Recipe for Adventure Pt. 02

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All characters are 18 years old or older.

Donahue makes his preparations for his dig in Egypt. He delves into the books given to him by the new Chancellor. The more he reads the darker the path before him appears.

Briana wanted to see the rest of the third floor. I showed her the room I had come to think of as the sewing room. She didn’t seem too interested in it. The last room was the shower room with its tiled walls and floor. She asked if it still worked and what it was for. I shrugged and told her I had no idea what it was for or even if the plumbing still functioned. She walked around and checked the shower controls. Briana told me that all of the controls were switched on and that meant the water must be turned off. I saw a small door in the wall near the floor and opened it. There were two valves; one was red and the other blue. I turned on the blue valve and heard the distinct rattling sound as the disused pipes filled with water. Briana fled as brown water gushed from the shower heads. I let them run until the water cleared. I opened the hot water valves and a second rattling sound announced another gush of dark water.

“Do you have any towels?” Briana purred in my ear.

“Of course I…” I said as she began to strip down.

“I want to help christen this room,” she moaned. “What do you say?”

I began to undress as she shut off all but one of the showers. The last one she adjusted the temperature until it was perfect. I stood in the doorway as she posed for me. She placed her back to the wall and stood underneath the flowing water. She arched her back so that the water struck her collar bone and a stream ran between her tits, down her belly to end over her sex. I licked my lips as I took in the sight. Her next pose was a sensual as the first. She turned to face the wall and placed her hands about shoulder height and slowly walked them down until the water hit right between her shoulder blades. This time the stream of water ran down her back and between those delicious ass cheeks of hers.

“So which side do you prefer, the front or the back?”

“I think I prefer the inside if you must know,” I said as I approached her.

“Ooh, that’s my favorite side too,” she purred. “Just tell me what you…”

I grabbed my little sister by her soaking mane of hair and shoved her down onto her knees. Briana opened her mouth just in time to receive my eager erection. Suck on this you little cock tease! I let her catch her breath before I started fucking her throat. She was moaning each time my cock struck gold and tickled the back of her gullet. I wonder if mom were giving her lessons or if she had just been practicing. She closed her eyes and surrendered to my lust. Her moans were doing a real number on my prick. I had to give it to her she was in rare form tonight.

“I love fucking your face sis,” I growled as my cock began to grow between her lips. “I love it so much I am going to blow my load soon.”

Her moans got louder and more insistent. If she could speak I’m sure she’d be begging for cum. I tightened my grip on her hair and sis lost her balance. She shifted forward taking my entire cock down her throat. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she held her torso up using her hands now. I never slowed down and she never communicated to me that I should break the rhythm I had set up. I warned her as I got closer and closer to climaxing. What a good little cock sucker she turned out to be. Mom would be so proud. I howled as I lost control and sis swallowed for all she was worth. My load hit the back of her throat and her throat muscles worked to perfection. She didn’t miss a single drop. I let go and took a step back. Briana lay there gasping, red faced and quite pleased with herself.

“I did it,” she said in a hoarse voice. “I took it all and I swallowed it all!”

“Hell of a show Professor,” the Detective said from the open doorway. “That got me all wet, but it looks like you two want to be alone so I’ll grab a bite and watch some television.”

I lifted sis up by her hair, spun her around and bent her over. I eased into her soaked slit while I maintained eye contact with Felicia. The detective stopped cold as I slammed my cock balls deep into Briana. While my sister gasped Felicia just licked her lips and leaned against the door jam. I began thrusting while Felicia watched. I grabbed sis by the waist and began hammering her hard and deep. I was only half aware of her cries as I pummeled her. This was about my audience not my sister. While Briana praised my cock and begged for more Felicia undid her slacks and let them fall to the floor. As I pounded my sister from behind the detective masturbated for me. We were each other’s audience now. I moved sis so that I didn’t have to look over my shoulder.

“Grab you ankles,” I barked and sis complied. “That’s a good little slut.”

“Oh god your cock is amazing… you are so fucking hard!”

Felicia placed her back against the wall now and pulled her gaziantep ofise gelen escort labia apart so I could clearly see as she teased her clit. I nodded my head and the detective stripped down, walked over to sis and grabbed her by the hair. While Briana ate Felicia out I eased my thumb up her tight puckered ass. I know I shouldn’t have but I was caught up in the moment.

