Pictures of You Ch. 03

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This is a continuation of the Jessy19/DanDresden story about what may happen if a boyfriend and brother has the same first name …


Outside there were Clouds circling above but most of the stars were still visible. I thought about calling Nick but decided against it, not wishing to come off as the needy girlfriend. My phone would be handy in case he called.

“Wait a minute, where is it?!” I can’t remember. Retracing every step in my mind, I began to worry on two fronts: “…would I miss his call? and ‘WOULD SOMEONE FIND THOSE PICTURES ON MY PHONE?’

My heart raced. I racked my brain to think of an something. Nothing. The solution better be good. Who did I know who could come up with an idea, execute a plan and then keep the arrangement confidential? The answer had to be my brother. He could always think on his feet. He pulled off more than one scheme where no one was the wiser. Nick knew the campus layout from his skateboarding days. I had to set aside that elephant in the room thing and go for it. Walking briskly into co-conspirator brother’s room, I closed the door and sat on his bed. Seeing the panic in my eyes, he agreed to help without an argument. With his assurance that we would search the grounds at tomorrow’s first light, my panic was annulled. Sleep would evade me this night.

Up early Saturday, we each threw on one of his grey running suits. The color blended in with the sky and the sports gear would provide an ample alibi if we were caught sneaking around. The sweats were tight to accommodate his lean, toned body. I had to discard my bra and panties to make them fit. Leaving quietly, I noticed the morning was overcast, cloud banks were separated suggesting possible sunny patches in the afternoon.

Nick pinched the keys to the family car — a Jeep four door Cherokee. We drove the short distance to the college, parking on the roadside in an inconspicuous place close to school. As we jogged to the gate nearest the schoolroom, dark heavier rainclouds approached. The asphalt was still dry.

We locked hands and I guided us to room of my last class. We began the search concentrating on the chair II sat on the previous Thursday. Having to reply on light coming through the windows would make it hard to see. Feeling around on the floor underneath the row in front of my chair I felt an object. Pushing it into the aisle, a barely visible rectangular object entered my line of sight. The next thing I knew, the cell phone was in hand, screen black, battery dead, no red warning light. A sigh of relief came with the realization that nobody had picked it up. There were no witnesses to the indiscreet selfie exchange.

Nick placed the phone into my pants pocket, replacing it in my hand with a little notepad.

“What do I need this for?” I queried.

“To explain our intrusion in the event we are stopped on the way out. You went to retrieve your notes. This is actually an old scratch pad of mine. Handwrite a few words of yours that are difficult to read for authenticity,” he replied.

“Thank you” in big letters were my first words.

He held up “You’re welcome. Now what do I get in return?”

“My eternal appreciation,” was my retort.

“How about another kiss?” was an extreme request

“Careful what you ask for.” I wrote as I closed by book.

Nick sat down few seats away across the aisle. Let’s change the subject, “Is he really worth it?” was gaziantep escortları followed by a diatribe ending in” …you’re becoming a different person” all before I was given a chance to answer.

“What do you really want to know? For starters circumstances change, people change, but I’m still me.” For a moment I became lost in a fleeting reflection that pictures freeze time. Returning to the present I continued: “what business is this of yours, why the sudden interest?”

Instead of the typical “don’t want to see you get hurt” lecture, Nick tried to shrug it off by implying Kate was the one concerned. Boy Howdy! He wished he had those words back.

I rounded on him. “What’s up with you and Kate?”

“What? Why do you care?”

“Because she’s my best friend and you’re my little brother. Now spill it.”

Nicky, as Kate called him, confessed to kissing her. Kate was sleeping over and got up for a midnight snack. They happened to meet in the hallway. Nicky liked to tickle which made Kate laugh. One thing leads to another as the encounter became Nicky’s first kiss. Over the next year they would get together on rare occasions for a kiss and cuddle. Lately they began to fill in the empty time was I was unavailable. Kate taught him a thing or two about women.

