Redheads with Big Asses are Trouble

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Big Dick

t was not typical for me to be out of the house on a weekday night minus the wife and kids, but my friend Brian’s band was playing their first show,and even tho I had long retired from playing in bands, I was still someone who would support a friend’s new project.

The show was at this new Korean BBQ place that had outdoor seating on a big patio and they had built a stage for live music. Another friend of mine was the manager there and he had booked by buddy’s band the gig. An outdoor patio of a Korean restaurant on a Wednesday night in October was hardly a show at CBGB’s, but when you’re a middle aged punk who had been playing in bands since you were 14, you’ve experienced far worse venues.

I got to show early. Like WAY too early. Part of becoming a dad means your internal clock decides you must arrive at all locations an hour early and I was no exception to this rule. My friends were still setting up and doing sound check and hardly anyone was paying much attention to the band. Everyone was just sitting at their tables and eating dinner. I was standing there alone and noticed this redhead who was standing at the other end of the stage, holding a beer and looking at her phone. She was about 5’6″ and probably in her late 20s and she had the biggest roundest ass I had seen in a really long time that was practically busting out of her skin tight black jeans. I was probably drooling when she looked up at noticed me staring at her, but she gave me a smile all the same. I gave a grin right back.

My buddy Brian waved at her from the stage and then shouted “hey” to me before going back to messing with his amplifier. I took this as an opportunity and walked up to her.

Me: Hey, I’m Jack. You friend’s with Brian?

Her: Oh yeah, we work together. He invited everyone to his gig tonight, but i guess I’m the first one to show.

Me: Well, it is like almost 45 minutes before they were supposed to play. Hopefully more people show up soon. What’s your name?

Her: I’m Sarah.

Me: Hi, Sarah.

Her: How do you know Brian?

Me: We were in a band together in our 20s.

We chatted for the next 10 minutes. She was 28. Had just moved town a few months ago for her job and hadn’t really made any new friends outside of people at work, so she was out tonight looking to meet someone. The way she said “meet someone” really peaked my interest, so i dug a little more and did the classic and not at all subtle “where’s your boyfriend at tonight?” For confirmation that she didn’t have one.

Finally my buddy finished sound check and came down to check on us both and then attempted to introduce us but we almost simultaneously acknowledged we had Trabzon Escort already met. He apologized for not being able to hangout because we was starving and the restaurant was feeding the band. He left us alone again and I suggested to Sarah that we go sit at the bar. We chatted for half an hour while we nursed beers. We talked about music and tv shows we were watching. I gave her some recommendations about bars, restaurants, and record stores. Even when a few of her coworkers arrived she never left the bar and never broke from our conversation. When my buddy’s band started we both went and stood together, her slightly in front of me and I spent the majority of the band’s set watching her big hips and ass shake more than I did whatever was happening on stage.

After the show we both talked to Brian for a bit and then Sarah mentioned she needed to get home. I offered to walk her to the car. “Are you sure? I’m parked a few blocks away. I didn’t want to use any of the pay lots.” she said. I told her it was fine, and besides I’d really enjoyed our conversation tonight. She said the same. As we walked back towards her car on the mostly empty street, I couldn’t help but let her get a little bit in front of me so I could watch that big ass wiggle. Those hips were really swinging and that big booty was begging me to do whatever I wanted with it. She caught me staring and laughed.

Me: (trying to play dumb) What?

Her: (smirking) I know what you were doing. You’re trying to look at my ass. You’ve been doing it all night.

Me: Haha, sorry. Busted. It’s honestly hard not to.

Her: (smiling) It’s okay, I am so used to it. Some guy at the grocery store literally followed me out to my car and came up to me to tell me I had the fattest ass he’d seen on a white girl and asked for my number.

Me: Oh shit. That’s bold and kinda creepy. Haha.

Her: Yeah it was definitely bold. and also definitely creepy, but I was sorta temped to give him my number anyways.

Me: Oh wow, really?

Her: Haha yeah, I haven’t sex since I moved to town and he was a pretty cute black guy. I figured he’d probably fuck me really good. But i politely declined. I didn’t want my Ben & Jerry’s to melt in the car while we were fucking at his place. haha

Me: You are bad. I like it. So you don’t mind random creeps coming up to you and telling you that you’ve got the best ass they’ve seen in a long time and they’d like to go home with you and wear it on their face?

Her: Only the cute creeps.

Me: Yeah?

Her: Yeah.

