Playing Pool

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The bass is hard. The temperature is hot. “Bar in the front, dancing in the middle, pool in the back…thankfully Aussie pubs aren’t much different from American bars.” I don’t really attract that much attention until I open my mouth and order a coke. Then every eye is on the American with the weird accent ordering a decidedly “wimpy” drink. I shake off the stares with a smile as I peel my glasses off.

The man behind the bar smiles at me all cute and I almost feel bad for him, “It’s on the house.”

“Aw,” I smile at him and bat my eyelashes, “thank you.” I turn away from him as I turn on my heel. “Poor sap. Doesn’t have gaydar, I guess.” I wink at a girl leaning against the wall and she nods once in acknowledgment. “Family. Totally. We really are everywhere.”

I scan the pool area and it’s almost cheesy how I find her. It’s mostly guys if you don’t count the under-dressed and overly made up floozies hanging around. There’s a sharp laugh to my left, though, and my head turns just in time for the tall guy to move and reveal a smile I know very well. “She looks good. Really good. White tank, jeans, white shoes, just like she said.” I approach the group slowly and try not to attract attention. That usually means I don’t make eye contact.

Taking a spot on the periphery of the circle around the table she’s at, I lean against the wall and watch her. She doesn’t know I’m going to be here. I lied to her. Something tells me she’ll forgive me. She thinks I’ll arrive tomorrow. To say she’ll be shocked is an understatement as big as the ocean between our countries.

The guy who’s challenged her lays out the parameters, “Okay, winner plays the next challenger. Loser buys the winner a drink. I just have to finish this one game.”

“Sounds good,” she nods and sips her drink. “Who will be the next challenger?” Her eyes scan the crowd opposite me and no one says anything.

“I will,” I speak up and every eye in the immediate vicinity turns to me as I step into the light. The black blouse is her first clue. The skirt is further confirmation. But when she makes actual eye contact with me, there is no doubt who I am.

She closes her eyes and her head drops a bit, “Fuck.”

Smiling, I stake my claim on the table and the next game. As I brush past her, I can’t help but make a comment, “I expect you to win.”

Finding her voice faster than I thought she would, she actually responds, “I don’t plan to disappoint you.”

“I expect you won’t,” I smile at her and she shakes her head slightly, completely taken aback at my presence.

She points at a friend and gets his attention, “I’m gonna need another one.” She downs her drink and hands the glass to him, “Make it two.”

He leans in, completely baffled, “Who is that?”

To cover my smile, I take a drink. She shoots a look at me and answers, “No one you know.”

“Do you know her?”

Holding my stare, she smirks, “Not as much as I will by tomorrow.”

“Wait,” he looks at me and then back at her. Slowly, almost comically, he smiles, “This drink is on me. Oh shit, this should be good.”

He takes his leave and she doesn’t even blink, “Welcome to Australia.”

“Thank you,” I reply.

“Have you had your complimentary welcome hug?”

I swallow a smile and shake my head, “No, I haven’t.” The guy next to me answers a silent prayer by turning and opening his arms. “Aw,” I smile really big at him, “thank you!” He pulls me into a hug and I try really hard not to laugh. When he lets me go, I thank him again, “That is so sweet! escort bayan bursa I feel so welcomed now!”

Shaking her head, she fails at not smiling, “Not nice. That is not nice at all.”

“Well can I get two welcome hugs? One from a guy and then another one from a girl? Or is that being too greedy?”

“You know I like it when you’re greedy.”

“We’ll see,” I smirk and walk towards her, “won’t we?”

Sliding one arm over my shoulder and one around my waist, she mumbles in my ear, “Yes, we will. God, you’re really here. And you smell really good. Damn.”

“Thank you. You smell pretty fucking good, too. And yes, I’m really here.” I take a deep breath and murmur, “You’re not mad, are you?”

Pulling back and looking into my face, she says, “No!” Then she takes a sharp breath and holds it.

Confusion furrows my eyebrows, “What?”

“Your eyes. Jesus.”

“Oh!” Relieved it’s just that, I laugh loudly, “You scared the hell out of me! I thought I’d grown an eye in my forehead or something!”

“No,” she pauses for drama, “sweetheart.”

My eyes narrow and, although it’s slight, I shiver. In a voice only she can hear, I scold her, “You know better than to do that.”

