Richard’s Education Ch. 04

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Thanks to darkniciad for editing this series.


Their conversation ended with whispered words and kissing noises. Louisa hung up the phone and lay in the afterglow, languidly petting her mostly-naked body. A man who could make her feel this good, even over the phone, deserved a treat. Absolutely, she decided, she would shave. She knew this was common for women who were Richard’s age, but for a woman nearer to forty than thirty, the thought carried the thrill of a naughty adventure.

Just as she was running her fingers through the hair in question, a knock sounded at the hotel room door. For the second time that day, she bounded off the bed and ran a hasty scavenger hunt for her robe. She tugged her skirt down around her thighs and threw on the terrycloth wrap.

It was the guy who’d asked for her business card earlier, the silver-haired gent with the wire-rimmed eyeglasses. He eyed her disheveled state.

“I’m sorry. Did I catch you at a bad time?”

“Oh, no, I was just, uh, going to get cleaned up.” For some reason she resisted saying going to take a shower in front of this man. It just seemed too intimate. Yet she was standing there with the caramel from her recent orgasm oozing down her inner thighs.

The caller was peering over her shoulder. His blue eyes crystallized into a darker, almost steel color. Louisa’s face adopted a what-do-you-want expression. She looked at him pointedly.

Hastily he jerked his attention back to her face. “My name is Mark Wolfe. We met after your presentation. I wonder if you would join me for dinner.”

Louisa was still reeling from the sudden turn of events. One minute she had been lazing in the warmth of making love with Richard, the next she was confronting a stranger at her door. The carousel of her mind wouldn’t turn fast enough. But her gut instinct was sure. Get rid of him.

“I’m sorry, I already have plans.” She smiled what she hoped was a polite go-away smile.

“How about breakfast tomorrow, then?”

Wolfe was insistent if nothing else. Cornered, Louisa agreed.

She closed the door, turned and froze. Strewn on the floor were her pantyhose, the shiny red blouse she had worn that morning, and the red lace brassiere she had flung across the room while she was having phone sex with Richard. Half-hidden in the rumpled bedsheets was the toy her lover had gifted her with. No wonder her visitor had gaped. He’d probably gotten a good noseful of the evidence as well.

She closed her eyes tightly. I cannot, I absolutely cannot, have breakfast with this guy. She debated calling his room immediately to cancel. Yet what excuse could she give? Besides, it would be weird, maybe even childish.

Oh, what the hell, it was just thirty minutes of her time. Firmly she banished Mark Wolfe to a far corner of her mind. Instead she concentrated on packing as much as she could.

But by morning her gut had reasserted itself. She scooted downstairs early, checked out and left her bags with the concierge. Louisa was all set to give this guy the slip, but her conscience scolded her about being rude. Okay, she wouldn’t just stand the guy up. She’d tell him something had come up.

“Could you please ring the room of Mark Wolfe for me?”

“Certainly…” The clerk smiled courteously as he checked his computer. Then his forehead wrinkled. “I’m sorry, ma’am, it appears he has checked out.”

“Really!” Louisa cheered up immediately. Off the hook! It bothered her not a bit that her would-be date had skipped out. She sailed into the restaurant in a good mood.

But her good humour vanished quickly. Mark folded his newspaper and stood up, extending his hand in greeting. “We’re both early, I see.”

Reluctantly Louisa shook his hand. His grip was firm and cool. He held on a bit longer than necessary.

Thankfully the maitre d’ interrupted. “Table for two?”

“Yes,” they both said.

Silently Louisa followed Mark to their table. Coffee was brought, and the two made small talk about the conference for a few minutes. Mark told Avcılar Escort her again how impressed he was with her work. Louisa made the standard thank-you noises, wondering why he had asked her here, and guessing the answer at the same time.

Mark finally got to the point. “I hope you don’t mind my asking if you’re attached.” His gaze flicked to her bare left hand.

The smile he offered was clearly meant to be charming, but Louisa fought an urge to run from the table. “Yes, I am.”

But her thoughts of Richard carried a certain tenuousness. Her lover was not quite nineteen. And the original plan was that he would stay with her “for a while,” until he got on his feet. How long would it be before Richard started eying babes closer to his own age?

The Wolfe circled. “But you’re not engaged.”

“It doesn’t matter,” she said breezily. “I’m happy.”

“You don’t sound so sure.” His chin swiveled. “Wouldn’t you rather be looking toward marriage?”

The waiter brought their breakfast. Despite the unsettling turn the conversation had taken, Louisa dug into her scrambled eggs and hash browns. She was hungry.

Eating gave her time to think. She swallowed a mouthful of toast and said, “I really don’t want to discuss my personal life.”

“I apologize. To be honest, it’s just that I find you attractive, and I was hoping to see you sometime. Nothing more.”

