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Harper strode down the road, agitation making her unaware of the appreciative glances that followed her swaying hips as she passed. Truthfully, she wasn’t aware of much else right now, other than her need. The Craving was upon her full force, the need for leather and sex, dominance and sweat, to take control and to ravish.

In her black summer dress and sandals, her hair loose and spilling back over her shoulders, Harper was a vision of desire in the flesh. Her full breasts strained up against the fabric stretched across them, and the curves of her ass beneath the sable cloth drew the eyes of men and women with their hypnotic swaying.

It had been weeks since she had felt the level of desire she was currently experiencing, but then again she had been playing regularly at the time. The last few weeks of work had been so busy, she had been unable to relax long enough to enjoy herself. She needed something to calm her down, to take the edge off, to…

Harper stopped in mid stride and mid thought, as she looked around and took in her surroundings. Where in the hell was she? None of the shops around her in the narrow street were familiar at all, and she surmised that she had taken a wrong turn whilst walking on autopilot. She turned to retrace her steps and find her way back to familiar ground, when the name emblazoned across the glass of a bookstore caught her eye.

“The Bound Page”

The implication of being bound drew her in more than anything else, and Harper entered the store to the old fashioned sound of a bell tinkling as the door brushed past it. She breathed in deeply as the scent of leather bound books filled her senses. This was no corner bookstore. In shelves of dark mahogany wood rested rare editions of famous novels and collections of authors works. A glance around the room showed Harper a literary kingdom set up with precision and pride. The store was immaculate, and without the clutter one tended to associate with old bookstores. Harper slowly walked around the store, occasionally running her finger lightly down the spine of one book or another, shivering in delight at the feel of rich leather against her skin.

She didn’t notice the growing darkness outside as the hour grew late until, as she stood perusing a rare book of artistic nude prints, the door to the back office opened and a woman emerged, muttering to herself over something to do with a late shipment. The woman was so preoccupied that she didn’t even see Harper standing in the store as she walked to the front door and began to lock the door with a chain and padlock. Half amused, Harper found her eyes drifting over the woman’s figure as she stood with her back to where Harper was standing. She was wearing a black skirt that showed off an amazing ass, and her white blouse was pulled tight across her breasts. A ponytail kept her dark brown hair out of her face as she secured the door, and turned back towards her desk.

As her eyes fell upon Harper, the woman gave a half shriek of surprise and stumbled back against the door. One hand came up to rest over her heart as her rapid breathing made her breasts rise and fall magnificently beneath the blouse.

“Jesus! You scared me!”

Harper tore her eyes from the woman’s torso and apologized.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I was browsing and lost track of time.”

As she stepped closer, Harper saw the name tag pinned to the woman’s blouse, and decided to introduce herself.

“Hi, I’m Harper. And I see that your name is Kristin. Is this your store?”

Kristin shook the outstretched hand that Harper extended to her and looked around the room proudly, forgetting to let go as she indicated the shelves with her free hand.

“It is now. I recently inherited it from my Aunt, who passed away. Running this store has been my dream since I was a little girl.”

Harper marvelled at the softness of Kristin’s skin and the warmth of her hand as the owner explained her love for literature. Her eyes took in other details as well. The glint of a nose ring, the dark framed glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. Full lips and soft smooth skin…

Harper shook her head momentarily to clear her thoughts. Clearly her cravings were getting to her, if she was eyeing this woman up and down with total enjoyment.

Kristin paused in her recounting of the story of inheriting the store, a rare occurrence as she could go on about it for hours. There was something disconcerting about the way the other woman…Harper? Sincan Escort was looking at her. There was a hunger in the back of her eyes, a hunger Kristin was used to seeing only in the men she met at her local bar when she had the odd drink. It made her nervous, and with a start she realized that her hand was still clasped in Harper’s. She pulled it free as politely as she could, and indicated towards the door with it.

“Guess I had better let you out then.”

Harper smiled and indicated the folio of nude prints she still held in her hand.

“I think I had better put this back first, don’t you?”

Kristin blushed as she saw the open book Harper held, and the scene of sensual pleasure between two women that it was open to. The book was one of her favorites, and she had enjoyed pleasuring herself to images in the book late at night after she had closed the store.

The flush of red across Kristin’s cheeks quickened Harper’s own pulse by a beat or six. She had enjoyed her fair share of erotic adventures with women in the past, and this one was pushing all the right buttons for her. Intelligent, beautiful, seemingly innocent although Harper doubted that point. The look she gave the images in the book told Harper that Kristin had a bit of dirty in her beneath that outfit.

Kristin took the book from Harper’s hand and replaced it on the shelf where it belonged. She turned around to find Harper standing directly in front of her, close enough to feel the warmth of Harper’s body against her skin. Kristin gasped in surprise, and as she breathed in deeply, caught the scent of Harper’s warm skin and the subtle hint of perfume. Harper could see Kristin’s pulse beating in her throat as she leaned in closer.

“I found that book quite erotic, I’m not going to lie. Do you enjoy it as well?”

