Pink Pussycat’s Pool Party

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Double Penetration

Jack threw his tackle box in the back of Andy’s truck, flicked away the remnants of his cigarette and got in the seat beside his buddy. If Deanna had been there, he’d have caught Holy Hell for throwing his butt away and littering, but Christ, could she lighten the fuck up once in a while?

“So, how are we working it this time?” Jack asked.

“Perry and Ross are meeting us up at the Cabin in a few hours, Ben and Jerry are gonna drive up later on tonight, there’s some kind of disturbance downtown.” Ben and Jerry were Police Officers who endured merciless teasing about their names. Both were long-time friends of firemen Perry & Ross. Jack was a Podiatrist, Andy owned a large Pharmacy.

“When are you going to kick that nasty habit?” Andy gritted his teeth, the waft of tobacco smoke still in the air.

“Fuck man, don’t you start on me. You sound like fucking Deanna. I know it isn’t good for me, but I am not ready to quit now and jeez, after one of my rows with her, I fucking need a smoke!”

“Still harping?”

“Yeah, still harping. What about Renee?”

“She’s starting to get on my nerves. Shit, without these weekends Deanna suggested, I’d be inhaling the Scotch. Wonder what all of them do when we go on these retreats of ours?”

“No idea. Probably sip white wine and bitch about how bad we are in the sack, I guess.”

Nope, dear reader … not even close.

Deanna scampered up from the Deck Chair as she saw Renee approach. The cuddly redhead gave her friend a big hug, the sexy black woman was one of her oldest friends and closest confidantes. Both women wore their Pink Bikinis, the “Pink Pussycats” were a social group that the two women had organized a few years back, a group of like-minded women who got together periodically to have some fun and blow off steam about their respective husbands, boyfriends or current paramours.

The original intent of the group was quickly compromised, but we shall get to that later…

“Linn’s providing the catering and set-up again!” Deanna winked at her friend as they sat by the pool. “She’s always reliable, efficient and discreet, plus she provides us such an excellent rate.” Renee laughed, both women knew why. She looked around and saw there were indeed already, bottles of wine chilling, fresh fruit with lots of strawberries and such, chocolate for fondue, the back area now nicely decorated and music playing. Linn had even provided enough sun block and other things to keep everyone protected and having fun, including several other naughty things that would ensure the continued “specialness” of their get-togethers. Linn had probably come early in the morning, set up and gone home for a few hours rest. She’d need it.

“Who else is coming this afternoon, besides Linn, you and I?” Renee asked. They almost always had 5 regulars and a few guests, some who were members, some guests. One of the first rules was guests were allowed, but Deanna and Renee, being founding members, had final say.

“Crystal …” Deanna said. Crystal was Andy’s ex-wife. “… and maybe Heather. She said she’d try to be here tomorrow if she can get her Mom to take the kids.” Heather was married to Ross, Renee and Perry had been together 10 years, although Perry kept copping out, saying he didn’t believe in marriage. Renee almost gave off smoke every time she told that story, it was a total excuse for being a coward, but he was a pretty nice guy in all other ways, so she was sticking around.

“Cara and Hiromi too, of course.” Hiromi was their latest member, she was a Japanese beauty that Ben had saved from an attempted robbery and been smitten by, Cara was Jerry’s wife of 15 years, marrying right out of High School. “Crystal tells me she has a little surprise, so we should all look forward to that.” The pretty blonde divorcee loved to shock her fellow club members.

Just as the founding members finished conversing, they heard a loud chikchikchik on the poolside tiles and long, slender legs, stiletto-clad feet coming into view, signalling Linn’s arrival. The exotic, pink bikini-clad beauty was another long-time member, which was why she gave them such a good rate. In fact, she charged them practically nothing, euphoric each time she got the call there was another meeting. Kisses were exchanged and just as Linn was about to sit, everyone seemed to show up, squealing, Ankara Ucuz Rus Escort hugging and kissing and looking forward to the next days ahead. Leggy blonde Crystal, in a tight, cream-colored mini and sandals with long straps that went halfway up her tanned limbs, had a friend with her, a tiny brunette that simply oozed cutie-pie. “Who do we have here?” Deanna beamed at the newcomer.

Crystal spoke up. “This is Brittney.”

“You don’t mean …?”

“That’s right. Andy’s current wife.”

Flabbergasted was too mild a word to describe the others reaction. Crystal had been abruptly divorced, although the huge settlement had mitigated a lot of pain. But to bring your ex’s current spouse? Crystal held up her hand. “It’s okay everyone, she and I are friends. We met in the lingerie shop a month or two ago and I only found out who she was last week. Isn’t that hysterical?” Then Crystal sighed. “Poor kid, it seems like Andy’s up to his old tricks again.”

Andy, who was nearing 50 and not the best physical specimen, refused to believe he had anything to do with his continued lack of prowess in the bedroom. He divorced his first wife, charmed and married the now-25-year old Crystal, when she couldn’t get him fully revved in the sack; he had 2 affairs, which didn’t work out, of course. He pleaded with Crystal to give him another chance, and when she did, he divorced her and married Brittney a year later.

