Quickie ~ Against the Car

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To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one, or perhaps dedicate one to one of you. If you’d like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you…K’Anne

This is from a video I saw on U-Tube of a soap opera that plays in Spain. There is no copyright infringement intended, it’s just a short story I feel my readers would enjoy. I am taking artistic license to continue the brief scene that I saw between these two sensual women. This is my version of what happened, what could have happened, what would have happened if I had really been there…enjoy!

I had been angry longer than I can ever remember being. It was hard enough to stay angry but living with the person who made me so angry only made things more difficult. The silence in the house was overwhelming. Why wouldn’t she just move out, move on? But did I really want her to? I missed what we had had. I missed what she had ruined with her thoughtless words. I knew she was sorry but this went way beyond a simple apology. She had humiliated me both publicly and thoroughly. Everyone knew about her insecurities regarding me now and I was mortified at how extensive they really were. It wasn’t my fault in the least how insecure she was regarding us, it wasn’t like we hadn’t talked out our problems. We had been together for awhile now and why she couldn’t have told me these particular things in private I didn’t understand. I realized it wasn’t her fault that the mic was on when she revealed and confided them to a mutual friend but now everyone had heard, everyone knew, and I was mortified.

This had been going on for a long time. The awful silences. The avoidance. Even the separate beds. She slept in my bed now, alone. I slept in the guest room. I was miserable. She was miserable. I had tried to talk to her. She had tried to reason with me. Each and every time it had ended in a loud fight with words that neither of us meant but hurt none the less. Maybe it was time to end this. Maybe I should move out. But it was my house! I couldn’t take the cold shoulder I was giving her anymore. She had tried, I had to give her that, but I just couldn’t get past what she had done. Airing our dirty laundry was one thing, but to the whole squad? Everyone knew now, everyone knew her insecurities regarding me, everyone knew her feelings. Until our commander had shut down the mic they had heard every detail, every word. It had been better than a soap opera and now I was barely speaking to her.

The worst had come when she confronted me in front of a room full of our teammates. In anger I had struck her. I was horrified at what she had driven me to. I think she was shocked that I would resort to physical violence. I packed quite a wallop and my hand had smarted the rest of the day. The fact that I took her down with that one punch was immensely satisfying and incredibly mortifying. I couldn’t face her or the rest of the team who stood there in stunned silence. Her brother had pulled me back in case I wanted more blood and I was shocked Elvankent Escort enough to let him. I finally shrugged him off and left with my cheeks flaming. It had been the second worst moment of my life. It compounded the embarrassment I felt at what she had revealed.

As I made my way to my car I was on the phone with a colleague who was asking my advice. I put my bag in the back of the hatchback and headed for the passenger side door to drop off the paperwork before climbing in. I had just hung up the phone and closed the door when someone came up behind me and pushed me against the closed door.

“Freeze” she whispered hoarsely in my ear. I recognized my girlfriends voice immediately. Too many passion filled nights had I heard this exact voice to be fooled by her authoritative tone.

“What” I tried to ask and turn at the same time.

“Freeze, your under arrest, stay still or I will have to cuff you” she warned ominously.

She was taller than I was and much more muscular. To be honest I welcomed the feel of her body against mine as she pushed me against the car. I stayed quiet. My arms were far across and on the hood. She took the cell phone away from me and slipped it in the front pocket of my tight little jeans. She spread my legs with her boots.

“But” I tried to get out.

“Shhh” she said as she bucked slightly against me to emphasize that I was in her custody.

“I am going to have to frisk you” she said in her deep authoritative voice but I could hear the undertone, it was the same beautiful voice I had loved and enjoyed.

She started at my wrists with her hands over them and touched impersonally along my arms up to my shoulders. But it wasn’t impersonal. It was incredibly sensual. She knew exactly what she was doing. She felt along my shoulders and under my long red hair, was that her nose I felt along my hair burrowing in it’s thickness, scenting in the smell of my hair, the smell of me along my neck. I shivered as I thought I felt her nose touch along my nape. I leaned back against my antagonist as she felt along my sides for any hidden weapons. The only weapon I was carrying was my body and I knew she would use it against me.

“I charge you with ignoring me” she whispered huskily as she touched me again and again.

She bent down to frisk my legs, one at a time, down one and up the other side. The warmth of her hand came through my jeans and I caught my breath in my throat at the contact. It was calculated, it was thorough, it was arousing as she came close but did not touch inappropriately. She touched along my entire back, lifting my long hair aside to do a thorough search but the thought of her playing with my hair had me nearly groaning. When she touched my sides and then abdomen I let out a squeak of protest but she ignored me as she checked under my bra for hidden weapons.

“I charge you with abandoning me” she continued as her knowing hands felt my ass through the jeans.

As she searched my hips her hands strayed to the front of my tight little jeans. It was when she began to unbutton them, her body tightly against mine that I let Beşevler Escort out another squeak of protest.

“We need to talk” I began knowing my body was about to betray me to the one person who knew it so very intimately.

