Rahab Bk. 03 Ch. 04: Mid Summer’s Eve

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As I kissed the Great Queen, I was consumed by a fire I had felt only once before. It was not just the eroticism of her intoxicating person – I knew all about that sort of thing, and also the difference between it and love, and how easy it was to persuade oneself that the one must entail the other. This was more akin to my lost Ana. My heart had mourned her, and I needed her, I needed what she gave me. I needed her. And so, for these brief moments, I felt close.

As our lips touched, the world was lost to me; and I gladly let it go. There was only this moment. There was only her. I felt her pull me behind the arras, where we would have privacy. She must have carried me.

My lips touched hers. My hands entwined themselves in her hair. We kissed. Forever we kissed. Her tongue invading, my mouth surrendering. As her hands besieged my body, the ramparts fell one by one. My counter-assault secured a foothold on her body, helping remove the stiff brocade dress which hid her inner citadel. As she stripped my defences, one by one, I let my mouth slide down to her breasts.

They were small but perfect, and as she undid my drawers, I sucked on her full, thick, dark pink nipples, marvelling at her freckled skin’s translucence. As I lowered her final defence, I pulled myself down the length of her body, kissing every inch between her breasts and her mound. She opened her thighs so I could get closer. My hands massaged her nipples, feeling them stiffen, and hearing the effects, then, as I began to lick her forest of red hairs, I could see what effect my counter-assault was having. I gasped.

I was not unused to the bodies of women, having already had eight, or was it nine, lovers, but none had a bud so large. It resembled a small male member. I immediately fastened my lips around it, as I had seen my fellow concubines do with the Sultan’s majestic member; she gasped. I moved my face in and out of her sex, using my teeth, lips, and tongue to pleasure her.

Everything I knew was summoned up in an irresistible need to pleasure her.

My fingers worked on her nipples. My mouth encompassed escort bayan her bud, which I licked and grazed with my teeth. Then, letting it go, I slid my tongue down her engorged lips, licking along each one, her hairs brushing my face, engulfing me with her perfume.

I was told later that there were doubts about her claim to be a Virgin Queen. Well Queen she surely was, and as my tongue came into contact with her hymen, I knew we were alike. Were that possible I loved her more at the moment of realisation.

I licked upwards, pushing her bud back, licking under and behind it, then sucked harder. Her hair tickled my nose, and her scent overwhelmed me. Sucking, I grazed with my teeth. Her hands pushed me inwards, and I went. Then, sensing her need, I bit, and then, again. As I sucked and licked, she exploded. With a great groan, she squirted her juices all over my face, as I lapped, sucked and licked. I did not want to miss a drop of her sweet nectar; nor, it seemed, did she want me to miss one, either.

I lay between her matchless thighs. She pulled me up to lie on her, as she lay on the couch.

‘My Queen.’ Was all I could say.

‘Call me Bess, and what shall I call you?’

‘Call me Pixie,’ I said, recalling the name Jess had bestowed upon me.

Her green eyes smiled.

‘Yes, you will be my little Pixie, my good luck Pixie, my Pixie with the magic tongue. Where did you learn to please a woman like that?’

“Oh, Bess, my Bess,’ I stroked her breasts, and her shoulders then played with her hair. ‘Bess, Bess, Bess.’

‘Is my lucky, licky Pixie lost for words at last?’

Looking up, I smiled at her and nodded.

She stroked my hair and pulled me to her. I could feel her heart beating. It was in time with mine, which was swelling.


‘Pixie?’ She responded, quizzically.

‘Can you love someone you have only just met?’ I asked.

‘It might be easier than someone you know!’ She replied, in the way with which I would become so familiar.

‘Well, for what it is worth, I think I just fell in love with bursa vip escort you.’

‘Oh my licky Pixie, we are so alike. We give ourselves to the unfaithful Master that is our Empire, preserving for ourselves only these islands of pleasure in a vast, dreary ocean of duties. Let us abide in this desert isle, my Pixie and me!’

‘I have another, Bess, whom I love, but like us, she has given herself to a higher cause.’ I began to cry.

She pulled me to her and soothed me.

‘Is that the Ana whose letter you gave me?’

Nodding, I said it was and told her how much I missed her and feared I would never meet her again.

‘She, too, must miss you little one, but it is the Fate that chose us, not us the Fate.’

I knew she understood, as Ana would, if ever I saw her again.

Suddenly I wondered where the others were.

As though she had read my mind (as she would do so often), she pulled a robe from the bed and handed me a smaller one.

‘Let us survey the wreckage, my love.’ She held my hand. Of all the acts that evening, that was the most erotic. To feel that long, soft hand embrace mine, was indeed an act of love from her.

As we stepped from behind the Arras, the first thing I saw was Emm’s arse. It was glowing pink from where an exhausted Lady de Winter had spanked her.

‘I do apologise, Highness, Lady Rahab, but as you can see, Lady de Winter needs reviving.’

‘Emm, you are the sluttiest wanton in Whitehall. This is why you occupy your current position!’

Whether Bess meant her post as Groom or her position between Milady’s thighs, was unclear; but usually with Bess both parts of double entendre were true.

‘Let us go, Pixie, tonight we sleep together.’

The maids had pulled back the covers on her chamber, and the candles flickered. She looked beautiful.

‘Am I not too old for you, Pixie? I have, after all, seen fifty summers come and go?’

‘Am I not too young for you, Bess? I have, after all, seen only eighteen summers come, and go.’

We look at each other.

She bursa elit escort pulled me to her, and we kissed.

Pushing me back, she lay down with me. My naked flesh against hers, our robes discarded, I felt, once again, that love was calling me by her name.

‘Bess, Bess, I fear that I have fallen for you!’

‘I should have been very disappointed had you not. You are delightful and delicious and were it possible, I’d be minded to ask your Master to give you to me, but I fear my Churchmen would not approve!’

She laughed, that throaty, deep laugh of hers which made you want to say something to provoke it, just for the sheer pleasure of hearing it.

‘I know, Bess, we have the same problem. Our Imams disapprove. They have no problem with slavery, or with a man having many wives, but let two women love each other, and that is a sin.’

‘One day, little one, one day, in some distant future, perhaps men will learn better. But until they stop thinking with their pricks, it isn’t going to be easy.’

‘Ah, Bess, Bess, cuddle me!’

This felt the most perfect and natural thing in the world.

As she pulled me into her embrace, my world felt lighter, brighter, warmer and happier. Yes, that was the word I was groping for. I was happy, Bess made me happy. Whatever the world will remember my lover for, I will remember her for that. I do believe that my last thoughts will be of her, of the happiness we shared, which however brief and fraught with danger, was the happiest I have been except for Ana. I did not expect to be that happy again. How cruel was Fate, to bring me Ana and Bess, dangle them before me, and then deprive me of them.

‘I love holding you, my Pixie.’

‘I love you holding me, Bess.’

And suddenly, it was just two women, in love with each other.

‘Oh, Pixie, how I wish we could have this, but we are slaves to a higher calling, and we both know this is only for now. But I wish it could be other. To be with you like this is heaven.’

My heart exploded. Bess loved me. My feelings were reciprocated.

‘We have this night, my beloved Bess, and others yet to come. After all, Will was right, to say that present mirth hath present laughter, so let’s enjoy, for who knows what’s yet to come!’

And it was, I later reflected, a good job we didn’t.

That whole short night we did not part.

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