Pursued and Caught by Sex

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This is the true story of how I was pushed and seduced into losing my virginity. I have a good amount of background info – feel free to scroll down if you just want to read about the action.

This story takes place in the summer right after I graduated high school. I had just turned 18, as I had a summer birthday.

Growing up, my parents would always drag me and my 3 brothers to church functions. We, for the most hated it.

Our home life was quite turbulent in those years because my Mom was in the middle of a mental breakdown. In her struggle with mental illness she had turned explosively angry and verbally/emotionally abusive to everyone around her. It was incredibly draining dealing with her every day, and the last thing we wanted to do on the weekend was spend it at our stuffy church.

Going from her episodes directly to a place that was supposed to be spiritual went together about as well as toothpaste and orange juice. It felt really two faced having to go there and pretending everything was alright when it wasn’t.

That all changed around age 16 for me. I had discovered youth group. At my high school I didn’t have any tight friendships. I turned introverted and just wanted to survive it. I didn’t do well in school due to having untreated ADHD.

Those youth group activities were really good for me at the time. It was a very emotionally safe place to be, and everyone in the group honestly loved me. I was actually popular there, the direct opposite of my experience in school.

One thing was bothering me, though. My friend Jasmine I had grown up knowing had turned fairly hyper sexual. She would always do inappropriate things at the group activities, bringing up the subject of sex whenever adults weren’t around. One time at an event in a hotel she yelled out “don’t look back!” as I left her hotel room. I responded with “ok” and didn’t look. I knew what she was doing – she undoubtedly had stripped her shirt off and was going to claim it was an “accident”. I had turned into something of a true believer, and did NOT approve.

I called her out on it once, and she had an interesting response – ” you know, there are good reasons for that…” I never found out exactly what she meant, but I guessed it was some kind of sexual molestation in her past that made her act so hyper sexual.

I had turned into something of a social butterfly by then. I had a really awkward transition into adolescence complete with peach fuzz and bad acne. I hated the way I looked. That all changed for me senior year. I had somehow come out the other side and turned hot. I was slim and toned from playing in my soccer league. I started to get compliments fairly often, like being told I looked kind of like Leonardo Dicaprio. I was 6 foot and athletic looking, with green eyes and longish blonde hair.

Given that background, I would definitely describe myself at the time as “hot and doesn’t know it”. Jasmine, on the other hand, was a bigger girl, with a good amount of extra weight at the time. She was persian, but had really light skin, making her look more like a white girl. She had a pleasant and sweet face and absolutely HUGE boobs. I’ve always been a breast man and I would guiltily masturbate thinking about those humungous boobs.

Jasmine started acting strange around me. She became really vigilant about the other girls in the group, picking up on the fact that I had a crush on some of them. She would always disparage them to try to check my interest. Basically patrolling my interests.

After graduation, Jasmine started to tag along any time me and my group of friends got together. Thing is, she had continually pissed me off and made me irritable over the last year. She constantly told me I must be gay. I definitely wasn’t, I was just trying to stick to my beliefs on chastity. She would, without any tact or humor badger me and test my limits. She also took any opportunity to touch me, like pretending to “keep me safe” by throwing her arm across my chest whenever the car stopped short. Basically copping a feel. I got to the point where I just didn’t want to deal with her at all. Secretly, I thought about how ironic her behavior was, since I knew she might have a chance with me if she wasn’t so mean to me all the time.

She was not the most subtle person in the world.

Of course in retrospect, the reason she was always so abrasive and obnoxious was because she liked me. She was basically on the level of middle school boys, being mean to the girls they liked because they didn’t know what else to do.

At one point, we were at a friend’s house watching some anime. The setup of the room was that there was a top bunk bed with no bed underneath it. My little brother, who was still really young at the time, was on the top bunk. Jasmine had managed to maneuver things so that we sat next to each other on the floor underneath the bed.

I felt resigned – she was inserting herself into everything, but at least she wasn’t Avcılar Escort being abrasive at the time.

She showed signs of excitement, breathing quickly and with a flushed face.

