Ranch Girl Ch. 02

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Philip’s POV

It’s been six days now since Heather took me in my bedroom, deflowering me in a passionate fucking that left me unable to walk for an hour after. I was actually unable to get up from bed due to how weak my legs were. That’s how hard she fucked me. Heather just gave me an impish smirk afterwards when I told her that I couldn’t stand up, telling me that the first time can be exhausting for a boy. I did enjoy her cuddling with me a lot though, and the way that she rested her face in the crook of my neck and gently kissed my warm skin. That was what I needed. Tender loving care.

Now I’m sitting here with her in the big library at school, trying to do a history homework. She isn’t letting me though. Her hand is rubbing me under the table and I tell her “Later, baby. I really have to do this right now. I need to submit the work tomorrow.” Only two seconds later, I realize that ‘submit’ was a poor word choice. Heather gives me an evil smirk and squeezes my dick through my pants very hard, making me moan. “Please baby, let go of my cock. You can play with it later, alright? Let me get to work first.” She shakes her head at me and I know there is nothing I can do now but let her have her way.

“The only submission you’ll be making is to me, baby,” she whispers in my ear. Her words only arouse me further. She then releases my dick and slips her now free hand into her pink booty shorts. “I’m fingering myself right now.” After that she withdraws her hand and shows me how wet it is after being inside her hot pussy. She sticks her fingers in my mouth and I can taste her spicy pussy juices. It’s so wonderful and makes my cock harder. She returns her hand to my crotch and massages it before she unzips my pants. Heather then slips her hand into her own pants once more to get more of her womanly juices on her fingers.

She wraps her coated hand around my shaft and begins wanking me right in the library, jerking me off with strong pumps. Her fingers feel so wonderful on my cock and I have to bite down on my lower lip in order to stop myself from moaning and giving away what is going on. “Please, let me tuck it back in my pants. You can play with it later, but not in a public place like this,” I whimper. Why do I have to be so weak? Just the touch of her hand and I’m now unable to control myself. “I really don’t want us to get into trouble for this.”

Heather leans in closer and tells me “I fucked a bunch of guys at school and I never got caught. Not even once. We’re going to be fine, darling.” She keeps on fondling my genital, sliding her hand up and down my prick. Her warm hand stroking me feels so good and I gasp as she squeezes my erection rhythmically, alternating between squeezing and caressing. I find myself marveling at how well she handles a dick. She really is good at all things sexual. “You are going to cum inside me. I just want to warm you up with a handjob first.”

She continues to caress my throbbing erection and gives me a kiss right on the cheek. This sends more blood down to my prick, making it more swollen. It spasms in her hand and she clenches her fist around my shaft, giving my pole deliberate strokes with her strong fingers. Her powerful biceps ripple as she jerks me off. “I’m going to cum soon, baby,” I warn my hot girlfriend. Heather quickly releases me and I take this chance to stuff my dick back inside my pants, zipping up as quickly as I could. She then yanks me up to my feet.

Heather quickly drags me with her to the changing room where she locks the door. Then she rips my trousers off and also gets rid of my boxers too. I blush as she stares at my dick and wraps her hand around it again. “Look at how helpless you are,” she whispers to me. “You couldn’t keep your cock out of my hand, baby. Whenever I want to touch it, it gets hard for me. Your cock is mine, Philip.” Then she strokes it a few times before sucking it into her mouth and giving me an expert blowjob. God, it feels amazing! I can’t believe how good she is at sucking a dick.

My girlfriend’s head keeps bobbing along the length of my shaft and she plays with my balls while rubbing her cunt through the shorts with another hand. Finally, she deems me ready and takes my cock out of her ass. She then slides her shorts down and turns around, showing off her thick, heart shaped ass. Heather grabs her asscheeks and spreads them, giving me a view of her brown star. “My saliva should be enough lube,” she tells me. “Just slide your cock inside and fuck me already.” Not wanting to upset her, I do as she told and carefully eases my way inside her tight asshole, feeling her sphincter expand to take me in her.

