Playing With the Workers Next Door Ch. 03

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Amazing Ass

It was long week for me. I wasn’t able to stop by at Mike’s on my breaks. He was busy, but we were still on for Friday.

I needed something to get me through the week, so I went to a local adult bookstore and checked out the toys. I found a nice dildo, one that was nicely sized with realistic styling including rubber balls. I also picked up a bottle of lube to go with with.

So I spent the week working hard during the day, flirting a bit with Mike at the diner over breakfast and fucking myself with my new rubber friend.

Friday finally rolled around and I headed for Mike’s. He was there in his usual shorts and t-shirt and he had been joined by the delivery truck driver. His name was Bill and he looked even better up close. He was dressed in jeans and shirt. They had been watching a gay video and their cocks showed that they were enjoying it.

I sat on the couch, not too far from Bill.

“Mike tells me that you’ve enjoyed giving guys a try.” Bill said.

“Yes, it’s been quite fun.” I answered.

“I can see that adding another guy to the play hasn’t turned you off.” Bill said as he reached over and gave my cock a fondle.

Mike grinned. “Bill likes cock as much as I do and you’re learning to.”

Bill looked at the TV which was showing a close up of a hard cock sliding in and out of a guys ass. “I think we should take care of these hard ons before we cause problems for our clothing.” With that he stood up and removed his shirt, unbuttoned his jeans and slid them and his underwear off in one motion. His cock popped out to a nice 90 degrees. It was bigger than Mike’s or mine. I was looking forward to playing with it.

Mike and I quickly removed our clothing and soon all three of us were naked and reaching for one another’s cocks. We stood close together and each fondled another guys cocks with one hand and reached around and played with the other guys ass with the other hand.

“Damn this is good.” Bill said. “But I need a mouth around my cock.”

I smiled and motioned Bill to sit on the couch. He sat and spread his legs. I kneeled between his legs and took the tip of his cock into my mouth. I licked the tip and took it deeper. Bill moaned. I took the shaft as far as I could into my mouth. Bill’s cock tasted erzurum escort different than Mike’s, it was a little saltier.

I felt Mike moving between my legs. I felt his hands on my ass and then a lubed finger working it’s way up my ass. It felt good. I worked on Bill’s cock, sucking on it, licking the head and the shaft, giving him a head job as good as I could.

Mike now had two fingers up my ass and was finger fucking me. He pulled the fingers out. I felt his cock head on my asshole.

“I’m going to slide it in.” Mike said.

I nodded yes, not taking my mouth off Bill’s cock. Mike slide his cock in easily. My practice with the dildo during the week had paid off. It allowed Mike to penetrate my ass with ease. It also felt damn good. I soon felt Mike’s balls and pubic hair on my ass cheeks telling me that Mike had sunk his cock in to the hilt. I moaned with joy on Bill’s cock.

Mike began taking slow strokes and sped up his thrusts as I started pushing my ass back on to his cock. It was delightful to feel his hands on my hips as he thrust his cock deep into my ass.

“Man this is hot, Mike.” Bill said. “He gives great head and it is so hot to watch your cock fuck him.”

I worked harder on Bill’s cock, also taking time to lick and suck on his balls. I was enjoying this. It was a joy to be giving pleasure to the guys and getting it at the same time. I soon had Bill breathing hard.

“I’m going to cum!” Bill said. I felt his cock get harder and then it spasmed as Bill’s cum flooded into my mouth. Bill groaned as I sucked hard to get all of his cum.

Mike was slamming good into my ass. He was thrusting his cock deep with each stroke, pumping me good. I was feeling good as Mike’s cock was hitting a good spot in my ass, making his fuck better with each stroke.

I released Bill’s limp cock from my mouth and smiled at him. Bill was watching Mike fuck me. I heard Mike get ready to cum and was soon rewarded with one last deep thrust as Mike groaned and came hard, shooting his load of cum into my ass. That’s what it took to bring me off as well. I moaned loud as my cock unloaded. Mike moaned again as my sphincter squeezed his cock still in my ass.

“Ahhhhh.” Mike said. “That was very good. How about bodrum escort you guys?”

