Reformation Ch. 17

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Chapter 17
Mouse Training

Rebecca sat in her favourite chair of the darkened living room with her four month old son, Chris, on her lap, nursing. Rebecca watched as her son suckled at her breast and smiled at the one last aspect of her life which brought her any joy. She loved her son with all her heart and only wanted the best for him and desperately wanted to do whatever it took to give him a good and wholesome upbringing. She just wondered why her son had to have his father’s brown hair and piercing blue eyes, a constant reminder of her Sir and her greatest mistake.

Rebecca stayed only a few days at Monica and Peter’s place before she left a note on the table rode a cab into the night. Her limited funds meant she couldn’t go too far, so she took the cab to the south end of town and right into a women’s shelter in an area of town where nobody knew her. When she got to this small part of town she walked into the women’s shelter and told them a story of staring over and wanting to get away from an abusive man. The shelter and the local church rallied around her and they helped her get on her feet. They helped her find her this apartment and even get a job at a day-care centre that one of the parishioners owned.

Rebecca was anything but happy, even though she had finally achieved what she had wanted, a fresh start in a new place. She had finally put her past behind her, but this did not bring her the relief she thought it would. She had ensconced herself in the local Christian community, despite the four short months she had been here. She had many friends and people she socialized with, she should be happy instead of being miserable, like she was.

Rebecca felt alone in a sea of people, not really connecting with anyone around her, never letting them in, and never talking about the past. She was always afraid that her past would catch up with her, yet at the same time not sure if she cared if it did. It was as if she was going through the motions of her old life, yet that life didn’t seem to fit who she was anymore. Perhaps the most troubling thing was the fact that she was not sure exactly who she was now, or what she really wanted.

As she sat in the tiny apartment she knew that her greatest mistake was not getting involved with her Sir, but rather, leaving him. She felt worthless and useless, not feeling worthy of happiness and too embarrassed to contact Sir. She knew that it would be too much to expect him to take her back, after publicly running his family down and turning her back on him. It hurt too much to think of her Sir and the loving home and family that she foolishly had thrown away because of her own preconceptions and strict religious beliefs.

Looking down at her son nursing at her breast, she wondered why she had to like nursing him so much. This simple and natural act between mother and child not only felt good in itself but it also served as a reminder of the brief encounter she shared with Rosina. Looking down at the sweet and innocent child, she failed to fathom why Taryn and Karen would get involved with their own children?

After all she had seen and heard at Sir’s house she had begun to accept their involvement with each other and was afraid that she might somehow turn out the same. What if, when her son got older, he turned out to not only look like his father but also but be a Dominant? What if when he was older he took control of her like Owen took control of Taryn? Could Rebecca handle not only being involved with her son, but also a Slave of her son?

This frightening thought lingered in her mind despite how much she tried to force it out of her mind while she got her son ready for bed. As she laid him down in his crib that night she smiled at the joy of her life, little man around which her life was now centred.

Crawling into bed that night she fell asleep right away; one of the advantages of being a tired single mother. Her dream that night could only be described as a nightmarish warning of what might come to pass if she was not careful.

* * *

In her dream, time had moved forward twenty years, and now she was fifty-two years old and she had trimmed down a little but still had a larger figure than a woman half her age. Her breasts, which had grown when she gave birth to her son, had shrunk only slightly, leaving her with slightly larger breasts than she had before she had gotten pregnant with Chris.

It was late in the afternoon and her son would be home soon, so Rebecca was scrambling to finish her cleaning before he arrived. She was adorned in her typical attire which was: her Slave collar, wrist and ankle restraints and body-harness. Her body was always on display but she was not worried, as she lived out in the country and she never left the house, nor changed out of this outfit, unless instructed to or she accompanied her Master outside of the home.

The sound of tires on gravel gave her a warning that Master was returning, and Rebecca rushed to put the cleaning supplies Onwin away before running to the front door. She made it to the door just in time to be kneeling by the door when her Master returned. The key in the door caused her excitement and fear to rise; she knew that at any moment her Master would enter.