Her ass is incredibly tight, making me cry out in astonishment. I never thought anything could be tighter than her pussy, but I guess I was wrong. I slowly begin thrusting, my balls slapping into her greasy cunt as I fuck her. “Ahhh, I guess I’m really slutty, fucking you at school like this,” I moan. She looks at me over bursa escort bayan her shoulder with a smirk on her face. “But I’m only a slut for you, baby. I’m your slut.” Heather’s smile goes wider when she hears me saying that and she slams her ass back at me violently, sheathing me with her very muscular, round buttocks.

“That’s right. You’re my little slut, Philip,” she says in an airy tone. “Keep fucking me with that slutty cock. I want to feel you in my ass.” Hearing her say that makes me throb inside her butt even more and I fuck her faster now, slamming in and out of her orifice with all my strength. Her anal ring squeezes my prick tightly and I exhale, trying not to cum too soon. It’s very difficult though, given how hot and tight her booty is. Feeling her large ass slapping into me makes me want to cum right away but I want to savour this moment, so I continue to hang on for dear life.

Finally her snug ass proves too much for me. I scream and start to ejaculate, rapidly filling her bowels with my cream. My balls heave as I fire cum into her ass, pumping bucketloads of semen inside Heather. Heather smirks at me over her shoulder again. “Look at you,” she says. “Trying so hard to be a decent boy. But just a glimpse of my ass and you’re already a little slut, eager to fuck me whenever I want you to. You are a whore, aren’t you, baby? Tell me what you are.” Hearing her say that makes me horny again but I know we will have to get to class soon, or else we might get into trouble.

As I withdraw my cock from her butt, she teases her asshole gently, showing me how my cum is seeping out of me. “Your cum belongs to me, just like your cock does,” she says as she puts her booty shorts back on. We leave the locker room together and to our surprise, Emma and Larissa are waiting for us. “Hey, did you two hear him?” Heather asks her friends casually. Both of them giggle and I could feel my face turning even redder. They eagerly nod but the giggling alone was enough to make me know that they know what just happened in the changing room. “Yeah, my dear boyfriend is a bit of a slut, isn’t he?”

“Oh absolutely slutty,” Larissa nods in agreement, then turns to look at me. “You were screaming your head off. I bet that ass of hers must have been really tight.” My surprise must be visible since she laughs again. “Oh, please! She tells us everything. This morning she told us that she’s going to make you fuck her ass today, and she clearly did it, judging by how exuberant she is. There is nothing she likes more than getting anal. Believe me. I’ve seen her get fucked in that big ass more than enough times.” Emma swats her head, telling her to stop talking about that with me, before looking at me apologetically.

“I’m sorry. Larissa here doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut,” Heather says. “By the way, there weren’t that many guys. I only had sex with a small number. Most of my dates ended with just a kiss on the cheek or something like that.” I nod, thinking that she probably exaggerated about her experience during sex to make herself look cooler. There is no way she could have been so sexually active and able to focus on her sports and studies. She’s both one of our school’s best athletes and one of the highest performing students in the subjects she takes.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” I tell her. “You’re the most popular, beautiful and talented girl at our school. Not unusual for you to have had a few guys before me. And that’s all in the past now. What matters is that we’re together.” Then, in an uncharacteristically bold move for me, I leaned in and gently kissed her on her left temple, right in front of her friends. Heather is the one to blush for a change and I give her a little smile. She’s not only incredibly hot but also cute too. I love seeing the adorable side of her and decide to kiss the tip of her nose as well, making her go redder than before.

The two of us head off to separate classes. I happen to be in the same class with Emma during this period and she decides to tease me about what I did. “I didn’t know you’re so slutty, Philip. Fucking my best friend at school like that,” Emma says, making me go red. “Awww, you’re so cute when you blush! If you weren’t dating my best friend, I’d definitely add you to my harem. Granted, 53 guys is already a lot but I could always use another dick.” My eyes go wide in shock at her words and she sits her Starbucks coffee before noticing my expression. “Oh, I am very active on Tinder,” she says by way of explanation. “Not that you would know about that. I bet you never hooked up with anyone on Tinder.”

“I never hooked up with anyone. Heather’s the only girl I ever had sex with,” I mutter, making her smile brightly. “Why are you smiling like that? I can understand if she smiles like that because she’s my first time, but why are you so happy about it?” Emma just chuckles to herself and a guy behind her taps her on the shoulder, making her whirl around gorukle escort to look at him.