“How old are you kiddo?” Deanna said, giving the new arrival a welcoming hug.

“Almost twenty” Brittney said in a soft voice that almost sounded like the chiming of bells. Cutie, indeed!

“Okay, then you’re plenty old enough to play with the big kids!” Deanna laughed, ushering the girl over to where the others were pouring wine and laughing.

Brittney was a bit silent, perhaps she was intimidated? No matter, for when she did speak, she chose her words carefully and was totally charming. Crystal was just staring intently at her companion, she felt Deanna’s arms around her waist.

“Smitten, are we?”

Crystal nodded. “Well, just look at her. Can you blame me?”

Deanna shook her head; Brittney was indeed sweet, with an engaging personality. The food was eaten for a while, then taken inside and put away, so it could be eaten later and not spoil. Deanna looked at the remainder of the group, still dressed and in heels.

“Everyone here has too many clothes on!” she exclaimed, clapping her hands. “Cris, can you take our newcomer upstairs and show her where we put our stuff, then get your butt back down here?”

As Crystal and Brittney departed, Deanna felt Linn nibbling on her ear. “Impatient little slut, are we?” Linn’s knowing hands moved all over Deanna’s supple flesh, fondling her perfect round tits, Deanna was already growing damp with arousal. As co-founder of the club, it was established that she or Renee – sometimes both of them – got first dibs on the new player. Deanna looked over at her lover and saw the predatory hunger in the black girl’s eyes – she knew the show Renee and Brittney were about to put on would be a smouldering, passionate tableau they’d all long remember.

Some time ago, when the informal group had started, it was only to relax, catch some sun, swim, eat and drink and bitch about their relationships. One afternoon, Renee had brought Linn with her and while they griped about their men, Linn listened attentively, but didn’t say much. Deanna was on her third glass of wine when she leaned over and asked Linn teasingly “Is your relationship with your man so good that you don’t have anything to bitch about?”

Unfazed, Linn just said “I’m not in a relationship with a man at the moment.”

Deanna began to apologize, then Linn added “I’m in a relationship with a woman.”

Renee almost choked on her Chablis and Deanna just looked at the exotic beauty, stunned. “I didn’t know you were a – a … “

Linn interrupted. “A lesbian? I’m not. I like men and enjoy their company, I think I could have a relationship with a man if I wanted one, I just don’t care to at present. My best friend Victoria and I are lovers, it suits us both nicely.”

Renee looked at her friend and said “You never told me.”

Unflinching, Linn replied “You never asked me, darling.”

The Yenimahalle Rus Escort three spent the remainder of the day talking, curious about every facet of Linn’s life and impressed with her candour. Over the course of the next week, Deanna’s mind kept going to Linn and how beautiful she was. With the images of sensual Linn and blonde Victoria running through her mind, Deanna’s sleep was fitful. When Renee showed up with Linn the following week, she took her aside and said “I’ve barely slept a wink all week, all I could think about is her and other women.”

Renee whispered back “Me too, and she’s one of my best friends. God, we’re awful. What must she think of us?”

Linn came up from behind Renee and said “I just think you’re curious, many women are. Nothing wrong with that.” Deanna went two shades beyond three shades of red.

“I’m sorry Linn, you must think we’re being catty or something …” Renee said, but Linn just silenced her friend and laughed.

“I’m not offended, silly goose; I think it’s flattering that you two have been thinking about me this past week. Would you be offended if I told you I’d been thinking about both of you as well?”

Deanna gasped and Renee went wide-eyed. “Us?” Renee said. Linn nodded.

“You’re both beautiful, desirable women and I appreciate the beauty of another woman, you’ve inspired lots of naughty fantasies. You, for years Renee, but I didn’t say anything. Deanna, you’re just so – yummy – that I couldn’t help but fantasize about you as well. Oh, and the thoughts I’ve had about the three of us – mmmm!” Linn sighed.

“I need a drink!” Deanna exclaimed.

“I think I need several!” Renee retorted and poured a nice glass of Merlot from the bottle Linn had brought. All three of them sat at the patio table.

Linn sat down on one of the patio chairs and crossed her long legs. “Girls, don’t freak out over this, all right? They’re just fantasies and fantasies can’t hurt anyone, they’re fun. In my head, we’ve done all sorts of naughty things and everyone had a good time!”

“What kinds of things?”


“Oh Renee, come on. We’re all having a fun afternoon, Linn’s right – what can it hurt? So Linn, spill!”

A sensual smile crossed Linn’s exotic features and her dark eyes drew Deanna in. She leaned forward and kissed Deanna softly. “You know dear, I could show you!”

Renee fell back, flabbergasted. “Okay, did I just walk on to the set of a porn video?”

Linn moved towards her friend, she kissed the redhead sensually, then, to Renee’s shock, she pulled her friend close and planted one on her as well. What had started as a simple get-together turned into an afternoon of sheer lesbian hedonism, Linn teaching her girlfriends all about the sensual pleasures another woman had to impart.

Over time, the 3 women expanded the group, each bringing in other members. It became a game and Deanna lost count at around 15 members, although not everyone came every time. Linn, Renee and herself were the most frequent members, Deanna had never missed a one, hungering for the times where her body would be taken to new, dazzling heights.

