Randi Comes Home Ch. 04

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background: Randi Druitt is a sexually liberated college girl, leery of commitment, who’s come back to her rural hometown for a few months. These stories recount how some family members helped her cope with the area’s limited sexual outlets.

The weather was at the uneasy juncture between late winter and early spring; warm in the sun, cold in the shade. Randi glanced out through the bushes just beyond her bedroom window. The first flowers of spring were making a tentative appearance.

A sudden wave of ecstasy rippled across her nude body and she quivered with delight. Moving her gaze away from the outside world, she smiled and watched the small blonde head bobbing between her spread-eagled legs. This had to be the absolute perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Well, she supposed it might be even more perfect if Jim were here in bed with them. But while he was a most enthusiastic pussy licker, her brother couldn’t top the talented tongue of their cousin, Sissy Rogers.

Of course, she should be good. Randi had trained Sissy—just as Aunt Clara had trained her. But there was a difference. To Clara, lesbian sex was something to do when no guys were around. Randi thought of it as a deliciously illicit, fun variation to sex with men. But for Sissy, it appeared to be her preference.

While Randi wasn’t sure about that last part, she was sure Sissy had never dated, a fact that had nothing to do with her appearance. Sissy was a tall, blue-eyed blonde with girl-next-door good looks. She was a jock, a basketball player so good she’d be going to college on a sports scholarship in the fall. Her body had the lithe, lean grace and perfect proportions of the trained athlete.

There’d been a time when Randi thought Sissy might be interested in Jim. That was back when they were in junior high. It’d seemed like a natural pairing. Of course, some people might have talked. Cousins didn’t date very often, even in rural Jackson Junction. But it wasn’t against the law and had once been common.

A closet romantic, Randi had tried to help things along. But something happened and overnight, Sissy turned off on guys to the point of not even wanting to be around them. Even Jim was just barely tolerated. To this day Randi still wasn’t sure why.

All thoughts stopped as she shuddered under a new surge of passion. It was an incredible rush, but not quite enough to trigger a climax. Sissy might be just eighteen, but she had an uncanny ability to keep Randi near the edge of a mind-warping orgasm that always seemed just a moment away.

Either Sissy was a natural or was getting in a lot of practice time with someone else. This was the first time they’d gotten together since Christmas. With Jim as a live-in lover and he, like Sissy, playing basketball, finding time to be alone with her had been impossible. Thank god, basketball season was over.

A series of slower, softer tongue strokes eased Randi back from the brink, but not very far. After letting out a long, shuddering sigh, she looked down at the grinning face of her tormentor. “You are an evil child.”

“Nope, I’m an evil woman.” Sissy stuck out her tongue, then began rotating her face while lowering it toward Randi’s pussy like a hawk circling in for the kill. When tongue touched clit, Randi gasp at the intense sensation while her hips arched off the bed.

The violent reaction broke Sissy’s contact. “You trying to toss me out of the saddle?” she teased, before diving back onto Randi’s churning pussy. To secure her spot, she wrapped her long arms around Randi’s thighs and held on tight. What her tongue began doing then was a form of exquisite torture. For Randi, it was like being on an ever shifting erotic edge between almost steady and not quite falling.

All sense of time or place was lost. Searing waves of sexual energy surged out from Randi’s pussy, taking control of her body and mind. When the pleasure became more than she could bear, she would try to push the blonde head away. But a moment later she’d be trying to force that twisting, darting tongue even deeper into her snatch.

To stop the constant pulling and pushing, Sissy grabbed Randi’s wrists and penned them to the bed. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Randi knew she could pull free. But she didn’t want to be free–she wanted to come. “Oh shit, Sissy. I can’t stand this. Please, please, get me off.”

Her cousin’s voice cut through the fog of emotions. “Okay, but first you’ve got to promise to do something for me.”

“Sure. I’ll go down on you. I always have. Hell, I’ll do it every day, twice a day.” The only response was a tongue stroking her clit. “Oh fucking shit!”

“That’s not what I was talking about. This is, well, it’s more personal.”

If it was more personal than her eating Sissy out, it must be really special. “Whatever. gaziantep vip escort Just do me, please.”

“You promise?”

Another lick generated another anguished moan. “Oh god, yes.”

