”

“And when did you go back in?”

“Last night. I’d been in a real funk since John died and it came to a head on Thursday night. I discovered that there is a real undercurrent of sex running through my village. I thought that all the rest of the village were boring old farts…I thought that me and John were old farts too…well, up until pub night and for one day a fortnight, we weren’t boring old farts. I was watching my neighbours fucking and when they were finished I let them watch me getting dressed in my bedroom. I dressed really inappropriately and went out into Northampton. escort ataköy I got touched up by an old man in a charity shop.”

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Sue looked a little shocked, “What, in the actual shop?”

“No…in a back room…a store room. In the end I jerked him off and he got a hand full of my fanny before I left him. I went straight from there to the pub. I even heard Mike the barman phoning Franklin…I didn’t know that the African’s name was Franklin until later but I did know that the barman was talking about me. It only took Franklin the length of one record to run to the pub.”

“So did he pick up from where he left off?”

“More or less, I told him that I only had a couple of hours before I’d have to go home so he moved into overdrive. He had me up in the flat above the pub inside ten minutes.”

“So, what was it like to be fucked by a black man…are the stories about the size of their cocks true?”

“I didn’t…well, I did get fucked but not by Franklin…he and Mike had come to an arrangement, Franklin was going to get my engine all revved up and Mike was going to join us once I was too far gone to refuse. The problem was that I’d already told Franklin that he couldn’t screw me…I told him a little white lie…”

“And what was that?”

“I told him that I always had sex with my husband after my visit to the pub on a Saturday night so he couldn’t leave a deposit in me or even use a condom because he’d stretch me too wide because of his massive cock. I couldn’t use the same excuse with Mike though; he was just an average sized Englishman so I let him fuck me with a condom on.”

Sue smiled again, “So, did it turn you on having so many people seeing you in the nude all day, especially having Franklin licking you while you were being fucked by his mate?”

I grinned and nodded my head, “I was like a bitch on heat all day yesterday.”

“Are you going to see him again?”

“I took his phone number and promised him that I’d ring him later in the week when I can get away for an hour or two to let him fuck me

“I’d love to watch you with a huge black man fucking you!”

I was just about to respond when our taxi whispered across the bridge over the canal, it was a Toyota Prius and it was running on battery power.

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Sue grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the taxi, she gave him her address, it sounded like Greek to me, strange sounding names, it sounded even stranger when her address was repeated in a thick East European accent.

Sue held my hand discretely as we sat in the back of the taxi, she whispered through gritted teeth, “I’d love to strip you naked right now, right here in the back of this taxi so Vladimir could watch me making love to you right here on this seat!”

I smiled at her and shook my head. “And I thought my husband was kinky!”

Sue lived in an apartment block, very up-market place. I remembered Gavin climbing in the window of the ground floor flat and getting caught by the woman’s husband. “Nice place, so nice to be on the top floor rather than on the ground floor…” I had to relay the Gavin story to her.

“My you have had an interesting few days haven’t you?”

Sue was pulling the bottom hem of my dress up as she spoke; I raised my arms so Sue could get my dress off more easily. I stood in front of her in just my knickers and bra, she stepped back and looked at me, “You’re very beautiful and you have lovely lingerie.”

She stepped back in and put her hands on my waist, she gave me a little squeeze as she kissed me and then she leaned away and looked down at her hands, “My god, how can you have such a tiny waist? It feels like my fingers can almost touch around you.”

I had my left hand on Sue’s neck, her manish hair style was prickling my fingertips, encouraging me to stroke up the back of her neck so that the short spikes of hair tingled them. Her hands slid up over my ribs until they reached my bra, her palms lifted my breasts and then she followed the material around to my back until her fingers reached the clasp at the back. She pulled and I felt my bra relax.

Sue stepped back and eased my bra off and then she looked confused and she palpaited my breasts and lifted then so that she could look below.

“What are you looking for?”

Sue let my breasts fall back, “Sorry, I was looking to see how good your surgeon was!”

I punched her playfully on her shoulder, “They’re real, all me, not an ounce of silicone in them!”

We both laughed and I rubbed her shoulder as if I was trying to make the spot I punched better…I moved my hand from her shoulder to the poppers down the front of her lumberjack shirt and as I pulled the poppers one by one I realised that I’d never done anything like that before…I was the one that got undressed, I didn’t do the undressing. I gave a nervous giggle as I finally exposed Sue’s breasts, she was little more than an ‘A’ cup, I’d actually seen men with bigger breasts than she had…no bra under her shirt but she did have large and responsive nipples, I esenler escort guess it came from wearing course materials and no bras.

