Rear Windows Ch. 03

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“Jesus!” Clark jumped to his feet, staring at the two big sexy black men who’d just walked into the room. They were obviously brothers. Both were tall and muscular with rich chocolate skin, warm brown eyes, and lush lips that invited kissing. One was Clark’s height—6′ 2’—and the other at least two inches taller.

The tall sibling was a serious bodybuilder, with dreadlocks and a heavy mustache and goatee. He looked like a 1970s reggae musician, with more muscles. The shorter brother had a swimmer’s build with long curly hair showering down to his shoulders and a neat little mustache, like a high school jock who played guitar.

“You guys are WAY more than I’d imagined.” Clark’s already-stiff rod grew even harder as he stepped closer to the brothers. “Two studs.”

Dave pulled the sliding glass closed. “Clark, here’s Buddy . . .” He moved behind the smaller brother and humped his butt crack while reaching around and stroking his hard cock. “And his . . . BIG . . . brother, Richie.”

Both brothers had BIG dicks. Richie’s cock was the same length as Clark’s super-long rod. Buddy’s dick was a little longer than average. Their swollen members were WAY thicker than Clark’s swollen pole . . . and uncircumcised. Clark’s boner got even bigger.

Clark stepped up to Richie and wrapped his fingers around the big black man’s stiff dick. He ran his fingers up and down its turgid shaft and pinched its head between his thumb and index finger, sliding its foreskin on and off its swollen precum-leaking knob.

“I was ready for Dave to fuck my ass.” Clark kneaded Richie’s balls while jacking his big rod. “Now, I want you, instead.”

Richie gripped Clark’s cock, then smiled at Buddy and Dave. “You guys don’t mind. Do you?”

“We’ll manage.” Dave and Buddy moved into each others’ arms and kissed passionately, rubbing cocks and fondling each others’ asses.

“All right.” Clark and Richie stood facing each other with their feet spaced wide apart, staring at each others’ bulging muscles and towering erections.

“Come here.” Clark gripped Richie’s shoulders and pulled their bodies together. Richie moaned and ground his stiff pole against Clark’s swollen rod while they kneaded each others’ taut buttocks.

Clark pressed his lips against Richie’s. The big black man stiffened and pulled slightly away. “I don’t kiss guys.”

“What?” Clark looked over at Dave and Buddy.

Dave shrugged. Buddy said, “Big Bro is funny that way. He’s never kissed me.”

Clark looked into Richie’s eyes. “You’ll fuck a man, but not kiss him?”

“It’s just . . .” Richie grimaced and shook his head, but didn’t pull away from Clark. “I’m straight, man. Guys are . . . I dunno . . .”

“Don’t complicate your life,” Clark said. “Just kiss me.”

Richie hesitated. Clark grabbed his head, pulled their faces together, and kissed him—hard. At first, Richie didn’t respond. Then, his reserve melted and he kissed Clark passionately, open mouthed with an aggressive tongue.

“Gawd . . . damn!” Buddy whispered. “Big Bro and your neighbor be getting’ DOWN!”

“They sure are,” Dave answered. He and Buddy were standing beside the bed, playing with each others’ cocks while they watched Richie and Clark. “It’s hot as hell.”

“Pretty fucking sexy for us, too,” Clark said. He and Richie kissed for a long time. Then, Clark pulled away. He kissed his way down Richie’s muscular chest and flat belly to his close-cropped crotch, then took the black bodybuilder’s hard cock in his mouth. He pulled its foreskin up over its glans, then kissed and licked it, probing the space between its crown and fleshy hood with his tongue while stroking its shaft.

“Damn!” Richie gripped the sides of Clark’s head. “You’re a good cocksucker. Better than any of my girlfriends.” He rolled his hips, slowly fucking Clark’s face. “That’s right,” he grunted. “Take my big hard cock.” He went faster and pushed in deeper.

