Poopy Pals Pt. 02

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James washed himself thoroughly in the shower, cleansing away his long Friday as an associate at the firm. A suit laid crumpled on the tile floor, next to a sweaty pair of his favorite- Hanes white briefs. He pondered for a moment how many of those pairs he owned had been filled with piles of his poop. It had to have been all of them, perhaps, at this point. It was hard to tell. OxyClean is a real thing. His cock hardened for a moment thinking about it.

Professional clothes were thrown into a hamper in the closet, and out came the club wear. Black golf shirt and jeans tonight. Nothing too crazy. Looked retro, he thought.

A big dinner with girlfriends made his stomach full. Smiling, laughing along with them. But deep down, James knew it wasn’t the drinks and dancing at the gay bars he was looking forward to tonight- no, he was looking forward to his big brown load in his pants in the morning. How big would it be? What shape? He smiled with wonder.

“James, what is it?” a girlfriend Tonya asked.

“Just- just can’t wait for tonight!”

The gay bar down the street was packed. People moved in waves like a sea of gorgeous young men, the tide fueled with testosterone and vodka. James and his girlfriends sipped cheap cocktails and bounced to a bad Kanye song.

“James, I wanna get you laid tonight,” Tonya said.

“You say that every Friday!” he countered.

“I mean it this time! What about him??”

James followed Tonya’s gesture and saw a guy’s profile. Hot, standing with friends. Oh god, he’s cute. Those biceps. That smile. That…ass. Tonya and the bad vodka were right. James approached him.

“Hey there, how’s your Friday night?”

The gorgeous guy turned to him and gave a quick look up and down.

“Great thanks! I’m Michael,” he replied.

After several more rounds of drinks, smalltalk and playful flirting, James whispered into Michael’s ear.

“You can have a nightcap at my place if you want.”

Minutes later, at James’ apartment, beyliikdüzü escort the smalltalk turned to glasses of scotch, chatting about how much he liked the new neighborhood, his new job. Suddenly, he felt Michael’s hand touch his, and looked up.

“Wanna play around?”

Clothes came off and were discarded among the furniture. They looked up and laughed momentarily when they both realized they were wearing such boyish tighty whities.

“Nice undies” James remarked.

“Bit of a thing for them I guess.” Michael said.

“Same here.”

Kisses, slurps, touching followed. James reached down and grabbed Michael’s throbbing cock out of his briefs and started blowing. It was so big and veiny he couldn’t believe it. After several minutes, he took Michael’s load- all of it- and shot his onto the floor.

The next morning, James found himself waking up in the muscular arms of this beautiful man. Did he? Did they? They did play around last night, he was thinking. Then suddenly, he felt it- his big log- it was shifting and ready to come out- this was awkward. For the first time in over a month- James was faced with the distinct possibility that he’d have to ruin his Saturday morning activity and use a toilet thanks to this wonderful guest. Pity, he thought, but not a bad trade-off. Michael stirred.

“That was a lot of fun last night,” he mumbled.

“I couldn’t agree more.”

James rolled a bit in bed, feeling his log moving closer to his hole. His heart began racing.

“Hey, uh, you have a busy morning, or…?”

“No, not at all!” Michael blurted out. “Wanna get breakfast somewhere?”

Fuck, James thought- he definitely couldn’t make it through breakfast. And he was getting horny again from all the fleeting thoughts of his big load coming out. Too bad it was going into porcelain.

Michael got up and grabbed his undies from the night before and started walking around. James followed and started making coffee. Damn, bodrum escort he thought. There’s no way I’m gonna get to have his load in my briefs. Pity.

They sipped coffee in their undies and giggled about the previous evening. Precum was still dried to both of their briefs and it was turning James on. Michael too. James felt his load starting to push and spasm harder and he started crossing his legs a bit. Michael smiled as he looked down and noticed the squirming.

“You look like you’ve gotta do a Number Two” Michael said.

“Uh…I…” James trailed off.

Michael smiled and placed his mug on the counter and turned away from James, staring at the fridge, seemingly deep in thought.

“What is it?” James inquired.

His eyes suddenly focused on Michael’s beautiful ass clad in the white briefs, his legs spreading a little. James’ mouth openly and his heart fluttered. He couldn’t be…

Michael’s eyes closed as he felt his thick log begin to exit and touch the cotton seat of his underwear- and rest momentarily. His trance was broken momentarily as he felt a hand grab the waistband and pull back.

“You’re about to poop, aren’t you?” James whispered.

Admittedly, it was a unique angle for James to enjoy. Sure he’d pooped himself thousands of times throughout the years, but this was an odd thing to see up close, not to mention he’d never seen anyone else poop themselves.

A subtle crackling sound announced the big log. James saw it widen Michael’s ass cheeks and pile into the underwear, his anus totally stretched outward, the pink flesh spasming and seemingly hugging each inch of thick brown poop. James let go of the elastic and saw it pop back into place as the show continued. He could see it bulge out the seat and curl into a big thick pyramid shape between his cheeks. Another log piled onto the first and climbed up his ass crack. It even smelled like James’ poop- so beautiful. A crackling wet ‘plop’ announced the end of Michael’s bolu escort big surprise dump. James’ dick was nearly facing upward in erection, the tip wetting the white cotton with precum. James smiled at his new friend, and then had a moment of a perplexed look. How…how did he know?

“You…you knew I liked this?”

“You really should buy some curtains,” Michael jabbed.

James winced at his awkward realization that he’d been spied upon, then his eyes widened.

“Mmmph, I just lost it!”

James felt his legs instinctively buckle as a waxy log pushed suddenly into his Hanes. Michael leaned down to James’ crotch to get a better look. James’ heart raced as he felt the spasms take over staring down the muscular back of his crouched friend, then smiled as he saw Michael’s monstrous poop bulge.

The first log kept its long, firm shape as it rolled down, then up James’ peachfuzzed ass crack. He spread his legs further as slightly softer logs curled into a grapefruit-sized ball- and quickly. His thighs buckled again and shook with relief. He closed his eyes, and felt Michael’s hands yank the waistband of his laden briefs out- then pull down. Inside James’ Hanes was a steaming pile of several sticky moist logs, light brown with little cracks all over.

“Man, a guy like you who can hold all that poop should be able to handle…this.”

The bottom of Michael’s dick crested over the mountain of fresh fudge as it slipped into James’ pulsing, prolapsed asshole. The feeling of the empty rectum walls against his dick as his own warm pile tickled his hole was pure, visceral ecstasy. The smell of the young man’s sweet BM wafted up. It was but a few moments before he felt the warm jets of jizz fill the anal cavities, and moments later, felt James gyrate as ropes of warm cum flew outward onto the kitchen floor.

Michael pulled out, breathing as if he’d been doing cardio all morning.


James turned around and pulled his loaded briefs back on.

“You’re…not cleaning up?” Michael asked.

James smiled and reached into a cupboard in the corner of the kitchen, and into a green bag saying the word Depend, then pulled out two thin white plastic diapers.

“Not quite yet.”

Michael smiled as his cock moved again.

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