“Well, in that case, since you promised.” Sissy began gently lapping around the edges of Randi’s well-licked pussy. Taking her time, she worked toward the clit she’d been lovingly abusing for so long. As her mouth settled into place, her tongue slipped inside Randi’s pussy. The response was a quivering shudder and pleas for a quick release. When she swirled her tongue inside the warm, slick pussy, the pleas became louder. Still taking her time, she encircled the swollen clit with her lips and began sucking gently while teasing it with the tip of her tongue. The unheeded pleas turned into a deep, throaty noise followed by a long moan.

Randi’s body was under the control of those lips and that tongue. Everything seemed to be happening at once. She was panting, babbling, and tossing her head from side to side while bucking and twisting across the bed. This time, when she approached the brink of an orgasm, Sissy increased the pressure of her lips and the speed of her tongue.

It struck with a soul-shattering intensity. Randi’s body went on erotic autopilot. There was a strangled groan and her hips arched high off the bed. Her scalp tinged, her toes curled. Everything in-between was jangling nerves on sexual overload. Sissy managed to hold on as the first wave of warm fluid washed over her face.

The moment her body began to relax and her hips started sinking back toward the bed, the touch of Sissy’s tongue sent them surging back upward. The process was repeated again and again. It was like being a yo-yo, rising and falling at the whim of a young, blond goddess determined to give all the pleasure Randi could endure.

As it turned out, Randi could endure a lot of pleasure. But even she had a limit. When the last shiver of erotic excitement ebbed away, she pulled Sissy up beside her. Exhausted, they lay wrapped in each other’s arms, luxuriating in the warm, fading glow of their lovemaking.

Once she recovered, Randi began to kiss and lick her cousin’s face like a mother cat cleaning a kitten. She nuzzled Sissy’s neck and was rewarded with a moan of pleasure. When they began to kiss, Randi took charge, running her tongue in deep, tasting herself inside the young girl’s mouth.

While her tongue explored Sissy’s mouth, Randi’s fingers were doing the same thing to her body. To Randi, who considered her own breasts undersized and unattractive, Sissy’s were a source of wonder, envy, and pleasure. Though not large, they were high and firm and had a perfect cone-shape. Pale pink areolas surrounded sensitive nipples that became long and incredibly hard when excited, like now.

With a contented sigh, Sissy rolled over on her back. Randi followed, their lips never parting. Seizing one of the marvelous breasts, she began gently rotating its erect nipple between her fingertips. Sissy squirmed with pleasure and ran her fingers through her cousin’s strawberry blonde hair.

There was no way Randi wanted to stop kissing Sissy’s sweet mouth. On the other hand, she couldn’t wait to begin feasting on her tasty breasts. They were so sensitive she’d once gotten Sissy off just by sucking on them. That memory settled the issue.

Releasing the nipple, she let her fingertips slid down over Sissy’s flat belly. They reached the small, silky bush just as Randi’s lips encircled the deserted nipple. But instead of the soft moan of pleasure she expected, Randi heard, “Wait. You promised to do whatever favor I asked, right?”

The look on Sissy’s face was all business. Feeling both surprised and a little annoyed, Randi said she had and she would. “So what do you want?”

Sissy took a deep breath, closed her eyes, then her words came rushing out. “I want to go to the prom with Jim.”

“You what?”

“I want you to convince Jim to take me to the prom,” repeated Sissy, after letting out her breath and opening her eyes. “I’ve never gone to anything like that and, well, I’m a senior, so this is my last chance.”

The request was a total shock. Randi sat up and stared at her cousin. “But you don’t like boys. I mean, you’ve never dated or anything. Why now? Why Jim?”

“He’s the only boy I could stand to go with. Besides, no other guy around here is going to ask me. I’ve turned ’em down so often they all think I’m a lesbian. And maybe I am. I mean, the only person I’ve ever made love with is you. But I just want to go to the prom, not make love with Jim. I don’t think I could, even if he wanted to.”

The request set off a swirl of contradictory emotions. While she’d once hoped Sissy and Jim might become an item, that was years ago. Now, gaziantep yabancı escort she wanted to keep Jim for herself. He was a great lover and if he and Sissy hooked up, Randi knew she might be stuck in town with no guy available for several more months.