Hearing that news made me feel it jealous but of whom. Nick? Kate? Pressing on brought relief to learn that the lessons hadn’t gone too far. Not knowing whether it was my competitive nature or a growing realization of strong feelings for little brother, I delivered the whammy: “Who kisses better, Kate or me?” That question was answered by a long silent pause. The words just floated in the air.

After several minutes, he jumped up and dashed out of the classroom. Caught up in our conversation, we failed to notice the downpour that had dropped over the last 20 minutes. Zigzagging around puddles, and bypassing buildings, he found the one he sought — ‘Drama Department’. I trailed behind wondering ‘where are we going?’ The door was unlocked. Inside were standing plywood sets strewn in odd angles. My subconscious registered a strange feeling due to the random array. Nick could be careless, and I proceeded with caution at first.

The room was dry and stuffy inside. Stands of light stealing between overhead clouds highlighted the dust motes through a skylight. Beyond a curtain running two thirds of the way back, Nick discovered two large chests. One contained male costumes and the other female. Nick stripped down to his skin and began putting on a pirate outfit. Complete with eye patch and feathered hat, he flourished his curved erect ‘sword’ proudly. Placing one foot on top of the trunk he barked “Sis snap a picture.”

Closing an astonished open mouth, I grinned and replied “hell, might as well have fun.” Snatching Nick’s phone (mine was still out of juice) I took several flash pictures, including one close-up that highlighted his thick manhood and large knob that belied otherwise normal length. Zooming in captured a noticeable outline of two hefty orbs.

Discarding a low-cut mermaid costume, I pulled out a wench’s wardrobe, complete with push up corset, skirt, and bolero with ruffled arms. This would match nicely. I stepped out of the running suit, folded it neatly and changed behind the curtain. ‘No sense being indiscrete!’ Pushing the pile under the drape, I told escort gaziantep Nick:” here, place your clothes next to mine” as I stacked them neatly.

“Hurry up, I want to see my courtesan” he pleaded.

As I snuggled into the top, my breasts were pushed out to accentuate my bosom, while indecently exposing a hint of nipple. I fought the urge to crouch and cover my fanny bared by the short skirt. Taking a deep breath, I stepped out for the reveal. Nick turned me around to cinch up the loose bodice, his hands tying knots from behind while his eyes peeked over my shoulder.

I had always enjoyed playing dress-up. Posing like a model was a blast. The first was a side view, bent over the at the waist, skirt thrown up. Snap! Flash! Careful not to expose my precious jewels, I sat on my knees facing the camera, bending forward to show deep cleavage. Each new pose earned admiration. More pictures, different looks: innocent pout, seductive ‘Ooh La La’ and surprised ‘O’. I managed to leave the best to imagination.

I couldn’t take my mind off his cock attention. He dodged away when I lunged toward to shout, “put that thing away before you get hurt.” Feet became tangled as we fell onto the shadowed floor laughing. Nick finally rolled over, pulled off his regalia; lifted the chest lid and shoved the get-up inside.

My first question to Nick was “now that you have these pictures, will you erase the ones I sent you by mistake? I don’t want my Nick to see that you both have them.”

Normally a man of few words. his reply surprised me: “OK, fair deal. Those images are etched in my brain. You have no idea how much I enjoyed them. I’m surprised you didn’t find the evidence. Vanessa, I will especially cherish the one’s we took today because they are meant for me” In the dark I could almost see his smile. “Besides, a picture is only a mirror double”, he mused — “real is real — flesh is flesh.”

Before he could explain himself, I became aware that Nick straightened to attention. We both stood stock still to listen and heard voices outside. When the conversation grew louder as strangers came nearer, we knew we had to act. ‘Quick, hide,’ came a psychic simultaneous thought. Each gathered our sweats, socks, and shoes. The closest place to disappear was an adjacent tall cabinet. An empty vertical space was revealed as we pulled and swung it open. Bundles were thrown ahead, and we jumped barely in time. The magnetic latch snapped just as sunlight spilled in like a huge flashlight. People strolled through the open space. Fortunately, they could see nothing among the maze of discarded items. Packed tight,

Quick thinking saved us from discovery, but we were packed tight inside the space as we dropped our clothes to make room. Nick planted himself into the corner, thrusting one arm across my body, while the other tried to fasten to my hip. Naked skin and round curves offered nothing for him to gain purchase. He desperately clutched the corset but was losing his grip.