“The time to talk has passed. We tried talking, that didn’t work” she answered breathily, obviously affected from what she was doing to me. Her fingers got the first button undone and were reaching inside.

I spun around in her arms and reached up to encircle her shoulders in my arms “you don’t want to talk? Then FINE we WON’T talk!” I hissed as I reached up and captured her lips with mine passionately.

She was more than ready for me as she eagerly held me against her between her and the car, my back sculpted itself against the window on the door. I stripped her jacket from her hot muscular body as well as her shoulder holster. She continued at the buttons on my jeans and when that was done she started on the buttons of my blouse exposing my bra which she fervently admired, caressing the cups and what they contained. I was kissing her deep and ardently letting her know how much she affected me as I sucked, nibbled, and mashed my lips against her my tongue sneaking inside to caress, fence, and dual with hers. We traded spit but oh it tasted of the nectar of the gods. She felt so good against me as she strained tightly against me with the car against my back. Her crotch grinding suggestively against mine she aroused me as I wanted her so bad, it had been so long, too long since I had known her body against mine.

As she kissed along my jaw line my head fell back against the roof of the car which only served to give her full access to my throat and neck. I gladly gave her that access which she took advantage of as she kissed, licked, and nibbled her way across and down causing shivers as she made her way to my ear and then across to the other. My breathing was becoming ragged in my throat.

It never occurred to either of us to be aware of our surroundings, to realize we were in a carpark at work, that we were probably on inter-departmental cameras. We were so aware of only each other, of our overwhelming need for each other that everything else ceased to exist and no other cares were in the world for us.

She plunged her fingers inside my tight jeans now loosened from their grip on my hips by her unbuttoning of them. She flicked aside the scrap of clothing I called panties and her finger unerringly found my love button and gave it a caress. I arched back letting her know I approved. She used her body to hold me up against the car. My leg began to rise to wrap around her hip and hold her there. It also served to give her more access between my legs where her fingers were already seeking out and finding the wetness she had caused there. They began to play with the wetness but this wasn’t enough for me. I was in heat, I was in rut, I needed what only she could provide me.

Her lips had traveled down my chest to the V between my breasts. Her nose had inhaled the intoxicatingly strong smell of me, my perfume, and my essence which rose strong between us. She used Cebeci Escort her nose to nudge aside the silk of my push up bra so she could capture the incredibly erect nipple that stood so proudly through the fabric waiting for her mouth to capture it in it’s embrace. I let out a whoosh of sound as her warm lips touched it, her tongue flicked it, and her mouth sucked it in. It weakened my only leg holding me up but her incredible body against mine held me up as I lay splayed against the passenger door of the car. My arms held up the hands that grasped desperately at her shoulders not only to keep me up but to keep her in place, to keep her doing what she was doing so well to my inflamed body.

As she plunged in I couldn’t help the guttural cries that were released from my throat. I must have been somewhat aware that we could be discovered at any moment in the carpark. That we just might be on camera at this very moment because my normal screams of ecstasy were muted. It was okay though, the guttural cries seemed to be what she wanted as she played my body more enthusiastically. Her fingers plunged in and out, my body bucked in response, encouraging her to this outrageous display. Her mouth played havoc with my breasts that seemed to rise up and thrust their way into her mouth of their own accord. My body betrayed me, there was no fighting her, there was no fighting this, not that I really wanted to, but it’s betrayal was something I would think of later.

She knew my body so well. She changed up how she thrust in me, I never knew the exact spot she would hit, the exact moment she would hit my G spot, the gushing that was coming from between my legs was signaled by the slurping sounds I could hear as her fingers moved in and out rapidly. She knew the combination of what her fingers were doing, her lips and tongue on my nipples would drive me insane. It was a short drive. I went over the edge willingly as my body convulsed, as I bucked and writhed against the body that was causing me so much havoc. It was totally undignified, it was absolutely necessary. I loved every minute of it. It went on and on for a long time, it had been a long time since I had this type of release and my body was squeezing every moment out of this incredibly sensual, incredibly impulsive, and totally erotic moment. If there was a spot above heaven I went to it as she played my body expertly.

As my soul came back down to earth and I became aware of things around me I realized she slowly pulled her fingers from my body replacing my now soused panties before pulling her fingers up to deliberately put them in her mouth and clean them. The sight was so erotic and sensual as I watched with my passion filled eyes. I made no move to cover myself from her amazingly dark and intense eyes. She grinned her beautiful grin and I stared at it bemusedly as I contemplated what she had just done to me. She began to button up my blouse and then my jeans and helped me tuck the blouse back in. I could finally stand at that point but my mind certainly wasn’t on the job I had planned to go out to at that moment.

“Now THAT is a TALK we will have to have again” she smiled as she leaned down to kiss me again. I could faintly smell and taste myself on her lips.

She helped to peel me off the car eventually after we continued ‘small’ talk against the car. Her kisses and caresses helped calm me down. She made sure my brain was back in my head before allowing me behind the wheel. You know, I’m not as angry as I once was….

The End…for now

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