Private, Don’t Look Ch. 07

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Author’s Notes: This story involves elements of incest (step-siblings), lesbianism, group sex, and exhibitionism/voyeurism.


I was living every man’s dream of sharing my home, and bed, with not just one, but two, beautiful, sexy, nymphomaniac young women who wanted incredible sex every night and at least twice on Saturday and Sunday.

And it was killing me.

We had evolved into a routine of holding serious discussions on Sunday mornings, sitting around the table while we drank coffee.

This particular morning in mid February, I wanted to discuss the physical wear and tear I was experiencing with our current level of sexual activity. The lack of sleep was impacting all the other parts of my life, particularly my ability to perform my best at work. I loved both girls. I loved the sex with each of them, and with both of them. However, it was taking a serious toll on my body, but I didn’t want to hurt either girl or any of our relationships.

As we gathered to drink our coffee, I sensed from their quick glances at each other that they also had something to discuss with me.

“It appears we all have something to discuss. Who wants to go first?” I opened the discussion. Erica and Kim looked at each other. Erica gave a nod to Kim who then spoke up.

“Charlie, you know that long before we added you to our sex lives, Erica and I had been lovers for several years.” was Kim’s opening line.

I just nodded my head and allowed her to continue.

“I think you know that we both love our 3-way relationship, especially the sex. The dynamics of having two lovers at once is just such an incredible physical and emotional experience.” Kim was speaking slowly and obviously choosing her words very carefully. “And we don’t want to do anything to lose what we have with you.”

I was sensing that a ‘But…’ was coming soon so I coaxed it out of her. “But?” I inquired.

Kim appeared afraid to continue, which gave me a chill that this was serious indeed. Erica came to her rescue to continue the discussion.

“What Kim and I are trying to tell you,” Erica paused and took a deep breath “is that Kim and I want to sometimes just have a night in bed together, one-on-one. You know that we still play together sometimes during the day. You have even joined us. But we miss just holding each other and falling asleep in each other’s arms.” She turned her eyes away from me as if she had just broken up with me.

I was stunned. I hadn’t seen this coming whatsoever. Yet it was actually a simple, and probably an obvious desire on their part.

“Sometimes?” I asked. Since they had so delicately broached the topic, I felt secure that they indeed did not want to drop me completely out of their sex lives. But I did wonder how frequently they wanted some time alone to experience again their personal relationship.

I continued “I don’t know why I didn’t see this before. This seems to be a very obvious need in your relationship with each other. You both have been so generous to include me in all your love-making, but as a 3-way relationship, we don’t always have to have 3-way sex or always sleep together. How often are you thinking?” As I spoke I reached out my hands and took a hand from each of them into my hands.

Both girls turned to look into my face and could see the sincerity in my eyes. Kim regained her poise and continued.

“We would like to have a night to ourselves maybe once a week.” Kim said this more as a question than a statement.

“I think you two should take the master suite and I will stay in the second bedroom.” I began to feel a bit disappointed, but also realized that this would likely be healthy for our relationships, especially the relationship that Kim and Erica shared.

Both girls squeezed my hand that they held while they both said “Thank you.” We sat for a moment processing this step forward in our relationship.

Erica sat up and released my hand. “Charlie, you had something to discuss with us, didn’t you?”

I took a deep breath, wondering what I would say. How could I justify telling them that I wanted less sex with them? But we always tried to be open and honest with each other. So I had to tell them my concern.

“I too love our 3-way relationship, especially the sex. And I also don’t want to do anything that will upset the apple cart, so to speak. But I have to be honest and tell you that the two of you are wearing me out. Sex twice each night, more on the weekends. And almost always very physical, intense sex. The rest of my life suffers, particularly my work. I actually appreciate what we just decided about letting you two have a separate one-on-one night alone each week. That will give me a break. But I don’t know if that is enough.”

Maybe I had said to much. I sat there and looked into their faces for a response. I didn’t expect their response.

Kim and Erica looked at each other, knowingly.

“Should we tell him?” asked Kim.

“I believe so.” replied Erica.

