Queen Sarah Ch. 02: The Revelation

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Sarah and John’s sexual relationship had blossomed. Since their first encounter, they continued to see each other a few times per week. Sarah invited John to her Tae Kwon Do matches. She greatly enjoyed dominating John in the bedroom after dominating an opponent in competition.

They would also meet after school when they were both free and in the mood. Control was shared in these meetings. Sometimes Sarah would even submit fully to John’s control.

They were also hanging out socially and had become good friends. Their friend groups got along well. One of Sarah’s friends had even started dating John’s best friend. Sarah did hold the line on not dating. She didn’t like the idea of being someone’s girlfriend, even John’s girlfriend.

It was near the end of the school year, and John had started pressing Sarah to go to prom together. Sarah was hesitant about even going, and if she did, she figured she would go solo. John had other plans.

They were in Sarah’s bedroom after school. They were about 20 minutes into having sex. John had just positioned Sarah for what called a “prone bone.” He had her lay face down on the bed with a pillow under her pelvis. He was straddling her with his cock fully inside her. Her legs where pressed together between his legs making her feel incredibly tight and full. It was one of her favorite positions when she wasn’t dominating John.

In this position, she couldn’t do much but push her ass up to meet John’s strokes. They had a great rhythm. Right when her moans started getting loud and John could feel her pussy start to tighten, he slid his cock three quarters of the way in and stopped.

“So, I’ve been thinking about us going to prom,” said John.

“Huh? What? No, I’m so close. Please don’t stop,” she whimpered.

“I’d really like to go together,” he said with a smile as he held still.

She started to try to move back but John held her wrists.

“What do you think?”

“Please fuck me, I am so close.”


“Fuck you. I am so close.”

“Not until you say ‘Yes.'”

“Fine, whatever, just fuck me!”

She was desperate. She was so wet and her pussy was throbbing. She could feel her orgasm approaching but was helpless to do anything about. She would have agreed to anything.


He started to fuck her again. He was happy she had said yes, because he was on the verge of relenting. They both came within minutes.


A few weeks later, the fateful night arrived. Sarah’s dad dropped John and her off at the prom. It was being held in a hotel ballroom near the convention center. The hotel itself was huge with dozens of meeting rooms and hundreds of guest rooms.

John looked sharp in his tux. Unlike most of the other guys, he actually owned his own tux that was well tailored to his body. He had three older sisters, two of whom got married within a year of each other. His parent’s thought it wise to invest in a one good tux instead of renting several shabby ones. As a result, John looked like he just stepped out of a James Bond movie compared to the other guys in their misfitting outfits.

Sarah was stunning. She wore a sky blue semi-formal dress. Her dad insisted she spend money on a nice dress since he felt guilty about how little girly clothes she owned. The skirt of the dress was high-low (long in back, knee-length in front). It was sleeveless. She opted for a high neckline because she was afraid of her large breasts spilling out of anything that showed off cleavage. Her matching sky blue high heals showed off her perfectly toned legs.

About an hour and a half into the event, John’s football buddies pulled him away. They wanted to take some group pictures in their tuxes. Sarah decided to take a little walk since the ballroom was getting stuffy from all the dancing teens.

As she walked around the edge of the outdoor pool, she heard the sounds of two people: a very frustrated sounding boy and a scared girl. She eventually spotted them behind the small shelter that offered towels when the pool was open.

The boy was Trevor, a senior basketball player. He was blond, 6’5” and close to 200 lb. His tux jacket was a size too tight. It made him look like a cartoon gorilla. His pants were a size too big and far too baggy.

The girl was Daisy; a senior that Sarah was pretty sure was on the dance team. She was 5’2”, maybe 100 lb. She had dark brown hair in a pixie cut that contrasted her alabaster skin. She wore a short, light green dress that was off the shoulder. Her hair was held back by a sparkly green headband. She looked like a mix of Snow White and Tinkerbell.

“C’mon Daisy, it’s prom. I got you a corsage and everything.”

In a shaky voice, “Sorry, sorry. I just don’t know. I mean I want to, of course. But it just doesn’t feel right.”

Getting angrier, “What do you mean ‘Not right’?! I spent $148 on this room and now you are telling me it doesn’t feel right?!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you got a room.” She was almost in tears.

Trevor escort aggressively grabbed her by the arm and tried to lead her away. “C’mon, you fucking tease.”


Sarah looked around. She couldn’t find anyone to help. No chaperones or hotel employees were in sight. She decided she needed to act.