The door opened up and her son, the twenty year old Chris walked into the door with an arrogant confidence and a natural power which emanated from him and caused his mother’s pussy to weep in anticipation. Saying nothing Chris lifted his right foot an inch off the floor and Rebecca untied his shoe and removed it. Chris put that foot down and lifted the other foot and Rebecca removed that shoe. Rebecca gathered up both shoes and put them away in a cubbyhole which she could reach while still kneeling. Rebecca leaned forward and kissed both of Chris’s feet and kept her face facing the floor as she spoke.

“Welcome home, Master, have I kept your home to your liking?” Rebecca asked submissively, fearful of his response.

Chris looked around the room before with a critical eye before he said, “as far as I can tell.”

“Thank you, Master,” Rebecca replied, her relief only slightly snuck into her voice.

Chris walked past Rebecca and on into the dining room where he saw exactly what he expected to see, the dining room table with only one place setting set, naturally it was at the head of the table. Rebecca waited until Chris had left the room before she got up to follow him, knowing that it was not permissible to move until then. Rebecca had to run to make it to the dining room table before Chris so she could pull his chair for him. Once Chris was seated, Rebecca retrieved Chris’s dinner, which she had warming in the oven, waiting for his arrival. Rebecca placed her Master’s dinner down in front of him and kneeled beside him with head bowed and waited for him to finish his dinner, waiting for him to have a need of her.

When Chris was finished eating he got up and walked into the kitchen. Rebecca waited until Chris had left the room before she got up, gathered up Chris’s dirty dishes and walked into the kitchen. Chris was pulling down the can of stew as Rebecca entered the kitchen. Rebecca quickly and quietly washed her Master’s dishes as he picked up the dog-bowl with the word “Slut” written across it. Rebecca dried and put the dishes away as Chris opened up the can and poured the contents of the can into the dog bowl.

Chris heated up the contents in the microwave before he held up the dog-bowl and looked at Rebecca expectantly. Rebecca dropped to her knees and made the motions of a dog begging its Master for dinner. When Chris was satisfied he placed the bowl on the floor and watched as Rebecca dug into it, face first hungrily eating the stew from the dog-bowl. Chris patted her head and walked away, entering the living room to watch television as his Slave ate her dinner.

When Rebecca had finished dinner she cleaned up: herself, the bowl, and the surrounding floor before placing the bowl back in its place. Rebecca crawled into the living room on her hands and knees and knelt beside Chris’s chair and waited for him to have a need of her.

“You may have dessert, Slut,” Chris said without taking his eyes off of the television screen.

“Thank you for you gracious gift, Master,” Rebecca said as she shuffled on her knees into position before her Master and between his knees.

Rebecca reached up, and unzipped her son’s pants, and her mouth watered as she lowered his pants and revealed his thick cock. Slowly she moved forward, grasped the thick cock, the centre of her obsession and wrapped her lips around it. As the fat cockhead passed her lips her soul growled its satisfaction of being one with her Master again. Rebecca slowly made love to her son’s cock and used her every talent to draw out her Master’s pleasure. It wasn’t long before her efforts were rewarded by a mouthful of her Master’s cum.

Since Chris took control of her two years prior, Rebecca has known nothing but complete servitude and submission of her: mind, body and soul to her son who was now her Master and owner. Even since her son was born she had doted over Chris and saw to his every need. As Chris got older he became ever more daring and demanding; the more he demanded, the more Rebecca gave. This culminated, when on his eighteenth birthday, Chris tied up his mother and proclaimed his ownership of her. Rebecca struggled at first but after a week of his relentless and merciless treatment of her, she gave in, and became what she is: his possession in the most objectified sense.

A hard shove from her Master sent Rebecca sprawling across the floor and brought her out of her reverie as she looked up at her Master with a look of stunned silence. Chris scowled down at her with a look of mischief as he reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out a pair of clips and a leash. Rebecca’s eyes went wide with fear as she wasn’t sure if she would enjoy what followed, yet she was powerless to stop him. She had submitted herself to him completely, two years ago. Chris clipped her wrist-cuffs to her the waist of her body-harness behind her back and clipped the leash to her collar.