Kristin gasped at how close Harper was, as their breasts came close to touching, and she tried to slide out from between Harper and the bookshelf. Harper’s arm shot out to rest on the bookshelf, blocking Kristin’s escape. A slightly harder, yet still playful note entered Harper’s voice as she repeated the question.

“Do you enjoy looking at woman pleasuring each other Kristin?”

Kristin flushed with a mix of confusing arousal and a spark of anger at being questioned so intimately in her own store, and snapped out a response as her eyes met Harper’s angrily.

“I think that is none of your damn business. And speaking of businesses, mine is closed. So I would appreciate it if you would leave now.”

Harper’s pulse raced with excitement and certainty. Whether she knew it or not, Kristin’s reaction had just confirmed to her that she had at the very least thought about and been aroused by the idea of sex with another woman. And that touch of defiant fire in her response sealed her fate, as it stoked Harper’s craving into a raging desire to dominate this beautiful woman in front of her.

Kristin was trembling as she ordered Harper to leave the store. This lovely stranger was far too perceptive for her comfort. She had seen in moments what no one else had ever suspected, that Kristin harboured a secret desire for her intimacy with her own sex. She had never done more than fantasize about it while she masturbated however. Her inhibitions wouldn’t let her. But right here, right now, Harper had her shaking like a leaf in desire and she was dimly aware of a growing fire in her pussy. This was ridiculous! She could not, would not give into the madness she knew this was.

Realizing Harper wasn’t moving, Kristin repeated her demand.

“Please leave, now!”

Harper glanced at the door, and gave a small smile. If Kristin had known her well, that smile would have terrified her, for it signalled a truly wicked idea taking hold. Dropping her arm, Harper walked slowly to the door, rolling her hips, not needing to look back to know that Kristin’s eyes were glued to her ass as she moved. Reaching the door, Harper lifted her hand, but instead of opening the door, she clicked the bolt shut, and latched the door. Turning back towards Kristin, Harper picked up the length of chain and padlock that had been used to secure the door earlier, and started walking towards her without a word.

Kristin watched in alarm as Harper locked them in together, and when she saw her pick up the length of chain, her concern spiked.

“What are you doing???”

Kristin moved towards the old style rotary Etlik Escort telephone on resting on the front counter. She had barely taken a few steps towards it when she felt a hand wrap around her throat, and push her firmly up against the bookshelf with a soft crash. She cried out with surprise and her hands grabbed instinctively at the arm holding her pinned.

Jesus! Where did all this muscle come from? Kristin couldn’t believe the strength hidden beneath Harper’s deceptively smooth skin. Harper had her well and truly pinned, and her struggles availed her nothing. Harper smiled that dangerous smile again.

“I asked you a question my dear, and I am not leaving without an answer…”

Kristin debated trying to use her nails to get free, but discarded that idea almost immediately. As strong as Harper was, there was a good chance she’d end up getting hurt if she provoked a struggle. Realizing that she couldn’t break free, she decided to give Harper what she wanted, and hope that it satisfied her.

“Yes alright!?!? I like to look at pictures of women fucking, okay?”

Kristin’s cheeks were flushed red with fear, shame and unbelievably, arousal, at the way a total stranger had forced the most intimate confession of her life out of her. Her knees were trembling in fear, and yet her pussy was currently soaking her panties into a sodden mess. Her breathing was rapid and her heart was pounding, but her nipples could have cut through glass in that moment. What the fuck was wrong with her?

Harper smiled as she received the confirmation of her suspicions. Little Miss Kristin was indeed dirty beneath that outfit. Harper decided in that moment to find out just how dirty.

Harper released Kristin’s throat, but the store owner had barely a second’s worth of relief before she felt her hair being grabbed in an iron grip, and she was propelled over to smack against the front counter, the impact making her bend at the waist as the air rushed from her lungs. She felt Harper’s hands grab her wrists and pull them into the small of her back, and the cold steel of her door chain begin wrapping around them.

“No! Stop! What are you doing? You said you’d leave when you got an answer!”

Kristin’s panicked question didn’t slow Harper as she wrapped the last links of chain around Kristin’s wrists, and secured them with the click of the padlock. When the woman was securely bound, Harper leaned over and pulled Kristin’s head back by her hair, meeting her fear and arousal filled eyes with her own lustful gaze.

“In point of fact, I said I wasn’t leaving without an answer. I never said I would leave as soon as I got one.”

Kristin struggled as she felt Harper’s free hand caress the curves of her ass through her skirt, but between the chains binding her wrists and Harper’s grip on her hair, she couldn’t get any leverage.

“In fact” Harper continued, “I have a few more questions I want to ask you now. And I advise you to answer them promptly. Is that understood?”

Kristin was still trying to work out what Harper had in mind when a hand cracked down hard on her ass, bringing a small scream of surprise to her lips.

“I don’t like to be kept waiting. Answer me when I speak to you, is that understood?”