But it’d just be one date, one night. Then she’d get Jim back. Only something told her that might not be the case. But Randi knew she’d mention it to Jim. A promise was a promise and Sissy was one of her favorite people, the kid sister she’d never had.

Besides, this would give her a chance to learn something about that sudden turn-off on boys. And it was only right that Sissy know her two cousins were now lovers. That alone might kill any thoughts about going with him to the prom. Even if it didn’t, Jim would probably say no, especially if Randi handled things just right. “Okay, I’ll see what I can do. But you’ve got to smarten me up about a few things.”

By now Sissy was also sitting up, her pert, bare breasts pointing right at Randi. At pleased smile made a fleeting appearance on her face. “I’ll try to smarten you up,” she said, “but it won’t be easy.”

“Easy twerp. I’m still your big cousin. Okay, first of all, let me lay this on you. Jim and I have, well, we’ve been making it, the two of us, since that big weekend snow storm.”

Sissy looked embarrassed. “I’d sort of figured something might be going on between you two. I mean, Jim hadn’t dated anyone since breaking up with Shirley Matson and girls keep falling all over him. And you’d stopped complaining all the time about not dating and had this contented look on your face. And then a few weeks ago, I accidental-like, saw you two doing it.”

Randi was stunned. “Where?”

“Here,” Sissy gestured around her. “In this bed. I’d come in looking for you–I needed some help with algebra. The back door was locked but your light was on. So I used the key your mother keeps in the flowerpot to let myself in. I started to yell, but heard noises coming from your room and, well, that’s when I saw you two.”

“Oh, God. I’m so sorry, for both of us. Did it gross you out?”

“No. Not really. It was a shock, of course. I mean, I’d never seen anyone doing it before. But it looked, and sounded, like you were both having fun. And it did explain why you’d stopped complaining and Jim wasn’t dating. Why should he; he had you?” Both women smiled.

“Anyway, I’d been wanting to go to the prom. And seeing you two, I decided maybe he’d take me, if he doesn’t have a date and I don’t think he does—and if it’s okay with you.”

Randi smiled and allowed herself a white lie. “Sissy, you know I don’t care. What Jim and I have is a lot of fun, but it’s just physical. Besides, this way we’ll be keeping things in the family.”

“Oh, that’s great. The thing is, since he has you, I figured he wouldn’t need to try and, you know. Besides, Jim’s always been sweet and nice to me.”

“Well, you two grew up together. I even remember you being a little sweet on him at one time. Then something happened and you were off him and all other boys. Why?”

A dark cloud seemed to pass over Sissy’s face. “I don’t want to talk about it, Randi. Please, I’d just rather not.”

“Was it something I did, or Jim–did he do something wrong?”

“No. No. You two had nothing to do with it, at least not directly.”

“Well, if I was even indirectly involved, I want to know. If you want me to set you up with Jim, I need to know what happened.”

Tears began rolling down Sissy’s cheeks. The sight surprised Randi. She’d never seen her scrappy cousin cry. “It was back when you were dating, you know, Dwayne Self. One day I came over. He was here, in your room, and said you and Jim had gone out for some reason but would be back soon and that I should wait.”

There was a pause as Sissy wiped at her tears. “And so we were alone and we started talking, and the talk got onto sex. And then I saw him reaching for his zipper and I, I don’t remember much else, just how he wouldn’t stop making me do it ’till we heard your car driving up, and then him saying not to tell or I’d get in big trouble and Jim might get beat up at school.”

The trickle of tears turned into a river of grief. Randi scooted over and pulled the sobbing girl close. They embraced and fell together back onto the bed. One crying tears that sprang from years of suppressed hurt; the other tears of guilt for not protecting Sissy, for having dated Dwayne Self, for not asking, for not knowing, for being selfish about Jim.

“You should have told me, honey.”

“I know. But I felt so dirty and guilty. And I was afraid and confused ’cause I didn’t know how you could date someone like that. Then I figured you wouldn’t be if you knew what he’d done, what he was like, gaziantep yaşlı escort and that I needed to tell you. Only by then you’d broken up with him. So, I didn’t say anything.”

“And that’s why you never dated.” It was a statement, not a question.