I don’t know what possessed me, but as I sat close to her with my arms crossed, I stared to kind of ripple my fingers along the side of her breast. I guess I was worn out by trying to be a chaste angel, and by her constant pursuit. I was 18, and my sex drive was through the roof.

She got more excited, grabbing my face and saying “you’re so bad” and started to kiss me intensely. I was a little surprised, since – with my dumb teen reasoning – I had convinced myself that she probably couldn’t feel my subtle touch through her shirt. As we kissed, she reached down and stroked my hard on through my jeans. My poor little brother. He couldn’t see us from where he was, but he knew something was up from the way we were acting strangely.

After that, the floodgates were basically open regarding sex. Neither of us could hold back any more. (Not that she ever did, lol). I had to masturbate non-stop thinking about my first encounter with breasts. Huge breasts, at that.

A few days later, we told both sets of our parents we were going to see a movie. This bought us a few hours to play.

We were both very excited as soon as we got in her car. Neither one of us said anything about it, but we ended up in an empty parking lot and started to make out again.

As we kissed, I started to caress those giant breasts over her shirt, barely restrained by shirt or bra. I pulled her shirt up as I licked her neck and sucked her earlobe. She was panting and flushed.

I’ll never forget what happened next – I sat back in my seat and watched her expectantly. She hesitated, sighed, and then undid her bra slowly, letting the white fabric with big impressive cups fall to her lap. Somehow, I knew instinctively how to act to get her to the next stage. She was finally acting shy, probably lacking confidence about her body since she was on the bigger side.

I immediately went crazy on her, licking and sucking her exposed tits. I was so busy sucking on them that I initially didn’t really even see what they looked like. Once I did, they looked perfect to my horny teenage eyes. Her big 18 year old tits were extremely full and round, but – as only young tits can be – still perky, not saggy at all. They were light skinned, a beautiful cream color, with surprisingly small and delicate nipples. She began stroking my extremely hard cock through my jeans as I orally went crazy on her tits. Her skin was flushed and her head was thrown back, obviously enjoying my attentions.

After a few minutes of celebrating my first contact with breasts, I once again leaned back in the passenger seat and made eye contact with her for a bit. I somehow knew what was coming without either of us saying a word. She leaned over in her seat and undid my jeans. I helped her slide them down my legs. She unexpectedly pulled the lever on my seat to recline it, so I was half laid back. She wanted full access to my dick. With my hard cock now free, she went down on me pretty much instantly.

I was in heaven. Hyper attuned to my senses, I noticed that her mouth felt velvety soft, and there were parts of my penis that felt extremely nice when the ring of her lips passed over them. It was kind of surreal, in the best way possible.

I’d had an almost obsessive fascination with blowjobs ever since I’d begun to masturbate. I thought about them every time I jerked off. Now I finally got to see what a real blowjob was like.

I was extremely excited, but I also felt strangely passive. I was in her car, in the passenger’s seat. She had determined my body position and the only thing left for me to do was look down at the back of her bobbing head, sit back and let her suck my cock for the first time. I caressed her still exposed breasts as she sucked me, and she briefly came up for air, smiling, and accused me of trying to distract her from her job.

I got sucked for about 20-25 minutes before she had to stop. I have always been the opposite of someone who prematurely ejaculates, and this was her first time sucking dick. It felt awesome, but she didn’t know the tricks I use to bring on an orgasm. So, I didn’t come.

She had to stop because she was already really late for her curfew, and her parents might take away her car privileges if she didn’t get home fast.

The interesting part was that the whole time she was very sincere and apologetic about not finishing me. She apologized so profusely that I knew she considered it her mission in life to service me to completion. I, of course, required no apology from her for letting me play with her boobs and sucking my dick. I apparently wasn’t the only one with a blowjob fixation. Even though I didn’t come, it honestly had felt fantastic – maybe even better than an orgasm, because I liked having her wet, warm mouth on Avcılar Escort bayan me for that long. I feel like, if it wasn’t for her curfew, I would have been sucked on for an hour if necessary.

