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“I don’t understand.”

“Understand what, sis.”

“Oh, Allen, I didn’t know you were in the room. I don’t understand your friend, Vince.”

“What mystery about him has escaped your keen insight?”

“I’ve given hint after hint. Enjoyed the view and pretty sure that he reciprocates, in a rather cute and shy way. Yet, he hasn’t asked me on a date. He might be more your type?”

“He does and he’s not.”

Abby turned around and looked at her younger brother. “You sound so sure.”

“I am. First, he’s had two girlfriends. He’s dated several girls since he and Carol broke up. I even asked him out. He didn’t freak out, laugh or make funny faces. He just told me that guys don’t do a thing for him sexually or romantically. Said he was very flattered that I found him that way. Then he asked if I wanted a beer. Oh, about two days later, he mentioned that he likes you, a lot. That was almost a year ago.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that then?”

“You were with Chris or was it Walter, at that time.”

“You didn’t tell him about me, did you?”

“Tell him what about you? That you’re an icky thing covered in codies? No, but I did encourage him to ask you out, just like I asked him. To your question, no I didn’t tell him that you liked him.”

“If he does like me…He must be afraid I’d turn him down.”

“I’m sure, yet he might also be afraid you would say yes. It will be quicker if you ask him on a date.”

“How do I do that?”

Allen just looked at his sister giving her a quizzical look. “Since when haven’t you known how to do that? I’m not helping you ask Vince out. Maybe you’ll have better results than I did. If he says yes, I’ll tell you a few of his likes.” Allen joined his sister at the window. Vince was almost done cutting their grass.

“Such a hot day, must be over 90 outside.”

“Right and he’d probably enjoy a cold beer.” Abby went down stairs, still wearing her blue one-piece swim suit, from earlier. She heard the riding mower being driven into the garage and she poked her head out the door.

“Vince, come in and I’ll pay you and I set a cold beer out for you.”

“Sure Abby, after I clean up and put the weed eater away.”

Vince came into the kitchen a few minutes later. Abby noticed his eyes making a quick up and down of her body.

“The money is on the table, under the beer.”

“No problem, I’m glad to help, the money will become pizza and beer, in a few weeks anyway,” Vince picked up the bottle, taking a swig as put the twenty in his pocket.

“Yes, your mom told me you’ll be going to school for another year. Why?”

“I decided to continue on and get my masters in chemistry and a teaching certificate, to compliment my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science.”

“That’s fantastic, Vince. Good luck to you. Now would do me a small favor?”

“Sure, what do you need done, Abby?”

“Kiss me.”

Vince, almost spit out the beer in his mouth, but was silent for a few seconds. “Kiss you,” he replied.

“Yes, give me a meaningful kiss, I promise I won’t tell.”

Abby’s heart was beating faster as Vince walked over. His ears were beet red and he was shaking. He leaned over and kissed her on the lips, for about ten seconds, a very bland kiss, which disappointed Abby. He’s very nervous. She broke the kiss and looked at him as she placed her beer on the counter.

“Vince, I’m not your sister or your cousin. I’ve seen the glances you give me and, to tell you the truth, I’ve given you more than a few, as well. I like you, you’re an attractive guy. I’m pretty sure you like me, based on the looks you give me. That was a practice kiss, so give me the kind of kiss you’d give a girl you like.”

She looked Vince in the eyes and they both moved to have another kiss, Abby was ready and as he kissed her, she quickly ran her tongue around his lips. He opened his mouth and her tongue darted in, searching for his. When found, they danced together. Vince’s arms slowly began wrapping around her shoulders as her arms enveloped his neck. Abby’s hands slowly playing with his hair. He briefly parted his lips as his tongue dragged along her lips and returned the favor by diving into her mouth, tracing along her teeth and exploring her mouth. A few soft tingles ran across her nipples, as Vince’s chest began pressing into them. Vince is a better kisser than I thought, actually above average. He’s nervous, I wonder… Abby slightly pressed her hips against his, moving sideways and feeling the bulge that had developed. Vince’s body stopped moving when she did that. She pulled her hips back as she thrust her tongue as far into his mouth as she could and Vince started swirling his tongue around hers. Nice and now is a good time. Abby, broke the kiss, catching her breath, Vince doing the same, their arms were still wrapped around her other. His eyes were the most unusually beautiful shade of amber coupled with amazement and anticipation.

