Queen Bee

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Brianna looked at the tall trees about her. Impressive specimens that had stood for hundreds of years, and smaller more scraggly trees that were struggling to gain light beneath the larger trees canopies. The smaller trees likely wouldn’t make it – but that was nature. Even trees had their own struggle to survive.

Brianna didn’t give a crap about that, though. She was a bioengineer, but her interest wasn’t in trees. She studied insects, mostly. Specifically bees, at the moment – how they communicated, mostly, and how to breed them to be more resistant to disease. Her research was mundane, but rewarding.

At least when her idiot assistant, Deborah, wasn’t messing things up. How many specimen slides had she lost to that damn bimbo’s slippery grip? How many phone calls meant for her had been lost, to the other woman’s shoddy memory? Deborah’s only saving grace was that she was good with the bees, though heaven alone could say how they even tolerated such an idiot.

She’d only hired the woman because her father begged her to. Something about being the daughter of someone he owed money to. After only two weeks, however, she was more than ready to dump the brainless idiot by the curbs. She had planned to do it that very day, in fact, when an unwelcome interruption appeared.

That unwelcome interruption was now walking calmly in front of them: a lithe soldier, clad in black from head to toe to the point where Brianna wouldn’t have even known she was a woman if she hadn’t given her name as Alexis.

According to Alexis, there was something classified in this forest. Something that the military was stumped about. Something that required Brianna’s help.

Brianna had scoffed, at first, but coming here on a private jet had done a lot to convince her that Alexis’s claims were legitimate. Still, she was getting just a little tired being left in the dark.

“How much further must we walk?” Brianna muttered, mostly to herself.

“I don’t know, but my feetsies are totally starting to hurt…” Deborah complained, beside her.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Brianna scoffed, glaring at her assistant. If the woman had to be useless, then the least she could do was keep to herself. She was only even here to carry the supplies, after all.

“We’re almost here,” came a smooth voice from ahead. “Just past those trees.” Alexis was pointing a black gloved finger straight ahead, to trees maybe fifty feet away. Brianna, for her part, was simply relieved that their destination was close, and that the real work could begin.

Deborah, by contrast, was eagerly moving from foot to foot, as if she couldn’t wait to charge straight ahead.

“We move slowly,” Alexis warned them, walking toward the trees. “We don’t want to draw any attention to ourselves.”

Attention? Brianna couldn’t help but wonder what would give them any attention at all in this forest. Were there animals about? Insects? Something to do with bees, perhaps? It was hard to resist the urge to pick up her own pace, but she carefully matched steps with Alexis all the same. She wasn’t an idiot, like Deborah, after all.

Even walking slowly, it only took a few more seconds to reach the treeline, though. Alexis pushed apart the branches of the trees, making room for Brianna and Deborah to get through.

The sight on the other side sent a shiver of shock through Brianna.

“It’s… A giant beehive…” Deborah whispered, voice pitched so low that Brianna could barely even hear her.

The words were undeniably correct, though. Sitting in front of them was a massive beehive, pocketed with honeycombs, nearly as tall as the trees that surrounded it. The only thing it was missing, and quite obviously at that, were the bees: not a single one of them could be seen hovering about the hive.

Perhaps more concerning was the single opening that could be seen, facing directly toward them. It looked like the entrance to a cave.

“You can’t tell me you expect me to go in there?” Brianna demanded, unable to keep some of the panic from her voice.

“We’ve sent many men in, and they’ve all come out fine,” Alexis assured her, a small smile on the woman’s face. “The bee girls inside seem completely uninterested in us.”

“Bee girls?” Brianna frowned. “How did you even know they were women? Well, I suppose at this size it might be-”

“No,” Alexis interrupted. “I mean there are humanoid bee women in there. And we need your help learning how to communicate with them.”

“Communicate with them?” Brianna frowned. “Yes, I suppose – they must use a mixture of pheromones and dance. Perhaps if I could see one, but… Surely it’s too dangerous to simply go inside?”

“Yeah! I always wear a bee suit when I’m going to talk to the bees!” Deborah protested.

“A bee suit? I’d want a tank before going in there,” Brianna complained, shaking her head emphatically from side to side. “There’s no way you’re getting me in there.”

Alexis turned toward Brianna. Her face was almost Demetevler Escort entirely covered by a scarf, which she had tucked into a hood, but her eyes were still visible, a vibrant and determined blue. “Half a million.”

