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The bar was one of those seedy little places that you hear about but are always afraid to go into, especially alone. Well, I figured what the hell, why not? I had grown up around bikers and the like and very little scared me anymore. I had been married before to an abusive asshole that I hated, divorced him and left him with permanent memories of me in the way of two broken kneecaps. That fucker would think of me every day for the rest of his life. The other sot I had married some years later was just a pussy, he didn’t know how to handle me at all and in no time at all I had him broken and it just wasn’t fun anymore. Tonight I was looking to play. In case you didn’t know this about me, I am very much into S & M, sado-masochism for you vanilla folks out there. I enjoy giving pain, it’s the high light of my life to have someone under me screaming for mercy while I am cutting or basically beating the shit out of them. Oh, and one more thing, I’m a woman.

Anyway, I walked into this bar like I always do, I’m a pretty big girl, six feet tall and built like an Amazon, so I walk like I own everything around me. Right away I see that there is great potential for me here, a couple of sleazy looking women and about six men are hanging out. I stroll up to the bar and order a double shot of tequila and a beer. I turn with my back to the bar and study the people here. I mentally discard the men, they aren’t what I’m looking for tonight and quite frankly, the two women make my stomach turn, so I settle back to wait, hoping something more interesting will show up before long.

As my night wears on, I decided to play pool with one of the guys. Now this is a fine specimen of maleness if I do say so myself. He’s my height, maybe a bit taller, with a smooth shaved head and the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He has that innocent boy next door look going on until you meet those stunning eyes…they tell me a whole different story. He’s dressed in tight black jeans, a black T-shirt and has this tiny little flogger on a key ring hanging from his left front pocket. My eyes instantly light up, I know about flagging and this could be fun. We shoot a couple of games of pool, bullshit quite a bit and are in the middle of an intense staring contest when the door to the bar flies open. At the same time we both turn to look (damn, wonder who would have won that contest anyway?). In walks a couple of college kids, a girl and a couple of guys. A slow smile spreads across my face as I study the girl. Oh yes indeed, she is exactly what I have been looking for.

You can tell they are already loaded, after all, this is a “bad” bar, they had to get some liquid courage to come in here as it was. My new friend and I watch as they go up to the bar and order some beer, the guys doing the usual punching each other crap while the girl sort of hangs back. I am not impressed by the males and begin to watch HER intently. She’s lovely, dark brown hair that falls over her shoulders, big brown eyes and a nice tan. Looking at her a little closer, I see that she’s not just drunk…she’s on something. As I stand there, she suddenly takes notice of me. I watch as she slowly raises one hand to her breasts and begins to rub the nipple through the clothe of her shirt, her eyes meeting mine. It dawns on me; she’s taken X (again for you vanilla’s out there, extasy is a highly dangerous potent drug that induces euphoria, everything feels good). This does not bother me in the least; before I’m done with her she will be glad of it.

I walk over to her after tossing my pool cue onto the table and crowd her just to see what she will do. Well blow me away; she doesn’t move away; instead she rubs the front of her body against my side as I reach for my beer. Now I know how good leather feels against bare skin and even through my chaps and jeans video porno I can feel how hot her pussy is. I tap one of the boys on the shoulder. When the dumb ape turns around, I point blank ask him, “Is this yours?” pointing to the girl. He shakes his head at me, eyes wide. “No…I don’t know who she is. We just picked her up and brought her along for the ride.” “Good,” I say, “Cause I’m taking her with me.” With that done, I grab the girl by the arm and lead her out the door, throwing a look of slight regret at my pool partner who is watching me with amused eyes. Oh well, I’ll come back for him another night.

Now the ride home was fun, the damn girl wouldn’t keep her hands off me, and before I got her back to my place my shirt was ripped open and the fly of my jeans was undone with her little hands digging into my pussy. I finally managed to get her back under control with a well-timed backhand to her mouth.

After getting out of the car, I opened her door and grabbed her by the hair, jerking her out and up to the door behind me. She fell to her knees as I pulled her into the house and I figured fuck it and just drug her along behind me into my special room. All this time she kept making little grunting noises and moans until I finally turned around to look at her. She had one of her hands buried in her pussy and the other one looked as if it would rub her nipple off. I shook my head and sighed, we couldn’t have that just yet. Judging by the way her hand was pistoning in and out of her dripping cunt I knew she was about to orgasm so I waited until she was right on the edge and I punched her square in the face. Now don’t get all fired up, it wasn’t a hard hit, just enough to snap her head back and refocus her eyes on me. Okay, okay, it was hard, her lips split but I had her attention again.