“I have to get back at you for what you’re about to do to me to win in pool. Don’t try to play as if you’re not going to play dirty and throw me off totally. I know that’s why you wore…” she looks me over and I can only smirk. “Fuck me. Are those heels?”

“Well, yes. I’m short, you know.”

When she makes eye contact again, I smile brightly and she shakes her head, “You’re just begging to get…” her voice gives up completely.

Looking deep into her eyes I reply, “Pick a wall, baby.” Her jaw visibly tenses and I smile at her, “If you’re so inclined, that is.”

Cutting her eyes quickly, she motions towards a wall, “That one.”

“Okay.” I smile and turn on my heel, walking a few steps before turning, “You know what, though?” She jerks her eyes up from my ass to my eyes quickly and I almost laugh, “You should probably play the game first.”

“Right,” she says. “Play the game.”

“And when you win, you get to lose to me.”

The guy who challenged her steps up behind me and puts his hand on my hip, “But what if she loses and you have to play me?” Giving me a long look, he smiles and adds, “Then you and I can play together. I’m better than she is anyway.”

I smile sweetly at him, “That might be true on any other night, but tonight is special. Someone she wants to… impress just showed up. I’m pretty sure she’s about to kick your ass.”

Trying to salvage the situation, he asks, “Well maybe after we play, I can show you around a little. I’m a really good tour guide.”

“I don’t doubt you are.” I walk over to her and turn back to him, “But even if she loses, the parts of Australia I’m interested in seeing tonight,” I gesture to her, “are under these clothes. I do not need a guide for that. Thank you, though.”

“So see,” she smiles, “even if I lose, I win.” Motioning to the table, “Finish your game.” Taking my hand, she leads me past him, “Take your time.” We pass several people who shoot strange looks at her, but she appears to see no one and hear nothing as we make our way to the very back of the place.

When I see her intended destination, a very dark corner, I laugh softly. She pulls me against her and puts me against the wall. Quietly, I ask, “Was I too forward? You’re putting me in the corner as punishment?”

“No,” she answers, “you weren’t bursa sinirsiz eskort too forward.” Her arms wrap around my waist.

A long, silent moment passes and I break the silence, “Do it.”

“I want to remember it. Everything about it.” She studies my face and smiles, “Every little thing.”

“You will. I promise.”

“But it’s our first.”

Softly, I say, “Close your eyes.” She obeys and smiles a little. I pull her head down enough that I can easily kiss her, but instead, I press my cheek to hers, “You are so damn beautiful.” I kiss her jaw. Then her cheek. Then her chin. By the time I’m in position to kiss her lips, they’re parted and she’s anticipating it. My lips hover over hers and she moves forward just a little bit. I slowly close my eyes as I finally kiss her fully.

The first kiss is soft and simple, to break the ice. The second one features her hand in my hair and my fists gripping her hips. The third is breathless, wanton, and all out fucking hot. Tongues and lips and hands everywhere. She presses me against the wall and, for all the world, I don’t know if she plans to stop. I wouldn’t mind not stopping.

When her hand brushes my thigh, I don’t think that much about it. Until her fingertips slip under the hem, that is. Forgetting where we are, I break our kiss and move down her throat, sliding my tongue against her skin and then lightly sucking the curve of her neck. Her fingers move further up and her hips press against me, pinning me to the wall. She breathes my name in my ear when I tug her earlobe with my teeth.

“Baby,” I say softly in her ear, “you have to play that game.”

“Huh,” she manages, as she kisses my neck, making me tremble a little bit.

“Pool,” I murmur, my voice not very strong because now she’s suckling lightly.

“I don’t care,” she says against my throat. “I do not fucking care.”

“I,” she pulls me hard into her and her hand slides to the inside of my thighs, “don’t care either but,” her knuckles brush lightly up my inner thigh, making me almost lose my mind, “I thought I’d remind you.”

“I’m right,” when her fingers brush the naked wetness at the junction of my thighs, she actually groans, “damn.” I part my legs and her fingers slip directly against the source of the heat there, “I’m right where I want to be.”

When her middle finger slides into me, I press my head against the wall behind me with a groan, “Oh my God yes.”

“You feel exactly like I thought you would,” she kisses me deep. When she starts pumping in and out of me, she presses her unoccupied hand against the wall and watches my face. “Open your eyes, baby.”