“What..?” Brianna asked, confused.

“We’ll give you half a million dollars if you can figure out how to communicate with them. Sounds like a good deal?”

“…And if I can’t?” Brianna asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You’ll get five thousand for the attempt,” Alexis answered, smoothly. Her blue eyes were hard and cold; if she was lying, though, she was doing a good job of it.

Slowly, Brianna nodded. “Very well.”

“I’m not sure about this…” Deborah whispered, looking about fearfully. “I like bees, but this is. Like. Totally too big! What if something really huge stings me?”

“The bee women are non-violent,” Brianna reminded her. “Alexsis said so. Now be a dear, and carry my stuff – and I’ll give you ten percent of the take.”

“You mean I’ll get five thousand?” Brianna asked, eyes wide.

“…If we succeed, yes.” Brianna smiled faintly as she spoke, ignoring the hard look Alexis was giving her. It wasn’t her fault that Deborah couldn’t do basic math.

“Then I’ll definitely help!” Deborah agreed. “I’ll carry all your stuff for you!”

“That’s a girl..” Brianna grinned. “Now lead the way, Alexis.”

Alexis didn’t respond, verbally, but did walk forward to lead them toward the opening in the hive. Brianna followed a step behind, thoughts of the money and what she’d spend it on filling her thoughts, while Deborah practically skipped along besides her.

Past the opening was a wide open space, with an amber colored floor. Standing at the other end of the room, in front of the only other door, was what appeared to be a woman. Her skin was yellow, with black stripes running across her being, and two black antennae stuck out from her black hair.

She stood naked, breasts and pussy proudly on display, nipples hard from exposure. As Brianna and the others entered, the woman stood stiffer, and put her hands behind her back before thrusting out her breasts.

“Do they always respond like that?” Brianna whispered, a faint blush on her cheek as she looked the woman over.

“Not usually…” Alexis whispered. “They usually just ignore us.. What’s going on?”

“Um. No one told me the bee girls would be hot,” Deborah protested, voice pitched barely above a whisper. “Hey. Bee girl! No one told me you were going to be hot! Are you single?”

“They can’t understand you,” Brianna reminded her assistant. “Remember? Alexis said so.”

A wet sound could be heard from behind them. Brianna turned, with a frown, only to cry out in surprise – where there had once been an entrance, there was no only more of the hard amber surface that made up the floor.

“Wh-What?” Brianna called out, surprised. “W-Wait! Don’t close up! We’re still in here!”

“The presence of one who can be Queen has been detected.” The words were spoken in a hundred voices, all at once, yet they all seemed to be coming from the bee girl in front of them. “The Queen will not be allowed to leave. We will have a Queen once more.”

“Queen?” Brianna responded. “What are you talking about? You mean… A leader? You want one of us to be your leader?”

“That is correct,” the voices responded. The bee girl stood stock still as she spoke, not moving anything but her lips.

“And if we refuse?” Brianna demanded.

“Th-The floor!” Deborah screamed. “I’m sinking!”

Brianna’s head swiveled. The floor beneath Deborah, formerly solid as stone, had suddenly turned to liquid. She was already sinking, in liquid up to her thighs. “Please!” she called out to Brianna. “Please. Help me?”

Alexis was the first to respond, reaching out to grab Deborah, and pull. Sadly, it had no visible effect, as Deborah continued to sink down to her waist.

“Please…” Deborah repeated, eyes now locked on Brianna’s. “Please. I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die…”

“If Alexis can’t help, I’m not sure what you expect me to do…” Brianna pointed out. “And besides…” She turned to glare at the bee girl. “What do you think this will do? Threats of killing my assistant won’t make me be your queen.”

“The Queen has been decided,” the bee girl repeated. “The Queen will join the Hive. The Hive will prosper.”

“I-I won’t do it,” Brianna repeated, voice a little shaky now. Deborah had slipped further into the honey, which had now soaked through her blue blouse and begun to creep over her creamy breasts. Alexis was still gripping Deborah’s hand, trying to pull her out, but it was obviously a hopeless cause.

“Help me dammit!” Alexis demanded, voice a growl. “She’s going to sink in!”

“It won’t do any good…” Brianna responded. “We should focus on the bee girl, before this happens to us as well.”

“P-Please…” Otele gelen escort Deborah pleaded, whimpering. The liquid was up to her neck, now, and her long red hair was floating atop the surface.

