Purchased Art

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He entered the room, glancing around to see who was here, who wasn’t. At that moment a slave passed with a tray of drinks. His hand reached out capturing a glass of white wine. He roamed the rooms, looking at all the interesting art pieces, some were those modern living art. He liked those, seeing how creative some artists could be with a living being. He marvelled at some of the contorted positions they were able to achieve. Then He saw the one piece, the one that radiated throughout the room. The one that He was looking for the one that He came to see.

she was placed up high, at eye level on a pedestal, her wrists taped to her ankles, her pubis spread open with pins, pinned open to her thighs with leather straps. her nipples were pierced, jewelled rings put in showing off those beautiful succulent nubs. her head was pulled back, her hair having been braided into one long ponytail and then a weight attached, exposing her long and elegant neck. He so wanted to be kissing that neck, teasing it with His tongue. He slowly walked around this wonderful piece scrutinising every inch. Thoughts flooding Him as to what He would do with her, how He would torment her, receive His pleasure from her. He thought a nice ring in her mouth, holding it open would be quite appropriate in this position.

He had decided, He had to have this one. He would pay whatever the price to have her, money was never an object when it came to His toys. He did insist though, that she not be dismantled, He wanted her put in the car, just as she was. He had definite plans for the evening.

Once He was home, she was placed up on the kitchen island. It was görükle escort the perfect size, her head just off the edge, yet her pussy on the other edge, ready to be used in either direction. As He prepared for His guests, He did think how well she fit in with His decor. He was pleased with His purchase tonight.

He was busy making more ice, filling the ice bucket, one dropping to the floor. As He bent to pick it up, He was eye to pussy, she was so well spread out, taking the ice, He held it over, letting it drip, slowly over her spread cunt, one drop hitting her clit. her muscles flinched slightly as the cold hit her hot skin. Finally He slid the ice down along the inside of her stretched out lips, finally sliding it up into her. Try as she may to squirm, He knew that it was just the beginning of her torment, His pleasure for the night.

His friends were at the door as He finished putting the platters of food out. Letting them in, they stood in the entrance sharing the usual pleasantries. Finally He couldn’t contain Himself anymore, He had to share His latest purchase, He newest prize. Leading them into the kitchen, they were in awe, commenting that He had outdone Himself this time. A real treasure to add to His collection. The offer of drinks, the passing of food, yet still very much captivated with this beauty that lay on His counter.

Finally, One approached, moving between her legs, taking His finger and sliding it over her clit, circling it, teasing it, finally pinching it and pulling on it. The other hand sliding one finger into her, pushing up deeper, probing her as He continued to tug at her clit. bursa escort bayan she looked up behind her, to watch her new Master. He had the biggest grin on His face, sitting on one of the bar stools, sipping His drink. He chatted with another woman, laughing, all the while keeping a watchful eye on His possession.

Next she felt a second between her legs, leaning it, feeling their hair against her thighs. Tickling her, but unable to move, she took a deep breath. A tongue darting out, lapping at her clit, teasing it, flicking it back and forth, finally sucking it into His mouth, pulling on it. Not being gentle at all, rather forceful, making sure that her clit was alive, awake, pulling, biting down on it and tugging harder. she gasped and moaned, her head rolling from side to side.

Another moving to her mouth, sliding a dildo into her mouth, forcing her to take it in, sliding it in and out, going deeper each time. You could hear her gag, but that didn’t matter, it kept moving in and out, sometimes pausing, just a moment inside her mouth. Another dildo being pushed into her ass, sliding it in, deeper and deeper. In and out, finally pushed all the way in and held there. Yet another dildo, made it’s way into her gapping hole, this one sliding in so much easier, as she was so wet from all the teasing. Finally a little vibrator placed over her clit, someOne playing with the speed, moving it up and down on her clit, faster, then slower, and fast again. The moans that escaped behind the gag in her mouth, He watched from the corner of the room as she was being fucked in all three holes.

They all stood bursa escort back, watching her writhe and squirm from the torment. The convulsions taking her over, waves of spasms as the muscles in her legs and buttocks quivered and trembled. she rode her orgasm for what seemed for ever, her body betraying her as her muscles convulsed uncontrollably. With the last flutter rippling through her, they moved away, backing out of the room, leaving her alone with dildos still in all her holes. They sat in the living room, sipping their drinks, talking idlely, He returned to her, removing the dildos, cleaning her up, finally untying her. she stretched out, rotating feet, hands, shaking out arms, and legs, rising up, sitting upright on the counter. He smiled at her, finally speaking. “Well My girl, you were a very good girl tonight, do you feel properly used?”

she nodded and smiled, a dry whisper escaping her throat, “yes Master, water please?” He was a step ahead of her as usual, had a glass to her lips, tipping it slightly to let her sip. she looked up meeting His eyes, she knew He was pleased, He didn’t have to say a thing.

“you are My girl and I’m so very proud of you.” and He kissed her forehead.

He lifted her up off the counter, reached up on the shelf and put her collar on, hooking the leash. she got down on her hands and knees and followed Him into the living room. EveryOne was seated enjoy their drinks, the company, it was as though it were any other party going on.

she crawled proudly behind Him, following Him to His chair, sitting on her pillow beside His chair. He laid the leash across His legs, played with her hair, taking her under her chin, pulling her up on her knees and kissing her lips softly. “You are My girl, a good girl”

He turned to his guest and joined in, in the conversation. she sat proudly at His side, beaming that she belonged to Him, and had pleased Him so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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