Rebecca and Alex’s Weekend Away

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Ever since Rebecca and I were young, we had always spent the first week of summer ‘camping out’ in the backyard. Normally after a few nights we would give up and end up sleeping inside; but this year we were finally 18, and decided to take our camping trip by the river not far from where we lived.

You wouldn’t classify mine and Rebecca’s friendship as a normal one; I had moved in with her at the age of 13 and become a part of her family. Now at the age of 18, Rebecca had blossomed into a very attractive woman, and for months now I had been struggling to control my sexual thoughts about her. The truth had come out last week at a party, when in a very drunken state, I started to kiss Rebecca; to my surprise though she did not hesitate to kiss back. When we arrived home that night I found her naked on my bed; her hands caressing me and her lips whispering promises of an erotic weekend away. I awoke the next morning not too sure whether it had all been a dream, and I desperately hoped that Rebecca’s words were not just empty promises.

I stepped into Rebecca’s room and asked “Ready to go yet?”

“Just 2 more minutes,” she replied as she put on a skirt to cover her cute toned arse.

Rebecca looked at herself in the mirror; she had long blonde hair that was only complimented by her bright blue eyes and the softest tan skin. Her body was also to die for, her toned legs and abs gave way to a huge set of DD cups which sat perfectly.

Throughout the years many of our friends and family had commented on how Rebecca and I had similar appearances. The only characteristics that set us apart were my black hair and my tits which sat at a perky c cup; we both still sported the bright blue eyes, toned body and darkened skin due to many hours of lounging around the pool.

As Rebecca finished getting ready I couldn’t help but stare as she bent over to grab her bags. I wasn’t surprised to see that she was not wearing any underwear, and was pleased to see her tight shaved pussy, the sight sent a wave of lust through my body, longing for our camping trip to begin.

“All done now Alex” said Rebecca with a smirk, almost as if she had caught me staring.

As we finished setting up our tents about an hour or two later, we decided that it was time for a swim in the river. I had already made my way down to the water’s edge, just waiting for Rebecca to finish getting ready, as usual.

I watched as Rebecca came out of the tent in a tight white t-shirt and black lacy underwear; her nipples already visible through her shirt.

“I forgot my bathers at home,” said Rebecca, “this will have to do for now,” she smiled.

Rebecca already looked hot enough as it was, I could not even begin to imagine what she’d look like once she got wet. It was going to be a good camping trip.

As it was only the beginning of summer, the water had not yet warmed up, this was going to be a chilling experience for both of us, but we were never ones to back down. I watched as Rebecca dipped her toes into the river, Eryaman Escort a shiver ran through her body as her nipples became rock hard.

Almost in embarrassment, Rebecca grabbed her tits and turned the other way, the thought of her touching her hard nipples arousing me even further. I slowly walked in, hoping Rebecca would follow. As I stepped into the river, the icy water made my nipples so hard that they now poked straight through my bikini. As I walked in deeper, I felt the icy water hit my clit, sending a sudden flash of pleasure through my body, causing me to softly moan.

I hoped Rebecca hadn’t heard me as she slowly followed me into the river. Rebecca dived into the water and as she slowly emerged, her now see through shirt revealed her perfect tits and rock hard nipples, as it clung to her toned body. After wiping the water off her face, Rebecca walked towards me, her body was soaking wet.

She looked down at her nipples, giving them a light tweak, “Nothing you haven’t seen before,” she winked. I was at a loss for words. Rebecca’s hot body was only inches away from mine, our tits touching,

and our lips so close. As she stared at me with her bright blue eyes, she brushed her fingers over my clit, as we both let out a silent moan.

With the most soft and seductive voice I have ever heard, she whispered in my ear, “Are you ready for the best camping trip of your life?”

By the time we got out of the river it was already dark, we quickly made ourselves something to eat, before headed inside the tent. This was the moment I’d been waiting for so long, Rebecca had been such a tease all day, and just the thought of what the night had in store for us sent shivers of pleasure through my body.

I quickly changed into a pair of sexy white lace underwear that barely covered my arse, and a white satin top that revealed my navel and lower stomach, as well as a bit of cleavage. I sat down on my sleeping bag, and hoped Rebecca would like my new pajamas.

I watched as Rebecca, who was facing away from me, removed her soaking wet undies and bent forward, allowing me once again to have a perfect view of her arse and pussy. She slowly ran her hands from her ankles, up across the back of her sexy long legs. They ran over her arse, giving it a light spank, before pulling her wet shirt from her body.

Rebecca was naked in front of me and I was beginning to really struggle to control myself, she was being such a tease. Rebecca then turned around as she began to caress her tits, making her nipples harden at her touch. I kept my eyes focused on her hands, but quickly glanced up to her face.

She was biting her lip and through her messy hair, her eyes shot a look of pure lust and seduction at me. She ran her hands down towards her perfect stomach and let them linger around her hips.

“Do you like what you see Alex?” she whispered. I nodded, my self control slipping even further as she began to play with her clit and let Sincan Escort out a soft moan.

“I have a little surprise for you,” she said as she revealed a tiny metal stud that went through her clit, “I thought you’d enjoy it.”