“…I’m sorry,” Alexis whispered, as the liquid swallowed Deborah up to her head. “I can’t hold on without getting tugged in too…”

“Please…” Deborah’s head sank beneath the liquid, as Alexis stepped back. Even with most of her face covered, fear was obvious in her eyes.

“I thought you said these people didn’t speak,” Brianna accused, angrily. “I thought you said they were harmless.”

“They were…” Alexis insisted. “They’ve never done this before.”

“Then I guess you’ve never had someone qualified to be Queen before! Which says a lot about the intelligence of your military members, if I’m the first to qualify…” Despite herself, Brianna felt a little proud of her own achievement.

“Is that all you have to say?” Alexis demanded. “Your friend just died!”

“My assistant,” Brianna corrected. “We were hardly friends… and I’m not sure how you expect me to respond. It’s not like I could have saved her. We should be more worried about how to get out of here. You have a gun, don’t you? Perhaps if you threaten them, they’ll let us out?”

Alexis didn’t respond verbally, but pulled out her handgun and turned toward the bee girl who was guarding the only way forward.

“Let us out,” she demanded, her weapon now pointed toward the woman.

The bee girl smiled, faintly, but didn’t otherwise respond.

“Let us go, dammit!” Alexis demanded, pulling the trigger. The bullet shot toward the bee girl’s head, hitting her right between the eyes.

A flattened bullet fell to the ground in front of the bee girl. The bee girl was no longer smiling. “That hurt…” Where before there were a hundred voices, now only one emerged from the woman’s throat, soft and sensitive. “Why do you do things that hurt?” The bee girl started to walk toward Alexis as she spoke.

“Shit, shit shit…” Alexis fired several more rounds at the bee girl, none of them having an obvious effect, before throwing the gun at her in desperation. Despite having taken every bullet head on, this time the bee girl ducked her head to the side and avoided the gun.

“I told you,” the bee girl repeated. “That hurt. Yet you do it anyway. Do you do it because you hurt?”

“Why are you suddenly so responsive!?” Alexis demanded, reaching down to her boot and pulling out a knife. “You never talked earlier!”

“You didn’t have anything we wanted, earlier,” the bee girl responded. “This time you did.”

“Then what about me?” Alexis demanded, voice pitched high. “Let me out, at least!”

“Hey! You can’t just abandon me here!” Brianna protested, stepping away from the other woman. The bee girl seemed entirely focused on Alexis, and Brianna hoped to keep it that way.

“You will both join the hive,” the bee girl responded. “You who have hurt me. And you who hurt your friend. You both must have such pain inside you, to lash out this way. We want to help you.”

“I saw how you helped that other girl, and I want no part of it!” Alexis insisted, glancing back toward the sealed entrance. “Why don’t you let me out of here? You can keep the scientist. She’s a stuck up bitch, anyway – the human race would be better without her.”

“That’s a little harsh,” Brianna protested, keeping her voice low. It would be best not to draw the bee girl’s attention.

“Both of you will be helped,” the bee girl insisted, walking closer to Alexis. The soldier walked backward, in response, until she finally found herself pressed against the wall of the hive, the bee standing right in front of her. Then she lashed out with her knife, trying to drive it between the bee girl’s exposed breasts.

The knife snapped, the blade hitting the floor. The bee girl smiled, reaching out, and gently pulling Alexis’s hood off her head, exposing short cropped blonde hair.

“Hot…” the bee girl whispered, a smile on her lips. “You’re so hot. Don’t you want to have fun with us? We can be hot bee girls together…”

“Hot?” Alexis whispered, as the scarf was pulled off her face. She was surprisingly pretty underneath, with red lips so full they could qualify as “bee-stung,” and soft round cheeks. “What are you talking about?”

“Join the hive,” whispered the bee girl in response, leaning forward to press her lips against Alexis’s.

The soldier let out a muffled shout in response, pounding the hilt of her broken blade against the back of the bee girl. It did no good, though, and as the kiss went on her struggles suddenly ceased. The knife hilt clattered to the floor, like the blade before it, and she wrapped her arms around the bee.

Brianna stared in fascination, as the formerly struggling Alexis kissed the bee girl passionately back. She wondered what fate awaited the woman. If Brianna was to Balgat Escort be Queen – then perhaps Alexis was being converted into a drone? Or even a guard? An image flashed through Brianna’s mind: Alexis, yellow and black, naked as the day she was born, kneeling before her Queen.

