Purely Speculative

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It was raining. Brendan was not pleased. He was out without his umbrella and for some unknown reason Davis was late. It was their sixth date. He had met Davis through mutual friends and they had hit it off from the start. Davis was usually extremely punctual so Brendan scowled as he checked his watch for what seemed the tenth time in so many minutes.

Brendan was a patient man. He was slipping down the backside of thirty and he was fully aware that his best years were behind him. He was looking to settle down so he did not mind settling. One could not maintain high standards when they were getting desperate.

Wait. Please do not think Brendan was desperate. He was anxious, surely, but he had not yet crossed the threshold to desperation. He just wanted to meet a man whom he could love that would love him back. And he thought Davis might fit the bill.

They had only known each other for about three weeks but you could learn a great deal about someone in that short of time. Brendan knew. And Davis was handsome and exciting. He had a sensual nature that Brendan found erotic. And they had not yet been intimate, which Brendan found arousing. He liked to wait. It made it all the more intense.

But now, he was rethinking. Davis was late, it was raining and his hair was becoming plastered to his head. They had arranged to meet outside the restaurant that they planned to have supper in altyazılı porno but now Brendan was so wet and feeling much like a drowned cat that he was unsure if he would be able to summon up the strength to actually go inside if and when Davis showed up.

He was over fifteen minutes late now and Brendan was getting more than a little steamed. He was just about to leave in disgust when he felt a tug on his arm. It was Davis.

“God, you are late and I am wet,” the anger melted away from Brendan. “Where have you been?”

“I’m sorry, love, you will not believe what happened,” Davis brushed his lips across Brendan’s softly.

Momentarily lost in the soft torture of the kiss, Brendan forgot about the rain and whispered, “Tell me.”

“I’m starved,” Davis groaned. “Let’s go inside then I will tell all.”

“Alright,” Brendan agreed and the two moved inside. Soon, the hostess had them seated in a dark corner and as they looked over their menus, Davis told his tale.

“You know I told you I thought my boss might be bi if not gay. Well, today he gave me a project and told me to hand it in to him before I left for the day. It took me most of the day to complete it and I was running late, way past my usual time to head out for home, when I finally polished it off and thought it was ready.

I could see that the light in his office was still amatör porno on so I knew he was still there. I walked over and was about to knock when I heard a noise from within that definitely had nothing to do with work. I paused there beside the slightly open door and held my breath, intrigued to find out what was going on but not wanting to be discovered.

I was able to see around the door and had a clear view to his desk. I could see he was leaning against it, his pants around his ankles, while the intern Nick was giving him head. And, I might add, doing a very loud and apparently good job at it.

We have six interns at the office and my boss is in charge of them. One will be offered a job at the end of the internship. I know the girl Chrissie is considered a shoe in because she is bright, punctual and does excellent work. Nick is not considered to even seriously be in the running. Therefore, I was a bit surprised to hear my boss whispering to Nick.

“Yes, love, suck it. If you want the job, you have to earn it. You want me to cum in your mouth, don’t you?”

Nick nodded his head and continued with his task. He was moaning and groaning with pleasure and I don’t mind telling you Brendan that I found myself getting aroused. Now I was faced with a dilemma. The boss had distinctly told me not to leave until I had turned in my project. And there he was, anal porno getting head from the intern. I thought for a moment what I should do and then I knocked loudly on the door and waited.

The boss turned his head and saw it was me. He smiled and told me to come on in. I did, moving slowly into the room and stating my purpose. “I’m here to drop off my project, boss.”

“Yes, I figured you were. Nick here is doing an extra project, wanting to have a better chance at the permanent position.”

“I noticed,” I answered. Nick is cute but not my type, rather young, blond and a bit too skinny.

“Would you like a go at him?” the boss offered and I shook my head.

“No thank you. I’m sure I told you I am seeing someone.”

“Ah, yes, you did. Well leave it on my desk then before you go,” he dismissed me.

I dropped the folder on his desk and turned to walk out, hearing the slurping noises from Nick was making me aroused and I wanted to get out of there quickly. However, I was intrigued and I couldn’t leave. I stood outside and watched and listened as my boss fucked Nick’s mouth. They both got louder as it got more intense and then the boss was shooting his load into Nick’s waiting mouth while Nick cried out for more.

It was intense and it was then I finally left, making my way to the elevator and out of the building to come meet you. But I have to say, Brendan, I am still rather aroused from the sight of them and I do hope you are willing to help me out with that after supper.”

Brendan shuddered at the thought. Davis wasn’t the only one aroused. He reached over and laid his hand gently upon Davis’ thigh, “I think we can work something out.”

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