“Hey guys, why don’t we head inside? I heard Devin Bloom and Carly Wood snuck in some vodka. If we go now, we can probably get some.”

“Fuck off, Sarah. Daisy and I are talking.” He still hadn’t let go of her arm. Daisy just looked at her with big pleading eyes. Her fear was transparent. Sarah kept approaching.

“Actually, Daisy and I need to powder our noses inside.”

Sarah walked up to them and hitched her arm with Daisy’s other arm. Trevor did not let go. Sarah could see that he was cutting off her circulation. He jammed a finger in Sarah’s face.

“I said, ‘Fuck Off.'”

“No,” Sarah said defiantly. She placed her hand on the hand he was holding Daisy with. “We’re going inside.”

Trevor erupted. He shoved Daisy to the side and let go of her arm. Her heels slipped on the pool deck, and she fell to the ground. He got up in Sarah’s face and was about to grab her by both arms.

Sarah shrugged off his hands and gave he a short but powerful jab to the side of the stomach. She caught him off guard and knocked the wind out of him. Without pausing, she turned and hooked an arm around his back. She used his momentum to shove him forward while tripping him with her leg. He stumbled forward, tripped over a longue chair and took a roll into the pool.

In shock, he flailed a bit before getting to the pool edge. All he could do was hold himself above water while he tried to regain his breath.

Sarah helped up Daisy and briskly ushered her inside. Sarah saw that Daisy was on the verge of tears so she steered away from the dance towards some empty conference rooms. She saw one labeled “Oak Boardroom.” She tried the handle. It was unlocked. They went in.

“Hey Daisy, are you ok?”

Daisy struggled to get catch her breath. The last few minutes were a rollercoaster. First she and Trevor were on a nice walk. He was being cute and a little romantic. They stopped to kiss a little near the pool. After a minute of kissing, he started to try to get his hand up her skirt. She tried to stop him. It was too fast for her. They had only been dating a month.

He said, “I got us a room. Let’s head upstairs.”

That was way too fast. She hadn’t agreed to that. They hadn’t even had sex together yet. She had only had sex twice before with her previous boyfriend: once on her birthday and once after he got accept to Northwestern. Neither time was particularly enjoyable.

That’s when Trevor started getting mad. She quickly got scared. She didn’t know what to do. “It was prom after all. Have I been leading him on? Am I a tease? He was so big, maybe I should just do it,” she thought.

Seeing Sarah come over was a huge relief. It gave her time to think about her options. Then when Trevor got violent, the terror returned. But then Sarah threw him around like a ragdoll. It was amazing. She showed no fear. She manhandled an oaf twice her side. Who was this Amazon? Daisy was in awe. She just stared up at Sarah to whole trip to the boardroom.

“Yeah, I think so. I’m ok.”

Sarah smiled looking down at Daisy. Daisy seemed to be regaining her composure. Daisy just kept staring at her savior. After moment, she felt something warm and wet on her knee.

She looked down and saw her knee was bleeding. Sarah saw it too. Sarah went over to a side table that had tissues on it. She grabbed a few. She dipped down, careful to keep her knees together. With one hand, she held the back of Daisy’s knee. With the other, she blotted the small cut on her leg.

Sarah’s touch felt electric to Daisy. She felt tingles in her knee. They slowly spread out and up. She wasn’t sure, but she thought she might be getting aroused.

“Sorry, Sarah. I didn’t mean to get you caught up in this. It was really awesome how you saved me. How’d you do that? Trevor is huge.”

“It’s not the size of the bitch in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the bitch.”

Sarah looked up and smiled at Daisy. That smile made Daisy’s heart flutter. She was also a little shocked at Sarah’s casual use of “bitch” to refer to herself. No one is Daisy’s house swore at all and “bitch” was one of the worst things a person could be called. It was so taboo.

As Sarah looked up at Daisy, she was struck by Daisy’s eyes. She had huge pale blue eyes that complimented her pale skin and popped compared to her dark, almost black hair. She had on sparkly green eye shadow. It was perfectly applied. It perfectly matched her dress and heels. They were hypnotizing. Sarah just wanted to fall into those two huge pools.

The two 18 year-old girls stared at each other for a full minute. They would have stared longer, but Sarah’s absentminded dabbing of Daisy’s cut knee started to hurt.


“Oh, bursa eve gelen escort I’m sorry,” Sarah stammered as she snapped out of it. She stopped dabbing, but her hand on the back of Daisy’s knee lingered. As Sarah stood up, she slowly grazed the inside of Daisy’s knee and thigh.