Sissy nodded. “I’ve been afraid of being alone with guys since then. Just thinking about it makes me shake. But Jim’s different. Like I said, he’s always been sweet and I’ve known him forever. I’ve even been alone with him a few times, you know, here or at the store, where ever. Of course, he’s never been interested in me.”

“Believe me, Jim Druitt could be coming in his pants and still look like he care less. He’s got this incredible poker face. The first time we did it, I thought I’d have to jump naked into bed with him to even get his attention, much less his interest. Turns out we were both super horny. But with him, something like that never shows. That’s just his way. Don’t worry. If I can’t get him to take you to the prom, I’ll give up my membership in the sisterhood and go find a nunnery.”

“Are you sure, I mean, about Jim taking me? He’s always dated girls like Shirley, you know, super good-looking female-females. I’m just a jock tom-boy.”

“Oh, Sissy, if you only knew. Why do you think you had to say no to all those guys? You are a doll. A blue-eyed blonde with a slim toned figure I’d die for. Girl, by the time we get through dressing you up, every guy at the prom is going be tripping over himself trying for a better look and every girl will be jealous and pissed as hell.”

“You are so full of shit.”

“True, but I’m also right. You’re a delicious looking piece. Believe me, all the guys and maybe even some of the gals, will want a taste—like this.” Randi dove for Sissy’s neck and began loudly nuzzling.

The younger girl shrieked with surprise and pleasure. “Don’t you dare give me a hickey,” she said between giggles, while making a feeble effort to dislodge the teasing mouth.

The warning gave Randi an idea. There was no way she could give Sissy a hickey everyone could see. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t brand her cousin’s cute little ass the same way she’d done Jim’s. The next time Sissy tried to turn away, Randi kept her rolling over onto her stomach.

Moving in between her cousin’s long legs, she grabbed hold of the smoothly muscled thighs, and then clamped her mouth onto Sissy’s firm right butt cheek. That was about where Jim had his hickey. Thanks to her making sure it stayed fresh and vivid, it’d been there since the first night they screwed. It was kind of her brand. Now Sissy was about to get one.

“What are you doing?” Sissy tried to turn over, but Randi had her penned to the bed.

“Stop! Are you nuts? I’m not believing you. You’ve gotta stop. Oh, please don’t. Oh, please, Oh, oh….” The protests faded into soft moans. Maybe it was Randi’s determination, or the dominant position with her arms encircling Sissy’s slim hips, or maybe it was the fingertips that were caressing the silken hairs and moist folds of her labia.

As the branding of Sissy’s rump continued, so did the work on her pussy. Fingertips were now inside her pussy, stroking the smooth, moist inner flesh just inside the opening. When least expected, one would flick her clit. Every muscle she had would jerk from the almost painful pleasure.

When Randi decided she’d done everything possible to achieve the perfect hickey, she released Sissy’s sweet cheek and studied her work. It was going to be a great one. But she wasn’t through with her cousin, who was still hunching and moaning with unsatisfied need.

The sight of that perfect little ass bucking up and down was such a turn-on, Randi didn’t take the time to flip her over. She’d never eaten a girl from behind, but now it seemed like the obvious thing to do. Burrowing her face into the dark closeness at the juncture of those taut thighs, she used the tip of her tongue to search for the target. When she made contact, Sissy exploded.

The force of the orgasm was incredible. Sissy emitted a guttural sound and her body convulsed. She begged Randi to stop, begged her to lick faster, tried to pull away, tried to push back, flooded her face with warm fluid and thrashed about on the bed, all at about the same time.

Each time Sissy began to recover, a quick lick would send her back into orbit. It was, Randi decided, the best possible revenge for the way Sissy had earlier kept her bouncing up and down like a yo-yo.

When the last ounce of passion had been squeezed out of the orgasm, both of them were exhausted. Randi lay her head on Sissy’s bottom and gently stroked her cousin’s smooth, damp skin.

It had been a most satisfying afternoon. She looked at the darkening hickey and smiled. There was no telling what would happen between Jim and Sissy. Probably nothing. But even if it did, maybe, just maybe, instead of losing Jim, both he and Sissy might become her steady lovers. That’d sure make time fly, even in sleepy Jackson Junction.

note: Is a family threesome in the future for Randi? Your votes and comments, along with suggestions on possible future chapters and how to improve the series, are appreciated. RF

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