Quickly, Brianna shook the thought off, and turned her attention back to the two women just as their kiss ended.

“Hot,” the bee girl whispered, a smile on her face.

“Hot,” Alexis repeated. She sounded dazed. “So hot… These clothes are so hot..” Slowly, Alexis began to strip her clothing, pulling off her black overcoat, and then her shirt, exposing an almost perfectly flat chest. “I’m hot…”

“You’re hot,” the bee girl agreed. “But you could be hotter..” Saying so, she bent her lips down to one of the tiny tits, wrapping her hands about the barely there breasts, and pulling the nipple into her mouth.

Alexis responded with a throaty moan, tilting her head back as the bee girl sucked and nipped at the nipple.

Brianna found it embarrassing to watch, but – purely due to scientific interest – she couldn’t bring herself to look away. Instead, she stared as the bee girl continued to suck at and play with the nipple. She wondered, though, if all this was really needed for the conversion process.

If so, would the same thing happen to her? A small blush spread across her cheeks at the idea, and she shook her head to dismiss the thought before turning her attention back to the bee girl and her victim.

…Had Alexis’s breasts always been that large? They’d been barely present, she was sure, but now they looked big enough to just barely fill a palm. It couldn’t be that they’d gotten bigger, though, right?

Except apparently they had. They were still growing, even, swelling in size until the bee girl needed to support the one she was sucking on with her hands in order to keep the nipple from falling out of her mouth. Her tits looked to be about the same size as Deborah’s had been, in fact.

“Fuck…” Alexis whispered, head tilted back. “My boobs… They’re so warm… and big…”

“Your tits are huge,” the bee girl whispered, before giggling. “I like big tits.” She nipped the nipple as she spoke, causing Alexis to let out a small moan. “Let me take off your pants?”

Alexis nodded, in response, and the bee girl began to undo the woman’s belt. She moved swiftly, as if she’d had years of practice with unbuckling people, and soon Alexis’s blonde bush and pink pussy were both exposed.

Brianna flushed red at seeing this. The bee girl simply smiled, however and pressed her lips against Alexis’s slit. Her tongue darting out to lick the flesh.

Alexis moaned, happy noises. “So hot… We’re… we’re so hot…”

“We’re all so hot,” the bee agreed. “All of us in the hive.”

Brianna wrenched her head away from the sight, not wanting to watch such tawdry things. Not before she saw something, though: Alexis’s skin was turning yellow. It had started about the nipples, but it was spreading rapidly across her body. Black stripes would likely follow soon after.

In other words, she was turning into one of the bee girls. “Fascinating,” Brianna whispered to herself, before moving toward the door that the bee girl had vacated. She’d wasted enough time here. She should find out what was deeper in the hive, and see if perhaps there was another exit. Otherwise, she’d most certainly have two bee girls staring at her soon.

Except, even as she slipped toward the door, another bee girl came out of it, blocking her way forward. She looked almost identical to the first bee girl she had seen. Their faces were different – but everything else, from the shape of their hips to the size of their breasts mirrored one another. Though. Actually. Had their breasts and hips been quite so large, when Brianna first entered? It was much more subtle than the changes Alexis had gone through, but she was sure there’d been a little swelling.

“Stay with us,” the new bee girl whispered. At least her voice was different then the other bee girl’s. “Be one with us. It’s so much fun.”

“It’s so hot,” whispered two more voices, from behind her. The first bee girl, and Alexis. “It’s sexy, and great. And you’ll never be lonely again.”

“Thanks, but I like being a loner,” Brianna responded, backing up from the newest bee girl.

Hands gripped each of her arms, from behind. Spinning her head around, she saw Alexis’s blue eyes staring back at her. Set in a face that was yellow, with a black stripe running across the nose.

“Let me go, dammit!” Brianna demanded, trying to pull her arms free. “I don’t want to be your Queen!”

“Queen?” All three bee girls asked, as one, tilting their heads to the side. “But we’ve already selected our Queen…”

“What? What are you talking about?” Brianna demanded, still struggling to get free. “When did you do that? It’s quite obvious that Alexis is the same as the rest of you, so-”

“We have already selected our queen,” the three bee girls repeated. Saying so, the new girl stepped forward. Brianna turned her head aside, desperately trying to avoid the kiss, but the bee girl simply took her by the chin and forced her to turn back around.

“You will be one of us,” the bee girl insisted. “You will be happy with us. You can finally be happy, Brianna.”

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