Daisy gasped. It felt electric. The tingles in her leg and the fluttering of her heart had converged. She was now fully certain she was aroused. She would have been confused by all of this if she had bandwidth for self-awareness at the moment. She had never seriously considered she might be a bi or a lesbian. She never fantasized about being with a woman. But none of that was in her mind now. The only thing in her mind was this tall perfect woman standing in front of her and the primal urge growing inside of her.

Sarah could still feel Daisy in her fingertips even after her hand left her leg. Her own heart was racing. She felt a warmth growing inside her. It felt entirely different than the one she felt the first time John and she had sex, but it was no less intense. She was totally confused. She knew she loved being with men. But another part of her brain asked, “Do you really love men, or do you just love cock?”

That debate gradually faded away into the back of her mind along with the rest of the world. The only thing she could hear was her own heart pounding and Daisy’s slow, deep breathing. The only things that existed were Daisy’s huge doe eyes, her two perfect pouty lips, and Sarah’s own lips. She felt an overwhelming desire to combine those last two into one.

Both girls had become oblivious to time. They just stood in front of each other, separated by six inches. They were both taking slow deep breaths and unable to look at or think about anything but each other. The only thing either of them felt was an impossible to deny attraction and need for the other.

Finally after another minute, Sarah lifted her hand to Daisy’s shoulder. Then leaned towards each other. Their breathing synced. They were standing slow close they could feel each other’s chest every time they inhaled.

Daisy said in a breathy whisper, “I’ve never…” and trailed off.

Sarah in just as breathy of a whisper, “Me neither.”

They continued to stare into each other’s eyes, drinking each other in. Sarah could smell Daisy’s conditioner, a pleasant floral aroma. Daisy could smell Sarah’s body, her own personal scent. It was intoxicating.

Ever so slowly, they begin to get closer. Millimeter by millimeter, Sarah leaned down and tilted her head slightly to the right. Daisy tilted her head back and to the side to receive her. When they were just a centimeter apart, their eyes started to close.

After what felt like an eternity, their lips met. It was barely a peck but also an explosion. Nothing had ever felt this right. The peck ended, they both waited for the other to pull away or say something. Nothing. They kissed again; then again.

Their lips parted, and they became more aggressive. Sarah’s tongue darted into Daisy’s mouth. Daisy loved it and returned the favor. Sarah’s arms wrapped around Daisy’s waist and pulled her tight. Daisy put her arms around Sarah neck. She ran her hand through her thick hair and kissed her harder.

It was insane. Neither of them had ever felt like this from just a kiss. They were now two beings of pure lust. They didn’t just want to be close and feel each other’s body pressed against them. They wanted to merge: two sets of lips to become one, two sets of heaving breasts to become one, two sets of skins without an atom between them.

Before either of them realized they were even moving, Sarah had pushed Daisy up against a wall. Daisy’s legs were shaking. She knees felt like jelly. She was almost sitting on Sarah’s leg that was pressed between hers.

Sarah noticed a warm sensation on her leg. It was growing in temperature and intensity. She eventually realized Daisy’s wet pussy was pushed against her leg. She moved her thigh slightly up and down Daisy’s pussy. Daisy moaned without breaking their kiss.

Sarah slowly slid her hand down Daisy’s back. She felts Daisy’s toned dancer’s ass. She went down her skirt to back of her thigh. Sarah began to move her hand under Daisy’s dress and up her naked thigh. Her leg felt incredible, so toned and smooth. Her skin was like silk.

Eventually she arrived at her destination. She felt a pair of lacy bikini style panties. Without even seeing them, Sarah was sure they perfectly matched her dress.

For the first time, they broke their kiss. They opened their eyes. Their chests heaved as they breathed. Sarah’s hand cupped Daisy’s mound through her panties and froze. They stared at each other in pure lust. Daisy gave the slightest of nods. It couldn’t have been more obvious to Sarah if it was a blinking neon sign.

Sarah lifted her hand to the waistband of Daisy’s panties and slowly slid her hand inside. She couldn’t believe how warm and wet Daisy was. It was hot to the touch. Sarah görükle escort wondered if she ever got this hot.

She slid her middle finger down Daisy’s slit. Daisy gasped. Her jaw dropped, and she just waited for what Sarah would do next.