With those words, I could no longer control myself and I crawled over to Rebecca and flicked her new piercing with my tongue. She let out a soft moan as I began to lick her clit, slowly swirling my tongue around her piercing. As I began to lick faster, so did her breathing, till finally she let out a gasp of pleasure, placing her foot up on the esky and her hands on the back of my head.

She pushed her clit into my mouth and I began to suck hard on her piercing, her moans becoming louder. While still sucking on her clit, I ran my hands up her inner thighs, making my way up to her tight pussy that was already dripping in ecstasy. I quickly pushed two of my fingers into her pussy as she let out a load moan and pushed my head closer to herself.

I pulled my fingers out of her soaking pussy and stood up, “It’s time for you to taste your pussy Rebecca,” I said, my fingers already being sucked inside her mouth.

Rebecca then moved from my fingers to my lips, as she began to passionately kiss me, pushing me onto the tent floor. She removed my top and began to kiss my neck, slowly working her way to my hard nipples, continually teasing them with her tongue.

“You still have to make me cum,” said Rebecca as she placed my fingers by her pussy.

“I don’t think that is going to be too hard,” I said as we continued to kiss. I started to tease her pussy with my fingers, tapping on her clit, then beginning to fuck her tight slit faster and faster.

I turned Rebecca onto her back so I could get a better angle. I shoved three and then four of my fingers into her pussy, almost fisting her, and began to fuck her hard and fast. Her moans became screams and I was struggling to control myself as I watched her body approach orgasm.

I began to suck on her clit again, while still fucking her pussy with my fingers. Rebecca let out a final scream before squirting all her juices all over my face and tits. The thought of being covered in her cum was almost too much to handle and although Rebecca lay there experiencing the aftermath of her orgasm, I sat on her face and thrust my pussy towards her tongue.

Rebecca pushed my body off hers, “My new piercing was not the only surprise I had planned for you tonight Alex,” she said as she regained her breath before pulling a scarf out of her bag and began to tie my arms behind my back. The thought of being tied up was so erotic and I could not wait to see what my next surprise was.

Rebecca lay me down on the floor and began to kiss and suck on my nipples, running her fingers around my clit and giving it a light pinch. The touch of her hands and lips was slowly sending me over the edge.

“Ready for your surprise?” she whispered in my ear. I watched as Rebecca pulled Etlik Escort a purple vibrator out of her bag.

“Surprise, surprise.” Rebecca said seductively.

I let out a moan of excitement as she began to suck on the end of the thick vibrator, shoving it as deep as she could down her throat, sometimes gagging when she pushed too far. She then placed the tip of it

on my clit, turning it on. The sudden purr of the vibrator sent pleasure throughout my body and I could not help but let out a moan.

Rebecca then lead the vibrator down to my pussy as she turned it on to full speed, this time I let out a moan of frustration. I began to wish I wasn’t tied up, I wanted Rebecca to fuck deep inside my pussy, and I could no longer bare her teasing.

“You’re going to enjoy this aren’t you?” Rebecca asked waiting for a reply.

“Yes Rebecca, I can’t wait for you to fuck me with your vibrator,” I replied as I tried to untie the scarf behind my back.

“I think I’m going to enjoy it first.” Rebecca said as she slowly inserted the vibrator into her soaking pussy. She crawled towards me and knelt just above my face, her pussy just too far away to taste and she began to fuck herself slowly.

“Poor Alex, you must be dying for me to make you cum.” Rebecca said as she pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and pushed it into my mouth, letting me taste her pussy for the second time that night.

Rebecca then placed the tip of the vibrator on my clit, moving it around, slowly making its way to my pussy.

“Is this what you wanted?” Rebecca said as she pushed the tip of the vibrator into my pussy.

“Yes.” I whispered as I softly moaned, trying to push the vibrator deeper into my pussy longing to be fucked hard and fast.

“Are you sure you don’t want more?” she asked seductively, “tell me what you want Alex.”

“Fuck my pussy.” I said softly with a whimper, Rebecca slowly moved her mouth down to my clit and began to suck on it as she flicked it with her tongue.

My pussy was dripping wet and I could no longer take Rebecca’s constant teasing.

“Fuck my pussy Rebecca!” I screamed at her almost begging. As my screams echoed in the tent, Rebecca shoved the whole vibrator in my pussy. After the initial thrust Rebecca began to slam the vibrator in my pussy as I continued to scream and I could feel my orgasm approaching fast.

“Are you going to squirt for me Alex?” she said as she continued to pound the vibrator deep into my wet pussy. Rebecca then increased her speed and placed her other hand on my clit and began to rub it.

“I want you to squirt all over my body and cover me in your cum,” she ordered. And with that final demand, my body began to tremble as I began to squirt all over Rebecca’s perfect DDs.

I watched as she pulled up on my clit and then began to soak her face in my juices, opening her mouth so she could taste me.

“You taste so good,” Rebecca said as she rubbed my cum around her body, “I can’t wait to have more,” she winked.

Within about 20 minutes, we were both lying in each other’s arms. As I held Rebecca close to me and started to drift to sleep, I could not help but be thankful for such a great best friend. It surely had been a great start to our camping trip, and I hoped that the following nights would continue to be just as exciting and memorable.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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