Rendered Punishment

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Hey everyone this is my 1st attempt at writing a short story. Please give me feed back. I hope you like. Thanks everyone.


I walk into the room and I am instantly amazed by the perfection of your body. Your smooth buttery caramel complexion. Your soft curves, long silky black hair and perfect butt. I smile. You are on your knees with your back to the door. Your hands bound, they are attached to a chain connected to my headboard. I made sure you could not touch or pull out the small remote-control vibrator I put in your pussy before I left earlier. I’ve been playing with you for about an hour. I can hear the small hum of the vibrator. I’ve kept the setting on low, just enough to keep you wet and wanting. I won’t let you cum. Not yet. You broke the rules and letting you cum, is a reward not a punishment.

You hear me come in the room. You are begging me to fuck you, but I’m going to take my time because you have been a bad girl. You are blind folded and I know you hate it, that why I did it. I must remind you, who is in control. I know you want to fully submit to me. You long for the intimacy and desire of our relationship We’ve talked about it for the last couple of weeks. I know why you are being a brat. I admit I had a busy week and you did not get the usual attention from me. But that is no excuse for you breaking the rules. When I think you are about to completely give in, you rebel. I have been easy on you with your punishments. I know you trust me. I would never to anything to betray your trust but it is time for me to take your punishments to another level.

I walk over to the bed and stroke your cheek. You lean into my touch. I need you to know that I care about you, that I love you. I kiss your lips gentle and then your forehead. I can see your body relax from my touch. I rub on your nipples and suck bursa eskort them into my mouth. I gently nibble on each of you breast. I look at your face, you are enjoying the soft touch, but that does not last long. I take your left nipple in my hand and I pinch it. You cry out. I continue to suck on your right nipple. You are still pleading with me to fuck you. I switch over and suck in your left nipple and I pinch your right nipple. You arch your back. I know you like the pain. It arouses you.

I pull out my paddle from the nightstand and rub the edge along your chocolate breast. You moan. I smile at you, then I swat your nipple with my paddle. You scream. I grab your hair and pull your head back so i can kiss you. You open your mouth and give my tongue access. I lightly smack the side of your breast with my paddle, you scream into my mouth. You start moaning because I’m also slowly rubbing your clit. You are so sexy. I’m having a hard time keeping my focus, you have me so aroused.

I start to kiss you down your neck until i reach your collarbone. I know where your sensitive spot is located. I kiss it. I nuzzle my nose into the side of your neck. You smell like lavender and vanilla. I continue to kiss your collarbone, you are enjoying my touch. I bite you. You scream out in pain but then you start to moan. Your body is shaking and your cry out for more.

I take off your blindfold. You are still on your knees with your legs spread open wide. You turn your head to look at me. I can see the lust and want in your eyes. You are begging me not to stop and believe me I want. I tell you to get on your hands and knees. You do as you are told. I stand behind you with my paddle in one hand. Your ass is up in the air. I can’t help but admire it. You know how much I love your ass, so you begin to slowly gyrate her hips. I run my hand over your bursa bayan escort soft skin. I kiss your cheeks, you purr softly. I love the feel of your skin against mine. You are so beautiful.

I pull myself away from you. I must stay focused and you must be disciplined for being a brat. The 1st pop is on your left check, the 2nd is on your right, you moan. I pop you 4 more times, now you are wiggling and whining. The burning of the paddle on your now red cheeks and the sensation of the vibrator humming inside of you is causing havoc with your arousal. Oh yes, the remote, I turn the vibrator up one more level. You are begging me to let you cum. I can hear the desperation in your voice. Your pussy is twitching, your juices are running down your inner thigh. I give you one more pop lightly on your pussy. You scream out in pleasure. I can’t take any more. I pull out the vibrator and then I push the head of my 8in strap into your pussy. You moan and beg for more. I push all of it into you. You love it. I want to tease you some more so I go nice and slow. You are getting mad and start moving your hips. I grab you to hold you still. Nice and slow, in and out of your pussy.

I know you want to cum, but I’m not ready to let you. I rub your tight little asshole with my thumb. You like it, so I wet my finger and stick my finger in your ass. Then I begin to pound your pussy. Fast, hard and deep. I know you are close. Your legs are shaking, you are pulling at your chains and you are screaming my name. And then suddenly, I pull my strap and my thumb out of you. But before you can say anything I’m on my back between your legs with your clit in my mouth. I stick my thumb back in your ass and 3 fingers in your pussy. My tongue is relentless, sucking and licking your clit. My fingers are slamming into your pussy and bursa ucuz escort my thumb is working your asshole.

You are dripping juice all down my hand. I don’t even know what language you are scream in and I don’t think you do either. Then your pussy starts to spasm, your legs are shaking and then there is a high-pitched scream. You explode, I move my tongue to your sweet hole and drink the sweetest cream I’ve ever tasted. I should put this sweetness in my coffee, damn. I hear you breathing hard and you are still moaning. I know you think we done, but we’re not. I climb from under you, you collapse on the bed. I rub your ass cheeks and then I separate them. You try to protest, but it’s too late, my tongue is deep in your ass. Mm mm, your ass is good. I tongue your pink pucker like it’s my last meal on earth. I get it nice and wet. I pull you back up on your knees and I push my 8in dick back in your pussy. You scream, I laugh and grab your hair. I remind you that my dick doesn’t get soft or need a break. It’s one of the pleasures of getting fucked by a woman.

My dick is nice and wet now, I pull it out of your pussy and ease it into your ass. Slowly, inch by inch your ass swallows all 8in. You love it and so do I. I begin to slide in and out of your ass. You are screaming out in pleasure and ecstasy. I decide it’s time for you to cum again. I reach down and begin to play with your pussy. It’s wet, very wet. I part your lips with my fingers and stick them in. I can hear how sopping wet you are, I hear you purring. I’m ready for you cum. I start rubbing on your clit while I’m still pound your ass. I kiss you on your back and tell you to cum for me. I feel it, your pussy is squirting. I keep fucking you slowly until you stop moving. The sheets are soaked. Your pussy and ass have been worked hard. I untie you. I pull you into my arms and kiss you lightly on the lips. You can barely keep your eyes open. I hear you say, “thank you” before you fall asleep. I think you may be finally ready to submit. I’ll let you rest for now, because I’m not finished with you yet. I love to make a woman cum, but when you wake up you will be making me cum hard.

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