Without ever breaking eye contact, Sarah slid her finger up and down Daisy’s slit. It was impossibly wet. Sarah loved how slick it made her finger feel. Daisy would moan slightly with ever stroke.

Eventually Sarah bent her finger and slid inside Daisy. It felt like heaven. Daisy gasped again. She threw both her arms against the wall behind her to hold herself up. Her legs no longer responded.

As Sarah slowly stroked in and out, Daisy’s eyes closed and her head tilted back. She gave a low deep groan. She began to say, almost whispering at first, “Yes, yes, yes.”

When Daisy broke eye contact, Sarah began to kiss her neck. She loved how small Daisy was. She loved that she needed to bend down to kiss her soft neck. She held her steady with her other arm and loved how light Daisy was.

Sarah’s lips on her neck felt almost as incredible as her finger is her pussy. She was lost to the world. She alternated between indistinct moaning and saying “Yes!”

Sarah kissed down her neck. She then began to kiss along her collarbone. She kissed her shoulders. She loved how thin and feminine they felt. She wasn’t sure where she was going until Daisy arched her back and moaned. She realized what she needed.

Sarah laid her eyes on Daisy’s heaving chest. She needed to experience those breasts. It wasn’t a thought. It was an instinct. Sarah pulled down on the off the shoulder sleeves of Daisy’s dress until it fell below her strapless pushup bra. Daisy’s breasts were B-cups that her bra was trying to convince the world were C’s.

Sarah unhooked the bra and threw it across the room. Daisy didn’t even notice. She was lost in pleasure from the rhythmic stroking of Sarah’s fingers in her pussy. Sarah gazed at the two perfect breasts before her. They were so different from her own breasts. Whereas Sarah’s D-cup breasts were full and heavy, topped off by nipples the sizes of quarters, Daisy’s were perky handfuls. Her areolas were almost the size of silver dollars. Her nipples were erect and twice as long as Sarah’s. The combination of petite breasts and large nipples aroused Sarah to a new level.

She bent down. She gently kissed the left one. She kissed it again more firmly. She parted her lips and sucked it in. She ran her tongue around the areola. Then she gently nibbled the erect nipple between her teeth. Daisy cried out, “OH GOD!”

Daisy was now fucking Sarah’s hand as aggressively as Sarah was fingering her. She was on fire with lust. She could feel the biggest orgasm of her life approaching. This was going to be the first time another person had made her come.

She couldn’t catch her breath. Her abs were clenching. Her pussy was trembling. Her legs were completely gone. She just gripped the wall. It felt like she might fly into space if she let go.

Sarah brought Daisy’s other nipple into her mouth as she sped up her fingering. That was all Daisy could take.


Her knees buckled. Her pussy clamped down on Sarah’s fingers. An explosion of pleasure left her completely sated. She slowly slid down the wall to the floor. She sat there with her eyes closed and a huge grin on her face.

Sarah steadied herself against the wall. She admired the petite beauty slumped on the floor. She gradually became aware of her hand, still glistening with Daisy’s juices. She had tasted her own in the past out of curiosity. She couldn’t resist bringing her hand to her nose and inhaling Daisy’s scent. She peaked down at Daisy to make sure she wasn’t watching. She wasn’t. Sarah slowly tasted her finger. It was divine. It was everything she’d hoped it would taste like and more. She now desperately regretted not eating her out instead of fingering her.

After a few minutes, Daisy began to return to Earth. She sleepily opened her eyes and looked up at Sarah. She couldn’t believe a girl had just done that to her. She couldn’t believe she enjoyed it or could enjoy anything that much. She couldn’t believe her first lesbian experience was with such a hot girl.

“That was incredible. I’ve never cum that hard.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever made someone cum that hard.”

They both chuckled and smiled at each other. Daisy slowly rose to her feet. She had to grab the wall for a moment as her head was still swimming. She smiled at Sarah again, in awe of her in every way and the way she had pleased her.

She said, “I think I owe you for that. I definitely owe you for saving me from Trevor.”

When she had a clear head and steadier legs, she strutted over to Sarah. She wrapped her arms around her neck and pulled her down for a kiss. They kissed with desperate passion. It had only been two minutes since they last touched each other, but it felt like months.

Daisy began to move Sarah back towards the long boardroom table without breaking their kiss. When they got to one of the high-backed, leather clad swivel chairs; she broke off the kiss and pushed Sarah back into the chair. She straddled Sarah’s lap with her knees on either side of her. In this position, Daisy was a bit taller than Sarah. She resumed their kiss.

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