“Your sister eats pussy like a fucking champ,” Felicia growled.

“Wait until I slide my cock up her ass,” I said. “She’ll be bucking like a god damn mustang.”

“Not my ass… please don’t…”

“Shut up,” Felicia and I said at the same time.

When my thumb could move easily I pulled out of Briana’s cunt. I lined up the head of my cock and told her to relax. I pushed slowly but relentlessly. I felt her ass open up slowly and quite reluctantly. Felicia watched intently as I took my sister’s anal cherry. With a loud gasp from sis the head popped in. I waited until I felt she was ready. I pushed until I was hilted and paused again.

“Oh my god… I have a monster cock up my ass,” Briana whimpered.

“Welcome to sodomy little sis,” I said as I began to move.

“Oh hell… you’re splitting me in two… I know… I know… shut up.”

I fucked her nice and slow while she licked Felicia to a body jarring climax. Felicia left us, grabbed her clothes and blew me a kiss before disappearing. I moved faster now and sis was thrusting her hips backward now. She had worked beyond the pain as the pleasure kicked in. I think I created a monster.

“Fuck my ass,” sis cried. “Oh god I had no idea…”

“Damn it… I wanted to be your first in here…” Carol said as she appeared. “Felicia said you were up to no good and she was right. Oh damn… I didn’t know your sister took it up the ass!”

“She didn’t until tonight,” I growled as my second orgasm neared.

“I know that look anywhere,” Carol said. “Hold on sweetie he’s about to blow!”

My second climax took the wind out of my sails for now. I caught Briana as her knees gave out and we washed up once she could stand. I was so caught up I never asked her if she had even come. When she told me that not only had she climaxed but four times I was relieved. We dried off and headed down for dinner. Carol and Felicia had picked up tacos on the way home. Sis sat in my lap and I fed her bites of soft taco. Felicia and Carol giggled between themselves and couldn’t wait to christen rooms of their own. Briana did warn me to set aside a room. I thought about it for a moment and understood her logic.

“Okay, the sewing room is off limits,” I announced.

“There’s no furniture in there,” Carol said.

“Who gets that room?” Felicia asked and I just smiled. “Oh… duh… yeah I understand she would get pissed if we didn’t leave her a room.”

“I still don’t get it,” Carol said as she looked around to all of us. “You don’t mean… Oh I feel so stupid.”

My mom would be pissed beyond reason if I didn’t save a room for us to make love in. Sis finished eating, got dressed and left. I looked at the two that remained and grinned. Felicia moved to sit on the left arm of my chair while Carol mirrored her and sat on the right. We discussed the rest of the rooms to be used for sex play. It was Carol that noticed that the bookshelf was gone and asked about the basement. I flinched and told them both that the basement was off limits period. Felicia narrowed her eyes and went into cop mode. She asked me what had happened and I told her that there were tunnels and there were dangerous things living in those tunnels. Until I dealt with them the basement was out of bounds.

“I understand,” Carol said.

“I can help,” Felicia offered but I shook my head. “Fine, be stubborn but if anything happens to you I’ll…”

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, either of you!” I snapped. “I’m sorry…”

“So protective, that is so sexy,” Felicia purred.

“Speaking of sexy, did you see him hammering his sister like that,” Carol moaned.

“I know, Briana eats pussy almost as good as you… almost…”

At that point I stood up and snagged each of my lovelies and carried them over my shoulders upstairs to the master bedroom. I planned on taking my mind off of what waited for me in the basement at midnight. I had a few hours to clear my head and try and deal with what I saw. This was as bad as the monolith or even worse since it was so damn close and an obvious danger to anyone in the house. They could have just been some homeless guys. Keep telling yourself that was my fallback position since I had seen the exposed jawbone. Maybe it was just a mask? It looked so real but I really hadn’t gotten a good look. There were all sorts of crazy in the world. The monolith had torn away the mask of reason from my world. I had seen them get drug down to god knows what sort of hell. I had heard their screams of terror.

gaziantep öğrenci escort “Professor… what is wrong? Talk to us… we are here for you.” Felicia’s voice cut through the static of boiling insanity.

“Something happened when we were gone, didn’t it?” Carol asked.

