Peter’s Perfect Pervy Weekend

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Friday 7th October 2011.

Six times a year the two families got together to celebrate. They used to live next door to each other when the children were born, but now the Thompsons had moved an hour or so away they would always get together for family birthdays, staying in one home or the other. Even as the young people grew up and had their own celebrations with friends, the tradition of the two families getting together to celebrate birthdays continued. Of course there were seven of them, but the two fathers’ birthdays were only a couple of days apart, so they were always celebrated together.

This weekend they were getting together to celebrate Kelly’s birthday, although the actual date had been on the Wednesday before. It was a special birthday – Kelly was 18. Kelly Richmond was a slim, tall, pretty girl, with long dark hair. She was still slightly awkward, lacking in confidence, but everyone knew she would develop into a shapely good looking woman, and the confidence would grow when she went to college the next summer. Kelly was not looking forward to the weekend wholeheartedly…

Peter -Kelly’s older brother, had started work the previous summer having just left college, working for a publishing company. He was tall, and had developed “adult” confidence, as well as a muscular body from working out. And Peter had strong desires… Both Peter and Kelly still lived at home, but as with all young people of their age, had busy lives outside of the home. Their parents – Tony and Barbara – were older versions of their children. If you could imagine Kelly and Peter twenty five years older, you would see Tony and Barbara. Of course, Barbara had her hair shorter, and Tony was going grey, but it was obvious who Peter and Kelly’s parents were.

Tony and Barbara Richmond had lived next to the Thompsons since the two couples were both married within months of each other. The Thompsons – Jenny and Dave, and their son Mark had moved for Dave’s work about three years before this weekend. Dave – shorter than Tony, and more muscular build, had gained promotion at the building company where he worked, but it had forced the move forty miles away. It was sad for Jenny Thompson, Dave’s wife – she had been best friends with Barbara Richmond even before either were married, and as much as the phone lines hummed between them, she missed her friend next door. Jenny again was different in build to her best friend. She was shorter, with short fair hair. She wasn’t fat, but she was definitely shapely with a flirty twinkle in her eye as she dealt with the men. As much as they missed being neighbours, these weekends when they stayed with each other were wonderful. The parents were also lucky that the three children had always got on so well. Kelly and Peter Richmond had always got on well with Mark Thompson, although he was very different – only about average height with longish curly hair and ready smile. People called Mark cute, rather than handsome, but there had always been jokes about him and Kelly, who was six months younger than him, getting married one day and cementing the family relationships – a joke with an underlying hope…

Peter heard a car stop outside their house about 7.00pm on the Friday evening, then the car horn sound – it could only be the Thompsons arriving. Peter smiled as he opened the door, with Kelly and their parents Tony and Barbara close behind. Peter smiled for joy – he loved seeing the Thompsons as much as the rest of the family. Peter also smiled a sly smile – this weekend was going to be different from any of the others, and he was going to enjoy it more than the others. The pieces had started falling into place months before…

Saturday 9th July 2011 – 3 months earlier…

It had been a gathering, this time at the Thompsons, for the two fathers – Tony and Dave – to celebrate their birthdays. Somehow they had all arranged things for Dave Thompson and Barbara Richmond to stay at home to prepare a special meal – they both loved cooking – while the rest went out on a friend’s powerboat. The problem – they needed money to buy fuel for the boat, and they had all forgotten their wallets. Peter volunteered to drive home – only ten minutes away from the marina, to pick up some money and get back to the boat as soon as possible.

Peter had parked the car, and instead of ringing the front door bell, had gone around the back of the house where he knew the French windows would be open. As he approached the French windows he heard strange sounds from inside. He approached more slowly, and peeped through the pulled curtains. He heard a woman moaning. He saw a man on top of a woman, both naked, the man thrusting hard in and out of the woman, obviously both close to cumming. Peter thought quickly – he set up his mobile phone and videoed what was happened. His mother being screwed by Dave Thompson, screaming for him to fuck her harder and harder, him calling her a wonderful slut, an amazing fuck. Peter continued to film as they both screamed in orgasm, Dave pumping hard into Barbara.