Both Bill and I just nodded. Mike slide his limp cock from my ass and we sat side by side on the couch on either side of Bill.

“I can tell you’re liking coming over to bi side.” Bill said. “Although I do want to give your ass a try.”

I reached over and fondled Bill’s limp wet cock. “I’d enjoy that.”

We took a break and had some food. It was fun being naked with the other guys. After a bit of food and watching some more porn, our cocks were soon sticking out. Bill motioned me over to the couch and had me sit back. I lifted my legs, as he lubed up his cock. Bill moved his cock head to my still lubed ass hole and slowly worked the head in. It felt good sliding in. Bill sighed slightly as his cock shaft slide deeper into my ass.

“Yes.” He groaned as his cock was into the hilt. I smiled as well. Bill’s cock filled me well. Bill slowly began thrusting his cock in and out of my ass. He took long in and out strokes at first, pulling back to a point where just the cock head was in my ass to full penetration. Bill then slowly increased his fucking speed and was soon at a nice pace. I felt my ass hole warming to his thrusts and was getting a nice feeling from his cock hitting my prostate. Bill was in no hurry to finish. He fucked me a good 20 minutes before he came. The last few minutes Bill was fucking me deep and hard and when he came with a load groan I felt his cock pumping his sperm into my ass. Mike had just sat next to us and had been slowly stroking his own cock. He had enjoyed the show. He then took Bill’s place and gave me another nice long fuck.

After Mike had shot his load into my ass, Bill sucked me off.

We took another break and even though we had all already had two orgasms, our cocks were soon hard again.

Mike looked over at Bill and then said. “We have a proposal for you. How would you like to try a double penetration?”

“You mean both your cocks in my ass at the same time?”

“Yes.” Mike said.

I thought about it. I was enjoying the fucking. It was a joy to take a hard cock up my ass and feel it thrusting in and out. I had handled both cocks quite well and wasn’t feeling sore at all.

“Okay.” eskişehir escort I said.

“Great. “ Mike said with a smile. “Let’s do it here. I’ll get on my back on the floor here and you mount me, then Bill will kneel behind you and slide in from there.”

Mike got down on the floor and got comfortable. I loaded a little more lube into my asshole and then knelt over him.

“Can I slide the cock in?” Bill asked.

“Sure.” I responded. I positioned my ass hole over Mike’s cock and felt Bill run the head up and down my ass crack before he positioned it at my ass hole. I lowered my self on to Mike’s cock. Bill then got between Mike’ s and my legs. I felt one of his fingers sliding into my ass hole with Mike’s cock to open me up a little more. Bill played a bit with one finger there, then worked a second one in.

“Are you ready?” Bill asked.

“Yes.” I groaned.

Bill moved his body in closer and put his cock up to my already cock stuffed hole. He slide it up next to Mike’s cock and pushed. I felt my sphincter expand as Bill’s cock head slowly slid in. It was an amazing experience feeling my hole expand to take both cocks. Bill slowly worked his cock in. Both Mike and I moaned with pleasure as Bill’s cock went deeper.

“Oh yeah!” Bill moaned. “This is amazing!”

Soon both cocks were in my ass to the hilt. I had never felt so stuffed back there. I moaned that they could start fucking. Mike and Bill began moving their cocks slowly and soon had a rhythm going that worked. One cock would be sliding in, while the other was sliding out. I was in awe of the feelings. It was so intense, feeling both cocks fucking me. I was moaning as loud as they were. Soon they worked it to a nice rhythm and the three of us were one mass of pleasure and their cocks pumped my ass and I gave them a warm hole to pump. They double fucked me for what seemed like a long time before Mike began breathing hard and Bill followed. They were both building to orgasm. Mike shot first. He groaned loud as his cock spasmed and unloaded his sperm into my ass. Bill followed, moaning deeply as his cock followed suit. The fullness in my ass and the two cocks exploding brought me over as well and my cock shot cum on to Mike’s and my chest.

It was a bit before we stopped breathing hard. Mike and Bill pulled their cocks from my ass and we all three lay on the floor for a while.

That was it for that night. However Bill asked me if I wanted to join him for a party sometime. I of course said yes, but that is another story.

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