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She bent over and braced herself against the coffee table. As so often she does, she felt incredibly vulnerable. He slowly pulled down her black panties, stopping as they reached her knees. She waited, not knowing what he had planned for her next. Would he spank her ass? Would he slide his cock inside her pussy? Or would tonight be the night he just torments her into a wet frenzy and send her home? Realizing she was holding her breath, she forced herself to exhale.

Suddenly she felt his lips on her back. The weight of his body on her was comforting. But just as quickly she felt alone and empty as his weight was lifted from her. She didn’t try to stand, instead remaining where he put her. Darkness overtook her as he put on the blindfold. Her bottom lip was sucked into her mouth as she nibbled on it, again wondering what he has in store for her. She could hear him moving around behind her. She quirmed, turning her toes inward and wiggling them.

She screamed as it struck her ass, as much from the shock as the pain. She would have panicked if his hand was not stroking her, his soothing voice whispering, “good girl, good girl.” He never just jumps in, giving anything to her so hard and fast. In the past he always offered her a period of warm up. The second strike was not as unexpectant, but burned just as much if not more. It made her knees buckle, the wood of the table pressing into her stomach as it supported her weight.

The third strike brought on a torrent of pain, blinding her as she swallowed hard and fought back the tears. She wanted to be his good girl and take whatever he wished to give her. Her toes curled and tears sprung forth as the fourth and fifth ones struck her backside with a force that left her breathless and instantly bringing on tears.

“Mmmmmm,” he murmured, “you’re going to have such pretty marks.” His hand slipped up her thighs, parting her pussy lips. “You’re such a pain slut,” he said. “You’re dripping.” She wanted to tell him no, she wasn’t a pain slut, but his fingers were probing into her pussy and she lost the thought.

Once again, his weight was on her back. His sweaty chest burned the marks left by the crop. Dizzy, she moved against him, taking solace in his closeness as she continued to embrace the pain. As her head turned slightly, he bit her shoulder. His teeth dug deep into the tender flesh and she gasped. She tried to push her ass back against him. He just laughed, “Slut,” he said, and moved away from her.

The room got quiet. She waited for the smallest of sound to alert her to his actions. She thought she heard the door open and close. She thought she heard conversation in the distance somewhere. But confusion took over and she didn’t really know what was going on. She closed her görükle escort eyes tight and just let herself drift.

She wasn’t bound by anything except her desire to please him so when she felt the soft hand on her ass it was all she could do to remain still. She dared not speak. She trusted him, right? Completely… she knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her or anything that she truly wouldn’t enjoy in the end.

The soft hand continued stroking her ass. She thought she was enjoying it. She had fantasies, but weren’t they just fantasies? Suddenly she felt other hands on her legs, more soft hands. These hands weren’t her Master’s and they weren’t manly hands. She shook her head gently back and forth, careful not to bang her head on the table. His hand gripped her hair tightly and the soft hands were gone. She shivered in the chill of the room. When he pulled her up from the table to her knees, she had the decency to blush as she knew others were looking at her naked body. They could see her panties puddling around her knees. There was no denying her turned on state as her scent filled the air and her nipples hardened into mountainous peaks.

His lips caressed hers, at first gently then becoming rough as his tongue invaded her mouth. Her body arched and her hands searched for him as she needed to touch him. A pair of soft hands pulled her arms away, holding them to her sides. He broked the kiss and she heard movement in front of her. All she could see beneath the blindfold were blurry spots of light.

“Suck it,” he said. She learned forward, hungry and eager for his cock. He laughed, “Not you, slut.” Her heart sank for a moment and she settled lower onto her knees. A few moments later the light blinded her, the blindfold having been jerked off. Before her she saw him, standing naked while a strange woman sucked his cock. He turned to her, watching to gauge her reaction. Her eyes reveal a mixture of emotions before tears ran down her cheeks as she watched on.

Her own pussy throbbed, her mind questioning her own sanity. How can this turn her on? She didn’t share him. She hated it. She turned from him, catching the other woman behind her out of the corner of her eyes. Again, a stranger to her. Her thoughts were lost as this woman kissed her then turned her head back straight ahead. As she watched her Master, the man she loved with all her being, get pleasured by a stranger, she was confused. She licked her lips, having realized the enjoyment of the feminine kiss.

His eyes closed and his hands went to the head of red hair, forcing his cock deeper. She heard him groan and watched as his hips thrust forward before pulling his cock completely free of the girl’s mouth. “Enough,” he said. The pretty redhead bursa escort bayan moved, shifting to stand.