“Tell me what?” I jumped in. gaziantep zenci escort It was obvious they had discussed even more and I didn’t know if this would be good news or terrible news. But the cat was out of the bag and I wasn’t going to let them not tell me now.

Kim turned toward me and began speaking. “Remember when we first moved in, that we had a discussion about sex on the side, one on one? Erica and I know that you never took us up on that offer. You have always had sex only with the two of us together. We have been very grateful to both enjoy your love and your fabulous cock. And we have marveled at your stamina so as to please both of us night after night.”

When she paused, Erica immediately picked up and continued. Obviously this had been something they had discussed.

“Just as Kim and I want to spend one night a week together in one-on-one time to build a deeper personal relationship, we both want to do the same with you, Charlie. We each want to have a night each week where we get to have you just to ourselves, one on one, to build a deeper personal relationship. And we want to develop our own pattern of sex with you. We know that Kim likes doggy style, hard, deep, and very physical. I happen to enjoy soft tender love making, and that is what I would like to do with you.”

I sat there for a moment, processing what they said.

“So let me see if I understand. What you both are proposing is that one night a week, I spend the night in bed with just Erica. Another night each week it would be just the two of you together. And yet another night each week I would be in bed with just Kim. Is that right?” I looked at both of them for confirmation.

“That does leave four nights a week we all get to play and sleep together.” Erica quickly added in a positive tone.

I had never considered what they were proposing. It did make a lot of sense. We would build deeper loving relationships between pairs within our 3-some, and at the same time get a respite from the intense, physical 3-way sex we were having every night.

“Yes.” I replied, “I think that would be very healthy for us in several ways, physically and emotionally.”

Kim continued to explain the idea. “I propose that Charlie and I sleep together on Monday nights. Erica and I on Wednesday nights, and you two (referring to Erica and me) on Friday nights. We would all share a bed together Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights.”

We all nodded in agreement. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights would be special one-on-one nights.

That night, Sunday night, we had another of our highly charged, intensely sexual nights of sex, knowing that the next night would begin our new schedule where one of us would be left out either on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. But the idea of building deeper one-on-one relationships sounded very appealing to all of us and well worth the price.


Monday evening I got home from work just as the girls were finishing a round of their own hot one-on-one sex. I was standing in the kitchen when Kim walked in from the bedroom beaming with a smile on her face.

“Erica will NOT be missing your cock tonight. I made sure of that.”

I was wondering what she meant by that and was about to ask when Erica stumbled out of our bedroom. She appeared a bit wobbly on her legs.

“Erica, are you all right?” I asked concerned.

Erica took my beer out of my hand and drank a big swig. She turned and glared at Kim.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you got a larger dildo attachment for the strap-on?” Erica asked Kim. “I think my pussy will ache, and not in a good way, for the rest of the night.”

“Just making sure my love doesn’t miss us tonight.” Kim replied while leaning into Erica and giving her a deep passionate kiss.

Kim and Erika continued to kiss for quite a while. I could tell that Erica was not really that upset about the afternoon round of sex. I was about to suggest that if they wanted to continue, they should return to the bedroom and we could have dinner later on.

The Erica broke the kiss and spoke back to Kim. “I suppose you want me to do the same to you on Friday. Yeah, you would like for me to fuck you that hard with that large cock, wouldn’t you?”

We all had a good laugh and began to prepare dinner.


Later that evening we were all in the family area watching television. Erica was in a side chair and Kim and I were on the couch, cuddling.

Erica looked over at Kim and me and announced “Why don’t you two go on to bed? You need to start that special one-on-one bonding.”

I could tell that she honestly wished us well. I turned to Kim and she nodded approval with a sparkle in her eyes. I believe she was really looking forward to having some private time in bed with me. We both rose and approached Erica to wish her a good night. Kim gave her a long lingering good night kiss and then walked towards the bedroom.

As I kissed Erica good gaziantep escort night, something that felt so strange as we always did this in bed, I asked her “Will you be alright tonight?”

“I’ll be fine. I going to watch some more TV to give you two some space. I’ll see you both in the morning.” Erica replied calmly.