Chris stood up and walked towards the upstairs of the modest country home with his mother in tow . . . literally. He held her leash as he walked at a regular pace with his mother moving as fast as she could as she scurried along on her knees. Rebecca never dared to get up onto her feet unless she had been ordered to by her Master. Even as she climbed the stairs she did so on her knees without the aid of her hands, for they had been securely affixed behind her back. This was not the first time she had been led around like this, and to Rebecca this was normal. To walk beside her Master around the house was abnormal, and it was almost a torture to commit so brazen and disrespectful an act to her Master and owner.

Chris led Rebecca down the short hallway to his bedroom and entered the room that they both shared. As if by forethought there was a set of padded stairs at the end of the king-sided bed. As expected Chris led Rebecca up the stairs and onto the bed. Rebecca walked on her knees to the centre of the large bed and laid her head down and waited for her god to take her. Rebecca’s pussy got increasingly wet as she knew she was about to be taken by and joined with her Master. Her entire reason for existing was about to be realized as she was about to bring her Master pleasure. Chris pulled the leash tight as he lined his cock up with his mother’s pussy and waited. Both knew what was coming, it was yet another step in the nightly ritual.

“What are you, Slut?” Chris asked with a sneer in his voice.

“I am your possession, Master,” Rebecca replied with her head down and her ass on display for her son.

“What is your purpose, Slut?” Chris asked with a cocky grin on his face.

“To serve you with distinction, Master; to bring you honour and pleasure through my service and submission, Master,” Rebecca recited with sincerity and genuine humility.

“What is your place, Slut?” Chris asked as he rocked his hips forward and began to split his mother’s slit.

“I am your Slave, Master, your Slut, your, Whore, your possession. I exist only to serve you, I desire only to please you,” Rebecca asked as a moan wavered in her voice while her soul cried out for her son to fuck her.

“What are you waiting for, Slut?” Chris said as his cockhead slid down the wet slit of his horny mother.

“I am waiting for you to fuck me, Master. I need to feel your large cock deep inside me, Master. Please fuck your Slut, Master!” Rebecca said in a needy whine, which dripped with sincerity as her pussy dripped with anticipation.

Chris said nothing as he moved forward and sank his cock into his Mother’s pussy inch by inch. If Rebecca wondered why she was still here and in so objectified a position as this, she got her answer each and every time her son’s cock entered her. Rebecca was unable to help herself from experiencing the ecstatic joy of knowing that this cock belonged to the fruit of her loins. As Chris pulled out to begin the fuck, Rebecca moaned like the slut she was, and revelled in the knowledge that she was fucking her son and loving it! This relationship was wrong, twisted, and perverted on so many levels and every way that it was wrong excited her no end.

Chris’s power came out in the raw and savage way that he ravished his mother’s body, fucking her with hard and fast strokes. When Rebecca’s excitement was nearing its peak and she was close to cuming, Chris pulled out. Without warning, he lined his fat cock up and shoved it into his mother’s ass. Rebecca let out a low moan as her rectum was invaded yet again by her son’s cock. After the third stroke of her son’s ass-fuck Rebecca began to meet his thrusts, she was trying to reach her peak, desperate to cum. Soon enough it happened and Rebecca came hard, her rectum clenching down on her son’s cock. This pushed him over the edge and Chris emptied his load into his mother’s ass.

They paused for a moment to recover before Chris pulled his softening cock out of his Slave’s ass and presented it to his mother. Rebecca knew what was expected and licked his soiled cock clean, making sure to get it completely clean. With a tug of her leash Chris led Rebecca off the bed, down the padded stairs and over to her bed, a large dog bed in a corner of the room. Once there Chris unclipped Rebecca’s hands and unclipped her leash. As Rebecca settled into her now all too familiar bed Chris took a chain that was firmly affixed to the wall and locked it to her Slave collar via a padlock. Rebecca settled into bed as Chris patted her head and they smiled at each other. Chris then turned off the bedroom light, shed his clothes and climbed into bed.