Predictably, we hooked up every chance we managed to sneak it. She seemed to always be fine with sucking my cock, and that was the main activity we engaged in besides making out. She sucked me in her car, having to peel out as a suburban family realized what we were doing in front of their house. In parking lots, where we could find them empty enough. She was definitely an exhibitionist, sucking me as my Mom came to pick me up – I had to beg her to stop before we got caught. In my room while my whole family got ready for dinner – my Mom knocked repeatedly on my locked door while I had my cock in Jasmine’s mouth – Mom knew something was going on, but we never got caught directly by her.

Whatever her reasons, Jasmine obviously wanted to get caught with my dick in her mouth. Maybe she thought it would legitimize us as boyfriend and girlfriend, with no turning back.

After a little bit of this pattern, I grew more and more ashamed of myself. I was acting on my ravenous teen urges without restraint – something I had sworn not to do. Before Jasmine managed to push her way into my pants, I had actually been successful in slowing or even stopping masturbating, and swearing off of porn completely. I felt pride at exercising my will so successfully to prove my devotion to my faith. My self esteem actually rose considerably while I had control over my urges.

However, I couldn’t make myself stop. It got to the point where I couldn’t even be around Jasmine with other people around, because I had an automatic huge stiffy as soon as I was around her.

Thing is, despite the frequency of our stolen minutes of her sucking me, she still hadn’t been able to make me come. It always felt amazing being in her mouth, but we didn’t ever have a lot of time to make it happen. She was also still learning how to suck me off the best, and I always take a long time to come.

I let this continue because I was chasing that orgasm I’d been denied so far. I wanted to come in her mouth so badly. Every night, I furiously masturbated thinking about her lips sliding down my cock. I’d finally gotten a chance to watch her suck it, and it looked so good to me it was unreal.

Finally, the guilt got to me. At first, I felt like the fucking man for getting my dick worshipped constantly. Over the course of a few weeks, though, I slipped into a very dark mood filled with depression and anger. I’d turned into a hypocrite the first opportunity I had to get my dick wet. I blamed her for constantly chasing me and trying to interject sex into everything. She had made the same no-sex-till-marriage commitment that I had, but she in no way followed it. I was also rather disgusted with myself for letting her “win” and get what she wanted out of me despite treating me like crap for a while.

After the next BJ session, I told her we had to stop and it was wrong and making me feel bad. I was pretty moody. Besides, that orgasm I was chasing so hard had never manifested.

She called me the next day and said we could stop all the sex stuff if I wanted, and asked if I just wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend openly. I remember playing a video game while talking with her, mood as black as ever, and just coldly said “no”. And that was that.

Oh, religion. You have a lot to answer for.

Two weeks went by, and I was still angry at myself and her over what we’d done. No matter what happened next, there was no unringing that bell.

Out of disgust with myself, I didn’t masturbate at all in that two weeks. It was the most fitting punishment I could think of. This didn’t exactly improve my mood, haha.

My group of friends got together at that time, at my buddy Matt’s place. The same small apartment where we had made out for the first time. Jasmine was there, along with four of my other friends. I was still in a really dark place being around Jasmine again. I kind of hated her for teasing me, marking her territory with me, clumsily pushing me towards sex, and then seducing me.

Feeling really tight and angry, I left Matt’s bedroom where everyone was hanging out and went to sit on the couch alone to glare out the window alone. Matt’s apartment was really small, with just Matt’s compact room and the small living room usable.

Unexpectedly, Jasmine followed me out to the couch. This wasn’t what I wanted, but I also didn’t really care. Seeing her or not seeing her didn’t erase my sin. We didn’t exchange any words, I just continued to brood looking out the window.

Still silent, she scooted over on the couch and started to take my pants off. She must have thought that I’d left Matt’s room to sneak some intimate time in. I hadn’t masturbated in two weeks, and also never got to come from her blowjobs. With no words, I lifted Escort avcılar my hips and just let it happen.

Matt and several of my friends were basically within 3 feet of where this was happening, with only a thin wall separating us from them. I honestly don’t know why I went along with it, except that I was completely sex starved. And still obsessed with getting my rocks off to oral.