Clark held on, gripping Richie’s cock to keep the big black stud from ramming him too violently. It was scary and exciting, like riding a wild horse along the edge of a cliff. His own stiff pole was throbbing when he pushed Richie away. “Fuck my ass now.”

“Oh yeah!” Richie pulled Clark to his feet and kneaded his buttocks. “I’m gonna fuck the hell out of your sexy butt.”

“Good.” Clark led Richie to the bed and lay on his back. “The lube’s in the nightstand drawer.” He pressed his knees against his chest, lifting his buttocks.

Richie took the little squeeze bottle out of the nightstand drawer and knelt between Clark’s elevated ankles. “You ready for my big black cock?” Without waiting for an answer, he lubricated his index finger and slid it into Clark’s asshole. He took it easily. “Guess so.” Richie worked his finger in Clark’s butt, occasionally pulling it out to add more lube.

“Come on,” Clark said. “Fuck me now.”

“Okay.” Richie slathered his monster cock with lubricant and pressed its head into the center of Clark’s puckered hole.

“Oh man!” Clark stroked his stiff rod while milf porno Richie’s broad cock-head stretched his anal muscles. It was the thickest cock he’d ever taken. “You are fuckin’ BIG!”

Richie grinned. “That’s what the girls say, too.” He drew back slightly and then pushed in deeper, opening Clark’s asshole a little wider. “They all manage.”

“It’s great.” Clark rolled his hips, thrusting his buttocks toward Richie. His cock throbbed as the big man’s cock slid through his tightly-stretched anal ring and plunged into his depths. “Fuck!” he gasped.

“You like my big fat cock.” Richie’s balls pressed against Clark’s butt cheeks. “Everyone does.” He pulled almost out and then pushed back in, sending a wave of pleasure through Clark’s body.

“Oh yeah,” Clark said. “Fuck me good and hard. I’m ready.”

“All right.” Richie took Clark’s ass with long fast strokes, slapping his pelvis against Clark’s butt cheeks.

“That’s right!” Dave said. “Pound his ass.” He was standing beside the bed with a giant erection, bent over with his hands braced on his kneecaps. Buddy was standing behind him. “While Buddy hammers mine.” The little squeeze bottle was lying on the bed. He picked it up and handed it to Buddy.

“When I watched you fucking Clark’s butt, Richie was behind me on the balcony. Fucking MY ass.” Buddy lubricated his cock and set the squeeze bottle on the nightstand, then positioned himself behind Dave. “Now, I’m gonna fuck your butt while we watch Big Bro fuck Clark.”

“Come on,” Dave whispered. “Give me your big hard—” He gasped and his stiff dick jerked. “That’s right!” He rolled his hips while Buddy moved behind him. “Fuck me.”

Clark looked away from Dave and Buddy and back up at Richie. “Your cock feels so good.”

“So does your ass.” Richie stopped with his cock all the way up Clark’s butt, then leaned forward and kissed him, starting out tenderly but quickly advancing to aggressive tongue kissing. Clark kissed Richie back while slowly rolling his hips and shifting the giant rod filling his asshole.

The kisses got rougher and so did the fucking. Richie rose to his knees, then gripped Clark’s ankles and spread his legs in a wide Vee, lifting his buttocks. “I’m gonna pound you, now.” He hammered Clark, hard enough to shake the bed.

“Come on,” Clark moaned. “Shoot it.” He swung his butt in time with Richie’s jackhammer thrusts. “Fill my ass with your hot—”

“Fuck!” Richie cried, firing a heavy pulse of hot cum up Clark’s ass. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He hammered Clark over and over, coming with each rough thrust.

Richie finally collapsed in Clark’s arms. They kissed tenderly. “Man, that was good,” he whispered.

“Good as a girl?” Clark asked.

“Well . . . Actually, yeah.” Richie laughed nervously. “But don’t tell Caroline.”

* * *

Richie felt great, lying on Clark’s hard male body with his cock buried deep in the big man’s ass, propped up on his elbows to take some of the weight off his heaving chest. It felt like cuddling with a woman after sex, but yet completely different.