I grasped a clothes hook on the door with both hands to pull the door shut. If I let go, we would spill out into the room like an overturned bowel of apples. At 5 foot 2 inches tall, I needed a boost. Lifting me, pushing our clothes under my feet, he let me down slowly to be stable.

His wrist nestled in the valley between sloping hills, but I felt myself sliding away .Lifting gaziantep bayan escortları me using the arm under my breasts did the trick, I was now seated on his hand, palm up and facing forward, fingers forming a ‘V’, two on each side on my Camel Toe. My body’s back and forth swaying due to precarious balance was arrested with a firm grip and barely perceptible squeezing of my hairless pubes. Excitement and fear produced liquid to the touch as my exposed silky-smooth glided easily.

My panic washed away with the steady cadence of clinch and caress Then it started and stopped, I do not know, but the strokes continued for a long time, ‘We shouldn’t be doing this, but it has to be over soon’, whispered my inner voice. While you my brother may have misconstrued the motion, you knew what you were doing. Resigning myself to the moment, I could no longer resist. My vulva opened like a flower.

Lubrication leaked as encouragement. Pushing a rigid middle finger in, he then easily added the ring finger. Those two inside fingers alternated between sawing in an out, while outer fingers squeezed and released. When he pushed back the hood to expose my clit, I flinched to signal my sex was not ready for direct contact. As his thumb circled in an ever-smaller radius, he raised the other arm under my breasts to improve balance. The corset scraped and tugged on already elongated hard nipples as my whole body became sensitive to the slightest movement.

The spell was momentarily disrupted by a sudden shift of position. His hand slipped from the growing dampness and I almost fell. He responded quickly by changing hands, drawing me closer with his other arm and rotating slightly. A deep thrust came from the front focused on the soft inside pad, digits now flexed in a “come here’ motion. My response resumed, stronger this time as opposite thumb closed in to make full contact with my pearl.

Helpless to do anything, I bit my lip to remain soundless. The slightest noise would betray us. Panting, tasting sweaty tears; the mixture of terror and phrenzy was overpowering. ‘Do not stop; do it like that’ my brain demanded silently, ‘close … closer …now!’ A rumble rose from the deep, spread pleasure out, and baked delicate skin all the way to the underside of my face.

There was no mistaking that Nick had done everything he knew, pulling out all the stops. All fixated on one goal, forcing me climax to his touch, as if to say “‘can your jock rocket blast you off like me?’ Reality was setting in, interrupting that train of thought. He was now straining to hold on, tired arms shaking, but he did not relinquish control. How long would this go on?

Vacuum noises grew louder, with a grinding noise presumably from contacting the underside of the wood cabinet. I sent out my plea: ‘please go away from our private place.’ The unaware cleaning crew did not hear the request and took their sweet time. I was exhausted, hands hanging from the hook while my body surrendered full weight to Nick’s sturdy arms. He was strong, but how strong. How long could he hold me?

Finally, the damn vacuum was turned off. The only noises were chairs sliding, cleaning tools bumping objects and steps of people walking away. We waited a few minutes before taking a brief peek. The lights were off; the intruders were gone.

Now that the cleaning crew was dispatched, I threw on the running outfit to cover my sweaty body and marched to the car. Taking long strides, I covered the distance quickly, oblivious to the wind blowing vertical rain. I couldn’t control the temper welling up , giving me an adrenaline rush. All I could do was stand by the car door, my reflection in the glass revealed crossed arms, tight lips, and a reddening face. I would refuse to establish eye contact. I WAS PISSED!

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