“The jocks can fuck me for free but geeks like you have to buy me lunch first. Can you do that?” she says to him while I watch, curious. The guy nods. “Good. I’ll take you back to my place and let you screw me.” Then Emma turns back to look at me. “It’s not difficult for me to get laid since I am really hot and pretty much put out for everyone. Some, like him, just have to put in a little effort. Where were we?” I remind her that we were talking about why she’s so happy that I was a virgin before fucking, or rather, getting fucked by her friend. “Oh, that. Well, I’m just happy for her that she got a virgin dick. Especially the virgin dick of the boy she’s been in love with for a long time.”

Heather’s POV

Getting my adorable boyfriend to fuck me in the ass at school yesterday was so fun. It’s the best experience of my life. His cock is tiny compared to some of the ones I got stuffed by, but just the fact that it belongs to the boy I love was and will always be enough for me. I can’t wait to make him fuck me at school again. If he says no then I’ll just threaten to cheat on him. My friends will tell them that it is possible, given how much I used to sleep around. I wasn’t a slut, but I was not an innocent little girl either. I was just a kind of sexually active teen.

Right now we are in my bedroom together. Philip suddenly turns to me, putting his book down on the table. He has a very earnest look in his eyes. “I want to tell you something, baby,” he says to me. “This means a lot to me, alright?” He holds my hands tightly and I look at him in surprise. Philip isn’t usually this intense. His eyes tell me that whatever he is about to say now is something that’s very important. “I love you. I love you a lot, Heather. I know that it might seem too soon, but I really do. You are the first and only girl I have ever and will ever say that to. Please, I’m not expecting you to say the same thing. Just say something. Anything.”

I don’t reply yet but grab his chin and presses my lips to his, kissing him hard and making him moan. Then I move back slightly and tell him “I love you too, Philip.” Philip smiles coyly as I give him another smooch, holding him in my arms. “I’ve been in love with you for a long time now. I’m sorry I took so long before saying it to you.” I begin to grope him through his pants and unzips him when my dad suddenly enters the room. “Oh, hi dad,” I say to him casually. Philip backs away in shock as he realizes what is going on.

My dad is a six feet eight, 230 pounds guy. With a scowl on his face, he looks more than intimidating. He glares at Philip and asks me “Who the hell is this spineless, little shrimp? Does he come from a rich family?” Even if he doesn’t dress well, my father owns a large sum on money, both from the ranch and the vineyards. He would always tell me that I need to get a rich, strong husband who could protect me. Then my father says to Philip “What is your intention with my daughter? Are you going to use her for sex or money? You corrupted her with your lust, didn’t you?”

Philip stammers. He is clearly nervous and I don’t blame him. My dad thinks I am an innocent girl, because I only fucked guys at their places or at school, with Sean being the exception. “I’m in love with her, sir,” my boyfriend finally manages to say to my dad. Surprisingly enough, his voice doesn’t tremble much despite the sweat forming above his thin eyebrows. I know my dad wouldn’t hurt me but even I can get a bit scared of him at times. It’s hard not to when he looks the way he does, so I’m caught off guard by how well Philip articulated himself in his presence.

“And not to mention, he never took any advantage of me, dad,” I say. “In fact, I took advantage of him. Several times, too. He wanted to wait but I threatened to accuse him of raping me if he didn’t do what I want. Kind of like what Aunt Janine did with her husband.” My dad looks disturbed by this but his rage has dissipated. “Come on, you know how the women in our family are. I’m just like mom, and would she let you take advantage of you? It’s the other way around judging by the sounds I can hear coming from your bedroom at night.”

“What? I thought I was being quiet!” he immediately protests, now being the one on the defensive. He looks so very flustered before managing to recover. Then he says “Never mind. As long as you’re sure about this, I have nothing else to say. Just be careful.” My dad then turns to Philip, who is looking at him very bravely. “And you, kid. Take good care of my daughter, okay? I’ll let you see her since she’d probably climb into your bedroom anyway if I didn’t. That’s what her mom did when back when we were young.” After that, he finally leaves my bedroom and I turn to look directly at my boyfriend.