“You came hard,” Dave said. Richie watched him pull away from Buddy and then turn around. He bent over and spread his butt cheeks. His anus, like Buddy’s slightly-softened cock, gleamed with lube and traces of cum.

Buddy patted Dave’s muscular buttocks, then turned him around and kissed him. “You’ve got a great ass. I love fucking it.”

Richie looked down at Clark. “I loved fucking YOUR ass.” The big bodybuilder was so sexy with his bulging muscles, long black hair, and closely-trimmed black beard. At first, kissing those whiskers had felt weird—so different from kissing a woman—but was also hotter than hell.

His attraction to Clark was a little scary. It was more intense than it had been with any of his girlfriends, or even with Dave or Buddy.

Back when Richie had still been a virgin, he’d caught hunky younger brother Buddy masturbating while watching gay porn on a free website. Richie had been embarrassed. Still, he couldn’t help looking at the computer screen. And at Buddy. The images of men sucking other men’s cocks and fucking each others’ asses had been disturbing. The effect that watching his little brother stroke his stiff new-adult cock had on Richie had been even more disturbing.

Richie hadn’t been interested in guys. He’d had a girlfriend. They hadn’t started having sex yet, but they were getting close.

Buddy hadn’t been embarrassed. He’d continued beating his thick heavy cock, watching Richie while men fucked on the screen. “You wanna fuck my ass?” he’d finally asked.

Richie had stared at his not-so-little brother. His . . . actually . . . super-hot brother. Richie and his girlfriend were doing everything short of intercourse. He had been carrying condoms to each date, hoping this would be THE night. Now, Buddy was offering a warm human place to put his raging hard-on. “Okay.”

“Good.” Buddy had handed Richie a tube of lubricant and then gotten down on his hands and knees on mobil porno the bed, facing the computer screen. “Do it now. I’m ready.”

Richie had felt stunned. He couldn’t believe he was going to have sex with a MAN. Especially not his brother. Still, he’d already researched anal sex—he’d wondered if his girlfriend would consider that—so he’d had a pretty good idea what to do. He’d fucked Buddy a half-dozen times that night, in all sorts of positions. The only thing he wouldn’t do with Buddy was kiss. He’d felt that would be betraying his girlfriend.

It had been three more weeks before Richie’s girlfriend gave up her virginity. It had been amazing. He’d warmed her up with lots of foreplay and then taken her . . . carefully until she’d said, “You don’t have to be so gentle. I won’t break.”

He’d already learned that from Buddy, who’d loved a ruthless pounding. Richie had taken his girlfriend as roughly as she’d . . . they’d . . . wanted. It had been great. Women were great. He’d never asked her about anal sex.

Richie had been through a handful of girlfriends since that first time, but he’d always had Buddy, who’d just gotten hotter as they’d grown older. They sucked each others’ cocks and he fucked Buddy’s ass.

He loved women. Caroline, his latest girlfriend, was particularly hot and randy. Sex with Caroline . . . and Buddy . . . was all he needed. At least, it had been until he saw Dave fucking Buddy’s ass.

And now, he was here in Clark’s arms, feeling . . .

“Hey dude,” Richie’s buttock stung where Clark had just slapped it. “Wake up.”

“Damn!” Richie shook his head, sending his dreadlocks flying. “Did I space out?” When Clark nodded, he said, “Guess I fucked my own brains out.”

“You fucked me really good, too,” Clark said. “It was great.” He looked thoughtful. “The best ever.” He caught Richie’s grin. “Seriously.”

“Okay. If you say so.” Richie pulled his cock out of Clark’s ass and rose to his knees, then wrapped his fingers around the other man’s rock-hard pole. “You haven’t come.”

“Nope. Not yet.”

“I’m going to get you off, now.” Richie kneaded Clark’s balls and stroked his stiff shaft.