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I got a little nervous as I fought to pull her shirt out of the waistband of her jeans. Sue had a chest similar to John’s, no hairs and almost flat, she also had the same belly…Sue really was man shaped. I helped her to get her shirt down over her wrists and then I stopped, I just looked at her naked upper body and asked myself, ‘What the hell are you ding here?’

Sue sensed my hesitation and stepped in to keep me in the game. She brushed her fingers through my hair and then wrapped it around her fist and pulled my face into hers, a hard kiss, she was playing the man very well.

I was a little off balance by having my hair pulled for the kiss and while I was trying to recover my footing Sue rolled my knickers down and now I was totally naked while she was merely topless. The kiss was broken and Sue looked down, “Wow, ginger…why do you darken your hair…I love red-heads!”

I shook my head to uncurl my hair from the clump left by being wrapped around Sue’s fist.

“I grew up in a rough part of Newcastle, I was bullied every day for having red hair…I was always classed as being Scottish because of my colouring and they hate the Scots in Newcastle…I also use relaxers on my hair because I hate it being wiry…you know how natural red hair can be!”

She smiled again and then looked down at her own trousers and back at my face…I got the picture, she’d stripped me naked and now it was my turn to reciprocate. I let out a nervous giggle as I reached for the leather belt holding her jeans up and then I suddenly realised why I was reluctant…so many things about Sue were manish, I was worried that if I found ‘Y’ fronts under her jeans…or boxers…I might not be able to stop myself laughing at her…it would have been nervous laughter but she’d take it the wrong way…I was sure of that.

I peeled her jeans open, white poly-cotton bikini brief panties…at least she was wearing women’s underwear; I relaxed as I struggled her tight jeans down over her legs. When I got to her feet I was really glad that we’d taken our muddy shoes off when we arrived at her flat…I doubted that I’d have been able to manage the snap-cleats that held her fell walking boots clamped tightly to her feet.

More kissing and I finally plucked up the courage to pull her knickers down. She was denuded around the fanny area, her pussy felt like a babies bum…just a lot bigger!

Sue took the lead again and pulled me by the hand through to the bedroom, she showed her manish nature again when she threw me onto the bed from three feet away, I bounced like I’d hit a trampoline…I was monetarily blinded by my mop of hair falling over my face on the third bounce and as I raked it away with my fingers she grabbed my ankles and pulled me down the bed a little. She kept hold of my ankles as she began to slither up her bed from the foot end, she lifted my feet over her shoulders and slithered higher up the bed.

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My heels slipped down over her back as she lined her mouth up with my cunt. I started out trying to push her mouth away from my pussy as she started oral sex on me but then I changed to pulling her hair to try and get her tongue deeper into my cunt and I was starting to wish that she had longer hair so that I could wrap it in my fists the way she’d done to me earlier. I was digging my heels into her back to try and add to the pleasure she was giving me.

I’d had oral sex from men before, just fifteen hours earlier I had it from two men but like when John did oral on me…it was short lived. John never spent more than three minutes giving me oral pleasure…mind you…that seemed fair to me as I never managed to give John oral pleasure for that long…if I was sucking his cock he always filled my mouth with his cream in two minutes or less. Sue was the first woman I’d had sex with and after a single orgasm lasting more than fifteen minutes I had to beg her to stop.

Sue wriggled around and lay at my side in the traditional sixty-nine position and I started to lick her cunt. I got a shock, I pulled my mouth away from her cunt, “Do I taste raspberry?”

Sue giggled and nodded her head.

“How come?”

Sue’s giggle got louder and she wriggled off the bed, she threw a bath sheet at me, “Spread this out on the bed and lie on it.”

Sue ran into the kitchen, she really did look more like a man then most men looked, she had quite narrow hips and a wobbly bum, just like John, especially when she ran in the nude.

Sue was hiding something behind her back as she climbed on top of the towel next to me on the bed, “In the summer…on hot days…I like to cool down like this…” She eased my legs open with her left hand and produced a raspberry iced lollipop from behind her back. Before I could stop her the iced treat was between my legs, the lollipop was six inches long and Sue buried it un my cunt to the wooden stick.

“Ever tried anything escort bayan like that before?”