“Vince, would you care to go on a date with me tonight, dinner and then a Bostancı Escort show at the auditorium?”

“Really,” Vince whispered.

She kissed him lightly, “Yes.”

“I’d like that very much.”

“Good, be back here about 6:30. We’ll get dinner at a French restaurant near the theater. Dress is semi-formal, no need to wear a suit.”

“That sounds great. I’ll be back about 6:30.”

Vince backed away, Abby eying the bulge in his shorts, as he turned, going back to the garage. She watched as he walked across her front yard, home, which was next door.

Abby heard clapping from the stairs. “Congratulations, Miss Robinson,” Allen said.

“Stop that. I’m 25 and he’s 21, no big deal. Now, tell me about Vince.”

“To a point, I still want to leave you with the ability to do more than stare at each other or lock lips. Ask away sis.”

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend at college, does he?”

“Nope, his last girlfriend, Carol, goes to the same college and lives in town, but that ended last year and I don’t know why. Next.”

“What’s his favorite color?”

“Didn’t expect that one let me think…Purple.”

“What kind of girls does he like?”

“Nice ones, with a brain, personality and sense of humor.”

“Will you watch the twins for the weekend?”

“The weekend is it! Sure, mom, dad and I will be glad to. Do I tell the why?”

“Some of it, I don’t want them barraging me with questions about a first date. Is there anything else that I should know?”

“Okay, not much that I can think of right now, but if I do, I’ll call. Now, I’ll get a weekend bag for the kids while you make reservations and plans.”

Abby called the restaurant and made reservations for 7:15pm. Then she called work about using one of the upper booths at the auditorium.

“Okay, I’ve got their bags and toys, we’ll be leaving.”

“Not yet matchmaker, I need an opinion about a dress for tonight.”

“Will you listen or are you just asking,” Allen said.

“I’ll listen.”

“Okay, show me what you want to wear.”

Abby and Allen, upstairs to her bedroom, she disappeared into her closet and came out with a red dress with a V-plunging neck lace neck line. It had a side slit that dragged on the floor.

“You said semi-formal, not red carpet.”

Next was a nice corset type, black but lacy.

“Well, it’s nice but that’s fuck date, not first date. Even if that’s what you have in mind.”

Her next dress was a black, body hugging dress. It covered the breasts, stopping just above the nipple but had lace from there to shoulders and down the arms halfway to the elbow.

“That’s the one, a little demure, yet a little sexy. Now, let me get the twins out of here. I’ll call if I think of anything. Relax and enjoy yourselves.”

Abby had about three hours to pick some things up, and still be able to get ready. She changed then went to the grocery store. She noticed that Vince’s car was gone I hope he knows what semi-formal is. She got a cheese tray with dip and a white wine. Then to the mall, for something intimate and purple. Her first stop didn’t have anything she liked. As she headed to the next store, her phone rang, “Andy on video chat probably remembered something.” She answered “Yes Andy did the twins break something?”

“No, their fine, but did you want them to break something? I remembered a few things about Vince that might help. First, he’s not a big makeup guy. He doesn’t hate it but he’s also not used to seeing ladies in heavy or very noticeable make up. Remember, most of the time he’s seen you, it’s been casual. He’s a good sense of humor, but you know that. He’s on the introverted and passive-aggressive side and not the best at picking up clues or flirting. One other thing, what was that…oh, he’s a virgin.”

Abby stopped walking, “You’re kidding me Vince is a 21 year old virgin! Shit, now what the hell do I do? I’ll call and say something came up and I have to cancel.”

“The hell you will, Abby. You asked Vince out because you like how he looks and acts, right?”

“Well, yeah, but a virgin, I mean…”

“Why should that change anything? I’d say you were planning on getting laid, why would his status change that? It might even make the evening a bit more interesting. Now, I’ve no advice to give except, both of you be comfortable. If you ask about it, he’ll know I told you. Now, finish shopping and have fun.”

I’ll kill Andy, the next time I see him. He knew that all along and never told me until now. Morgan! She’ll be able to help.”

She called her good friend Morgan. “Hey, dear what are you and Kyle doing tonight?”

“We don’t have any plans why?

“Would you two like to see a show with me and my date at the auditorium?”

“Sure, who is it, Sam from the gym or the new manager at my store who’s been flirting with you?”

“Neither and if Kyle is in the room, leave I need to talk private.”

“I’m alone now tell me the details.”

