Revealed in Dance Class Ch. 05

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After James’ and Nick’s astounding 69, we were all in need of a break from the “photo shoot”. Both the guys seemed wobbly on their feet and glassy eyed; Eliza and her mother seemed a little shaken too. Eliza mixed a pitcher of vodka tonics with lemon slices, while we made small talk about the wonderful day we had enjoyed and what we’d do the next. The sexual tension in the cottage was unabated, however, as we were still dressed in sexy lingerie and more than half of us hadn’t gotten off yet.

It was almost a relief when Francesca reached for her camera and said, “I think it’s not too late for a last series of photos. While I may give you suggestions, please try to be as natural as possible so these don’t look posed.” Umm, OK, I will try to be natural.

First she had Eliza, who was wearing a beautiful and diaphanous blue teddy and thong combo, stretch out lazily on the mat we had placed in the middle of the room. The lithe raven haired 20 year old slowly moved from pose to pose, looking just as relaxed as her mother intended her. I am sure the healthy-sized vodka tonic she drank from helped her unwind, although mine had no similar effect on me. I was still ensconced in the short pale pink vest with the boa hem tickling my ribs, and really sexy matching panties that consisted of a delicate two inch belt of lace that teased my hipbones with each breath and panels of microfabric that rose steeply from my crotch to the waistband, joining it about halfway between navel and hipbone. I, and I think those with me, really enjoyed the high cut of this amazing garment, which topped out about two inches below my navel. By affording generous views of my newly shaven pelvis, it joined these and my smooth legs into a seamless whole any choreographer would prize. I couldn’t stop looking at myself, enjoying the way my breathing moved my taut muscles, the waistband and even the front panel of the panties. I felt like I had been rockhard for hours and I could see the details of my circumcised erection, at times twitching with an involuntary pulse, through the sheer fabric. At others I deliberately flexed my penis, delighting in the look and feel as it stood even straighter up to the waistband of the panties. It took a lot of willpower not to touch it, but çanakkale escort I was afraid I would quickly come if I did.

James and Nick were sitting together on the couch, legs entwined, gently rubbing each other in the pelvic and abdominal areas while they watched the photoshoot unfold. It was evident they were making a swift recovery from their previous exertions, as James’ hardon waved around underneath his pale green babydoll, and Nick’s poked strongly toward the lacy waistband of his white panties. They appeared to be getting plenty worked up, and then Nick pointed his finger to James’ doorway down the hall. James nodded his assent, and they silently padded off, carelessly leaving the door about a foot ajar. No one else said a word.

“Dave, would you like to join Eliza on the mat, please? I’d like you to show me a couple of static poses that recall your partnering in dance,” asked Francesca. We showed her a few and also individually, some of the stretching exercises we had learned that spring.

“I think these will look better if you shuck that top, Dave,” she instructed. I willingly complied, as I was eager to show off my upper body and to get more naked in any case. I repeated the arch I had shown her that afternoon on the beach, my cockhead teasing the waistband of the panties at its apex. Eliza placed one hand flat on my stomach and the other facing up on the small of my back.

“Now please lie flat on the floor, and Eliza, please sit on his thighs, put your hands on the floor and look him in the eyes.” Francesca said. This would be interesting I thought, and so it proved. Her breasts, half exposed, heaved with each breath and were glistening from a very fine layer of sweat. She sat up at one point and lightly rotated the belted waistband of my panties back and forth a few inches. This provided instant and powerful stimulation, and my cock leapt inside its sheer covering. When she left off I noticed my erection was so hard it was no longer in contact with my pelvis. Then she reached around behind her with one hand and fiddled with something and I heard a soft snap. Eliza slowly writhed up and down on my thighs, each time coming closer to my balls. She pulled at the front of the teddy and I noticed çeşme escort the crotch was now unsnapped. The only defenses left were her matching thong and my panties.

Ignoring her mother, Eliza then scooched up and planted her thong right on top of my panties. My penis felt the heat of her vagina and we both sighed. She collapsed on top of me, crushing her breasts into my chest. After a minute we rolled to a side by side position, our legs entwined. I slowly worked one shoulder free of her teddy, leaving exposed a breast and a beautiful taut quarter sized nipple. I then kissed it with passion, enjoying the slightly salty sweat that had formed on her skin. She in turn softly stroked the front of my panties, which drove me further around the bend. Still we heard the snapping of the camera’s shutter.

Eliza began to work her way down my body, so that my mouth no longer had access to her tit. She kissed my nipples and ran her hands over my thighs and the areas below the waistband. After thorough study, she carefully rotated the waistband of the panties and then withdrew my engorged cock from underneath. She brought it to her lips and then ever so gradually took it in. Her bare breast was trailing along my stomach, providing additional stimulation. After about four inches of penetration and what seemed an entire minute, she no less slowly withdrew. Meanwhile her hands played about underneath my waistband. She repeated this cycle four times and I knew I couldn’t last a fifth. I could feel my abdomen, first shaking and then going through a contraction, a sure sign the end was near. Sensing the same, she withdrew her mouth and starting stroking my cock. My entire body convulsed as I entered into orgasm. She was still composed enough to aim my cock directly at my face, which absorbed most of the blow. The first shot of sticky cum struck my forehead, nose and cheek. The second and third hit me directly on the lips, and the remainder greased my chest and stomach. As I began to empty she again placed my cock in her mouth, ensuring that none escaped and leaked onto her clothes. She ran her left hand all over my face, lips and chest, smearing me with my hot cum. I tasted myself willingly and the feeling of doing so turned me on even diyarbakır escort more.

When I was finished Eliza tucked me back in the panties and gave me a kiss. I moved to return the favor by rotating my head toward her pelvis and she did not resist. I pulled the blue teddy up above her groomed vagina, and taking a lesson from her, rotated the thong so as to improve access. I pulled it aside and I lapped it as deliberately as I could. Then I placed my knees on either side of her head and closely embraced her abdomen and pelvis, giving her a very deep kiss along the way. I ran my fingers along the crack of her ass and she writhed in response. Meanwhile she lightly rubbed the front of the panties now staring her in the face, which to my surprise and pleasure began to fill out with a fresh erection. She convulsed deeply and squeezed my head with her thighs. It was done.

I looked up at Francesca sitting on the couch, the front of whose sundress had a large wet spot in front of her panties. She had evidently been rubbing herself instead of taking pictures but that was perhaps just as well.

“Dave, after you came I stopped taking photos…I couldn’t take it anymore,” she said. “But I have a lovely one of you with your own sperm all over your face, biting Eliza’s finger. I’ll make sure you get a copy of that one,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

I didn’t even care about any embarrassment, actually I was turned on to have her recount these sexy details. After a tug at her vodka tonic, Eliza then surprised me by lying flat and pulling me on top of her. She once again withdrew my penis from the panties and rubbed it along her soaked thong. Pulling it aside she slipped me inside her, and I was buried to the hilt almost immediately, so wet was she. I couldn’t believe how hard I was so shortly after my own shattering orgasm, but decided to go with it and built up my excitement with some heavy missionary plunging. I took her other shoulder out of the teddy so I had access to both beautiful breasts, and planted my own nipples upon hers. She then reverted to top position and rode me to a crushing orgasm in just a few minutes. I could feel her flood my cock with more wetness as she clamped down on it hard and still, and I too came hard inside her.

Shortly after that Eliza and I hugged her mother goodnight, and retired to the room with two single beds that she had been sharing with Nick. Just before falling asleep I wondered to myself what the next day would bring.

To be cont’d

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