I followed Kim to the bedroom, to discover that she was already in bed, under the covers, and likely naked. She watched as I stripped off my clothes. This would be the first time that it would be just Kim and me together in bed. Kim, my step sister, and me having sex alone.

Sex with Kim and Erica had become a natural thing the past few months. I seldom thought about the incestuous nature of fucking my sister. But this night, it did come to mind. I had to remind myself that we were step-siblings, and not related by blood. This allowed me to ignore any thoughts that what we were doing was really incest, and therefore by society’s standards the wrong thing to do.

I slipped under the covers and embraced my sister. We kissed gently and cuddled, feeling the love and warmth of the other.

“Last night was really hot sex, wasn’t it?” Kim asked me.

“Yea, it really was.” I agreed. “But I really like this new plan to spend time in one-on-one situations, even if one of us is left out.”

Kim and I kissed some more, our hands now caressing the other’s body. I could sense the arousal rising for both of us. Just as I ran my fingers over her slit, I felt her hand around my cock. I knew that soon enough I would be pumping my cock between her hot wet fleshy folds.

“How about an appetizer before the main course?” Kim asked, using our code phrase for oral sex. Without waiting for my answer, she rose up, swung her leg over my body, and lowered herself into a ’69’ position. Her mouth inhaled my cock at the same moment my tongue parted her puffy, wet labia.

“Hmmmm.” I moaned at sensations from the dual pleasure points of my cock and my tongue. I focused my attention on pleasuring my sister, licking her labia, tongue fucking her vagina, and then sucking on her clit. Obviously she enjoyed all of this as she was doing a great job sucking my cock to a very hard erection. We were both moaning as the heat rose between us, our bodies beginning to sweat. My tongue could feel her labia as they swelled larger, and her fluids flowed even more, coating my tongue, lips, and face. Giving oral was such a sensory pleasure for me.

And suddenly Kim stopped and rose up off my body. Knowing that she loved sex in the doggy position, I was preparing for getting up and into that position. But Kim wasn’t having that tonight. She switched direction from a ’69’ to a forward cowgirl, took my shaft in her hand, pointed my head at her entrance, and lowered herself fully down upon me. Then she paused there, my cock throbbing inside her, her walls clenching around me.

“I usually make you do all the work. Tonight, dear Charlie, I want to take control.” Kim spoke with a steady voice. She smiled as she looked down upon me. She leaned forward a bit, placing her hands on my chest, her tits hanging in front of me. “I want to see your face as I tell you one of my secrets.” She began to raise her hips up and lower them back down as she slowly fucked me while she spoke.

“I know that Erica told you, before our first sexual encounter, that we both had a crush on you, even when we were just young teens. What you don’t know is that even while I was falling in love with Erica, I have always had a burning desire to feel your cock inside me. Yes, I considered myself a lesbian, but with a fetish for your cock. For years I made love only with Erica. But when we started using toys, particularly the strap-on, I always imagined it was your cock penetrating my pussy. And finally we made it happen.”

As she told me this story she had a look of hunger in her eyes, as if she was about to devour me. Her hips continued to rise and fall, her inner walls squeezing my cock, which produced waves of pleasure in my body. I could see and hear her breathing becoming deeper and focused as she slowly moved towards an orgasm.

Her story took me by surprise, but I supposed it shouldn’t have. Just as I had been blind to the fact that she was a lesbian, and that Erica was her lover, I was also totally unaware of her long desire for my cock. I was very happy that the girls had reached out to me and we now enjoyed a fabulous life of 3-way love and sex. I was, like they were, very pleasantly surprised by the powerful emotional love we felt from our 3-way relationship. And these one-on-one times would only expand our feelings.

I didn’t know if my sexual interactions with Kim and Erica had converted them from lesbians to being bi-sexual. I didn’t know if experiencing one male cock qualified as becoming bi-sexual. But then again, they were lesbians while having only one female lover. Not that these labels really mattered.

“I love you Charlie.” Kim said just before leaning forward and kissing me. As our tongues met, I could feel her body begin to tremble, her cunt clenching my cock as a ‘silent’ orgasm rolled through her body. In response, my cock pulsed inside her and began to pump my cum deep inside her.