I set them down at the foot of the bed and blurted it all out. I told them everything that had happened and my thoughts on the matter. I told them about the symbol carved into the inner side of the basement door. I told them what it meant. The room fell silent as they processed everything that I had told them. It was Carol that spoke first. She told me she would stand by me no matter what. Felicia smiled and I knew the cop in her was in defense mode now. The three of us moved onto the bed and cuddled until midnight. I felt so thankful for them being in my life. No matter what happened next I regret nothing.

I closed my eyes and let my mind drift. It was the closest I came to dreaming anymore. A soft tap on my shoulder told me it was time to go downstairs and see what awaited me. I sat up and told them to wait for me. Felicia demanded to be outside the basement door in case things went sideways. I agreed. They both followed me down. Carol sat next to the basement door while Felicia stood ready to rain hell down on anyone that tried to harm me. I smiled and opened the door. The foul stench blasted me from the moment I stepped through the open doorway. A single figure stood near the bottom of the steps. It was the same hooded being I had met during my last jaunt through the tunnels.

“Young Master, I mean no harm,” it said raising its clawed hands.

“I have no animosity for you either,” I said and took off the ring with the Elder Sign on it and tossed it to Felicia. “What is happening?” I asked as I walked down the steps.

“I want to show you… we are friends… yes?” It said forming each word slowly and with difficulty.

“I will be honest,” I said watching its body language. “I was afraid to come down here.”

“No Young Master… please… no fear… take box… we friends,” it said pointing to a six inch cube crafted from the finest pewter.

I walked over and picked it up. The surface of the box was highly stylized and was fashioned with love and care. When it moved there was a rattling sound. I lifted the lid and peered in. The box was filled with what appeared to be dozens of cut diamonds. I looked at the hooded thing and it nodded. I picked up the largest stone I could see. I held it up and frowned, it was glass. I stuck my finger into the stones and discovered a folded piece of paper. I took out the sheet of paper and unfolded it. It was a letter from one brother to another.

‘Dearest Jacob, I know what you must think of me. I have stolen from the family for decades. I will perish from the cancer that is eating me alive. I know I have no right to ask any favors but I wish that this box of glass baubles be placed in my coffin as a sign of my greed. I know I can’t be forgiven in this life or the next. Maybe this box will be a reminder to all that attend of the foolishness that avarice brings. I love you and pray you live a long and fruitful life. Your brother, Issac.’

“I don’t understand,” I said looking at the other.

“Remove stones and see,” it replied.

I shrugged and dumped the glass stones. Once they were gone I examined the box. I squinted and saw it. The lid of the hidden bottom was cunningly crafted. I dug a nail into the faint edge and pried it open. The secret compartment was three inches deep and four inches square. These were definitely not glass. I held up one of the many large gems. It was larger than my thumbnail and sparkled in the electric lighting. I whistled and then asked how he knew it was there. The hooded figure explained that the family was well known for their greed. Isaac Goldman was a thief and a murderer. His avarice had become well known in many different circles.

“I retrieved box for you,” it said. “Fetch do good?”

“Your name is Fetch?” I asked and it nodded.

“The Old Master named me. Since I good at getting he call me Fetch.” The thing laughed and it was not a sound any human could make.

“Thank you Fetch,” I said as I replaced the stone and closed the lid. “What can I do for you?”

“Let us stay,” Fetch asked. “Do not drive Fetch and others away. We live in peace. We get for Young Master as we did for Old Master, yes?”

“If we do this then no more carving up doors okay,” I said and Fetch nodded. “Can you write?”

“Yes but not good,” it admitted. “If you leave paper and ink I leave notes.”

“We will give this a try,” I said. “I don’t want you homeless.”

“Young Master is kind,” Fetch said and turned to leave. “You not regret… I will find more for Young Master…”

I watched it lope off into the tunnels before I turned around and walked up the steps. I handed Felicia the box and oğuzeli escort went straight up to take a shower. I felt filthy after being so close to that god forsaken thing. Maybe I was being insensitive but the thing stunk like death itself and freaked me the fuck out. The sound of the falling water was like a siren call for Carol and Felicia. They slid in without a word and took turns washing the front of my body. The tension was palatable and it had little to do with sex. I had to give it to them they did their best to take my mind off of Fetch and the danger he represented.