I smiled down at her and watched as comprehension dawned for about a second before the next wave of the drug hit her. I stripped out of my clothes and using a favorite boot knife of mine, cut her out of hers. With ease I hoisted her up onto my bed and crawled up her body. She was laying flat on her back so it was easy to tie her hands and feet to the bedposts. She was writhing under me as I licked her breasts, such perky pretty things they were too. I couldn’t help it any more; I bit her, taking her whole nipple into my mouth and clamping down hard enough to leave teeth prints. She bucked up under me, grinding her pussy against my knee as I wedged it tighter against her. She tasted so good in my mouth I knew I had to slow down or it would be over before it really began. I licked a path down her body, she was a small one, she couldn’t have been around maybe 5’5” tall, but that suited me fine. When I got to her pussy, I found it dripping wet. A second before my tongue found her clit I shoved three fingers into her and had to stop with surprise. She was a virgin. Now that gave me pause for a moment and I sat back on my heels to study her. The poor girl was in throes of heat, she wiggled and jerked, moaning softly, begging for more and I was having an attack of conscious. With a shrug I figured what the hell. Instead of finger fucking her, I began to eat her out, teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue, tracing little patterns against it, finally having to hold her hips down as she ground into my mouth. She smelled so pure, and tasted so sweet on my tongue, so this was innocence. I noticed how her body was positively humming beneath my hands and I could hear her breathing getting harsh. I pulled back slightly and flicked my tongue rapidly over just the tip of her clit where it poked out. Suddenly her back arched and she let out a scream that sent me nose deep into her pussy. Her cum washed out of her throbbing cunt and into my mouth and I sucked deeply from her, pushing sex izle my tongue as deep into her as I could get to lap out all her juices. Her body quaked and throbbed under my hands and face for what seemed like ages.

“Very well done, my pet.” The voice from behind me had me spinning around, my face still wet with her juices. Instantly I slid off the bed to the floor and put my forehead to the floor inches from His boots.

“Thank you, my Lord, she is ready now. I have a treat for You, Sir, she is a virgin.” I whispered softly.

The bald man from the pool hall smiled down at me and stroked my hair gently a second before he grasped a handful and used it to pull me to my feet. I closed my eyes in ecstasy as he leaned in close and delicately sniffed at my face, letting his tongue dart out and taste her cum on my lips. He let go of my hair and I began to undress Him, licking and kissing my way down His body. When I had Him fully naked, I stayed on my knees and began to worship His cock. My god, He was so hard in my mouth. I rolled my eyes up to look at Him as He held my head steady and I noticed Him studying the girl. I knew that gleam in His eyes and it made me want Him even more. I doubled my efforts and was rewarded when He suddenly thrust me away from Him, shaking His head at me.

“Not yet, my pet. I want to enjoy the fruits of your labors first.”

The girl on the bed came around to her senses enough to stare at Him. He was so graceful as He climbed up the bed and knelt in between her legs. “Do you know where you are?” He asked her. She shook her head “no”. He began to tease one of her nipples lightly until it beaded up for Him, and then He pinched it hard. The girl’s back bowed up but she still met His eyes. “I am going to fuck you, little girl. And I will fuck you as hard and as long as I please in any manner that I please, do you understand me?” The girl nodded, unable or unwilling to speak. “And while I am doing that, you will satisfy my pet. Have you ever had a woman lover?” She shook her head “no”. He smiled. “You will catch on quickly I’m sure.” He looked over his shoulder at me. “Turn her over and tie her so that her pretty little ass is high up for Me, pet, and so that she can bury that face of hers in your sweet pussy.”