“Yes.” Kristin mewled the word as a tear rolled down her cheek at this insane, scary, bizarre, HOT and utterly confusing nightmare scene she had found herself in. A second scream tore from her throat as an even harder spank cracked down on her ass.

“Thats ‘Yes Mistress’ my dear, now answer me.”

Harper have given into her craving completely. The need to dominate had utterly consumed her, and she slipped into her Domme state as easily as one would slip on a favorite robe.

Kristin stammered out a reply, eager to avoid another spanking, even as the heat in her ass made her pussy tingle with delight.

“Yes Mistress, I understand!”

Truth be told, Kristin didn’t understand a thing right now. She was tied up and being beaten by a stranger, and her pussy had never been so wet in her life. She moaned involuntarily as Harper’s hand resumed stroking her ass, reaching down to pull her skirt up around her waist, revealing the sodden mess of Kristin’s panties. Harper didn’t comment, but kept stroking the smooth skin of Kristin’s ass.

“Do you like it when I touch you like this?”

Kristin’s cheeks burned hotter.

“Yes Mistress” She whispered in a barely Çankaya Escort audible voice.

Harper spanked her on her naked ass this time.


“Yes Mistress!!”

Kristin writhed on the counter, unaware of what an erotic view she was giving Harper. The skin of her ass slowly reddening from the spanks she had already received.

“Do you like it when I spank you like this?”

“No Mistress.”

Kristin felt her hair pulled back painfully as Harper hissed in her ear.


The room filled with Kristin’s shrieks of painful pleasure, and the impact of flesh on flesh, as Harper unleashed her first real punishment upon her helpless victim. Ten hard spanks had Kristin lying sobbing on the wooden counter, and as Harper watched, a steady stream of clear moisture dripped from her panties down onto the wood.

Kristin could not think clearly. Her ass was afire from the spanking she had just received, and she couldn’t deny that she was more turned on than she had ever been in her life! Her pussy was screaming for attention and she moaned softly, wantonly as Harper stroked a finger down the sodden crease between her thighs.

“And if I touch you here?”

Kristin whimpered with need and her hips writhed in an attempt to follow Harper’s finger.

“Yes Mistress”

Harper smiled as she felt Kristin’s resistance begin to crumble. She had read her exactly right. Her deft fingers slipped beneath the wet fabric of Kristin’s panties, and expertly sought the sensitive button of her clit. She found it as Kristin stiffened with a deep cry of release, and bucked atop the counter as Harper’s touch brought her to an intense orgasm. Harper began to play with her new found treasure, teasing and caressing Kristin’s clit like she was playing on the violin of a master, every touch sure and perfectly timed, as she brought Kristin to climax again and again.

Harper paused for a moment in her sweet torment of Kristin’s clit as another hunch filled her mind. Risking letting go of Kristin’s hair, Harper slid open the drawers of the counter and found what she suspected would be there in the third drawer down.

Nestled in a box rested a long red vibrator, the perfect toy for using when enjoying erotic books. Smiling, Harper drew it out of the box, switched it on, and slid it slowly into Kristin’s slick pussy.

Kristin’s hips were bucking uncontrollably now. She was completely in Harper’s thrall and her body no longer belonged to her. She could only feel and moan as her traitorous body did whatever Harper wanted.

She came shudderingly hard, then again, with greater cries of ecstasy as the pressure within her built beyond her ability to take, and then as Harper kept her balancing on the edge of climax, of sanity, she heard Harper speak.

“Do you want to cum for me? Would you like that?”

Kristin mewled with need.

“Please! Yes! Oh God Mistress please may I cum, please?????”

Harper smiled. She was Her’s now.

“Cum for me!”

Those three words, and a rapid brush of her swollen, sensitive clit were all that it took to send Kristin screaming into orgasm. She wailed her climax to the leather bound books surrounding her, until finally she collapsed on top of the counter, shivering, unable to move. Dimly she was aware of the chains being removed from her wrists. And the sensation of her panties being slid off her legs.

A few moments later, Kristin heard the bell above the door tinkle as it opened and closed. She groggily levered herself up from the counter, and saw that she was alone in the store. Almost alone. A white business card with a message rested next to her.

The message scrawled on it read “Next time, you will beg me to fuck you” and a telephone number.

Kristin looked down at the card in disbelief. As she sat on her counter in a puddle of her own cum, she felt used, violated, sore, and better than she had ever felt in her life! And where the hell were her panties?

Her hand reached towards the telephone…


Harper walked back towards the main road with a spring in her step and a sparkle in her eyes. Kristin had been just what the doctor ordered, and her inner Domme was purring contentedly. Harper smiled as she thought of her trophy, Kristin’s soaking wet panties sitting in her handbag, a souvenir of the evening’s fun.

As she neared the end of the street, Harper wondered how long it would be before Kristin gave into her lust and made the call that Harper knew she would.

Her phone buzzed with an incoming call.

Harper answered it with a smile, as she looked back down the street, to the sight of Kristin silhouetted in the light of her shop window, telephone pressed to her ear, staring out into the night as she whispered one word…


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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