“Tomorrow we can find the grave and see if it’s been disturbed,” Felicia offered as she chewed my ear lobe. “Are you having that guilt thing again? Do you feel guilty that you love two women? News flash professor, I am wondering if we should feel guilty for loving one man?”

I looked down and Carol winked at me telling me in her sensual way that she agreed with Felicia. I mean it wasn’t like she could talk with most of my cock between her lips. I began smiling in spite of all the things going on around me. Felicia joined Carol kneeling in front of me and they began taking turns sucking me off. Their teamwork was flawless and soon they had me shaking with need. Carol got onto all fours and wiggled her ass at me. Felicia urged me on and I eased slowly into the other. Her pussy seemed to gobble me up as I sunk deep into her. Carol let out low soft sounds as I began moving. So there I was kneeling behind Carol when Felicia stood in front of me with her feet planted wide. She slid her fingers into my hair and pulled my face to her sex.

“You know what to do,” she purred.

I stabbed my tongue between her labia and heard her squeal in delight. Carol began thrusting back against me now with the perfect timing they had been displaying since we began. I cupped the detective’s ass cheeks and began lapping eagerly at her pussy lips and clit. While the girls purred and growled I thought about my next move. I removed one hand from her ass and slid two fingers into Felicia’s tight little pussy. I matched Carol’s thrusts one for one. We had a beautiful rhythm going until Carol warned me she was getting close. I had to up my game to push Felicia over the edge. I took my other hand off her ass and pulled my head back long enough to spit on my thumb. I returned to eating her out while I made slow circles over her puckered sphincter.

“Oh no you don’t,” Felicia growled. “I know what you’re up to.”

“What is he doing?” Carol asked between pants of breath.

“He is trying to have us both cum at the same time.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Carol purred as she thrust back harder now.

“UNNNNN… damn it professor… cut it out…”

I just suckled her clit as I jabbed my fingers up into her soaked pussy. I broke the rhythm and picked up speed and force now. Carol was so damn close and I wanted to see both of them climax. I pushed my thumb just a little deeper now so that her asshole was barely open now. She knew what was coming but was powerless to stop it. Carol was panting now, head down and slamming her hips backward now. I knew she was just moments away now. I felt her body stiffen as she ground her ass against me while she came. I followed through and jabbed my thumb deep into Felicia’s ass pushing her over the edge. She cursed as her body betrayed her. Felicia let go of my hair and fell onto the mattress of the bed. I had removed my digits from her body as she moved.

“Damn you,” Felicia growled as she caught her breath.

“That was a good one,” Carol said. “He’s still hard as a rock.”

“Time for round two,” I said as I wiped Felicia’s juices from my lips.

I grabbed Carol by her hips and began maneuvering. She cried out in surprise as I took her off her feet. I stood up with her impaled on my cock. I adjusted my grip and once she was safe I began thrusting up into her. Felicia watched intently as I pounded Carol as hard as I could manage.

“Don’t I get a break?” Carol asked.

“No,” I said as I continued to make love to her. “I am making up for lost time.”

“You’re next,” she growled at Felicia. “He’s going to ass rape you little miss smart ass.”

“No he’s not,” Felicia fired back. “He wouldn’t dare.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have said that. Now he’s going to sodomize you but good.”

I remained silent as I took my pleasure from Carol. I believe this unnerved Felicia a bit when I didn’t deny Carol’s words. She began to make faces as I drilled the other hard and deep. I growled as I got close to my own orgasm. I warned Carol but she already knew. My cock was swelling deep inside of her and a few more thrusts and I was done. Felicia licked her lips as I slammed into Carol as hard as I could. I howled as cum blasted into Carol’s depths. She came seconds later and shook in my grasp. I lowered her down onto her feet and pulled out. While she knelt on the floor I sat on the edge of the bed. Felicia watched me intently and narrowed her eyes suspiciously. She was right to be wary. My hand shot out without warning and wrapped around her ankle. I stood up and pulled her to the edge of the mattress.

“What are you going to do?” Felicia squealed.

“I am going to have my way with you,” I growled as I rolled her onto her back.

“My ass is off limits,” she snarled as I got nearer. “That’s an order criminal…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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