He motioned for the two women, telling his slave to stay put. “Do not move,” he said. She heard noises behind her. What is he planning?

Pulling her to her feet, again she felt the weight of the table beneath her. She cringed slightly as his hands went to her hips, lifting her ass. She felt the eyes of the women upon her. But his touch and nearness won over. His hard cock brushed over her ass before invading her pussy, parting her lips and slipping deep inside with a single thrust. She grunted. He smiled to himself and started to fuck her.

He reached around her and pressed his fingers against her clit. Rubbing as he held his cock deep inside her. She cried out softly, she was so full of feeling. She heard a noise and realized it was herself.

“Please, please.. cum..” she said.

“No, no..” he responded.

His fingers slipped from her clit and he started pounding her with a force that moved the table. He was pushing himself deeper inside of her with thrusts followed by grunts.

He stopped moving and pulled his cock free of her warmth. She cried out in protest. He smacked her ass. Again, she heard movement. And though she dare not stand she did try to turn and look. It was useless.

She felt a hardness against her ass. “please, fuck me more,” she begged. Then she realized her Master was standing in front of her. She squirmed, moving against the table and hard object at her ass.

“Do not fight it. You won’t win,” he stated. She looked up at him, eyes wide in question. “Just behave and enjoy yourself.”

The the redhead was back with him, standing much too close. He bent to kiss her and his slave grunted, turning away only to turn quickly back and see the two of them settling on the couch. He spread the woman’s legs and let his fingers caress a path up her parted thighs.

Soft hands curled gently around her hips. She tensed and then tried to fight against the object being forced into her cunt. Her body belied her as the dildo slipped inside easily from the wetness.

Her eyes never left the couch, watching as her Master made love with his fingers to the pretty redhead. The girl’s face contorted into a pleasurable smile as his fingers found her clit, rubbing over it.

Gasping, the woman behind her plunged the dildo deep into her pussy. She fought the desires of pleasure she started to feel. No, she told herself. This isn’t right. She quickly lost that battle as the woman began fucking her with earnest. The hard cock strapped to her waist plunging in and out. You could hear the wetness, her juices coating the thick member.

Her Master and the bursa escort redhead moved from the couch, standing and watching the hot action. Quickly he smack the woman’s ass and bent her over the other end of the table. The redhead was just inches from her face. Her Master standing behind her, looking over her at his slave being fucked and used by a woman. He smiled, the warmth of his love for her shining in his eyes, whispering “good girl.” Not knowing for sure who it was directed at, his slave smiled and found herself pressing back hard against the woman and her dildo.

He caressed the redhead’s backside and ripped open the foil package, slipping it on before letting his cock dive into her tight hole. She cried out and gripped the edges of the table, the movement bringing her face even closer to the slave.

The table started rocking as the rhythm picked up. Her Master fucking the redhead. She being fucked so diligently by the brunette. Sex filled the air and the two sluts found themselves kissing when the force of the fucking brought their lips together. His cock buried deep, her dildo to the hilt in the slave. They both paused, watching as the two little wanton sluts kissed.

The fucking action started immediately back up. Everyone was grunting and crying out. The slave begged to cum, “please, please.. I need to cum!!”

“OMGaaaaawwwwwwwwd” the redhead cried out as she came.

The slave still begging until he said “yes.. yes…”

She came, the dildo working her pussy like magic. Her body pressing back hard, her hands digging into the table for support. She cried out, gasping, almost whimpering. The redhead’s soft cries of delight continued on until he grunted, ramming his cock so deep into her cunt and filling it with his cum.

He let his weight fall onto her. Leaning forward, he kissed her neck. The brunette pulled the dildo free of his slave who instantly cried out from the feeling of emptiness. He reached over and caressed her face, “good, good girl.”

He pushed free of the redhead, standing and smacking her ass. The two women and the man conversed as the slave gathered her senses. She heard voices, but couldn’t decipher the words. She didn’t know if it was because they were whispering or because her senses were spinning. What had just happened? How did it all get out of control?

Goodbyes were said and kisses were shared amongst the three of them before the two women left and she was left alone with him. Still huddled over the table, he pulled her to him and brought them both to the couch. Wrapping the blanket around her, he shifted and reached for his cigarettes. As she lit it, she shivered.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded slowly. She clung to him. In part because she was still so turned on and in part because she needed him close to her.

For quite some time no words were spoken. He broke the silence, “sleep… we’ll talk tomorrow about all of this.” He crushed out his cigarette and spread out on the couch, drawing her body close to him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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