I did as told, untying her hands and ankles long enough for me to flip her over and retie her feet as far apart as I could. She never struggled as I then made her bend her arms so that she could rest up on her elbows I tied a length of rope around each wrist and then around the back of her neck so that she couldn’t straighten out her arms, then tied her elbows to her legs. Basically, she had nowhere to go. She had freedom of movement in her head, but not much. I looked at my Lord. He nodded and I slipped underneath her head, pushing her face down into my already sopping wet pussy. It took her a minute to figure out what to do, but she quickly caught on and began to lick my clit gently. I watched Him as He knelt between her spread legs. I grabbed the back of her head and held her still as with one clean thrust, He buried His cock fully within her tight pussy. My cunt muffled her scream and I came hard against her open mouth. He gripped her hips tightly, meeting my eyes as He forced His way in and out of her unwilling body. I didn’t care about her anymore; she was just a vessel for my Lord to use. I held her head still and rubbed my pussy hard against her mouth until she stopped screaming and began licking again. The smell of fear and excitement in the air grew thicker and heavier. I knew when she went back into the drug haze because I could let go of her head and she ate my cunt like it was her favorite treat. Master fucked her pussy hard and without mercy. He pulled His cock all the way out and slammed bedava porno it into her again and again, making her whole body rock against the restraints, each inward thrust sending her face rocking against my pussy. We never lost eye contact as He fucked her.

It didn’t take long before He pulled out of her and pushing down on her hips, I watched as He lined up His cock with her asshole.

I gripped her hair tight enough to make her squeak and jerked a handful hard as he suddenly thrust in as hard and fast as He could into her virgin ass. Her screams were most satisfying to us both as He began to ream her out and good. I lifted her face from my cunt and slid out from under her, dropping her head down into a puddle of my juices without a second thought. I crawled around the side of her and watched Master’s cock sliding in and out of her tight ass. Her skin on her hips was bruising from His tight grip, his fingers leaving white imprints that turned bright red instantly. I reached up and slapped her ass hard enough to leave a flaming handprint and was satisfied when she jerked back against Him. He looked down at me with approval.

I reached under her and began to tease her clit. I knew at this point she was unwilling, she was nearly dry. But it didn’t take long before the drugs in her body made her eager again. I leaned over the side of the bed and picked up one of my favorite toys, a ten-inch long, two-inch wide dildo. Carefully, I began to slide it up into her cunt. It didn’t take long before Master and I had worked out a rhythm that suited us both. He pounded away at her ass, harsh moans and grunts escaping His lips as I slid the toy deep into her pussy. I knew he could feel it between the thin membrane that separated her ass and cunt. With a flick of two fingers I turned the vibrator on and came on myself as they both jerked and bucked. The girl tried to get away, either from the pain or the pleasure and Master growled in His throat as He jerked her to Him just as He thrust into her again. The only sounds now were His balls slapping against the vibrator in her cunt and the harsh cries He made along with the girl’s sobbing. I knew He was getting close as His speed increased and He began to rake His nails down her back, leaving bloody furrows behind. The girl thrashed against Him, each movement of her body driving him on as she tried to escape. He reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and used it to move her body back and forth as he slammed into her.

I watched with excitement, as He got ready to cum, my fingers playing with my pussy. Abruptly he pulled out of her and taking his cock in one hand, he jerked my head to him; He came into my open mouth. “There…my little…cum slut…” He ground out as He shot His load down my throat. I gurgled and cooed happily as I swallowed it all, lovingly licking the tip of His cock to make sure I got it all.

Master moved from behind her and sat on the bed, pulling me onto his lap and wrapping me up in His arms. He tasted some of His cum on my lips when He kissed me, but He didn’t seem to mind. He stroked my hair gently and whispered, “You have done well, my pet, I am pleased.”

It wasn’t long after that that I cleaned the girl up and dressed her in some of my old clothes. I got her loaded up in my car and managed to get her aware enough to tell me where she lived. Whistling a happy tune I drove over to the college dorms and once there I went in and had one of the girls call security. When the car arrived, I turned to the officer and told him, “My name is Officer Katherine Means, I found this girl wondering up and down the street outside of McRory’s Pool Hall. She told me she lived here, but to be honest with you, I’m not sure. She’s on something and looks like she may have been beaten up.” I let the other cop take over and I went back home, eager to see Master…as the nights games had just begun.

I do not condone rape in any form, nor do I condone the use of any type of drugs to get what you want…this story is a fantasy of mine and not intended to help ANYONE to do harm to another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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