“It’s my brothers friend Anadolu Yakası Escort my neighbor, Vince. I asked him out today.”

“Hmm, yes that cute guy, going to college. No, you’re rocking the cradle, he’s what 19?”

“He’s 21 but the problem is and my brother just told me, he’s a virgin. What do I do? You’ve had at least one.”

“OMG, you’re going to punch your first V-card, good for you Abby. I’ll tell you this, you need for him to tell you that, or be so nervous and fumblingly, you can ask why. The bumbling virgin from the movies doesn’t exist. He’s got some experience, just not with tab P into slot V. Talk to him, make eye contact, and flirt with him. Since you asked him out, you like what you see in and about him. When you do it, make it about and for him. Take the lead; he’ll be nervous wreck thinking about what to do otherwise.”

“Thanks, Morgan and don’t tell Kyle anything, he’d say something stupid.”

“Relax, I’ll handle Kyle. I’ll send you some web sites to check out.”

“I was going to get something intimate but…”

“You do just that, remember, his VFT doesn’t have to be tonight, it can be in the morning or tomorrow night.”

“Okay, I will thanks.”

“Great and I call dibs as the first person you tell about the VFT when it’s done.”

Abby reached her favorite store and found what she was looking for, a medium purple bustier corset with scanty lace under-panties and a more demure outer set of panties.

When she got home, she noticed that Vince’s car was back. She put the cheese tray and wine in the fridge and went upstairs. She tried the lingerie on, made a few adjustments and hung it up in the closet. While taking her shower, she thought about the situation. Vince is a good kisser, so Morgan’s right, he probably does have some experience and why shouldn’t his VFT be a memorable one. Okay eye contact, conversation, flirt, remember what I like about him, why is he a virgin. But haven’t I always wondered what it would be like to have a virgin? This would be a fantasy for me.

Her phone alarm buzzed for the thirty minute alarm. Okay, I’ll check those sites Morgan sent about this, the internet has everything. Abby, briefly read through a couple of sites and finished adjusting her dress when the doorbell rang.

She went down stairs and opened it. Vince hadn’t disappointed. He was wearing new blue jeans, a gray button down shirt with a thin cloth white tie and wearing a black blazer and shoes.

He looks really nice, and he likes what he sees as well. His eyes have made two trips over me while his smile, slowly grew larger. Nothing else has grown yet. He has something behind his back.

“Please, come in,” she said as she led him into the kitchen, hoping that this view was as well received as her front. When she reached the kitchen she spun around her arms ready to wrap him up, that she almost crushed the flowers he was holding, three roses a white, pink and red.

“For you Abby though they don’t compare to how you look tonight,” Vince said as he handed them to her.

“They’re beautiful, Vince. That’s so thoughtful and very nicely said. Let’s put these in water. There’s a vase above the refrigerator. Then you can tell me what cover of GQ you walk off of?” Abby, in her bare feet was 5’8″, with three inch heels on she was looking down at the 5’9″ Vince.

Vince bobbled the vase, but managed to keep it from hitting the floor.

“Nice catch. Fill it about two thirds with cold water. I’ll trim the stems and get the packet ready.”

After putting them in the vase, she slid them to the center of the table.

“Thank you very much Vince that was very sweet of you. Now, where I was before I almost crushed the flowers.” Abby, slinked over to Vince, planting a seductive, slightly wet kiss on his inviting lips. He is good at this, a little nervous but not apprehensive. Good.

Abby was enjoying the multiple kisses when Vince, caught her lower lip, between his and sucked on it. What other enjoyable surprises does he have for later?

“Okay, enjoyable as this is, we’ve a table with our names on it, waiting. I hope you don’t mind but I asked a friend of mine and her live-in to join us at the auditorium, Morgan and her boyfriend Kyle.”

Vince was looking at her, his half smile and a twinkle in his eye. She starred at them

“That’ll be fine; I look forward to meeting your friends.”

“Okay, what’s on your mind?”

“Is it that obvious?”

“Maybe or it might have been a good guess.”

“I’m just happy that you asked me, I was too scared to ask you.”

“Why? Did you think I’d turn you down?”

“That or say yes, being turned down would’ve been depressing but, saying yes, well I hope my being nervous doesn’t show or that I mess tonight up.”

Abby kissed him. That’s actually very sweet and he’s being honest, his eyes are on mine, not my body.

“I figured such. I don’t think you’ll do anything bad to mess our date up. Now, let’s head out for dinner.”