Blinking several times, I finally focus on her face and gasp, “Deeper.” When she accommodates me, my eyes roll back a bit but I don’t close them, “Don’t stop. Just like that.”

She looks down and sees me moving my hips. Her arm, pale compared to the black of my skirt, under that slip of fabric, makes her hotter than she thought it could. When I roll my hips, she shakes her head and looks back at my face, “Fuck, that is so hot.”

“You’re not hot because of that.” Her eyes change a bit and I answer the question she never asked me, “You’re hot because you’re fucking me so good and no one knows. All these guys around here,” I gasp when she goes a little deeper, “think they’re so good in bed and you’re here making a woman cum with one hand in a dark corner.”

“No,” she says flatly, “I’m getting hot because I’m making you cum in a dark corner escort bayan with one hand.”

“Please,” my throat tightens but I manage to whimper, “please let me cum.”

“I wouldn’t dream of stopping you, baby.” She smiles at me and teasingly brushes her lips against mine, “Cum when you’re ready.”

I nod slightly, “I’m ready. Are you?”

“Ready for you to cum? Yes.”

Smiling to myself, I drag my eyelids closed and groan, “Take it.” Shuddering hard, my muscles ripple on her finger and she gasps almost as loudly as I do. I wrap my arms around her shoulders and press my mouth against them to keep from screaming. But I can’t stop muttering, “Oh God,” repeatedly.

“Shit,” she sighs, “you feel so fucking good.”

Breathing heavily, I chuckle, “So do you. Believe me. You do, too.”

Withdrawing her fingers, she smiles against my neck, “I’m so wet it’s almost shameful.”

“Mmmm,” I moan. “And I can touch you when, again?”

Smiling at me, she says, “I have a game.”

“Oh!” I laugh, “That’s how it is, huh?”

“Yeah,” she laughs, “I have to go be big and bad now.”

“Big and bad, huh?” I bring her hand to my face as she nods, “Not tonight, baby.” Slowly, I suck her middle finger into my mouth and her smile drops away, being replaced by a gasp and look of awe. I swirl my tongue around it and suck hard enough for her to swallow hard. Opening my mouth, I make a show of flicking the tip of her finger with my tongue, then sucking it back into my mouth quickly and pulling it out slowly.

When I get done, she closes her eyes, “I think I could cum with a touch.”

“Yeah?” I smile at her and press my palm, fingertips towards the floor, against her stomach, “Can I try?” I slide my hand against her but over her jeans and she groans. I kiss her lips softly, “Please let me just touch you.” I pull my hand back up her stomach and then slide it back down to undo her jeans, “Just let me get the smell of you on me.” When my hand brushes her clit, I groan, “Fuck, you are wet.” I slide two fingers against her clit and then part them to stroke either side of it, “Mmm you feel so good.”

Her eyes clamp closed and she leans against me, “Keep doing that. Just that. Oh my God.”

“Later, this will be my tongue. You’ll like that, fucking my face.” I can feel her pulling me closer and closer to her, signaling she’s achingly close. I mumble in her ear, “You want this. God you want this so bad. You need to cum. So come on and do it.” When she holds off, I get insistent, “Baby, later you can hold out on me and I’ll take all the time it takes. But right now, ease the ache, baby. Give me a little one. Just one tiny one.” Still holding off, she just grunts in response. I shift a bit and manage to get my middle finger inside her just slightly and flick her clit with my thumb, “Hold out on me and I’ll go deeper. I’ll put you against this wall and suck it out of you if I have to. You want it. I want it. You want to give it to me, don’t you?”

Pressing her forehead against mine, she finally gives in, “Yes. Fuck yes.” The shivering tells me she’s close. Her grunting my name says she’s seconds away. When she opens her eyes and says, “Please”, I know she’s there. Trembling, she finally gives it up, “God yes. Yes.” Her chest heaves and chills break out all over her body.

When she’s done, I kiss her forehead and smile, “Good girl.”

“You,” she stops talking and kisses me hard.

“Thank you,” I smile at her as I fasten her jeans again. “I needed that.”

“We’re not done, you know that, right?” She almost pulls off looking hard assed when she says that.

Reaching into my bra, I pull out a keycard, “I know. That’s why I have a hotel room.”

Looking at me wickedly, she almost growls, “You are in so much trouble.”

Tucking the keycard back in its spot, I smile, “Promise?”

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