“You sure are.” Clark grinned up at Richie. “I’m going to fuck your ass.”

“Oh man!” Richie laughed nervously. “I’m still straight. I mean, I don’t do that . . . or . . .” His dick had grown harder than ever. “Oh fuck!” He laughed again and looked into Clark’s eyes anxiously. “Just take it easy. Okay?”

“Don’t worry,” Clark said. “You’re going to love it.”

“All right.” The idea of taking Clark’s giant cock up his virgin asshole was terrifying, but also incredibly exciting. “How do you want me?”

“On your back,” Clark said.

Richie rolled onto his back and lifted his butt. “Like this?”

Clark nodded. “Yeah. Just like that.”

Richie’s heart was pounding and his chest felt tight, but his cock was rock-hard. “Just take it easy.”

“I’ll be careful.” Clark knelt between Richie’s spread thighs and slid a lubricated finger up his butt. Richie was surprised by how easily he took it. Clark added a second finger, twisting them as he worked them in and out. Richie’s cock jerked in time with Clark’s sliding fingers.

Clark pulled his fingers out of Richie’s ass. “Ready for my cock?”

“Yeah.” Somebody else seemed to be using Richie’s voice. “Do it.”

“Okay.” Clark lubricated his rod and pressed its wide head into Richie’s asshole.

“Oh fuck!” Richie moaned. Clark’s cock-head moved in and out, gradually stretching his anus. It hurt, but not as much as he’d expected. Feeling more confident, he pushed his butt up to meet Clark’s sliding rod.

Pain exploded through Richie’s body. He screamed and tried to pull away. Clark held him in place but stopped moving. “It’s all right.” The pressure faded as Clark pulled his stiff dick out of Richie’s throbbing asshole. “We’ll do something different.”

Clark kissed Richie, then lay on his back in the middle of the bed. His giant cock stood up from his crotch, stiff and straight as a flagpole. “Sit on my dick. That way, you’re in control.”

Richie smeared more lube on Clark’s stiff pole and on his own hard rod, then straddled Clark’s hips and sank down on his swollen cock-head. Richie jacked his cock as Clark’s knob stretched him open. He pulled back when it hurt too much, then sank back down, taking a little more of the hot bodybuilder’s big pole each time.

“Man!” Clark whispered. “You got one sexy tight ass.”

Richie went a little too fast. “Oh fuck!” he gasped.

Clark held still. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” Richie was breathing hard. He let go of his throbbing pole, lifted his butt, and then lowered it slowly, taking Clark’s cock-head and a fraction of his thick shaft. It didn’t hurt any more, but he was close to coming. He held still until the feeling passed, then started moving again, slowly and carefully.

Richie jacked his stiff cock as he rolled his hips, gradually taking more of Clark’s giant tool up his ass. olgun porno Finally, it was all the way inside. “I never imagined . . . That’s so good!” He rolled his hips, shifting the big rod stretching his anus.

“Yeah,” Clark said. “My cock’s all the way up your virgin asshole.”

“I’m gonna ride your cock.” Richie clenched his anal muscles around Clark’s rod. He lifted his butt and then lowered it again, slowly and carefully. It didn’t hurt . . . too much . . . and each motion sent a new wave of pleasure through his body. He rode Clark’s big pole, slowly at first but then faster and harder.

“Take it!” Clark rolled his hips, bucking like a wild horse. “Take my big hard cock!”

Richie bounced on Clark’s driving dick, jacking his throbbing dick in time with the bodybuilder’s rough thrusts. “So fuckin’ good!” Richie cried. “I’m gonna . . .” He screamed and humped Clark’s driving rod, spraying hot pulses of cum on Clark’s muscular chest.

Richie slowed to a stop, feeling a little dizzy. “Damn!” he muttered. “That was great.”

“It was good for me, too.” Clark pulled Richie’s face down to his and kissed him. “Now, I’m gonna give your tight little butt a REAL workout.”