Peter was even escort kartal more amazed as his mother told Dave he was the best fuck she’d ever had, then began to lick his cock covered with a mixture of her juices and his cum. Peter watched as Dave’s cock began to stir, and heard him say “Let’s go upstairs and do this properly…” He watched as the two of them disappeared upstairs, then snuck into the house and found his wallet, and disappeared back to the rest of the families. Within the ten minute drive he began to dream of what might happen…

Saturday 23rd July, 2011- two and a half months earlier…

Over the next couple of weeks Peter had planned for the next gathering – to celebrate Barbara’s birthday. He wondered if his mother and Dave would get together again. It would be nice to see more… Peter checked through the internet until he found adverts for spy cameras, and when his parents were out fixed one which was movement sensitive into the burglar alarm censor they had in their bedroom. He linked it to his own computer via a wireless connection, which would record any movement in his parents’ bedroom.

The Thompsons had turned up on the Friday evening, and the families had quickly settled into their old routines for the weekend. For Peter he wasn’t too hopeful – through the Saturday he hadn’t seen his mother or Dave left together. Later Saturday evening he checked the file from the hidden camera. He had watched his parents undress for bed on the Friday, and apart from watching his mother strip, and thinking she was one hot lady – he had never thought of her that way before – nothing else happened. The camera had also picked them up dressing the next morning. It was after that – the timer said 1.30pm – something caught his eye. Peter thought – yes most of them had gone to the country park up the road for a walk – only a couple of them had stayed behind sun-bathing.

Peter was astonished as he saw on the film his father Tony, and Mark Thompson enter the bedroom together. He was even more astonished as he watched them kiss. Even more astonished as he watched his father – who was clearly in charge, remove Mark Thompson’s swimming trunks, letting his stiff cock spring upwards – not large – but like Mark – cute. He was transfixed as his father ordered Mark to jerk off, to give him a good show. He watched as Mark did, looking hugely embarrassed and hugely turned on. It only took Mark a minute or so to shoot his cum, and his cock slowly shrink. Peter’s father Tony had not finished however – he stood, removed his own trunks, revealing his larger cock, sat again, and simply said “Suck me off, bitch.”

Peter watched as the naked Mark knelt in front of his Father and took his cock in his mouth, sliding up and down, licking. Peter heard his father say things like “You are the best cock sucker I’ve ever known.” He heard him say “Next time I’m going to have your virgin ass.” Again within minutes Tony was spurting cum into Mark’s throat, holding Mark’s head on his cock. Mark was swallowing hard, although some cum was seeping out the side of his mouth.

It was odd. When they had finished they both put their trunks back on as if it was an ordinary thing to do and disappeared. For Peter it added to his dreams – maybe Mark would be his as well…

Friday 8th August 2011 – 2 months earlier…

Peter had come home from work. He had tea and went to his room, hoping to skype a few friends in other parts of the country – people who had gone their own way after leaving university chasing jobs where they could find them. It was one of those evenings – no-one was on. But then there was a call to him. Jenny. He answered the call: “Hi Auntie Jenny. How are you?” The picture came into focus, and he could see she was wearing a dressing gown – probably had a shower earlier or something.

Peter had been shocked by the reply. “Really ticked off. Dave has been away for work all week and now he’s away for the weekend as well – won’t be back until Tuesday. Work has run over. I was really looking forward to him coming home this evening.” There was something in the way she said it…

“What do you mean, Auntie Jenny?”

“You know what I mean.” There was a pause. “I have got more and more excited this week, imagining what we would do when he got back – honey, I’m horny as hell, and no man to quench the fires.” Peter was shocked – he had never heard Jenny talk this way before. She continued before he had the chance to reply.

“I wish there was a young man like you here. He can never satisfy me anyway. I wish you were here – you could have me and take me any way you wanted. I bet you could make my body sing. I bet you could fill me.”

“Auntie Jenny, please…”

“Peter. You’ve gotta help me, I’m so horny. At least please watch…”

Peter was transfixed as Jenny removed her dressing gown and was naked. Peter thought she was gorgeous. Peter watched as she picked up a vibrator off camera, push away from the cam till he could see her naked, and began to play with herself, quickly pushing the uğur mumcu escort vibrator inside her, her body responding. Peter heard her crying out: “Peter, I so want you, I’ve always wanted you…” “I’ve always wanted young man cock.”

For a moment Jenny paused, then looked intently into the camera. “Peter, please, let me see your cock. Let me see what I’m dreaming of.” Peter was stunned, but without thinking stood up and undid his trousers and pushed them, along with his boxer shorts to his knees. He sat down again, making sure his camera showed aunt Jenny what she wanted to see, let his hand rest on his cock.

