Pleasure in Paradise

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‘Wow, this is some paradise huh?’ My wife asked as she lay down on the sunbed and took in our surroundings; we lay next to the swimming pool, surrounded by coconut trees, only a stone’s throw from the tropical, white sand and blue-green sea.

‘Yeah,’ I agreed as I had a quick scan of our surroundings, taking in all of the bikini-clad women as they walked around in front of us; ‘this place certainly has some great views.’

A whole week of sun, sea and sand to look forward to; I couldn’t wait. Plus, the fact that there were so many tits to perve over for the duration of the holiday was just an added bonus. The heat on the island only served to heighten my arousal and I felt my cock already beginning to twitch as I slipped my mirrored aviator glasses on, picked up my cocktail and lay back on my bed to take in the surroundings.

Within minutes my wife was asleep; funny thing about tropical islands was that they always had the same effect on both me and my wife; they always made me horny as hell, but unfortunately, all that my wife ever seemed to do was sleep and relax. Ah well, I thought, at least now I’m free to watch the poolside beauties in peace.

Not too long after we settled down I heard a couple of giggling, chatting girls approaching our location from the bar area. I turned round and caught sight of the offenders. Wow! I thought as I saw two pairs of the biggest, bounciest tits sashaying towards two sun loungers just in front of our own. Neither of the women could ever be accused of being slim and slender; one had sun-bleached blonde hair in a short bob, she was quite small and quite round; her belly supported her big tits and she certainly didn’t seem to be shy about them, the bright pink bikini she wore screamed for attention. Her friend had longer, wavy brown hair; she was slightly taller and was very pretty. She wasn’t quite as chubby as her friend, but she had bigger tits that bounced joyously with every step she took. She had a black one piece bikini on that stretched tight around her chubby stomach and held her tits firmly in place.

I had a raging hard on before they even sat down on their loungers. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the two women from behind my shades, nursing my throbbing cock and fantasising about sliding it in between the huge, floppy tits of these two chubby beauties. I even almost came without touching my cock when the blonde sat up on her sun bed to give me a front row seat as she slowly, almost seductively, rubbed sun cream into her big round belly; she looked over in my direction when she began to rub the cream into her chest and I’m sure that when her hand disappeared under the cup of her bikini top to ensure full coverage she gave me a playful little smirk.

My wife woke up not too long after that and suggested that we returned to the bedroom. Within a few minutes she was on her knees, gobbling on my aching cock. She took it deep and I grabbed handfuls of her long brown hair; but my mind was elsewhere, replaying images of the chubby blonde woman as she massaged cream into her full, round stomach. I picked my wife up and threw her face down on the bed, gripping her slender hips and sliding myself all the way in with one thrust. It felt good, but I longed for a little more to grab hold of as I drove myself repeatedly inside of her, causing her to moan and gasp with pleasure. I screwed my eyes shut and fantasized about fucking one or both of the busty fat women as I ploughed my wife. Then I was coming, hard, powerful blasts of ropey semen shot deep inside of my wife; but in my mind’s eye it splattered all over fat, juicy tits as the blonde one gave me that cheeky, playful smile while rubbing it in.

We showered, went out for an evening meal, had a couple of drinks and returned to our apartment. We decided to take the deck of cards onto the balcony where we settled down to enjoy the balminess of the evening. After a short while I heard a familiar giggling coming from inside of the neighbour’s apartment; I glanced over to their balcony, which was separated by a small partition about three feet high. My heart beat a little faster when I recognised the bikinis that were hung up to dry there. The two chubby beauties were our neighbours!

‘You okay?’ My wife asked.

‘Yeah,’ I replied nonchalantly, ‘our neighbours sound like they’re having a laugh.’ I said, my wife chuckled and agreed. Imagine my shock then, when a couple of moments later, their screen door was pulled open and out they came, giggling and chatting onto their balcony. Theirs was the last apartment in the block, making us their only neighbours. They suddenly stopped giggling when they saw us glancing over at their arrival.

‘Whoops,’ the blonde one said as she saw us, ‘I had no idea we had new neighbours.’ She was wearing a summer dress that fell halfway down her thighs and showed off all of her curves.

‘Yeah,’ spoke the taller brunette, whose magnificent tits were emphasized by a plunging v-neck top, ‘we’re really sorry if we’re being noisy.’

‘That’s no tekirdağ escort problem,’ I said, smiling, ‘you’re on holiday.’