As soon as she started, I lost all ability to resist. It felt incredible. I was forced to close my eyes from how intensely good it felt. I was a very horny teenager who hadn’t relieved himself for two weeks and had come away frustrated from not being able to come.

From the limited peeks I managed to take between closing my eyes in overwhelming pleasure at getting my cock sucked nearly, I saw that Jasmine had been practicing. She’d used those weeks to teach herself to deepthroat.

It felt absolutely incredible. I really don’t have the words to describe it adequately. I had never felt anything close to it, as she bobbed up and down my shaft, taking the head into her throat. She was incredibly good at it, not gagging at all and sucking it rapidly into her mouth and throat. She sucked it like a starving man gulping down food, like it was her one mission in life, and she’d come well prepared to do it.

I don’t really know how much time passed, as the feelings from my cock was my whole world. However, I did hear Matt ask someone where Jasmine and I had gone. My other friend George, who was always a little bit different and awkward socially said “oh, they’re in the other room getting it on”. Shit. There was no stopping, though.

I actually felt my pent up cum rising in my shaft as the pleasure turned overwhelming. About a minute after hearing my friends ask where we were, I finally came, deep into Jasmine’s hungry mouth.

It was an avalanche. My cum was absolutely volcanic, the way that only a young and sexually starved male can. It seemed to last forever, jet after jet. I lost all track of where I was and what was going on in the bliss. Somewhat unfortunately, I’d been forced by the intensity of the pleasure that I had to keep my eyes squeezed shut while I came. I wish I could have watched while her mouth fill up with my seed. When she’d started to suck me, I’d had some plan to dash into the kitchen and get some paper towels to clean up the mess.

However, when I opened my eyes, I saw that there was no need to clean anything. Somehow, she’d taken every drop of my cum in her mouth. It was so intense that when I opened my eyes my vision was blurred, with black “floaters” everywhere. I frantically pulled my pants back on and zipped them up seconds before my friends walked into the living room. George said “see? Told you they were getting it on out here.”

I tried to stand up casually, but when I did I was dizzy from the intensity of the biggest orgasm of my life. I literally had trouble keeping my balance. All I could manage was to put my hands on George’s shoulders and say “George… just no”. Thing is, George was always saying weird stuff like that, and that was usually how we responded. I’d had my eyes squeezed shut the whole time, but I’m pretty sure he must have walked out of Matt’s bedroom and saw us. Then shrugged his shoulders as if it was normal and went back in the other room.

I saw that Jasmine was now standing up too, joining the circle of us standing around the couch I had just gotten sucked off on. I noticed that her cheeks were, honest to God, bulging out noticeably. Her mouth was so full of my cum that you could actually see it from the outside. As the group started talking about what to do next, all she could manage to do was go “ummm hmmm. Mmmm” in response to people’s questions. She was totally unable to open her bulging, cum filled mouth.

After a minute, she went to the bathroom, presumably to spit out the huge volume of semen in her mouth. I guess she hadn’t had any practice in swallowing it, or possibly her mouth was too full of cum to swallow.

To make a very long story short, that incident kind of broke me. Now that we had taken our fooling around to completion, I basically was forced to reevaluate my priorities. I concluded that we were far from the only teens who had ended up getting sexual despite their beliefs. And that there are definitely worse sins. Besides, after that had happened there was simply no way I could stay away from what I had just discovered.

To those who are wondering, yes, I’m aware that I was a very selfish lover. Part of me thought that it was a decent way to get even with her for being such a dick to me before we hooked up. And yes, I ended up getting her off with my fingers several times. Being inexperienced, I wasn’t sure how I felt about licking pussy, so that didn’t happen that summer. Besides, being as self conscious as she was about her body, she tended to steer away from that kind of thing.

I left the state on a volunteer mission just 3 weeks later. Before I left, though, we’d started fucking, finally taking each other’s cherry. It was good, although not the best I’d ever have because neither one of us knew what we were doing. Condoms in particular seemed to throw me off, since it already takes a lot of stimulation to make me cum.

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