Aunt Jenny did hesitate. “Wow Fantastic.” She started moving the vibrator in and out of herself again, and began talking again. “I feel your cock thrusting into me.” “Next time I see you I’ll fuck you however you want, I’ll let you empty your balls into me…” As she said “me” her voice turned into a wail and her body shook as her orgasm overwhelmed her. It seemed to go on and on.

At last she came down from her orgasm, grabbed her dressing gown and covered herself. “Peter, I’m so sorry, but you can have me…” She turned the camera off, she disappeared from the screen. Peter smiled – he was glad he had clicked the record button. Half a minute later he was pumping his cum into the air. Maybe…

Thursday 22nd September, 2011 – 3 weeks earlier…

Peter and Kelly had always been friendly and got on well. They had often shared experiences and problems, although Kelly was four years younger than Peter was. Peter was the perfect older brother to Kelly, she the perfect younger sister – at least up to this conversation. Kelly knocked on Peter’s bedroom door about 9.00pm in the evening. She looked worried when Peter called her in. “What is it, sis?”

“I’ve just been talking to Mark on skype. He was funny tonight. Do you know what he said?”

Peter smiled. “That you’ve got the best brother in the world?”

“No, silly,” Kelly replied. It was clear Kelly was worried about something, so Peter put on his listening look.

“Mark said that as we were going to get married like everybody said, then at my eighteenth birthday he should take my cherry. That his should be the first cock I ever felt in me.”

“He said what?”

Kelly continued as if she hadn’t heard Peter. “The thing is, I really like Mark, but want a real man to take me first time. A real man like you.”

Peter was left mouth wide, swallowing air. Kelly continued. “Mark’s only a squirt, and he just wants to get his thingy in me. I want to feel a man who wants to make love to me, a real man, like you.”

Peter was dumbstruck. First at Mark’s nerve, but also at Kelly’s response. He paused before he spoke quietly. “It could be me if you wanted.”

Kelly jumped. “No, that would be all wrong. You’re my brother. It’s not allowed.”

“Who says?” Peter spoke quietly. “It could be me. As a special eighteenth birthday present.”

Kelly was looking flustered. “No, I couldn’t. It would be all wrong.”

Peter paused. “Honey, would you like to see what would take you?” Peter ran his hand over the front of his trousers – he was already feeling hard in his trousers.

“Peter, no…please…”

“Okay honey – perhaps you can see the outline of my 7 inches through my jeans. That’s what you would get.” Peter paused again. He spoke again, changing the direction of the conversation. “Honey – if you don’t want Mark to take your cherry then you don’t let him. I know Mark – he won’t force it. And if he does, threaten him with me.”

After that they chattered a bit more, and Kelly went back to her own room. Both were thinking the same thing. Perhaps they weren’t the “perfect” brother and sister. Perhaps they were something much better than that! Over the next few days Peter was very aware that Kelly was checking him out when she thought he wasn’t aware of her. Once he left the door ajar when he was lying naked on his bed, reading a hot story, aroused, knowing she would see him as she went past his door. Perhaps…

Monday 3rd October 2011, 4 days earlier.

Mark had enjoyed his day at college, both the work and being with his mates. He had enjoyed pizza for tea, and headed to catch up on Emails before doing some study. There was one from Tony. Mark paused, not sure what to do, what it would say. He remembered that Uncle Tony had caught him masturbating one weekend – he seemed to have crept into Mark’s bedroom and caught him wanking to a gay video on the computer. Mark knew he wasn’t gay. Was he? And how Uncle Tony had told him to suck his cock. And he had. And he had loved it. And even more how he had enjoyed Uncle Tony watching him wank and shoot. Mark did dream of taking Kelly, but deep down he knew – he would rather have a man take him…

Mark opened the Email and read. He was horrified. Terrified. Turned on like never before, just at the words and threat… He read: “…this weekend, my little bitch, I’m going to go even further than before. This weekend I’m going çavuşoğlu escort to fuck your mancunt. Your ass is going to be mine. I know it’s what you want…” It was only seconds before Mark was shooting his cum, working his hand dreaming of submitting.

Monday 3rd October 2011, 4 days earlier.