“I love you too, Kim.” I moaned into her mouth, our lips still locked on one another. I wrapped my arms around her as she lay on top of me. We could feel our own orgasm, and the body trembles of the other’s orgasm, in addition to the clenches of her vaginal walls tightly wrapped around my pulsating cock. It was a magical moment we shared.

We held our embrace and continued sharing gentle kisses for many minutes as our orgasms slowly subsided. Eventually Kim rolled off my body and she laid on her side. I wrapped an arm around her as I spooned her from behind. And in this loving embrace, we fell asleep.

Later that night I awoke and could see Kim looking at me. Without a word ever being spoken, we made love again and it was a powerful emotional experience, in addition to another fabulous orgasm we shared.


Tuesday morning I awoke after a great night’s sleep. I felt totally refreshed. I thought back to the previous night’s love making sessions with Kim and a smile crossed my lips. It was a delightful experience, one that I hoped we could repeat. And I hoped that my Friday one-on-one with Erica would be similar.

Before leaving for work I made a point to catch Erica and check how she was doing. She told me that it felt different sleeping alone in bed, but she fully supported what we were doing with our relationships. She would be just fine.

Tuesday night was another of our 3-some nights in bed. Similar to Sunday night, it was a very physical, emotional event, as if we hadn’t been together in a long time. The love and sex was fabulous and exhausting. I fell asleep sometime after midnight.

Wednesday night was a one-on-one for the girls. Early in the evening they retired to the master bedroom while I stayed up and watched TV by myself, something I hadn’t done in a couple of months. Before midnight I went to sleep in the guest bedroom. I was grateful we had replaced the furniture in that room, as it now had a very comfortable bed. I fell asleep thinking about what my two lovers were doing with each other and I slept very well that night.

The next morning I caught both girls before leaving for work. They both appeared radiant, as if completely rejuvenated. They both thanked me profusely for allowing them to have a night alone. It was special for them to have one-on-one time, to rekindle that special love they had developed for each other, and to fall asleep in each other’s arms. I was very happy for them.

So far it appeared that our new sleeping arrangements were producing positive results for all of us, individually and collectively. We all appeared to be even more in love with both of our partners. And it showed in our group sex that night. The sex was even hotter and more passionate. Somehow I managed to have sex twice with each girl. And we all participated somehow in all the sexual interactions. I don’t think I had ever been as satiated sexually, and physically exhausted as I was that night. Friday morning I overslept and was late for work.

I wondered whether we were attempting to compress the same amount of group sex into fewer nights. I was concerned that oversleeping might happen more often. This was not an intended result of our schedule change. And I felt somewhat sensitive to this issue.


Friday night was scheduled to be my night with Erica, one-on-one. I really looked forward to this night, so much so that I felt embarrassed about wanting to be with Erica possibly more than with Kim. I so wanted to be fair to both, and our rule was I had to do the same for each of them. As it approached bed time, it was also obvious that Kim was not pleased about being alone that night. That had me concerned.

Erica and I retired to the master bedroom before 10 PM. I felt very comfortable with Erica, as she did with me. When we first got in bed we hugged and kissed and talked for a long time about our journey together the past several months. It had obviously been, for both of us, a very new and different experience in our lives. All three of us loved the 3-way experiences, and now would also be enjoying our one-on-one time.

Erica indicated that she wanted me to make slow, gentle love to her in the missionary position. Nothing wild or exotic. Just straight, simple sex, where we could hug, and kiss, and fully experience the pleasure of sex between two loving people.

Our foreplay consisted of a considerable amount of hugging, kissing, and caressing of each other. I considered going down on Erica, as I love oral as a part of foreplay, but she gently pulled me back from that. We just touched and stoked each other. Eventually we were both ready and eager and I slipped my cock into her vagina. Making love to her that evening felt like a whole new experience. We didn’t speak, and our kisses were simple and gentle, lips only. Slowly our pace increased, but never became frenzied or overly physical. It was always gentle, and extremely pleasurable. Our shared orgasm was powerful, but quiet. While our breathing was heavy, neither of us cried out aloud. The sensuality of the experience was incredible.

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