‘We’ve been here for a few days and haven’t had any neighbours you see, so we’re used to being a bit noisy.’

‘Be as noisy as you like,’ my wife said to them pleasantly. ‘We just arrived today.’

‘Yeah, we noticed you today by the pool,’ the blonde one spoke, looking directly at me.

‘It’s nice to meet you both,’ the brunette spoke, ‘my name’s Tina, this is Hayley,’ she said, introducing her friend.

Both girls turned out to be really bubbly, outgoing types. They worked together in an office in the UK and went away together quite regularly; being young and single they liked to get away for a bit of fun in the sun. We spent an hour or so chatting to them and I found myself getting hornier and hornier in their presence; something about them just screamed of pure, unbridled fun and they were both really, very sexy.

‘They seemed nice,’ my wife said as we returned to our apartment later that evening.

‘They sure did,’ I replied as I slowly stroked my cock under the covers, thinking about all the things I would like to do to their big, beautiful bodies.

‘Mmmmm,’ my wife whispered as she slid under the covers to join me in bed and felt my iron rod with her long, slender fingers ‘is this for me?’

No, I thought as she began to caress it tenderly, but you’ll do… for now.


The next day we got to the same place by the pool and spent a couple of hours relaxing once again. My ears pricked up when I heard the voices of Hayley and Tina approaching and I smiled gleefully as they took up a position very close to our own once again. Today they wore different bikinis, but once again, their tits were the focal point of their swimsuits.

‘Hey James, good morning Emma!’ Hayley said as she lay herself down on the sun bed.

‘Morning’ we both greeted them in return, ‘beautiful day huh?’ Emma asked the girls.

‘Oh yeah, just another day in paradise.’

A short while later my wife announced that she was going to the room to use the toilet, ‘okay honey,’ I replied as she stood and walked off. I resumed reading my book and occasionally looking up to perve upon the poolside tits and arses.

‘James…’ came a voice from nearby, I looked over to see Hayley smiling across at me.

‘Hey Hayley,’ I replied, putting my book down.

‘Could I ask you a really big favour?’ As she spoke she stood up and walked over towards our bed.

‘Umm sure,’ I replied, noticing the bottle of cream in her hands.

‘Would you be a real sweetie and rub some cream into my shoulders and back?’ She asked as she sat down on my bed without waiting for an invitation; she held the bottle out for me to take.

‘Hmmm… what’s wrong with Tina?’ I asked, unsure if I should really cross the line between fantasy and reality.

‘Oh, she’s… sleeping.’ Hayley replied with a cheeky wink at me. I looked over at Tina and saw her watching us intently, smiling playfully at me.

‘Is she indeed?’ I asked as I sat up on the sun bed and took the bottle of cream from Hayley.

‘Yeah,’ she said as she shuffled herself back so that her big ass was pressed up against my thighs and separated from my crotch by only an inch or so. ‘Plus, she doesn’t pay enough attention to detail for my liking; so make sure that you get a nice, full coverage.’

I squeezed a dollop of the cream out onto my hand and rubbed it together. ‘Ready?’ I asked, as much for my own benefit as for Hayley’s.

‘Mm-hmm’ she replied. I reached forward and began to spread the cream across her wide shoulders; she felt so full, so fleshy, my cock instantly began to swell. She cooed softly as I worked the cream into her skin. I couldn’t believe I was doing this; I was mostly faithful to my wife, with only the odd indiscretion on my record, yet here I was, by the public pool, massaging a near naked buxom beauty, while my wife could return at any moment… I was thrilled by the recklessness of it all.

‘You have nice strong hands,’ Hayley whispered as I worked them down her back, ‘don’t forget to get some cream right down to the bottom.’

‘Oh God…’ I mumbled to myself as I massaged the skin at the base of her back, loving how warm and smooth it felt.

‘Did you say something?’ Hayley asked, looking over her shoulder at me and grinning mischievously. ‘Make sure that you rub some round onto the front, you know, to ensure full coverage.’ Without waiting for a response, she shuffled herself back, causing my hands to slide around her waist and round onto her belly. Her move also pressed the base of her back up against my throbbing cock. ‘Oooh,’ she whispered, ‘what’s that James?’ She wiggled herself gently against it, causing me to gasp involuntarily. ‘Is that your cock?’

‘Yeah,’ I whispered, as I sensually massaged her chubby belly.

‘Mmmm,’ she moaned, ‘you’re so naughty… what would your wife say? Does she know how much you get turned on by trabzon escort bigger women?’

