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She had been kneeling in the same position for over two hours and her feet were starting to fall asleep. Discreetly shifting her weight she hoped the slight jingle of chains and creak of leather were not too loud. She was currently being punished for being a distraction.

Master was working from home this week on an important project and had no time for her. Earlier that morning she had tried to instigate a little personal time while He was deeply involved with facts and figures. He had given her twenty delicious minutes in which He reminded her she was His pet and put her in her place.

He pushed her forward over His large wooden desk, His large muscular frame able to overpower her easily; delicately trailing His fingers over the light fabric she was wearing. He reached under the desk and pulled out His Toybox.

Firstly He pulled out the soft black leather collar locking it in place around her neck with a little silver lock. She knew she had to obey His every word now if she wanted to be unlocked. Master had torn off the little pink dress she was wearing revealing her to be naked and roughly pulled her arms behind her, fastening her slender qiqitv.info wrists with the heavy leather cuffs she was so familiar with.

Master silently pulled her upright, palming one of her D-cups which were pushed forward due to the position of her arms. He pulled a length of rope from the box and worked it around her body and upper arms, tightly lashing around her breasts turning them into sensitive orbs. Reaching into His box again He pulled out a thin chain with two clips at each end. Pinching her exposed nipple hard He clamped the cold clip down, then fed the chain through the metal circle in the front of the collar before attacking the second reddening nipple. Every slight movement tugged sending shocks of pain.

Lastly to silence her gaspy moans He forced the oversized red ball gag between her pouting lips, His second favourite thing to push into that small mouth. Pulling a second silver lock from His pocket He snapped it closed, fastening it tightly around her face.

For the first time that day a smirk flashed across Masters lips, He really loved to see her face like that, it made her blue eyes so wide, expressive and helpless.

Pulling hard porno her suddenly by the ring in her collar He trotted her to the circular cushioned ottoman, the chain catching and jerking achingly with each step and pushed her into a kneeling position with her restrained breasts forced against her thighs.

He suddenly spanked her firm ass cheek catching her by surprise, making her arc up before He held her down with a large hand. “Don’t move.” He ordered. He spanked her hard several times more, turning her milky white skin red under the assault.

Her moans were trapped in her throat, unable to escape past the ball that forced her mouth open wide, however a long line of drool had begun to seep from the corners of her plump stretched lips, sliding over her engorged breasts and thighs.

She heard Him again in His Toybox but she was afraid to see and disobey His order of moving would mean she would be more harshly punished. Master was behind her again and holding the rope that bound her torso so she wouldn’t pull away as a lubricated object was slowly forced into her asshole.

“Take it pet.” reklamsız porno He ordered calmly, pulling the butt plug out the whole way and pushing it slowly back in, an action he continued several times enjoying the guttural moans that attempted to be heard.

The plug wasn’t the biggest He had used on her but it currently felt enormous in her tight hole. She could feel the effects of the punishment dripping down her inner thigh, an aching to be touched in the most personal way and a longing to please her master.

He raised her face gently, her expression pitiful and His expressionless. Sliding a headband with white pointed ears attached over her head, trapping her blonde curls out of the way.

Master pushed the ottoman next to his office chair and sat in it. She was now in the perfect place to keep an eye on. He could see her big eyes, stretched mouth drooling over her pinched swollen nipples as well as pet her in His favourite way. He rubbed the sore red handprints on her ass and then gently tugged at the tail attached to the inserted plug as if he was caressing His pet pussy.

And that was how she had been for nearly three hours now, every few minutes Master would slowly run His hand down her lower back, over her plump rump and then pull on the soft white tail plunged deep in her ass. She was so pouncy and desperate to be fucked however He wanted but that was all part of the punishment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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