The genuine humility made Louisa soften. She studied him over the rim of her coffee cup. “That’s kind of silly, though, don’t you think? We live two states apart.” She had looked up his listing in the conference directory.

Mark waved a casual hand. “That’s hardly a factor. There are multiple ways for people to get to know one another in this day and age. The internet, even the good old telephone, you know?”

Was that a leer on his face? Her guard rose again as she thought of what he must have seen over her shoulder the day before. Quickly she dug in her purse and came up with some one-dollar bills.

He looked surprised as she stood up. “I’ll get it. I invited you, remember?”

“I’ll at least get the tip.” And having discharged that obligation, she smiled and thanked him, then made a beeline for the lobby. The escalator could not get her upstairs fast enough. Once on the second floor, she found the nearest w.c. and washed her hands. There was definitely something slimy about this guy — ugh.

The creepy breakfast date cast a pall over her enjoyment of the rest of the conference. En route to the second session, Louisa crossed paths with Mark in the hall. She cast him the smallest of smiles and kept walking.

Halfway through the presentation, however, his voice sounded from the back of the room. At first Louisa simply could not believe it — he must have followed her! Gooseflesh bristled on the back of her arms. She did not hear the speaker’s answer to Mark’s question.

Oh, shit, I’ve got a goddamn stalker on my ass. Louisa closed her eyes for a moment and forced herself to breathe slowly. With calm, deliberate movements, she packed her bag and made for the door.

“Excuse me. I’m not feeling well,” she murmured to the person next to her.

“You’re white as a sheet,” the lady replied. “You want me to come with you?”

“That would be great.” More than you know, she thought. The two women left the audience as unobtrusively as possible.

In the hallway her new-found friend suggested the nearest ladies’ room but Louisa had a different request. “I wonder if you would be willing to walk me to the main desk. I’m sure I can make it from there.”

The lady looked puzzled, but agreed. “Sure, okay.”

A door opened and closed behind them. Louisa resisted turning around. She could feel the blood leaving her face. Her companion looked concerned.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Oh yes — yes — I know I will be soon.” As they walked, she opened her purse and felt around for her wallet. Down the escalator they went. The main desk was in sight.

Louisa hoped her guardian angel would Avcılar Escort bayan remain by her side all the way across the spacious lobby, and the woman did. They got past the piano and the person-sized ficus tree. They made it all the way to the gleaming dark wood desk.

“May I help you?” The clerk greeted them pleasantly.

“Yes,” Louisa replied, but first she turned to her escort with a word of heartfelt thanks. The women hugged lightly. “Take care now,” said the other, and cruised off.

Louisa gave her name to the clerk and requested her bags. So what, she’d sit in the airport for a while. That’s what paperback novels were for. Just then Mark Wolfe spoke from behind her.

“You left so suddenly, Louisa, are you all right?”

“I’m fine,” and she turned her attention to the bellhop who was bringing her bags.

“I wasn’t satisfied with my room, may I please see the manager?” she asked him.

“Of course, right away, miss.”

Louisa sidled down to the end of the long desk, hailing the manager to join her there. As quietly as she could, she said, “The grey-haired man to my left has been following me since yesterday. I’m trying to shake him off and get to the airport. Can you do anything about it without raising a fuss?”

As she spoke, she pressed the fifty into the manager’s palm. It was the biggest single-denomination bill she had left. She’d broken her last hundred the day before, and wished she hadn’t.

But it seemed to be acceptable. “Of course, miss.” He turned and crooked a finger at the bellhop. “Karl. Kindly escort this lady to her taxi.” Then he leaned closer to the uniformed staffer, saying something Louisa couldn’t hear.

The ‘hop nodded and hefted Louisa’s garment bag. “Right this way, miss.”

“I’ll be glad to escort her,” Wolfe spoke up. “If you could get my bags, also, please.”

“Certainly, sir.” The manager peered into his computer and tapped a few keys. “The name, please?” Louisa held her breath.

Wolfe gave his name. “With an ‘e’ on the end.” He smiled at Louisa as if hoping to eat her for lunch. The manager shook his head. “I’m very sorry, sir, there’s no record by that name.”


Louisa made a big deal of checking her watch. “Mark, I’m sure you’ll understand, I can’t wait. Can’t afford to miss my flight.” She smiled and gave a nod to Karl, who was her new best friend.

Karl beamed at the lady. He had no idea why she was such a VIP, and didn’t care. He only knew his boss had promised him $20 for taking ten steps. Not bad for less than five minutes’ work.

At the airport, Louisa was nearly three hours early for her flight. Luck was on her side; there was a plane leaving sooner and she was able to switch her ticket for a mere $200 surcharge. It was well worth it to get away from that slimebag.