‘No,’ I admitted.

‘We both saw you watching us all day yesterday… would you like to do more than just watch us?’

‘Right here?’ I gasped, my cock twitching and throbbing as she continued to tease me by gently grinding it.

‘Don’t be silly,’ she replied as she stood up, leaving me sat, forlorn on the sun bed with a throbbing erection for the world to see. ‘You’re a married man, you should be ashamed of yourself for getting a young, single woman all worked up and turned on.’ She spoke playfully, teasing me. She leant forward to pick up her cream, but made sure to dangle those gigantic, wobbling tits tantalisingly close to my face as she did. ‘Besides,’ she whispered into my ear, ‘Tina’s already pulled the barman; she’s planning on fucking him in our room tonight… she likes to leave the door to the balcony open… who knows what you might hear if you’re on your balcony tonight…’

With that she retrieved her cream and moved back over to her own lounger; she whispered to Tina as she sat down who responded by winking cheekily in my direction and blowing a subtle air kiss across to me before they both turned around and resumed their sunbathing. In all the excitement I had gotten carried away and I knew it; I had a quick survey around me to make sure that I had not drawn any undue attention to myself, but everyone seemed to be going about their own business. I couldn’t believe how easily I had succumbed to such a public display of inappropriateness, but there must have been something in the heat because thinking about the situation only served to fuel my erection.

My wife returned a few minutes later and I surprised myself by acting so normal; my erection had just about subsided so we decided to cool off in the pool for a while.

When we went out that evening I encouraged my wife to have a few more drinks than she normally would; my heart wouldn’t stop pounding in my chest. I matched her drink for drink but was so full of nervous energy that I barely even felt the effects. Emma certainly did though and I had to help her as she stumbled out of the bar and leant on me for our short walk back to the apartments. Within about a minute of helping her undress and get in bed she was snoring soundly. I stayed in the room for about ten minutes to ensure that she wasn’t going to stir before I crept to the balcony, opened the door and slid outside. I could hear muffled voices from the neighbouring apartment and was instantly disappointed; Hayley had said Tina would be in there with the barman and that the door would be open.

Dejectedly I sat at the table outside and dealt myself a hand of solitaire, after a few minutes I snuck back into the room to grab a couple of beers from the mini-bar before resuming my position; the energy and adrenalin that had fuelled my desire to listen to Tina getting fucked was keeping me awake so I figured I may as well stay out on the balcony for a while to let it subside. I was really disappointed by the whole situation and even began to feel guilty for getting Emma pissed for the sole purpose of acting indecently with a couple of strangers.

After sitting outside for about fifteen minutes I was on the verge of returning to my room when I heard the neighbour’s balcony door sliding open and the sound of bare feet padding on the tiled floor. Voices could be heard inside the room, louder now that it was open; I made out the sound of Tina’s giggling and a lower, male voice as he said something that I couldn’t make out.

‘So, you decided to come out and have a listen huh?’ I heard Hayley’s hushed voice and looked over to see her; she was clad in one of the hotel’s towelled dressing gowns.

‘I don’t know what you mean,’ I replied with a wink.

‘You really are a naughty boy aren’t you? Where’s Emma?’

‘Oh, she had to go to bed early, she had a few too many to drink.’

‘Why don’t you fetch your chair closer, Tina and the barman are in there alone; who knows what we might hear.’

I moved so that my chair was up against the small partition between the balcony, if the curtains had been open I could have quite easily seen into the room, but unfortunately they had been drawn. The sounds from inside the room had hushed, but I thought I could make out the occasional whisper.

‘I had to come outside; they were getting really steamy in there.’ Hayley was sat on the other side of the divide to me; I could have quite easily reached out to touch her.

‘Oh yeah?’ I asked, taking a pull of my beer.

‘Yeah, I decided to go for a shower and when I came back out they were both already naked on the bed;’

‘No way,’ I whispered; my cock swelling in my shorts.

‘Shh, I think I can hear something…’ Hayley whispered. We both strained to listen for sounds from the room. At first I heard nothing, but after a few moments I tuned in to a wet, slurping sound drifting from the room. My cock throbbed in my shorts as I imagined the busty sivas escort brunette with her head in the barman’s lap, taking his length to the back of her throat. ‘Mmmm,’ Hayley softly cooed, ‘I love listening to Tina sucking cock.’

‘I take it this is not the first time,’ I whispered to Hayley looking over at her; she met my eyes and in the dusky light emitted by their balcony nightlight I could see they were full of lust.