Richie’s rod was still stiff. “All right.” He raised his hips and Clark’s rock-hard pole slipped out of his ass, leaving him feeling empty. “What do you want me to do?”

“Get on your back. With your butt in the air.”

Richie rolled onto his back and folded his knees against his chest. Clark opened Richie’s thighs and slid his cock all the way up Richie’s ass.

“Man!” Clark said. “You’re ready for a good pounding.”

“Hell yeah!” Richie’s ass muscles clamped Clark’s thick pole. “Let me have it.”

“Oh, you’re gonna get it.” Clark pulled out, stopping with his cock-head kissing the entrance to Richie’s puckered hole, then drove home, shaking his body.

“Oh yeah!” Richie jacked his big stiff cock while Clark fucked him hard and fast.

The cum was building in Richie’s nuts when Clark screamed and rammed his ass harder than ever, shooting hard hot pulses of cum with each thrust. Richie came hard, spraying cum on his own chest and face.

* * *

Dave was alone when he woke up the next morning with an epic boner.

Last night, he’d pounded Buddy’s ass from behind while they’d watched Clark take Richie’s butt cherry. When they’d all come, Clark and Richie had pushed Dave and Buddy out of the master bedroom and pointedly closed the door.

Buddy and Dave had gone into the back yard. The lights in the master bedroom were still on, but the curtains were closed. They’d fucked each others’ butts in the middle of the back yard, then showered in the hall bathroom and went to bed in the guest room. They’d fallen asleep in each others’ arms.

Dave groaned and pushed the tangled bedding away, freeing his stiff rod. He lay with his thighs spread, his feet on the mattress, and his knees raised, writhing on the bed, kneading his swollen balls and stroking his massive erection.

Jacking off felt good, but it would be a real waste of the cum boiling in his balls. Besides, he could hear faint sounds through the open bedroom door. He got up and followed his hard-on out into the hall.

The sounds got louder as he approached the master bedroom. The door was open and he stepped into the room.

Clark was kneeling on the bed. Richie was on his hands and knees on the bed, sucking Clark’s cock. Buddy was standing on the floor at the foot of the bed, fucking his big brother’s muscular ass.

Dave kissed Buddy and fondled his firm buns. “You havin’ fun there, Bro?”

“Oh yeah!” Buddy fucked Richie steadily, sliding his stiff dick in and out of his brother’s sculpted butt. “Big Bro’s got a GREAT ass.”

“You’ve got a great ass, too.” Dave moved behind Buddy and humped his ass-crack. “And I know just what to do with it.” He lubricated his finger and slid it up Buddy’s asshole. Buddy moaned and thrust his butt toward Dave.

Dave worked his finger in and out, distributing the lube, then coated his massive hard-on with the slippery gel and pressed its head into Buddy’s asshole. His anal muscles resisted briefly, but then relaxed, smoothly taking his whole length.

“Jesus fuck!” Buddy gasped. “I’ve never felt anything like this.” He’d stopped moving while Dave was entering him. Now, he resumed fucking Richie, slowly sliding his cock in and out of his big brother’s ass.

“Are you all right?” Dave fucked Buddy’s ass with long slow strokes, matching Buddy’s tempo.

“Oh yeah.” Buddy went a little harder and faster. “I love getting fucked. And I love fucking. And when you put them both together . . . Oh man!”

“This is almost too much,” Buddy said. He laughed briefly. “Almost.” He pounded Richie’s ass. Dave fucked Buddy’s ass in time with the black stud’s rough thrusts.

“Oh fuck!” Buddy gasped. “I’m coming!” He hammered Richie’s asshole, grunting each time he slammed home. Dave held still, letting Buddy work his tight hot butthole around his throbbing cock.

“Jesus!” Buddy gasped.

Dave pulled his painfully stiff pole out of Buddy’s ass. “You okay?”

“Oh yeah.” Buddy stepped away from Richie, letting his half-hard dick slip out of his brother’s ass. “That was truly overpowering.” He staggered away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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