As the plane left the tarmac, she reflected that Wolfe could still track her down. Oh well, she’d deal with it if it happened. Right now, all she wanted was Richard. The flight seemed to take forfuckingever.

Meeting him at the gate was like meeting Sol. Louisa had never been so glad to see anyone in her life! She thrust herself into his arms and without a word, burst into tears.

“What’s wrong??” Her lover guided her to the nearest row of uncomfortable stuck-together chairs and sat her down.

“Slow down, slow down, you’re not making any sense.”

Nobody paid them any attention. People cry in airports all the time. Richard held her and soothed her until she ran down. When she seemed better, he said, “I think you should make a statement to the police.”

“For what?” Her voice was bumpy with leftover tears. “All he did was feed me and follow me around.”

But Richard was taking the long view. “I’ve read that gut instincts are usually right. Louisa, if you file a report, you might be saving some other woman from harm.”

She nodded as his words sank in. “Okay.”

“And the worst that could happen is you take up ten minutes of some officer’s time. It’s their job to decide what’s Escort avcılar important to follow up on and what isn’t.”

“Okay, okay.”

They stumbled around the airport until they found the office. Some guy in a uniform asked Louisa approximately 387 questions. She gave them her conference materials, which helpfully contained Wolfe’s contact information and photograph. After that they let her go.

Not too surprisingly, she fell asleep on the ride home. She woke at the sound of the big garage door grumbling open.

“Oh, baby, it’s good to be home.” Louisa yawned and stretched out her arms until the bones popped.

“It’s great to have you home.” He carried in her luggage and wrapped her in a powerful hug. “I’m so sorry there are jerks in the world.”

She lifted her face to his kiss. “I am, too. Now stop talking and make love to me.”

He was aching to do exactly that but thought of what she had just been through: “Are you sure?” He bent to close the difference in their height. His lips teased the line of her jaw.

“Don’t make me beg.”

At that he grinned. “You never have to beg, you know that.”

They traced the familiar path to the bedroom. Richard sensed her need for tenderness. He found himself in the same mood, as well. Yesterday over the phone they had raged, but this afternoon was about reconnecting at a deeper level.

Something else twinged in Richard’s breast. He wanted to comfort and protect her. As he slid the blouse away from her shoulders, he said, “I love you, Louisa.”

Her heart hiccupped in her chest and her eyes welled. They embraced, somewhat clumsily in her half-off blouse. “It’s okay. You’re home, you’re safe. You’re with me now.”

“I was scared.”

“I know.”

Tenderly he drew her down, nuzzling at her bosom and pulling away their clothing. Louisa was content to let him do the work. She followed him emotionally as well as physically, drinking in the comfort of his caresses.

Not unexpectedly, warmth flooded her system as her lover mouthed her body. He kissed her belly and hips and put his face in her mound.

“Ahhhhh…” she responded. “That feels so good, lover, don’t stop.”

Richard remembered the first night he had ever made love to her. That night his mission had been exploratory. Now he knew her perineum better than she did. He licked and lapped at the sensitive flesh, playing her body like an eighteenth century ‘cello.

Her responding trills made a feedback loop to his own nervous system. He brought her along with his fingers and tongue until she clenched and squeaked. Her nectar splashed in his face.

“Mmmmmm,” he rumbled, and opened his mouth to drink the honey. The taste of her fueled his desire. Louisa gasped and urged him up beside her. She swabbed his face with her tongue, tasting herself on his skin. Then she inhaled a shuddering breath as his cock probed her wet heat.

“Yesssss…” she groaned. Her eyes rolled back in her head. “Take me, I need you.”

Inch by painstaking inch, Richard penetrated his lover. Louisa played with his body as he thrust. She licked her thumbs and coaxed his nipples to erection. Her calves worked a restless massage over his butt.

He worked his way in until he was buried to the hilt in her snug embrace. “I love you,” he told her again. He studied her for a long moment, hearing her echo the words, and seeing the same in her eyes.

It was too much for him suddenly and he looked away, embarrassed. “I’m gonna cum!” His cock jerked like a rampant firehose. Involuntarily he groaned and closed his eyes.

The sluice gave Louisa a powerful rush. She arched her back, slapping her body against his. She swore and shivered; her nipples stood up, suddenly tight and almost painfully hard. Somewhere her voice said his name.

The cloud-high orgasm gripped her entire body, receded, and slammed through her again. All at the same time, she was lost and could never come back, and was squarely and securely home. She was exactly where she needed to be.

Gradually, the grinding collision bumped to a stop.

“You are one hell of a woman.”

Louisa grinned. “I wasn’t dancin’ alone,” she drawled. She laid her head on his shoulder. It occurred to her that the awful tension of the past twenty-four hours was gone. In the quiet cuddle she fell asleep.

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