I shook my head.

“You can get lots of fun from food if you play with it right.”

Sue masturbated me with the lollipop until it had all melted, she’d lifted my knees and made me wrap my arms behind my knees while she did it so when the stick came away from the lollipop and she couldn’t use it to masturbate me anymore she picked a plastic straw up off of her bedside table and pushed that into my pussy and she started to drink from my cunt through the straw.

I was a little uncomfortable being bent double for so long but it was very kinky having Sue drink from me that way, it took an age for the last of the ice to melt inside my body and then we had to change position because Sue wanted me to do the same to her. She called out from the kitchen, I have cola, strawberry, lemon or orange left, any preferences?”

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“Cola…especially if it has white rum in it!”

She ran back into the room with a cola popsicle, a little longer and a little fatter than the raspberry one she’d used on me.

“You have to be careful if you’re playing with Alcohol and ice…Cola is the last soft drink to freeze so it is always the coldest but if you add rum, it will act like an antifreeze, it would probably need to get to minus twenty centigrade to freeze it, you could get serious frostbite inside at such a low temperature.”

I didn’t need to encourage Sue to get into position, she jumped on the bed and folded herself in half while I pulled the paper wrapper off of the cola-pop. I slipped it into her and masturbated her before drinking my cola.

“I suppose you could just tip a little rum in me now that the ice has melted!”

I nearly choked on my cola drink at that suggestion.

“Did you like that?”

“Having a lollipop in my pussy and being masturbated by it was nice, I’m not sure about drinking the resulting product though!”

“Didn’t you ever play with food with John?”

I shook my head, “John was quite kinky but he never strayed down the food road.”

Sue opened her bedside drawer, it looked like a store room for a sex shop, there were dildos of every shape and size, vibrators, strap on dildos and more toys besides that I couldn’t work out what their function was.

“Want me to try any of these on you?”

I giggled nervously…I guessed that toys like that were the usual thing for lesbian fun so I didn’t want to say no…I spotted something that looked like a model of a woman’s labia, it had a ring on the back and a wire connected to a battery box.

“What’s that for?”

Sue smiled at me, “You’ll like this!”

Page 31

She slipped her hand through the ring at the back of the toy, the impression of a vagina was in soft latex, “This is really made for men to use in their cocks but I love the feeling too.”

She pushed the power slider on the battery pack up a little, there was a gentle buzz, she pressed it against my breast, a gentle pass over my nipple was pleasant and then she increased the pressure, the vibrating rate was unchanged but the pleasure increased five fold.

“How does that feel?”

“Nice but I think I might get friction burns.”

“Oh…sorry, I like it rough but I’ve been using it for years…”

Sue reached back into the drawer, and pulled out a little bottle of lemon oil, it was usually used in cooking but Sue dripped a few spots of the oil on my breasts and started massaging my breasts again with the toy. She massaged all over my breasts, the few drops of oil spread all the way down to my pubic hair and Sue massage the toy over every inch of my upper body.

“How was that?”

“Much better, very sexy, very slippery.”

Sue licked my nipple, “Very slippery and safe to eat too.”

Sue dripped a little oil directly onto the toy and she pushed it and her hand between my legs, rubbing the oil directly over, my pussy and driving me wild.

“What would you like to use on me?”

I was just getting my breath back and I leaned over the open drawer, I pushed and pulled the toys about to see what was available, I saw a twelve inch long rubber dildo that was made to look like a realistic blackman”s cock, it felt like it was made out of jelly and even had a realistic looking foreskin over the cockhead. “This looks like it could have been modelled on Franklin’s cock, very realistic.”

“Would you like to use that on me?”

I smiled and nodded my head.”

“I just have to get it ready first!”

Sue went to the kitchen and came back with a small jar from her fridge and two pairs of medical gloves.

“What’s in the jar and why the latex gloves?”

Page 32

“A little more food based fun; these are thin slices of Scotch Bonnet chilli pepper. I rub the oil from one slice all over the dildo’s head and then tuck another slice under the foreskin and the gloves are so you won’t get any of the chilli oil in your eyes later.”


Sue smiled at me and then she took the slice that she’d already used to coat the cockhead and she touched it to my clitoris and I hit the ceiling…not literally, metaphorically…I leaped from a standing start to a force ten orgasm just from having a used slice of chilli touched against it and the orgasm was running on and on and on, “Make it stop…how do I make it stop?”

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