“That was really brave of you,” I say to him. “You didn’t stutter at bursa merkez escort bayan all. I thought I’d have to jump in and save you but you held your own really well, baby.” He blushes and I lean in to kiss the tip of his nose, turning his cheeks redder. I love him so much and he is all mine. I’d still see him even if my father does not approve of us. My dad got that one right. He is the one I’ve been waiting for. The one I always thought about while getting fucked by other guys at school or at their houses. “I am never letting you go,” I tell him and I mean it too. I will never let anything or anyone come between us, ever.

“I want you to never let me go, baby, because I love you too and I want to be yours for the rest of our lives,” he tells me, kissing me back on the lips. He is so freaking adorable. I tweak his nose gently and Philip squeals, making him even cuter than he usually is. He rubs the tip of his nose against mine and I wrap my arms around him, holding his head to my bosom. Feeling my large tits on his head makes him blush as we lay down on my bed together and I start to undress him. “Let me fuck you now, honey. I’m feeling really horny.”

He knows he doesn’t have a choice. He is my boyfriend and it is his duty to put out for me whenever I want his dick. It is small but I love him and fucking the boy I love makes me cum really hard. I take his pants off and get on top of him. His cock is already hard and I grip it. I stroke him gently, using his pre cum as lube. He moans loudly and I swipe his underside with my thumb, attacking the frenulum like I’ve done with many guys before. “That feels so good,” Philip gasps. I smirk lecherously and continue to deliver the handjob, caressing him.

He thrusts up and I clench my fist. It is a new sensation for him with a greater level of friction. My hand moves up and down his cock faster but then I slow it down, not wanting him to cum yet. When he blows, I want to feel all of his sperm gushing inside me, instead of all over himself. “Tell me what you are, my love,” I say to him. “I want to hear you say it. Say it to me.” Philip knows what I mean, judging by how red his face is as I keep on jerking him, masturbating his very stiff pole. I’ve never felt him this hard except for the time when I made him fuck my ass at school.

Soon I insert him inside me and fuck him really hard. He moans as I bang his brains out. Philip lasts much longer now than he did the first time I fucked him but he is still unable to make me cum with his dick. He does eat me out afterwards though, and that is enough for me. I end up squirting all over his face before we both fall asleep. We only wake up an hour later. I then take him home and give him a little goodbye kiss on the lips, telling him I’ll him again tomorrow. He doesn’t stagger as much from getting fucked now, being much more used to it.

When I get home, I lie on my bed with a giddy expression. This is turning out really good for me. Then a I decide to give my friends a call. They would want to know that me and Philip just said the love word to each other. I quickly call each of them and ask them to come over to my house so that we could talk about it together. Then I go down to the kitchen to grab some snacks and take them back to our room while I wait for them to arrive. They shouldn’t take very long to get here, since we don’t live too far apart from each other.

They arrive pretty soon. Emma quickly asks “What’s going on, Heather? Did something happen between you and Philip? Why did you suddenly call the two of us over on such short notice?” I can understand why she is asking this, since I did tell them to come over as soon as possible, with a clear tone of urgency. Naturally, my best friends would be worried about me, and I am very touched by it. Emma, Larissa and I did grow up together, after all. We rode the horses at my father’s ranch together since we were kids and still do that when we have time outside school.

“It’s nothing bad at all,” I tell the two of them in a cheery tone, surprising them both. “In fact, it’s something that’s just really good.” I pause for a bit to give a little dramatic effect. “Philip just told me he loves me!” The two of them look delighted and excited, and they fling their arms around me. We engaged it the kind of group hug that we always get into after winning a volleyball game or whenever there is something for us to celebrate. “And I also told him that I love him as well. I think I’ll ask him to marry me in about two months. That should be enough time, right?”

“That’s wonderful!” Larissa exclaim as she releases me from the hug. “I will admit that at first I had doubts about the two of you. You did use to fuck a lot of guys. Like, literally a new guy every day for threes months. But you really commit to Philip, don’t you? That is seriously impressive, to settle down in a monogamous relationship after all that. I’m not sure if I will ever be able to do that.” She sighs and I feel for her. Like Emma, she still sleeps around the way I used to before dating Philip. Both of them have a higher standard than I did. The jocks could just fuck them for free but they make nerds but them lunch first. They are very easy to bed though, and with a body count nearly as high as mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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