* * *

When she fell asleep in the dream was when Rebecca woke up and bolted upright glancing around the room. When she realized that she was in the bedroom of her small apartment and no Slave collar was around her neck, she breathed a sigh of relief. Just as she was about to lie back down, writing the whole thing off as a bad dream she noticed something about her bedroom that she hadn’t picked up on before. The bedroom was dominated with her son’s things and it looked like the mother was sleeping in the corner of the baby’s room, not that the baby was in the corner of her room. She realized that she was already starting down the road to becoming the woman in the dream and that scared he more than the dream itself. Rebecca looked around her and swore that she would rearrange the room; she swore that she would never become the woman in the dream.

* * *

Veronica tapped away at the keyboard of the computer before grunting and leaning back. She looked around her office at the small company where she worked and sighed heavily, wiping her face, pondering a solution to her present problem. Looking at the clock she could see it was late in the workday and just about time to go home, picking up Master along the way.

It was her favourite time of the day, for a brief time each day it was just Master and her. They would talk about their workdays and unwind and as a result of it they had grown quite close. With Reformation Day coming up next month, and it being her first, she wanted to do something special to commemorate the day where they celebrated not only Owen’s birthday but also the day that the family changed forever. What Veronica wanted to do was find the one thing that she knew was missing from her Master’s life.

A sudden spark of inspiration hit her and Veronica energetically typed her idea into the computer. Within a few moments Veronica smiled to herself when the answer she had spent the last month searching for displayed on the screen.

“I got you,” Veronica smiled to herself as she wrote the address down on a scrap of paper.

With a last glance at the clock, Veronica shut down her computer and left the building in a hurry, she never wanted to keep Master waiting. As it was, she had just pulled up in front of the law firm when Owen walked out of the building. Veronica liked to be in the lobby of the firm waiting for him, but today that was not to be. Owen and Veronica kissed as Owen got into the car purely out of instinct, like a long established couple.

“Hello, Master, how was your day?” Veronica asked as the car sped away from the law firm.

“Ah, I prefer not to think about it. I’m just glad it’s over for another week,” Owen said with a weary tone of voice as he shook his head.

“If you hate it that much, Master, perhaps you should look for another firm. Some place where you can do real lawyer work?” Veronica said as she drove the car down the street.

“Perhaps, but how was your day?” Owen asked as he looked over at Veronica.

“Oh fine, fine. I have a seminar tomorrow which should take most of the day, Master,” Veronica said as she kept her eyes on the road, not liking lying to her Master but knowing it was a necessary part of her plan.

“Sounds like fun,” Owen laughed as he looked over at Veronica and she looked back over at him.

“It could prove interesting, Master,” Veronica replied nonchalantly.

The next morning after breakfast, Veronica pulled away from the Spa and did not turn towards downtown and the seminar she had told the family she was going to. Instead she turned south towards the outskirts of town with her destination being, not far away.

The small part of town was peaceful and picturesque; the serenity was a refreshing change from the hectic pace of downtown. As Veronica drove, it almost looked like a small town and pulled up in front of the apartment building she mused what it would be like to call a quaint little place like this home.

Getting out of the car she looked at the old, red-bricked apartment building and saw that it looked lovely but in need of a bit of care and maintenance. The carpeted stairs creaked under her feet as Veronica climbed the stairs looking for the right apartment, somewhere on the third floor. Standing in front of the old wooden door, Veronica took one last look around before she knocked.

When Rebecca opened up the door to see Veronica standing there, her mind froze and she drew a quick breath in shock. Her instinct was to close the door but she never did get it all the way closed, an angry Veronica put her foot in the door and pushed it all the way open.

“Oh no you don’t! It took some doing to track you down, we’re gonna have a little chat!” Veronica said as she entered the apartment and closed the door behind her.

“What do you want?” Rebecca asked in shocked terror.

“What do I want? You leave just before the child is due, you put down ‘father unknown’ on the birth certificate, and you leave without a trace, and you have the Gaul to wonder what I want? How about some answers!” Veronica said as she stood, blocking the door and stared at Rebecca as she sank into her favourite chair and hung her head.

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