Ring of Wishes

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This is a short story setting up for later chapters to this one. Think of this chapter the prologue if you will as it is only setting the story. Please tell me what you think in the comment section below. Enjoy


Jess was your normal bi sexual girl who was working in a retail store. She was your typical, small chested geeky girl who had just turned 21. Her life so far hadn’t been quite how she had planned it as years ago she had this notion of being with someone and not being stuck in a dead end job.

Then one day the stranger appeared who could give her what she wanted. Not in the rich person kind of way more in the mysterious package kind of way. This person purchased a few items from the store and waited in line like anyone else.

But unlike anyone else this stranger was letting everyone go ahead of them as the person was waiting for Jess’s window to become available. When Jess said “Next” the stranger walked up to her counter. While Jess rang the items through the till there was something not quite right about this person. Normally people talk while they were being served and given that Jess was drop dead bursa escort bayan gorgeous the customers would try and hit on her.

“That will be £21.50 sir/madam.” Jess said to them as the person was concealing there identity and gender with a trench coat and hat covering the face as it was angled so that no one could see there face. The person handed Jess the exact cost of the items which was even stranger but what the person did next made Jess feel exposed.

The person placed a mysterious box that was closed on the counter picked up the things and went to leave. “Excuse me you left this box behind.” Jess called after the person.

“Keep it I have no use for it.” The person replied revealing the gender as female as the voice was light and feminine. As Jess was looking at the box she was strangely drawn to it but before she could do anything the next person in line was at her till. So Jess moved the box to by the till out of reach of the customers and carried on with her shift.

The rest of the shift went by like anything as Jess was preoccupied with the box. Then 5pm came the end of Jess’s shift as Jess bursa anal yapan escort gathered her things from her locker she was oddly drawn to the box. As Jess touched the top of the box a message ran through her head do you want what’s inside Jess? this was an odd thought for Jess. She mentally thought back Yes.

As the box opened the mysterious female person appeared and time stopped. “I knew I could find you Jess and since the box is now yours there is one thing left you must do.” The mysterious person said to Jess.

“What is that?” Jess asked curiously.

“This.” Was all the stranger said before opening the trench coat and discarding the hat that she wore earlier. Jess couldn’t help but to be captivated by the fact that the person was purple and completely naked. The stranger had perfect big, firm breasts and a completely hairless pubic area.

As the stranger moved closer to Jess she realised that her work clothes disappeared and that Jess was extremely aroused. Jess resisted the urge to finger herself but suddenly found that the stranger slipped her own purple bursa rus escort fingers into Jess’s pussy. Jess had never felt this alive in all her life as she found herself kissing this mysterious person.

Soon they both ended up on the floor grinding their pussies against each other in time with each other. Jess was the first to reach an orgasm as she screamed at the orgasm as it was the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. After what felt like 5 hours fucking like this Jess was truly exhausted.

“Has the mean demon tired the poor human out?” The mysterious person cooed. This only brought a feeble groan from Jess’s lips.

“Good now listen carefully I am going to disappear now as I’m fusing with you so you can wear my ring. Nothing physically will change Jess you will still look like yourself but I will be in you head as we become one. My ring when you wear it will allow you to make any wish so long as it is sexual about anything.”

Jess nodded to say that she understood this and the demon lady disappeared as time resumed. As Jess looked around she noted that she was back in her work clothes and that the ring was on her finger. Was that all a dream? There was a unfamiliar tingling in her head. Jess just thought it was a headache coming on little did she know that the demon was tapping into her subconscious and the headache was her bodies way of trying to protect itself. As Jess walked out of the store the ring glowed purple.

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