Renee walked out to the pool, petite little Brittney in tow, Renee in the pink bikini that signified membership, Brittney in a light yellow one that barely qualified as strips of cloth. Deanna could see the nervousness in Brittney’s dark, lovely eyes, but she knew the tiny girl was in good hands … Renee, next to Linn, was the most sensual lover in the group, a slow, magnificent lover who was very in tune with whatever her playmate seemed to need. Deanna glanced around the pool and the other girls were already snuggling, Hiromi and Cara had showed up and were stretched out on a chaise, Deanna was sitting in front of Linn, Crystal was happy to just sit and watch the proceedings.

“You understand what’s going to happen, right?” Renee said to Brittney. “You can back out any time; you don’t have to go through with any of this.”

Brittney reached up and kissed Renee hungrily. “Are you kidding? It’s been so long since I had some great sex, I can’t wait. God, you’re all such beautiful, exciting, sexy creatures, a girl would have to be nuts not to want to get in on this!”

“Okay baby girl, you asked for this, remember that,” Renee said and she stretched the petite brunette out by the pool. At first, all Renee did was kiss the younger woman and let her experience her first taste of a girl, but not once did Brittney balk or pull away, so Renee removed her pink bikini and let her dark breasts fall free so that Brittney could play with them. Brittney continued to delve further into the world of girl-girl love, letting her rough pink tongue lick the black girl’s breasts while Renee gently explored her body, using feather-soft touches to arouse Brittney even further.

The rest of the women were beginning to do the dance they’d done so many times before. Linn and Deanna had already moved into a slow, languid sixty-nine and Hiromi was smack-dab in the middle of Cara and Crystal, who were teasing the Japanese beauty mercilessly with tongues and fingers. The moans were increasing and Deanna grinned, as no one would be able to hear them over the music they usually chose to play at these naughty gatherings.

Brittney was sighing happily as she gave herself over to the older, dark-skinned beauty. Their bodies rubbed together, she had often wished she had big tits like Renee, but she knew a lot of people liked her gorgeous, round ass and her perky boobs, so she didn’t make too much of it. No sense worrying about what you didn’t have and in these modern days, if it bothered you too much, you could always go out and get it. Now it was Brittney who was licking Renee, laving her neatly-trimmed box with an eager tongue, happy to be included in this group of loving, passionate, sexy women. She wasn’t even truly angry with Andy, if he was dumb enough not to give her what she wanted, she’d find it here, with the other lovely women.

Deanna glanced over and blew Renee a kiss; it was obvious that Brittney was going to work out as a new playmate just fine. She seemed to be an eager, ardent little lover and Deanna wanted to find out just how much, so she tapped Linn on the shoulder. Her friend knew the score, she moved over to join Renee, the two dusky beauties moved into each other’s arms as they had so many times in the past, leaving Deanna to enjoy Brittney’s favors.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself,” The redhead smiled as Brittney snuggled close. “May I assume you’d like to be invited to another one of our little soirees?”

“You may,” Brittney grinned and then her tongue tangled happily with Deanna’s. The girls began to make out and Brittney glanced over to see Crystal’s tongue lapping happily at Hiromi’s near-bald pussy while, suspended above Hiromi’s face, Cara’s cunt was getting some much-needed attention.

Brittney said to Deanna “I’d like to try that” and as Deanna was a naughty little bitch, she was only too happy to accommodate the tiny brunette. Her being eaten didn’t last long though, not in the same way Cara was being eaten, because the heady aroma of Brittney’s young cunt so aroused Deanna that she had to have it and they were soon readily feasting on each other in a steamy ’69’ of their own.

By the late afternoon, the girls were all having food, Brittney loving every morsel that Linn had provided. “I’m going to get fat if I keep eating like this,” Brittney laughed.

“We’ll help you work it off,” Crystal told her.

They all presented her with her pink bikini and clapped and cheered. Brittney raised her hand and said “I have a question.”

Everyone looked at her as she asked “Do any of you actually ever go swimming?” They all broke out into wild laughter as Deanna assured her that yes, they did swim, as sometimes they needed to cool off. Brittney found that out, as just after she’d put on the bikini that signified her membership in the club, she was pushed in the pool by Cara, who jumped in after her and began some naughty horseplay.

The men were all in a good mood, coming home with an Ice Chest full of trout and flirting with a good number of the waitresses at the “Hooters” they’d stopped at on the way home. They were having a few beers before getting back on the road.

Andy laughed. “I hope Brittney’s ready for me, I’m in a good mood after flirting with all these hotties. She’s a lot better for me than Crystal ever was, I can tell you that!”

Jerry laughed. “Man, I don’t know how you can get all that young tail at your age, old man.”

“Watch who you’re calling old, kid,” Andy said to Jerry. “One word … money.”

“Wonder how the girls enjoyed their weekend?” Jerry asked his friends.

“Probably sat around the pool sunning themselves, bitching about us and eating and drinking,” Ben chuckled. “Seems kinda’ a waste of time to me … no way they had as much fun as we just did!”

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