They Ataşehir Escort arrived at the restaurant and were shown to a table for two, in the back, near a window. Abby noticed the quick glances they were getting and smiled. Vince pulled her chair out for her to sit. The waiter handed each a menu.

“Thanks, dear. Vince, you know what you want?”

“Steak would be fine, I guess wine but, I’m not very familiar, so go ahead and order for us both.”

“Okay.” Abby ordered steak and fries for Vince and a Julianne salad for herself.

They talked about his staying in college for another year and job prospects. Vince suggested that Abby pursue a pre-law degree and become a paralegal and/or a labor relations specialist. The firm she works for might pay for her education. She might be able do it on-line, and he even offered to help. There were some light jokes before then Abby decided to focus the conversation.

“Vince if you don’t mind, why you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“I guess that Carol, my last girlfriend, no longer wanted to be with me,” he was dipping his fries multiple times and had stopped looking at her.

“Why don’t you? Your very attractive and personable, it would seem to me that guys would be all around you.”

Now he’s looking at me.

“Well, many do, until they discover I have two kids. That sends most running. Some are only looking to get lucky. I’ve been asked out by a few married guys. There have been several since Ted died but nothing ever worked out. My dating life was rather different than most girls, when I was younger.”

“Different? How so? Mine was simple; I only had one date in high school. I kind of made up for it in college, though.”

“Well, my first boyfriend was Bob, I was thirteen, and he was almost seventeen. I lost my virginity to him the night of his eighteenth birthday, when I was fourteen. I dated around, no guy really catching my interest until I meet Ted. Morgan’s boyfriend, Kyle, was at college and she took me with her one weekend. I was seventeen, Ted was twenty-one. He just swept me off my feet. We married the next year, the twins the year after. He died three years later. Dating isn’t that easy with kids and a job.”

Vince reached his hand over and she took it, their fingers entwined. “You’ve done an excellent job as a single parent, Abby. That’s one of your beautiful qualities.”

“Okay, why just one date in high school. I remember you being a shy but decent looking guy and yes, your far better looking now,” as she squeezed his hand.

“I don’t know. I asked many out but they never said yes.”

“That makes no sense. Tell me about one time they said no.”

He paused and took a drink of wine. “Okay. There was Mary, in eleventh grade. We had the same lunch and English class right after. We talked every day and worked on a few papers together. I asked if she’d like to go to a movie. She said no. I said okay and walked away.”

Abby stopped chewing for a few seconds. “I see that you never got the teenage dating manual.”

“What do you mean?”

“You were supposed to ask her for another night, and then she would have said yes.”

“But if she liked me why didn’t she say she was busy or suggest another night?”

“Don’t know. Now, you said you made up for that in college.”

“Yes, the girls there some said yes. My first girlfriend was Alice, the end of my freshman year and start of my sophomore year. I had several for a month or so, then Carol, that ended last year. I’ve been in between for a while.”

“Well one more. You know I was fourteen my first time. How old were you?”

Abby saw his face go white and he put his fork down and stopped holding her hand.

Uh oh, I did this the wrong way. He’s embarrassed.

“Vince, you don’t have to answer. I’m sorry,” as she reached for his hand and he let her hold it.

“No, I’ll tell you and no need to be sorry. You see, I haven’t had a first time yet. That’s why Alice and Carol broke up with me.”

“They dumped you just because you’re a virgin?”

“I guess, one night Alice and I were enjoying each other and I told her I was a virgin. She stopped kissing and looked at me and said, “Vince, you don’t need to lie to get me in bed with you, just ask.”

Carol just laughed and said “Wow, another male virgin on campus. Jerry Falwell’s college doesn’t have this many. Well, word got around rather fast. One friend of mine, when she heard, asked if it was true. She said she had talked with her fiancé and it would be okay if she was my first.”

“Vince, are you mad about it or at me for asking?” He was still holding her hand and the color was returning to his face. He was looking at her eyes.

“I was mad in high school, but no longer. I was mad that others thought I was a liar. I was mad that being a virgin was such a big deal, that an engaged girl, asked her fiancé if she could have sex with another guy. Mad at you? No way, you just asked a question after telling me about yourself. You looked me in the eye, your holding my hand. You said nothing about it and I’m having an enjoyable night, you’ve made me laugh.”

“Good, now what’s your favorite color?”

“Color, what an unexpected question, purple is. Though the way you look in that dress, black is a very close second.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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