‘God no,’ she whispered, ‘we go on holiday together all the time and we always share apartments… sometimes we even share more.’ I gulped hard at this, imagining the prospect of both of these women, pressing their huge tits up against each other. ‘But even when we don’t share one of us sits outside the apartment… gotta make sure the other is safe you know?’

‘Yeah,’ I remarked distractedly; I was too busy focussing on the sounds emanating from the bedroom; the slurping sounds had gotten more frenzied now and they were broken up by the sound of Tina’s gasps for air and appreciative moans. ‘So do you usually just sit outside and listen then?’ I asked Hayley.

‘Of course not!’ she remarked, ‘who can listen to the sound of people fucking without getting turned on?’ I didn’t even need to reply, a quick glance from Hayley would confirm my arousal and I had already caught her looking at my crotch on several occasions. ‘Normally I masturbate while listening,’ she whispered, ‘it makes me so wet.’

‘Holy fuck…’ I whispered, astonished at her openness. She turned in her position so that her body faced mine; her gown had ridden up her thick thighs, but her pussy was still hidden from sight.

‘But I can’t exactly masturbate in front of a married man now…’ she paused at this point for maximum effect, looking me straight in the eye, ‘…can I?’

My voice caught in my throat and I found myself unable to respond vocally; instead I just nodded dumbly.

‘Uh-uh;’ she replied, shaking her head coyly, ‘I’m too much of a good girl for that,’ she said, chewing her lip.

‘Ohhh, lick that pussy!’ We both heard the exclamation from inside the room and briefly turned our heads to the sound.

‘Ohh, but it’s so hard to resist,’ Hayley whispered as she slid a hand under her robe to gently stroke her chest; I watched, enraptured as she stroked herself under the gown, dying to touch my cock. ‘Maybe I could be persuaded…’ she suggested playfully. We sat in silence for the next couple of minutes, listening to the soft moans of Tina as she had her pussy licked in the bedroom; Hayley continued to stroke herself under her gown, her huge tits kept tantalisingly out of view. ‘I’m so wet,’ she whispered after a while; ‘I want to touch myself so much.’

‘Do it…’ I moaned softly.

‘I can’t’ she replied, breathlessly, ‘…unless you join me.’ She stared hungrily at my crotch. The barman’s groans were now drifting through from the bedroom. ‘I think he’s fucking her now,’ she said as we listened to the soft slapping sounds of skin on skin. ‘Are you going to masturbate with me?’ Without stopping to think about what I was doing I quickly unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down to my ankles, taking my boxer shorts with them.

‘Mmm,’ Hayley gasped as she stared at my thick, throbbing member, ‘touch it.’ I gripped it in my hand and squeezed, causing the head to swell and throb, sending precum oozing down the shaft. ‘Such a naughty boy…’ Hayley whispered as she parted her thighs, allowing me to see her swollen, shaved pussy for the first time. Due to her size all that I could see was her mound at first, but the more she spread her legs, the more of her fleshy pink pussy she revealed; her lips were glistening with her juices.

I began to slowly stroke the length of my cock while watching Hayley display her pussy and listening to the sound of her friend fucking nearby; she began to gently circle her clit with her index finger, I watched, mesmerised by the display, desperate to leap the barrier and plunge myself inside.

With her free hand she untied her robe and pushed the material aside, revealing her chubby body to me in all its glory as she lay back on the chair to display herself. Her gigantic tits sat on her big, round belly, which she stroked with the tips of her fingers, driving me wild and causing me to pick up the speed of my strokes.

‘Did you like stroking my stomach earlier James?’ She asked in between soft gasps.

‘Yes,’ I replied drinking in her beauty.

‘I could tell by how hard your cock felt pressing up against my arse.’ As she spoke I watched her middle finger disappear between her pussy lips and slide up inside. ‘Ohh fuck, I’m wet,’ she gasped.

The sounds from inside grew louder, I could hear wet slapping sounds and the moans and groans grew more intense.

‘Show me how hard you are for me James’ she whispered, ‘stand up and wank for me.’ I stood up and pressed myself against the partition between our balconies, my dick now over on her side, within touching distance. She responded by placing her feet wide apart on the partition, giving me an even better view of her chubby, spread cunt as she fingered it now with three of her digits. ‘Fuck yeah,’ she gasped as she plunged her depths, ‘I love how naughty you are, wanking over another woman while your wife is sleeping.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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