I leaned in and kissed her, grabbing two fistfuls of ass and squeezing it hard while our tongues played with each other. Trabzon Escort Bayan She told me she lived a few miles from here and invited me to come home with her if I wanted. My car was all the way back at the restaurant so I hopped in with her and we drove back to her place. I was hard as a fucking rock the entire drive.

She lived in a little apartment that was above a garage of another house. I followed her up the steps, my gaze fixed on those curves as we climbed. Once we were through the door I grabbed her and kissed her again. Her hands unzipped my fly and she reached for my cock. She stroked it while I slid my hands down the back of her jeans to get a better feel of that big juicy ass. We were standing next to her couch and I turned her around and bent her over the arm. I put a hand between thighs and cupped her pussy through her jeans and then pulled her jeans down over those baby making hips and around her ankles, freeing the object of my lust from their denim prison. She had a little black thong that her ass cheeks had completely eaten. I dropped down on my knees behind her and kissed her big white cheeks and then stuck my entire face in her crack. “Well, I know what you’re in the mood for” she joked. She turned around and pulled her panties down, showing me your neatly trimmed bush. It was as red as the hair on her head. She parted her pussy lips for me and I instinctually leaned forward and licked her slit. She tasted like a peach. I shoved my tongue as far up her cunt as I can manage, gripping that big ass with two hands and squeezing it hard. She moaned while I ate her wet hole.

“Let’s go into my bedroom” she suggested and stepped out of her jeans and panties that were around her ankles and walked half nude to the back room, her naked ass swaying as she pulled her shirt up over her head and undid her bra. As I followed behind I kicked off my shoes, dropped my jeans, and took off my shirt, leaving a trail of clothing in the hallway as her ass pulled me behind her into her bedroom. She got on all fours on the bed, her ass up in the air facing me, and she looked back at me over her shoulder. I walked up to the bed and grabbed her ass with both hands and peeled her cheeks apart, revealing her puckered asshole to me as I moved my face down between her crack and slid my tongue into her ass. “Oh fuck, you definitely know exactly what you want, huh?” I didn’t answer her. I was too busy trying to push my tongue as far up her ass as I could. She reached back between her legs and played with her clit as I spent the next 10 minutes licking, drooling, and tongue fucking her asshole while I stroked my impossibly hard cock. This Escort Trabzon was all I wanted to do. I was eating that ass like it was my last meal and she was moaning and loving it.

Her: I am so fucking wet. Are you going to fuck me?

Me: Are you on the pill? I don’t have any condoms.

Her: No. I’m not on any birth control.

Me: I can pull out, but I should warn you. I’ve got kids so I know this thing works. Haha.

Her: No I’m ovulating right now. It’s definitely not safe.

Me: I guess I’m just gonna have to fuck your ass then.

Her: Fuck. Okay. just go slow, it’s been awhile.

I pushed her forward flat onto her stomach and slid my cock into her wet cunt just to get a feel of it and then pulled it back out and put the head of my cock against her asshole. “You ready?” I asked. “Slow” was her only reply and I pushed the head of my cock into her tight round perfect ass. Slowly but surely I pushed every inch of my cock into that ass until I bottomed out. Once I was inside all the way I slowly rocked so she could get use to it. She groaned and told me how big it felt in her ass. I told her how I knew I was gonna put my cock in her ass the moment I saw her. I told her she was a dirty little slut to let a guy she just met fuck her up the ass the night they met. She just moaned and asked me to fuck it a little faster. I started pumping it harder, trying my best not to immediately cum. I told her how I bet every guy who saw her wanted to fuck her up the ass, but that it was mine to use tonight. I called her slut again and told her that I was gonna be coming over to fuck her big fat ass whenever I wanted it. I asked her if she was gonna be my little anal whore and she just cried yes to me as I fucked it harder and deeper. I told her I was gonna fill it with cum and then shot the biggest fucking load ever up her tight hole. Completely spent, I lay there on top of her, my cock in her ass as she desperately stroked her clit until she came hard. I pulled out my cock and flopped onto my back. I was spent.

She got up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up while I lay there in her bed. I asked her if i could take a shower, and she said sure. And said she’d join me. In the shower me made out and I got hard again, this time I was content just to rub my cock between the crack of her ass until I shot a load all over her cheeks. We finished getting washed off and got out. I got dressed and got her phone number and told her I’d give her text the next time I was free. I promised to fuck her pussy next time, but warned her I was gonna be using that ass A LOT. I called an Uber and took it back to my car and then drove home to my house. My wife was sound asleep, so I decided to sleep in the guest room. I got hard again thinking about the night and stroked my cock a little bit, thinking about how much I was gonna enjoy using that big fat ass whenever I got the craving for it.

It’s always nice making a new friend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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