Barbara Richmond was just finishing her coffee at Starbucks when her cell phone rang with a message. It was Dave Thompson. Barbara remembered the weekend back in the summer. That Saturday afternoon. The only time, but it had been the hottest afternoon she had ever spent. Dave Thompson had been an animal, and she had exhausted him, while she came more times in one session than ever before. It had been a one off – there had been no other opportunities. Barbara hesitated before she opened the text. “Must fuck you this weekend. Must find time. Please.” Even reading it made her twitch between her legs. She sent a simply “OK” in reply, but she wanted it…

Tuesday 4th October 2011, 3 days earlier.

Peter had worked hard all day. He turned on Skype to chat to friends – 9.30pm. There was a message. Aunt Jenny. The message simply said “Please don’t do anything or mention anything, please don’t give me away.”

Thursday 6th October 2011, 9.30pm, 1 day earlier.

Peter was again unwinding in his room after a tough day at work, when there was knock on his door. He shouted “Come In,” but hadn’t needed to – Kelly his sister simply walked in, holding her cell phone.

“Have you seen this?” She asked. Peter looked. His mind went through the options. Had he seen the picture before? No! Had he seen the subject of the picture before? No! Had he seen the type of object Kelly was showing him on the screen before? Of course, but this one looked particularly cute. On the screen Mark had sent a picture of his cock to Kelly, with the words “This is coming for you – going to cum in you!”

Peter smiled. Crass! “Stop smiling – it isn’t funny!” Kelly was fuming. Peter held up his hand.

“It’s all right – we won’t let him. Unless you want him to. I’ll be here for you.”

“But it’s not right, he should be punished for this.”

Peter paused before explaining his plan – in outline. Kelly said nothing, but part of her was happy that Mark would get punished, and through the evening got more and more excited at the thought of Peter being her first…

Friday 7th October 2011.

Peter, Kelly and their parents – Barbara and Tony – had heard the car draw up, and were on the step to greet the Thompsons, their friends. It was hugs all round, then the men carried the Thompson’s luggage inside, leaving it in the hall. It was a typical evening. They had eaten together, chatted, joked, caught up, and were comfortable together. Of course there seemed to be undercurrents, but nothing was spoken. It was about 9.30 when the two fathers – Tony and Dave declared they were going to get a drink at the bar down the road. It was about the same time Mark and Kelly decided to watch a movie in the snug in the basement. It was the same time when Barbara declared she had to wash up. It was just after when Peter offered to help Aunt Jenny with the luggage up to the bedroom.

Aunt Jenny was wearing a pair of jeans and flowery sleeveless top. Peter looked hard at her – she was shapely. Cute. Hoping nothing would happen. Guessing that because there were others in the house Peter wouldn’t do anything. She had promised herself that even if Peter did anything she would stop it and not allow it. Yes, Peter did look good in his shorts and t-shirt, barefoot, but she would not succumb. Jenny took a couple of cases, Peter followed her with a couple more. As they climbed the stairs Peter couldn’t help staring at Jenny’s ass held tight in the jeans.

Jenny put her cases on the floor and watched as Peter carried the others for her. He put them on the bed, and without even closing the door, he put his arms around Jenny and kissed her hard. At first she struggled, but he was so strong, holding her firm. There was no escaping his grip. He kissed her hard, allowed one hand to slip down her back and grasp her ass, then lifted a leg and forced it between her legs, until it was pushing hard into her crotch. He could feel her warmth and dampness even through her jeans.

Jenny did make a token struggle, but had stopped very quickly. Peter allowed his lips to leave Jenny’s then spoke softly into her ear. “Honey, I’m going to fuck you very soon. You are going to feel my cock in your cunt. And you will moan like the slut you are as I pound your hole. You ready?”

Jenny was struggling already to keep her dignity. “Please, no, they will hear.”

Peter whispered again. “Then they will be jealous, wishing it was them being fucked.” Peter scooped Jenny off her feet, took her to the bed and dropped her on her back. As he did so he caught his hand in her t-shirt and had removed it in seconds. Jenny wanted this to stop, but couldn’t fight it. Already her crotch felt on fire, and she knew she was soaking. Peter reached down, undid Jenny’s Jeans and pulled them roughly off. He smiled as he noticed her lift her ass to help him. Peter quickly removed his own shorts, t-shirt and boxers and stood next to the bed, his cock inches from Jenny’s face. Peter no longer spoke quietly. “Kiss it, slut,” he ordered her.

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